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Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF) Is a great game with a unique was of putting graphics to a new level. The game is very adventurous which makes you do a load of things and obsticals that make this game what it is. JSRF is a really great game and has a great multiplayer mode.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is good. Although i wish there more to do then just spray paint walls. But yet the game is good and makes you look closely for those terrible drawings on the walls.

Graphics: The graphics i love for this game. Its the best graphics that this game needs. I hope they use this type of graphics in more games because it is really good.

Audio: I love the sound in this game. The music is just right for this game. It fits in just right. Also all of the sound with the cars and the spray cans and everything. Its good.

Suggestions: Make there more to do then just spray paint walls.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: Amazing, simply amazing. This game has almost all you need. Outstanding Graphics. Outstanding Sound. Outstanding Gameplay Appeal. The game keeps you at your seats edge racing on these dangerous tracks as you race to the finish in best time to earn more tracks and more cars. The game has everything that combines it together that makes it great.

Gameplay: Rallisport Challange is great. It has great and origional tracks with ramps, rock, sharp turns, you got it all. That makes racing in this game great.

Graphics: The graphics are outstanding. The movies when you crash makes it look like your standing there watching it wreck. And the graphics on the car as it gets beat up is also good. Its very creative.

Audio: The sound in Rallisport is great. I love the sound of your car crashing, hitting rocks, flying and whatever you can do on the game. Its great.

Suggestions: Please make another one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: Blood Wake has its good points and its bad points but overall the game is actually pretty good. Blood Wake has some really good graphics but some really cheesy missions and not the best sound that makes the game really good. But the game is fun and pretty cool. It is more fun to have it on multiplayer which me and a few friends always play.

Gameplay: Blood Wake is a good game but looses its touch fast. If they would keep the gamers more into the game then that would help a lot. Gamers lose interestin the game fast.

Graphics: The Ggraphics in Blood Wake are pretty good. But some of the gameplay appeal isnt actually what a game is looking for. To make the game better i would have added more movie/scenes in the game and keep the player more into the game. So he actually has a clue of what he has to do.

Audio: The sound isnt exactly what people would say is the best. Some of the sounds in the game are really corny. Reminds me a little of the gamecube. But yet at that it has some good sound effects on the boats. I like that the best.

Suggestions: Add more movies/scene's into the game and make the gamer more into the game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Hunter: The Reckoning, is an absolutely astonishing game. The game provides more then what a game needs. Hunter has great gameplay and keeps gamers glued to the game until all is done. Hunter has great opponents that you have in combat and awesome guns which make killing even better. Hunter also has 4 unique characters. All special with in their way, which makes the game even better. Neither of the 4 characters are the same. Witht heir own weapons and own abilities is awesome. Hunter The Reckoning is an amazing game and should be unleashed to all xbox gamers.

Gameplay: Hunter: The Reckoning has a great gameplay appeal. You can battle mass loads of zombies at once with a lot of blood and a lot of gore. Makes this game great. Hunter holds a lot of things to do with a lot of missions at that. It keeps you glue'd to the controller, in anticipation waiting for the next event to occure. The game has lurkey area's and some great sounds. I really love this game.

Graphics: In Hunter The Reckoning, the graphics is what makes the game. The graphics in this game are unbelieveable. Making unreal creatures look real. Haveing great graphics all through the game and having a close up shot makes it even better for those far away places.

Audio: The sound in Hunter: The Reckoning is great. It has lurky sound effects that put you on the seats edge.

Suggestions: Can it get any better?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: I love this game so much. The graphics are alright and stuff but this game i think is pretty addicting. Even though one hit at bats are common. It doesnt really matter to me but i love the season. This is my first baseball game that you can have a season and it actually will keep score of the stats that your team does. Also All Star Baseball 2003 has great sound and really good videos for when you hit a homerun. It makes it loo like your right there in the crowd watching the beast fly. Another good idea is the card collecting. I think thats another really cool feature on this game along with batting practice and all that other stuff. This game is really good. I love it.

Gameplay: This game is really addicting. Like i said, this game has a bunch of cool features and a season that makes you want to sit there and play it a lot. The season i think is the best and there are so many features on this game that its not even funny. Thats what makes this game a really good baseball game.

Graphics: The graphics on this game arent really the best but there are some things on the game that really stand out on it and really look good. But i think that they could have improoved alot on the players faces. Even though there are so many to go through and put faces on.

