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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: I think overall, this game is very well done. It is deeper than it first appears or appears on the surface. It is a nice change from the frantic button pushing of most games. I think the PS2 fanboy who intentionally tried to bring down the score wishes his inferior equipment could translate a golf game this well.

Gameplay: The game somehow gets away with mixing up some sim and arcade. It really plays like a sim,but some of the animations are arcadish. So far,I like the gameplay,hoping to get better soon.

Graphics: No gripes with the visuals. It is finally nice to see a great looking golf game on a big screen. So many years we were confined to our p.c. monitors. The player models look good and the scenery has a lot of little details,fortunately, this is a golf game and you have time to look around. If you keep looking you will see alot of surprises.

Audio: It has all of the ambient sounds that a golf game should offer. The commentary doesn't really add much or detract much.

Suggestions: Make up with Microsoft and don't be so stubborn you hurt yourselves regarding XboxLive. This would be great against other Live players.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: I think it has great overall appeal.
It is kinda the same as last year only improved. Graphics improved slightly. Speed improved slightly.It is still the best football sim to date. The stats for the simmed games are much more realistic that the competition. Franchise mode is deep. Pre season shows player inprovements or declines.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. Passing has been improved and the controls are easy to adapt to. The graphics are noslouch as coaches appear to be improved and there are a few added animations.

Graphics: Graphically it may not be as crisp , but overall the are aloy of nice touches. Stadiums and fans look nice. The grass looks great and the player models are also very nice. Added animations add a lot to this game.

Audio: The sound is greatly inproved with Summerall gone. Al Michaels is a welcome addition. Game sounds are good. but this has always been an area of improvement for EA.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: I think there are two fine choices this year. We are all lucky. The graphics are crisp and the gameplay is fun. I still feel Madden is more realistic in few ways.Simmed stats being one. This game is probably alot of fun mutliplayer, but I feel Madden is a better single player game.

Gameplay: It plays well. Thank god they fixed the 6 or 7 broken tackles per runnign play. I love maximum passing. And the running game is more realistic. I can't seem to get a sack against the computer in single player.I know it would be different against a human player.

Graphics: The graphics are crisp and clear. there are still alot of collision tackles as opposed to wrapups, but it looks great. Ground textures could be improved

Audio: Great ambient sound. Repetitve statements which plague all sports titles, but the crowd and on field sounds are nice.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

Overall: This is a well done college football
game. The depth, the graphics, the feel of being in a college game atmosphere.

Gameplay: The game plays great. It controls like much of the Madden games, only I feel the controls are smoother and easier to control. More realistic timing and not 6-7 broken tackles,even by smaller backs, like in last years competitors Nfl game.

Graphics: The graphics are crisp and the only criticizm is the minimal slowdown, that doesn't impact gameplay,which happens when there are 22 players on the field in a tight situation.
Thew crowd would be the only criticizm, but really who cares?

Audio: The sound really sucks you in, particularly when played in 5.1.
I don't like Lee Corso, but he is part of the commentating team, so what choice do you have.I think it s cool, that when televised you get play by play, when not on P.A. announcer.

Suggestions: Just keep improving every year.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: For the first of this series to hit the Xbox it is an incredibly playable and enjoyable basketball experience. I for one dont delve into Franchise mode or create a player, but I feel it should have been included. This appears to be a big issue with lot's of game buyer's.

Gameplay: The game play is great. The play is so fluid and the animations are very well done. The buttons respond well to the touch. Shooting outside,taking it to the hole,rejecting a big shot it is all in there. When playing against a friend,when shooting free throws, the player not shooting can cause the shooting players controller to vibrate,as a distraction....kinda cool.

Graphics: Graphically, the game is far from a disappointment. It lives up to it's hype, It appears some of the faces are,right on, and others require some imagination. The arenas are greatly detailed an visually appealing. Fans appear a little flat. You will love the overall look.

Audio: The sound is very good. I usually turn off commentators, but the duo commentating weren't doing a bad job at all. But it sucks me into the game far more with the game sounds.Good sound, crowd repspone is nice.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: STOP THE PRESSES, Project Gotham Racing is not Grand Turismo....What an easy theory to graspe but many continue to compare the two racers.

Grand Turismo is the best racer of it's type.THE BEST!

Thank You for the opportunity to vent.

