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Max Payne

Overall: Let me start off by saying that I waited over a year to even consider buying this game. I purchased it as a preowned game for just 17 bucks... I feel like a Jacka!@ for waiting so long and paying so little.. I should have bought it when it was first released and paid 50 bucks. This is a great game.

Gameplay: Your a vigilante cop thats out to get the killers of your wife and child.. Mature game, kill em all style.. Just about everything in the game works.. you can turn on televisions, radios, vibrating beds, and water fountains... besides from the game having to reload a little to often, This game rocks!

Graphics: The visual works for this game.. The characters sometime seem a little "blocky" (almost like PS2 style) but I got over that because bullet time and the story line kept me involved...

Audio: Yeah, Its that good.. In some sections of this game you fall into a dream/drug state, you have to follow a blood trail (really bizarre) while following the trail your passed away child is crying a screaming. This really adds the realism... Again another good score!

Suggestions: listen up people. If you like 3rd player "shoot em ups" get this, If you lucky like me and have waited, buy it for under 20 bucks and love it! I sure do...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: I purchased this game with a strong decision to make, either this or Ghost recon. I decided on this. I have completed this game in normal mode and I am still slightly skeptical of making the right decision. I give this game a 4

Gameplay: Well, this game has a few different modes, campaign, multiplayer and online. Campaign is cool, I successfully completed the game in about 3 weeks or so, about an hour a day. I got hung up on a couple of sections which was frustrating but I finally completed it. So now I can either go online and play or invite friends over.. Its like halo in that aspect.. score 3.5, I would have given it a 3 but online play helped. Home multiplayer action could be much better and bigger...

Graphics: The visual part is the best part of the game, Destroying building and other mechs look great.. They have spent some hours perfecting explosions so thats cool.. I give this

Audio: Its good, again nothing great. I do have 5.1 surround and the coolest part of having 5.1 is when you first boot up the game and hear the intro sound effects.. 3.5

Suggestions: Make multiplayer action better, not online play, just local two player play.. It seems to really lack and not much attention seem to be spent on this part. I know "Live" is big for microsoft, I have it, but sometimes friends come over to play,, ya know..

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: I'm a sports fan at heart, however the last basketball game I owned was 1998 NCAA basketball for PS1, Yes I owned PS1, It was cool for back in the day, not anymore.. OK, back to my point.. This is a fun game, even though I haven't tapped into its full potential. So, my review is based on standard features of this game.

Gameplay: I seem to only want to play this game with a friend, Franchise mode doesn't appeal to me at this point. Its very nice that its there and if someday I want to set that up, I know I can. It looks very detailed down to the owners desk and what not... I have " xbox live" but still haven't tried it online. The cool thing is the ease of buttons and quick game modes.. Having a 3 on 3 at an outdoor city court in the rain is a nice feature. I give this aspect a 4 for all the features.. gameplay is a little slow and also it is hard to pass to specific players without preselecting them.. thats dissapointing for fast breaks..

Graphics: Most players look as real as possible, not great but good, The stands, audience, arenas and outdoor parks look pretty realistic, No major complaints. So, I give this another 4

Audio: Its good, the anouncers sound good, better then some of the older games I have played, When playing outdoors a repetative beat sounds, and that cool another 4

Suggestions: Its got a ton of features, maybe improve the passing so on fast breaks it automatically passes to the player in the paint.. speed it up a little? I am still reviewing this game too...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: This game is a great racing game, hands down... The features of this game makes me want to come back for more, with 11 games in my collection, I am quick to have this in my top 5 of games to play first...

Gameplay: I have nascar thunder which is fun in career mode but as a comparison to RC, I find this game much more appealing.. First off, If you have friends over for multiplayer action, they will be disappointed to find out that most cars and tracks are locked out because they must first be opened from career mode, this is where my challenge really started.. The name is exactly what it is "A challenge" once you open up "expert mode" then things get fun... at that point you have access to many cars and tracks.. multiplayer action improves greatly...

Graphics: The tracks, cars and surrounding areas are detailed very nicely, The crash scenes are dramatic because the screen breaks out from your normal "racing view point" to show you the spectator view of the crash, VERY COOL...

Audio: Well, The sound is completely adjustable from the sound menu, the engine, co-pilot, announcer, and your own personal music while driving makes this also, a positive opinion from me...

Suggestions: Not that I can think of?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Ok, I have read everyone else's review and with most reviews being positive I went for the purchase of the game. I have only played for a short period of time but from my results so far this review is positive. I do like this game.. I would recommend this game to you reading this. So, My overall appeal to this game is a 4.5 not perfect, but a good graphic action/thriller game. Whoever can't find they suspense (Mr. Mailman boy) to this game, You have such a different perspective to video games then me..

