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Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: This game has it all, the graphics, the sound, and the all important gameplay, this was without a doubt one of the best purchases ive ever made

Gameplay: Well this game starts off on the ice planet from the film, and it tells you how you got there, and it explains this through the gameplay, you play riddick and start off being caught by johns (pitch black merc), you are dropped off at the infamous butcher bay, from that point on you are trying to escape, the weapons are ace, the fighting is phenomenal, and the story is one of the best ive had the privelage to play.

Graphics: The only thing i can say about the visual department is, WOW!!!
this game rivals doom 3 graphics, its that stunning. And the shadow and lighting effects are the best ive seen to date.

Audio: What more can you ask for, the voice of the real riddick (vin diesel), they even bought back the actor who played johns in pitch black to do his voice, and to top that you have xzibit (sorry if spelt wrong) doing one of the main prison guards voice, but the truly spectacular thing is, they've done every sound perfect from the voices to the gun sounds, to the ambient noises. Fantastic

Suggestions: The only suggestion i can give is, if you do a sequel or even a prequel, at least include multiplayer.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: THE greatest game in computing history, i dont care what all you half life bums think, this wupps half life and all its mods combined, this is gaming, i bought this game nearly 2 years ago now, and im still playing it now, ive nearly played this game every day since i got it, fantastic graphics, (in my opinion), fantastic sound, sensational gameplay, beats all other games, the only game you will ever need....EVER.

Gameplay: Like i said the greatest game ever, what more can you ask for killing, many different species, lots of blood, marines getting killed left right and centre, first person shooting + flying + driving and an awesome multiplayer aswell, how can anyone ask for more, this is all types of games in one, including beat em ups, ooooooo killing an elite with ya fists, cant get any better than that (well until HALO 2 that is).

Graphics: In my opinion ace, has its flaws i will admit but still watching a frag grenade explode in the middle of a jackal gathering and watchin the plasma grenade stick to an elite is alrite in my book, and as for the blood, even tho its all diff coloured, (what you expect, aliens havin red blood), also the water effects are brilliant, and as for the detail on Master Chief...well its just ace.

Audio: Listening to the scorpion tank unleash its fury on the banshee, hearing an elite scream for help when you kick ten lots of **** out of it, well what more can you ask for.

Suggestions: No suggestion at all, you have created by far the greatest game ever, well done bungie and microsoft. I pay my homage to ya.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: When i first layed eyes on this game i didnt think much of the graphics, because i didnt like the grainy look effect, but once i got into the game i understood why they had put it in the game, its because of this effect at times i was so scared of the game, i used to hate walking down the dark corridors incase id suddenly hear my radio start to crackle, (jonesy shakes with chillin memories of those horrific moments), also a fine if not the best feature of this game, the sound, without the ambient noises and the music this would not have scared me so much, every sound given off was chilling, whether it was a noise coming from the other side of the corridor or if it was the radio (dam that thing), i was still terrified to walk 2 steps but i did it, also on my last note gameplay was awesome, terrifyingly addictive, i loved shooting every evil demonic thing i came across except those !&%$@#* ed pyramid heads (OH THE PYRAMID HEADS, ARGGGGGGGHHHH
"Jonesy Runs Away In Fear"

Gameplay: Awesome! Totally Horrifc, this game will well and truly scare the CRAP outta ya, let this be a warning to all those easily scared.

Graphics: After you understand why the grainy effect was put there, sensational. Oh just thinking about those pyramid heads is terrifying.

Audio: I still have nightmares, just thinking about walking down a corridor just to hear a noise. And that radio, FOR GODS SAKES MAN TURN IT OFF....TURN IT OFF....ARRRG

Suggestions: Nope. Great Job!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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