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Amped 3

Overall: Amped 3 is the latest in the successful snowboarding series. The previous two have focused mainly on the gameplay and semi-realism of the mountains. This time round, the mountains are huge, the graphics have been given a significant overhaul, but the area that this game shines the most is... The cutscenes. Not many games' strongpoint is their cutscenes, in fact, the in game movie sequences are usually what makes a decent game into an embarassing one. Not Amped 3. The cutscenes of Amped 3 turn it from a decent game into a hilarious one. Not for many years have I genuinely laughed between furious bouts of gameplay and truly funny cutscenes. Trust me, these have to be seen to be believed. Buy the game now, if only to see the cutscenes!

Gameplay: Gameplay as usual follows the Tony Hawk's set fairly closely, with the obvious exeption of being able to snowboard up a mountain, which is only possible because of the addition of a fun snowmobile which also has its own set of tricks. I find snowboarding to be a much more relaxing sport than skateboarding, and I often find myself just cruising down the mountain aimlessly, busting tricks etc. The non-relaxing aspect is the newly added sledding mode which is rather unaccurately named. A more appropriate term would be &" as that is what the aim of sledding is. If you rack up the highest hospital bill, you win! Crazy, yet satisfying.

Graphics: The one major flaw in Amped 3 is that the graphics aren't nearly as good as other 360 games like PDZ and Oblivion. The rock textures are bland, and the rounded boulders hexagonal. The snow is alright, however it is not much of a noticable improvement over the previous games snow graphics. The boarders themselves look alot better however, with good attention to detail going to the clothes and gear.

Audio: I also found the soundtrack to be rather bland, if not huge. (300+ songs!?)I much prefer to cruise to my own music. The characters voices are fairly average, however I appreciated the option to make my voice either "chilled" or "punk". After years of Tony Hawks games, having a boarder who's voice isnt the most annoying sound on the planet is a welcome relief.

Suggestions: Make all the mountains have multiple zones, not just the first 3.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Perfect Dark Zero

Overall: Perfect Dark Zero is an incredibly fun game. I am not a very big FPS fan, with the only other FPS I had truly enjoyed being Halo 2. This game has taught me to love the feeling of creeping through the shadows, silencer equipped, ready to take out anything. Rare has made their hugely expensive deal with microsoft finally worthwhile, with a game that is truly fun and creative.

Gameplay: Gameplay in Perfect Dark Zero is generally excellent. Every one of the many guns is distictive and has a secondary function which adds a whole new layer of strategy. Plus, finishing a mission with a weapon will unlock it for you weapons library, for use at any other level. Collecting all the guns is very fun, and adds a huge amount of replayability. The enemy AI is also very clever, with enemies on the harder difficulties becoming very wicked indeed. The only gripe I have is with the lack of a jump button, which is noticible most in the multiplayer mode jumping was a feature that was part of the incredible fun of Halo 2, and being stuck to the ground all the time is a bit of a restriction.

Graphics: Wow. The graphics are simply unparalelled. Every surface, person, gun, menu and cutscene is rendered in incredible High-Definition. This is a game where the developers are clearly showing off what the 360 can do. Top notch.

Audio: I have a couple of gripes with the sound: Firstly, the music is somewhat poppy-techno which can get seriously annoying at points. I prefer ripping up DataDyne forces to "Micheal Jackson: Greatest Hits" Also, the voiceovers range from merely acceptable (Jack, Joanna) to absurdly awful. (Zhang-Li?!) Apart from these, The guns sound like they should, which also adds to the little realism this game has.

Suggestions: Please let us jump. Please don't make Joanna say "Ugh! Ooh! Eeaah!" and various other grunting noises every time we press the melee button. A longer story might be good also.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The

Overall: Well, after many years of long, hard searching, I have found it. The RPG to rule them all. The 4th entry in the Elder Scrolls series is (despite many people's opinions) a breakthrough in what a game can be and how it can immerse you in a fully realised and meticulously planned environment. The improvements over Morrowind are monumental. Gone are the bland, lifeless characters with samey, written dialouge. In Oblivion, each character has a unique personality, set of abilities, and agenda. Each line of dialouge is recorded by brilliant voice actors, which adds a fantastic layer of detail to the game. (And takes up over half the DVD, according to Bethesda, the Developers.) The system dubbed "Radiant AI" works terrifically to make this game an extremely immersing and addictive game, with the potential for at least 100 hours of free-roaming, no limits, non linear gameplay.

Gameplay: The gameplay has been much improved over the clunky and messy Morrowind. The most notable improvements have been to the combat system. Instead of the dreaded "swish" sound of missing your foe when it was clearly a hit, the new combat system makes sure you hit every time. How much damage you do of course depends on your level, weapon, and luck. Switching between magic and your weapon is now a breeze. More specifically, You don't even have to switch at all. Everything, running, horse riding, combat, interface, and dialouge now feels completely natural.