Gameplay: This game reminds me of Michael Jackson's Thriller video.. Slow zompie characters creeping out of the ground to slay you down!! Great basis for a video game.. I played this game the first time up until I died and I took a short break, (to get a good feeling for it) When I started it back up, I was completly sucked into it... My restart I had a better feel for the controls and using the right analog joystick to both run and fire at the zombies... Strategy for this game is very good. Thats an appealing asset to this game.. I give it high marks for that..

Graphics: Has any of you gamers played DOA3? Do you know in the beach and forest areas, the tree will disappear when you run behind them. This game doesn't have that feature so you actually lose sight of your character.. I like that.. Its another element.. Most of you other reviewers don't. Wimps, I consider the challenge.. Its less demanding then Spiderman's camera angle. As far as graphics, top notch, 100% USDA steak. Even between action the video (which everyone else dislikes) I can tolerate, not as good as spidey's but decent.. NOW, here is the thing that makes me a standout among the rest of you reviewers.. The blood! I love the mass amounts of it, I am just a little disappointed with the way it flies. Its doesn't splatter, it appears more powdery, Like a cloud of blood. like I am hitting the zombie with a powder puff "MAKE UP!", but they are zombies, they have evil spirited blood????? the after effects with the blood on the ground is great.. minor details when everyone else gives the blood high praise.. Fog, water, the characters themselves very good.

Audio: Its hard for me to comment on this topic without full dolby digital 5.1. I have surround sound speakers but not optical connections.. I am still rating this with high marks because from what I hear (up to the evil teddy bear) its top notch. Makes me feel scared... oooohhhhh!!! Its zombie bashin time!!! I'm sure I will give it that extra .5 on my marks once I get 5.1. Somebody want to send me an optical cable?? I didn't think so..

Suggestions: My last suggestion was for Spiderman, I gave it very high remarks and I haven't played that game in a month, so long spidey... Anyways one suggestion I had was to create Justice League video game and two days later, a large corp tooks the rights to the name and are designing the game.. I feel privledged for them to thank me... doubt it though... suggestions for Hunter, hire me as you product developer, I'll send you a resume.. as long as you pay for my vw transport.. hehe

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: I always have liked the concept of Spider-Man. For activision converting it into a video game appealed to me.. Just think, being Spidey, slinging across the city beating up thugs and criminals.. But making it good, I was skeptical.. not anymore.. This one player game is definitly AWESOME!!!

Gameplay: Very positive, Designed very well, Much time and effort was put into this game and it shows.. The game starts off with a tutorial on what moves you can make and how you can make them.. VERY SMART and USEFUL..Take the time and use the tutorial. The viewpoint is from behind (Just like in Tony Hawk PS2) The controls are good, however I have only played it for two hours so I haven't perfected turning Spidey and the viewpoint.. It gets challenging inside the buildings.. The good point to the viewpoint is being able to look around a corner without passing the whole corner. With a tracking meter it helps you know the distances you have to use your web powers... Listen up people.. Spidey can sling across buildings, up walls, over to walls without running (very cool), crawl just about everywhere... just AWESOME.. the games moves well...

Graphics: The graphics are great.. Its an activision games so its simular to Tony Hawk.. Spidey looks good, the buildings are crisp, the criminals look realistic, The web spidey spins is very clean and super realistic.. The thugs disapear after you beat them up.. The city and inside the buildings make you want to continue playing.. Only playing it for 2 hours I am already impressed...

Audio: I started in the tutorial and from there I knew this game is a must have.. The comments from the announcer made me laugh because at times they were cynical, I like that.. During the game, a theme song plays until an action/fighting scene occurs.. The theme songs builds in intensity and that is exciting.. When appoarching thugs, Spidey and the lugs both make comments.. i.e. "Where'd the freak go", "I know he is here, I can hear him" During the video portions, the dialog is good and keeps you tuned in.. This is a good 1 player game.. sound effects while punching and kicking are realistic.. I don't have Dolby Digital 5.1 attached but I still enjoyed the sound.. A+

Suggestions: This is a long shot.. But lets all try to visualize this.. Online play, A justice League game (you know the cartoon) Using all the great comic book superhero's.. Of course this thought is much bigger then Spidey. You get to choose who you are (superhero or villian) you get to choose the setting, you get to combine forces to help you win the game. You all have missions to accomplish indivially but it is for the benefit of the entire game... Game developers if you are out there reading this... Its a thought... As for Spider-Man the movie... No improvement is necessary.. Everyone, If you like one player games.. Buy this game.. I love it...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nascar Thunder 2002

Overall: My appeal to NASCAR racing is a long time in the making. I have personally gone to the races and my favorite racer out there is Bill Elliott. I know what there is to expect from the reality of the sport and I feel EA sports could have done a far better job in the show aspect of this game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is awesome. All aspects of driving are simulated, the black marks on the racetrack made by the tires, the spotters calling out the plays going on around you, the feel of the controller when the car is rubbing up against a wall or car, Going into pit lane for adjustments, the sounds of the engines and screeching of tires. So if you want a Nascar game for only the game this is a good one.