Audio: The sound is great. I love it when you hit the homerun, the smack of the bat, the cheering of the fans. It gives me goosebumps.

Suggestions: Next time you make ASB2004 Be a little bit more detailed on the graphics mostly on the faces.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game is really amazing. I love this game. Theg raphics in this game are really outstanding. The people in here look real. The story mode is great. Each character of Dead or Alive 3, has there own reason of winning the story mode and getting the money. Which I think is actually pretty good. the only thing that I didnt like about the game is that how there are minimum features on this game. There are barely any Multiplayer Games. And the ones that they have on the game now are okay, but I kind of expected something more of this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is addicting, because you want to beat the game and you want to see the story for each of the characters for Dead Or Alive. You wnat ot see the final finish for this game to see what there dreams were with the money. And the options that you have for the gmae are fairly well, they could ahve improved that by a lot. Adding a lot more game modes. That would have made this game really good.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are great. I cant believe how they have such graphics for EVERYTHING in this game. And im not talking about just how they have great graphics for the characters in the game, the snow and all the levels in this game are great. I love how when the hit the water and how it splashes and the reflection of the people in the water. I thought that it was just outstanding.

Audio: The sound in this game is pretty good for this game, although when they talk its in Japanese. Its still good and like when you kick people through glass and through ice and stuff, I love how it makes that shattering noise. Its great.

Suggestions: Add more game play modes to the game if you decide on making a Dead or Alive 4.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mad Dash Racing

Overall: The game is pretty good, but I would recommend it for a multiplayer type of a game. I dont really like the mode. I think they could have made it better. But the levels are great and actually make it challanging to win. I think is a fairly well game. They could have made it a lot better though.

Gameplay: The game is good. But its only a really type of a multiplayer type of game. it gets boring by yourself sitting there playing agenst the computer. This game would be better if they added a lot more modes and a lot more challanging stuff.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. Its in a cartoonish type stage but yet, there pretty good for just being like cartoons. They make some of the things look really cool.

Audio: The sound is pretty good. But what sound could you really put into a racing game, But yet they did a pretty good job in this area.

Suggestions: Add some more challanges to it. So you will want to play it, but not in a multiplayer mode.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Max Payne is a great game. You this guy who's family was basicly destroyed by a team of bad guys. And you go out and settle the score by killing the whole team of gys. You wife and your only son was killed. How would you feel? This game is great. I can't stop playing it. The graphics in this game are really outstanding, And the blood, wow. That is just really cool, how in the slow mode how when you shoot someone how it just hangs in the air. Thats really sweet. Another thing thats cool, is when you shoot in the sniper mode, how you see the bullet go right into them. That is a really cool thing that I liked about this game. And the details on the bullet as it flew through the air looked so real. Its as if they cut out pictures of bullets and pasted them into the game. This game is really great and its a must buy for the x-box. And the sound, when your standing there shooting at people. All you hear is the gun shooting millions of bullets, and the guys being shot and yelling, "ugggghhh," And the sound for this game is good. I didn't expect them to have a voice for every part in the game almost. And its cool how like when you go in and bust a place down how people will stand there and yell at you and stuff. Its really cool.

Gameplay: This game is so addicting. I love going around and shooting people. With the gernades, auto's, snipers. Man it makes this game really kick major xbox bootah. The game is so addicting. I played it for like 7 hours once. You just really get into the game. With the outstanding graphics, and some of the modes that are available on the game are really cool and make this game great.

Graphics: The graphics are great, I love when you see blood flying through the air in the slow motion mode. ANd im surprised the games graphics dont get all like blocky when your shooting people in the slow motion mode. And the bullet in the sniper mode, man. That is the best thing about this game. The details on it are so cool.

Audio: Its great to hear when your running, the sound of your gun shooting at the enemies, and hearing them cry in aggony of their defeat when your bullets fly into them as blood bursts out all over. What more could you want?

Suggestions: Maybe add a few big butt guns. Then this game would be. WOW!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: The game is really good compared to all of the other Oddworld games that were released. And Munch is a really great help. This is a game that should be owned by everyone who has an Xbox. The graphics are great and the controller handling are really good too. The gameplay it fun where you can view and search many unknown area's and battle with those slugs. Its a game about two aliens, Munch and Abe set out, trying to save Abe's species. Since Munch is the only one left of his species, he is set out to be a guide type thing for Abe. The game is great.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. It makes the game so addicting. The graphics and everything totally combined makes Oddworld Munch's Oddysee great. There is nothing really bad about it. The game is long, but so what. Also in the game you have to make some of your own decisions and also combined with an amount of knowledge.