Project Gotham is a great racer. It excels in this genre of racing. The graphics look great,fighting the urge to compare :-). It is a fast racing game and unlike many type of arcade racers you must use the brakes, not only to slow down but to perform a radical stunt moves to receive Kudos.

Wouldn't be cool if your boss believed in a Kudos system?

Kudos add another dimension to the normal, earn gold,unlock new tracks,levels and cars style of racers. Kudos are necessary to achieve your goals.

Cool Racer!

Gameplay: The game controls smoothly. It is fun, to actually feel your self gain confidence, when you learn the controls. And confidence is important when trying to master this game. It takes confidence as you are on the edge of pulling off a killer power slide, knowing if you touch the walls,cars,or lose control you'll receive no Kudos.

How can you have any Kudos if you don't eat your meat? Pink Floyd listeners are smiling now. :-)

PGR is challenging. Very challenging!

I have found if I don't drive in couple of days I am out of practice. You must be on your game or race as it were.

This is a fast paced racer,one of the few arcade type racers that makes you use the brakes. Just letting off the acceleration won't suffice. You must use the brake. There is also a hand brake that you will want to use to pull off the Kudos stunt type maneuvers.

Graphics: The game looks great. The graphics are sweet. There could have been more things going on in the world you were racing in. One example, is people, although not a part of the game it would be kinda cool to see 'em. Maybe I am just used to that,I was playing alot of GTA3.

The cars look nice. Reflections are good and the overall appearance of the vehicles is crisp. You will love realistic dents,creases,and missing and smashed tail lights.

The backgrounds and buildings are o.k. This could be an area for detail improvement.

As I said earlier,with the power of Xbox, they could've added more detail and still kept that precious framerate.

Audio: I can't really say anything about the sound. It is just there. Not bad, not good.

One cool thing is there are different radio staions in different venues.

If you don't like the music,copy your favorite cd to your hard drive and go to the section that allows you to select your own.

Suggestions: Add more detail. Little details. Have fun developing for a system you know can handle what you can throw at it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL 2K2

Overall: This is a fun game to play. It is not one for the football purist. There are too many AI issues and the realism and polish is just not there! This is clearly a port from the PS2. Not saying that is a bad thing, but we all want games designed to take advantage of our game systems.

Gameplay: Way to go! The control is great. I love the running animations,they can help you get out of that running into the line and then running in place thing that occurs in other football games.. The maximum passing makes you feel you are the QB and then quickly the WR.
Sounds cool so come the issues. The AI is not very good at certain things,like time management.
The AI will spike the ball and then call a time out???? I have seen ,on D,my team is putting on the pressure and then someone,I am not controlling, will be standing near the QB and not help make the sack,an easy sack.
Rushing the ball gives you a good feel, the only issue both player and CPU can rack up the yards.I have averaged 180 yards per game on the ground.The big reason for this is, EVERY back is capable of breaking multiple tackles on his way to the end zone.Just not realistic! It is fun when you do it,but linebackers don't fall with the likes of Warrick Dunn.
The best feature of this is the control over the passing game. You move the joystick left or right to lead the receiver left or right. Pushing up will lead him long,or pushing back will bring back to the the ball. Really nice.
I found one real strange glitch, that I haven't been able to duplicate. I can't remember who I was playing. The situation occured at the start of the 3rd quarter. I, like a bonehead,kicked the kickoff out of bounds on the 6 yard line. The call should have been a penalty,they take over on the 40 yard line. Here is what happened. The announcers claimed "the kick went o.b., that will be a penalty. The referee appeared and said penalty. After this, the ball was placed on the 6yard line and that is where they started from as if it was a punt????? Oh well, glad it happened to them not me. Very strange indeed.

Graphics: The game has the best replays.....
! The colors appear to be a little washed out and the overall view looks aliased. The thing you will notice first is the the facial models.....they look like their real life counterpart. SWEET! There needs to be more detail in the stadiums.

Audio: Sound is not bad at all. Commentary does a decent job of keeping up. A little more repetitious than Fever.
It is much better than Madden. When you are away and near the away teams endzone......the fans get loud.

You will tweak the sound ,probably to turn down commentary and turn up the game effects and crowd. This makes for a better experience.

Suggestions: You have a very fun model for gameplay. There is just not enough realism in the rules,occasional situations where the AI just does the wrong thing.
The maximum passing feature is great and you really are throwing and catching. Realize, it is frustrating to have a small halfback break 4 tackles and rush for 60 yards. This can happen occasionally, but not all backs have this style.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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