Graphics: This IS a next-gen title.The graphics are absoloutly awesome. The forest environments are rich with foliage and alive with all sorts of creatures. The wastes of Oblivion are creeping, dripping with all manner of Demonic motifs. (spikes, corpses, flesh) The caves are suitably cramped and claustriphobic. The weapons gleam invitingly, and best of all, the character models. Each character that can talk has their lips in perfect synchronisation with their dialouge. Each part of the Oblivion graphics system is incredibly polished with very little slow-down.

Audio: Once again, good 'ol Jeremy Soule (The John Williams of the game world) has delivered a stunning and emotional score. The music, although lacking in quantity, is of the highest standard, and perfectly complements any scene. Sound effects are also top-notch with dripping in caves, to snow under your feet, and the clinking of heavy doors making a huge contribution to the immersive quality of the game.

Suggestions: Set Elder Scrolls V in Summerset Isle. Then all my dreams would come true.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Overall: Neversoft's 6th game in the highly sucessful Tony Hawk series puts you back on the streets on the World destruction tour. The story this time around isn't as, "Zero to hero" as last time, nor is it as &quo but, gameplay, level design, and crisp graphics deliver in a very good continuation of the series.

Gameplay: If you've ever played a Tony Hawk's game before, you will know of the frantic "UP/RIGHT, B, B, RIGHT TRIGGER/ UP, DOWN" gameplay that is in store for you. There are a few new moves, nameley the natas spin, Graffiti tagging and a whole heap of new special moves. Its fun and frustrating but once you have 100%ed this game you'll be a proud man. (or woman but that is highly unlikely)

Graphics: As you would expect from this type of game, the graphics aren't a dazzling display of the Xbox's processing power, but they are smooth and clean. The character animations are convincing and the pro skaters faces are very well rendered. I especially like it when you attempt your first darkslide put your board evades you so it ends up in a nut slide. It's quite true to life.. (Unlike the physics)

Audio: Sound is where THUG 2 really stands out. Every ramp, rail, and bail sounds perfect and the music is a smooth mix of punk, rock, and rap. But best of all is the seemingly forgotten custom soundrtacks! There is nothing like skating to "Heaven is a Halfpipe"

Suggestions: Make Easy easier, and sick sicker!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Overall: This is the first Simpsons game I have ever played, and I would have to say that it is of a very high quality with many references to the show and so many gags there is always something to make you laugh. My favourite part of any game is the percentage complete challenge. This game has alot of things to go back and collect so you will be very busy trying to get to 100%. (At the moment I am at 71.0%)

Gameplay: The gameplay is very arcade with some ridiculous cars that could not possibly exist in the real world. It is an amusing driving game (not racing game) that lets you tear up springfield as marge, homer, bart, lisa and apu. Obviously, this game has its roots in GTA, but with an "E" rating, it will have to make do with you hitching a ride instead of throwing them out of the car and taking off with it. Overall, a mildly addictive and occasionly frustrating game to play.

Graphics: The graphics are simple, 3D versions of the popular cartoon, so it doesn't exactly leave the Xbox exhausted. Sadly, you can never quite capture the charm of the yellow people in a video game. The programme will always be better. However, I experienced no slow down or graphical glitches so it was an enjoyable experience after all.

Audio: For some, Homer chanting, "2,4,6,8, you suck, i'm great! Lah dah dah dah, you're the one.te"can get really annoying. And it does, however I give this a 4.5 for the authenticy of the sounds. The voices are all from the show, and tey are done with great style. And, a catchy soundtrack to match. Good job.

Suggestions: Give it custom soundtracks, more variety in things the characters say, and even crazier vehicles, and you'll have yourself a great simpsons game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Overall: Extremely fast and furious street racing game. Hundreds of visual and preformance options to choose from. Incredible sense of speed and amazing NOS effects. If you like the fast and furious movies, you'll explode with positive joy towards this game!

Gameplay: !!! Blast your car around the city at 200 miles an hour while dodging those !@#$%^&* vans!!!! Skid round corners and jump over drawbridges. Get sideways over oiled up drift curcuits and burn rubber on drag tracks. 10/5

Graphics: Good sense of speed but there could be some improvements here. Sharper building textures and better looking backgrounds.

Audio: Awesome in game sound with the gear shifting and skids but I took a mark off for the music. Never before have I heard a soundtrack worse than this!

