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Triple Play 2002

Overall: TRIPLE PLAY TRIES new things with the game's presentation, but what it really needs is to revamp the fundamentals like the pitching interface and two-player matches. Triple Play 2002 offers easy, arcade-like play controls and decent enough visuals, but the weak two-player experience seriously cuts down the overall enjoyment.

Gameplay: The game also drops the ball in the pitcher/batter interface department. The pitcher places the icon where he wants to throw the ball, and varies the location by selecting from his personal reperoire of pitches and deciding how much extra mustard to put on it. You can never alter the location drastically enough to fool the batter with this method, which is fine for sigle-player matches, but two-player games are reduced to batting practice with base running.

Graphics: Triple Play 2002's sweeping camera pans, zoom lenses tricks, and situation-based "dramatic showdown cinemas" add pepper to how the national pastime is normally viewed, but the graphics package goes downhill from there. The worst offender has to be the player models, which have larger than average heads and questionable likenesses to the real-life players.

Audio: Getting Bob Costas to do the play-by-play is just pure genius and is the most redeeming feature fo the game. His massive love and knowledge of the game translates into an assured, natural delivery that really elevaates the proceedings. The only flaws are some awkward transitions that makke Triple Play's commentary sound like that of a "video game" as opposed to a live telecast.

Suggestions: Improve the graphics and batter/pitcher interface.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: BEWARE: LOOKS ARE deceiving in this pretty, over-the-shoulder shooting game. In Gunvalkyrie, you play as a well-armed soldier, who must prevent recent scientific discoveries from falling into the wrong hands.

Gameplay: The normal accouterments are here: You can upgrade your weapons and equipment, plus there are secret power-ups throughout the entire game. But as soon as you try to figure out how the heck you can perform aerial attacks while constanly avoiding enemies from all sides, Gunvalkyrie immeadiately turns into utter frustration. Every part of the controller is used, including both analog sticks, which have dual functions. It's nearly impossible to master these controls, but to pass even the first stages, you must do exactly that. Unfortunately, while the control setup is unique, it's also Gunvalkyrie's downfall.

Graphics: On the surface, Gunvalkyrie's visual style is like watching a quality anime--there are plenty of vibrantly colored levels and slick weapon effects to make your eyes water for more.

Audio: The upbeat soundtrack, which consists of the usual gun noises and echoing footseps, plays nicely throughout the game.

Suggestions: Dont make a sequel!

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: Overall this is the best baseball game i have ever played in my life!!! This game has tons of options and so many things to do. Some of the modes that this game has are: Exhibition, Season, Franchise, Playoffs, Home Run Derby, Batting Practice, Expansion, All-Star Game, Manager, and there are over 250 trading cards to trade,sell and collect. There are also many other modes but to list them all would take more time then i already have.

Gameplay: The Gameplay in All Star Baseball 2003 is extremely good. There are over 500 hundred motion captured animations and there are every single imaginable players signature pitching and batting stances!!! There is also the new 3-D Cyberscan technology wich give us the most realistic looking player faces. The Fluid of the game is very good. The players arms and joints in all parts of the body bend,move, and expand just like in real life. The players also swing the bat were actural physics and momentum come into play. Also some people claim that this game is a homer fest! I strongly disagree. This is hands down the most realistic Baseball Game ever on any console!!! My Only gripes about this game is the excesive amount of glitches in the game. It is almost like the developers didnt even take the time to have people test it for bugs and stuff. Also thier are every teams minor league farm teams. Which show you all of the teams young and upcoming youths. But overall this is the Best Baseball Game Ever!!!!!!!!

Graphics: The graphics in All Star Baseball 2003 are absolutely gorgeous. The players body shape and size are extremely accurate, and there specific sports wear and clothing is very accurate as well. The new 3-D Cyberscan technology produce the most realistic looking player faces in any game in the history of baseball. All of the players batting and pitching stances are also very well done, with every single baseball players specific traits. The stadiums are also very well done. They have very nice reflection and extreme polish on everything in the stadium. The grass is very green and the dirt is very well done. For instance players will actually kick up a cloud of dust when they go for a slide. Also something i have never seen in a video game before this game actually has fans that have facial emotions and move thier mouths and cheer and do everything you would do at a baseball game. Althogh the high and or cheap seats arent very deatailed. But then again every sport game is like this. But i couldnt belive how detalied the crowd was in this game. These are the best graphics for any Baseball Game out there!!!

Audio: This is where the game losses it's 5.0 The sound in the game is extremely horrible. Although there are some bright spots which include:
A three man broadcast team! With greats such as Thom Brennaman, Steve Lyons and World Series Manager Bob Brenly! There is also some authentic stadium sounds! For instance if you play in safeco field you can hear the train go by. But the worst thing i hate about the sound in this game is that there is absolutely no Umpire callin Ball!!! or Stiiiiiirr! I absolutely hate the fact that you have to wait until the box score tells you whether it was a ball or a strike. Also the crowd is never really in the game. But there are times when the crowd will cheer loudly and chant the players name or the team name. But only at critical moments in the game. The lack of an umpire really kills this games overall score.

Suggestions: Put in a freakin Ump for crying out loud.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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