Graphics: The graphics are great. The land looks so real and so deserted like they were probably planning on. The graphics add a lot to the game. And Abe and Munch look really great for cartoon characters.

Audio: The sound is great. You can hear them perfect and the fact that Abe himself can actually fart makes me laugh forever.

Suggestions: Great game. Keep munch in the next game and maybe add a few more things or people towards it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: This game is totally outstanding. It was nothing what I expected it to be. I mean the graphics are amazing, the people almost look real and the story line is really really good too. Even the 'things' that are attack you, there pretty frekin scary themselves. Although i`m not all that far into the game, I cant play it for all that long. I don't know why but it really creeps me out. But the game, its not bad at all. Its really good. Almost everything about the game is amazing.

Gameplay: The appeal to the game is great. I mean, that it has a great story line. And doesnt really give you all that much information on what to do so you basicly have to find everything out on your own. Which I like since its kinda like a quest type game.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing. The people almost look real in the game. And those 'things' they look totally disgusting. I mean, they couldn't have made something to make those things more hiddious. (Maybe if they made them like my mom when she wakes up in the morning then okay) But the graphics are great.

Audio: The sound is pretty good actually. I think its sick when I hear the sound of one of those 'things' coming around. And the way they walk too. It fits really good into the game. Good Job.

Suggestions: I dont really all know what I can say. I mean its a great game. How could you make something from this a lot better?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: The game play appeal is really good. Although at first the game is really hard but its like you have to try again! But you cant if you smash your controller. >.> Anyway. Its a really good game and even if you lose you wanna get back in there and lose again! The weapons could be put to a better use then just to hit with. It would be nice to climb on them. Also I dont understand why we arent able to fall out into the crowd and watch them run away. Oh well. Maybe.. We are missing something. I unno. Hopefully there will be good cheats. Also.. Raw 2 Will be the Raw you missed out on.

Gameplay: This game is very addicting no matter if you win or you lose. You wanna get some of that high voltage raw action!

Graphics: The graphics are so frekin awesome. I swear, this game has the best graphics for X-box yet. So much detail, such nice boobies on Lita. Aaahhh its heaven.

Audio: The sound could be a little better. The selection sounds on creat a player are kinda, regular nintendo sounds. And the sounds when your wrestling remind me of Revenge. But the titan trons and the music. Its as if you downloaded a video and played it on your tv. Nothing wrong with it. Its a beast.

Suggestions: Make Raw 2, the raw we missed out on.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: People may thing I am crazy but this game really sucks. I mean the graphics are okay for it but there is nothing really else good about it. The way that you use your direction really sucks. I mean the slightest movement and you frekin like fly into the wall or something. And it has the exact same story mode as SSX Tricky. But SSX Tricky is a hell of a lot more better then this game. SSX Tricky enables you to do things beyond anyones imagination. But this game its like you hit a ramp and your lucky if you get like 2 inches off the ground. It`s just a whole big mess and I think that it really sucks. But the game could actually be made into something good if they would make it better for controlling and stuff like that.

Gameplay: The game isnt really all that addicting. I mean if they would have made the game better then what they have it at right now then i`m pretty sure that this game wuold be really addicting and more people owuld be playing it for like 20 hours.

Graphics: The graphics are good and thats the only thing on it thats good. And which is actually pretty pathetic. The only thing that is keeping this a semi-good report is the graphics. The game isn't just about the graphics and they need to have spent more time on the game play appeal.

Audio: The sound is always good... except for this game. They make some weird frekin sounds sometimes. It scares me!!

Suggestions: No more. Please.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: The game it's self is good. The only problem I have is that they have made too many Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and yet, there making a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4.. what else are they gonna add to it? They basicly got everything down for skateboarding...

Gameplay: The game is pretty addicting because you want to get as many tapes as possible. But then after a while it will start to get boring. Thats the only thing that I dont like. I mean its just, okay... I had enough. New game.

Graphics: The graphics didnt really change all that much. Maybe the ramps and stuff looked a little darker and cooler but that is just about it.

Audio: Eh.. The sound is actually good for every game. Dont even know why they actually have this section in the ratings.