Suggestions: Live, 4 player local Xbox and custom soundtracks.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: Very fun Mech shooter. Stomp, stomp, stomp, bang, bang, bang, boom, boom, boom. The single player missions are varied and there are lots of Mechs and variations to choose from. The weapons are great fun and all the buildings are destructible. I don't have xbox live and i'm told i'm missing the best part of the game which is probably true but two player is good enough for me.

Gameplay: As I said, You just go stomping around in huge 100 ton robots zapping stuff and stepping on stuff. Jolly good fun.

Graphics: Best part of the game. Great explosions and incredible mech explosions. It looks like the mech is getting exorcised! Cool...Pretty good water effects and very good fire effects, and WATERFALLS!!!!!!Thumbs up.

Audio: Needs some improvement. The voice acting is great but when you step on people, instead of hearing a fully fledged wail of pain and terror, all you get is a meas

Suggestions: 4 player local Xbox and bigger mechs with more weapons.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: This game is really funny, the gameplay is unique, but It geets finished after a week or two. No lastability whatoever. Once you've played it, you've played it.

Gameplay: Awesome gameplay. Possesing is fun, switching is pretty cool too. The Bigbro sligs can do heaps of damage and I like it how Munch and Abe have different abilitites.

Graphics: Nothing special here, just 3D. The water is pretty ugly but the lighting is good. The cutscenes have much better graphics.

Audio: My favourite part! Game speak is fun and The Voice acting is the best ive ever heard. munch and abe crack me up so hard with their cool voices.

Suggestions: Make the next oddworld game longer.. harder, and with a bit more weapons and special powers.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: An awesome racing game to rival PGR1. (but not 2) The SegaGT mode is really long and Ive had this game for 1 and a half years and I'm not even Halfway through it.(or maybe I just suck.) But anyway, Its really addictive and a great buy.

Gameplay: The cars don't seem to go that fast but the controls are smooth and The cool thing is that you can decorate your garage. But once again Its really hard and Ive been trying to get my S licence for 6 months and I still have to cut 1.5 seconds off my time.

Graphics: Wow!!!!! The best graphics ive ever seen! The cars look so good you could almost swear that they are real. I hate going in an afternoon race because the sun gets in my eyes. Thats how real it is!!

Audio: pretty dull engine noises. But the custom soundtrack is the thing that makes me happy. The in-menu music is really cool too.

Suggestions: Make it easier and with way more tracks and make them realistic.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: This is one Hell of a big game. Most people just run away from it because Its only got 2 levels but who cares? They are so big and its really fun trying to get all the paint jobs. Unlike some people, I think this game takes a long time to complete. You don't just finish this in a week.

Gameplay: There is a work undercover mode where you get different jobs and you go around doing the jobs and trying to find out stuff about stuff. But its really fun and It does take a while. And you unlock cool new cars with each new job. The cars are fun to drive and best of all....You can have custom numberplates. Mine says "BADBOY" (Pretty tacky I know but it looks good on a Viper)

Graphics: Perfect visuals. The cars look awesome in their polished glory(with the exeption of the garbage truck)There is no slowdown and The pedestrians look cool.I like looking at their haircuts. See if you can find a girl with a mohawk.

Audio: MMMMMMM......Thecars sound so cool, and the voice acting is really good. Mr Pickie will leave you wanting to smash your Xbox. He says stuff like "and the only reason im not sueing you is because im such a nice person." And that crazy French guy..I can't understand what he says(some thing like, "Drive like youve never driven before!) And Mathilda! She will drive you insane.

Suggestions: Rock on. i can't wait for MM4

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: Man when you stop playing this game and go back to the real world, Its like everything is in slow motion! I get dizzy from playing this game for too long. It Rocks the world! One of the best Xbox games, and chances are you will get it cheap because its an old game. 5/5 2damax

Gameplay: Woooooooowwww..... Is that you mom? Thats the sort of feeling you'll be getting after playing this game. it really feels like you're driving a hovercraft at 1500kph and being blown up by fellow racers. And once you get to Redshift mode, bring out the barfbags... The vibration in the Xbox controller makes you feel like you have been molecularly obliterated, or flash frozen, as the case may be. Too much sickening speed, so many weapons and so many ways to get blown up! What more could you want?

Graphics: Beleive me... you won't be caring much about the scenery at 1500kph, but let me assure you, If you do find a long enough straight to not smear your self on a rock trying to slow down, then It is rivalled only by Halo. Sweetframe rate and it looks awesome when the screen blurs.
Characters don't look all that great but you only get to see them for about 10 seconds at a time.

Audio: stom Soundtrack:sweet
Engine noises:sweet
Voice acting:I'm to young to die(from ear damage etc.)

Suggestions: More powerups, levels, and diversity. It does get a little bit boring just 10 I'm not complaining, every other aspect of this game rocks!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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