Suggestions: Dont make any more Tony Hawk games. It's getting OLD!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 SSX Tricky

Overall: This game is a very fun and addicting game to anyone. Even if there not a snowboarding fan or something like that the total basis of the game kicks ass. Anyone could like this game unless you are one of the people who dont have an imagination.

Gameplay: The gameplay appeal is very good. The details in the game and the stunts that you can pull are just amazing. Too bad I cant do them in real life. Heh.

Graphics: The visual appeal is just amazing. The graphics and details on the snowboards are exelent. And there are no glitches that I know of so far and the game is just totally awesome.

Audio: The sound appeal I thought was the best. Some of the phrases that they come up with are so hilarious. I never could have thought of them! 'I CAME! I SAW! I KICKED SOME BOOTAH!' :)

Suggestions: The only problem I have with the game and I dont know what it is is that the saving. It never will save it. I have this one thing saved which was from the first time playing it. But when i try to over write it..... it wont save it. I dont know whats up. If its with the memory card or the game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: The game itself is kinda unique. But the only bad thing about it is that the games are kinda from Mario Party 1,2,3. But other then that the game is awesome for you and a few friends to kick back and have some fun. But this game is better off for younger kids. Maybe from 8-12 years old. People at 14 are too sick minded like me (>D) and wouldnt like to play the game that much.

Gameplay: The appeal is good. It makes it very competitive and some of the games are kick ass. And if you cant beat it its just like a little urge that makes you just want to try it one more time.

Graphics: The visual appeal for the game isnt all that good. On some of the games it doesnt give you a good enough angle to look at what your doing. Its really hard.

Audio: The sound I didnt really pay attention to but the sound appeal for most games are pretty good. prolly because i didnt realize the sound appeal because it didnt amaze me.

Suggestions: Dont make another one. You will make the x-box look bad! >O

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This game is just absolutely amazing. The graphics in the game are really good and the multiplayer is totally kick ass. The events you can do in multiplayer is awesome and me and a few friends would have a kick !&%$@#* time playing it. The multiplayer is like better then the multiplayer on 007! Also the game its self its totally unbelievable. This game is by far one of the better games that is out for x-box.

Gameplay: This game is just unbelievable. Its so addicting that you cant stop playing it until you beat it. And the missions or levels are awesome with all the different options to use in each level. Like the tank and the ghost cars... its just awesome. The tank is bad !&%$@#* though. Nothing gets in its way... unless you get shot with a rocket launcher! :(

Graphics: The graphics in this game is awesome. It makes everything in it look so real and the digital look for the game is just out standing. I mean the gernades the guns ...... everything. This game kicks ass.

Audio: The sound appeal has really good quality and they have a sound effect for basicly everything you do on this game. Even if you beat someone with your gun when there dead. Thud. Its awesome!

Suggestions: Halo is a very good game. To expand it even more I would suggest on making a Halo 2 and possibly make a Halo 3.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This game at the moment is my favorite! Its like the only game I play on the x-box. It is real addicting and very challanging. Its hard to get Kudos as you move up in levels. I`m at level 7 and it takes like 800 kudos to just get a frekin bronz metal. And in order to win it takes practice and concetration and dedication. Its not any ordinary game. It takes talent!

Gameplay: Its very addicting as i said. The way you can controll the car and the way it is on the track is awesome. The graphics and everything on this game is very good. I hope they make another one.

Graphics: The graphics on this game is one of the best things about this game. i mean on the window on the back of the car you can see reflections. Its totally awesome. And the way they have the cars designed. Its beautiful!

Audio: The sound is also excelent. The crashing sound The music and everything. They actually have good music on this game unlike a few other racing games. Which makes it very addicting to sit back and chill out to a game and listen to some kick !&%$@#* music!

Suggestions: Make another one!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: Its a great game but its kind of simple. Maybe if they could have made it a little more challanging then what it is. All you have to do is drive around like a taxi servise. It would be a GREAT game if they made it like GTA. I can see it now.....

Gameplay: The game is really addicting at first because you want to see what the game is like. But once you get farther into the game you just start to lose intrest into it and you basicly know the rest to the game.

Graphics: The graphics are good and all but the graphics on the other cars could be a little bit more detailed then what they have it at.

Audio: The sound appeal is great. The phrases are great and you hear everything perfect. And the phrases actualy make sence every know and then!

Suggestions: Make a Simpsons Road Rage 2 and make it like GTA.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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