The menu screen is a bit on the tricky side. I don't like feeling my current race isn't saved when you can only return to the main menu. That just makes me feel a bit uneasy.

Graphics: There is such a lack of visual appeal in this game its sickening. While in career mode you don't get anything. I want more show in this game then what is given. I won a race and didn't get any satisfaction of winning. What I mean by that is my racer did not visually enter victory lane and my driver get out to spray the fans with champagne standing beside to lovely ladies wearing bikinis. Like Halo, after completing a section there is a short video discribing the next part of the game. I want that in this game. Another audio/visual thing that is missing from this game is, &q Start your engines!!!!! This is made famous everytime there is a race. To me these things add the realism making it a much better game. I know Xbox has the ability to add short video clips so why wouldn't EA sports apply this in Thunder??? Do the engineers know anything about racing and its visual effects. The beginning visual effects are ok seeing all the cars going down the track while skynard is playing in the background. After I played this a few times I feel EA could have added much more but lacked effort on their part. Folks if you only want game play this is it...

Audio: Sound is good. The beginning of the race day should start off with "Gentlemen, Start your engines!!!" and you TV speakers exploding to the sound of 43, 700+ horsepowered cars starting.. Your controller should shake and you know you are ready to do some real NASCAR style racing. Nascar racing is beefy braughy and the lack of it is shown in this game. But for the most part during game play it is really good. you have spotters, you have sound of your tires, you have scraping of your car. Gameplay sound is good.

Suggestions: EA sports and NASCAR Thunder developers. Get some balls and go to a race! Feel the power and loudness and visually stimulate me in your next attempt to make a good Nascar game. Come on people, make me hear and feel and see all there is in Nascar. From the F-16's flying overhead at the start of the race to the Mr.Peanut man in vitory circle. Visually show me my driver getting into the vehicle and starting the car with a push of the button and making my heart pound because I am about to go head to head with crybaby Gordon. Getting in fistacuffs with Tony Stewart in the pits.. ADD VISUAL STIMULATION outside of just racing. You do the racing part great.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: Good, The skaters look realistic and the bails look equally painfull. The skateparks are different in design and offer hours of gaming fun. If you do feel you are getting bored with the game then change to another proskater and improve his/her abilities. The main menu of this game is easy to use and navigate. Sound effects are good but I think a little more could be used. This is during career mode when you choose a proskater or create your own. I love the fact of uploading my own music to the gameplay. However in skatepark editor mode when I am brushin up on some tricks I would like the music to shuffle instead of the repeat song. I like gaining specials and that time limit factor in career mode makes this game challenging.

Gameplay: This is a technical game. This game you are constantly pushing buttons for grinds, manuals, and 9 hundreds. It took me a day or so to pick up on the moves and so it should. With the skatepark editor, skater creator and career mode THPSx2 is the worth the price tag.

Graphics: The details of the skaters and skateparks are excellent. When the skater bails I feel the pain because of it realism. I never thought I would be bustin kickflips in a london club. Techno lights and my own music, its sick. The skatepark editor is good, the preset parks are a good way to get started however I think they could be expanded to completely different dimensions then available. Like instead of 30x60 use the outline of the venice beach level.

Audio: Its good for what is used, grinding noise, grunts when the skaters bail. I would like random play on the skate editor section with my own music.

Suggestions: Uploading songs to the xbox is a GREAT idea. Work with that idea and create random play mode in the skatepark editor. Use different dimensions for the sp editor such as a actual level (Venice beach) except for the hits and have more women skaters. Maybe add some twists to the game, goofy stuff such as cartoon character skaters or even grandpaw fred on his electric powered skateboard with handrails. Could you imagine that??

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: The overall appeal to this game is sweet. The progression of stages, audio/visual effects and vehicle choices makes this game a winner.

Gameplay: Its gameplay is straight forward and to the point. I like the beginning when the game allows you to get started and sort of practice with the controller.

Graphics: Bungie did do a nice job with the user being able to fly a banshee or a ghost. Once I got through the first couple of stages I knew I had to finish this game.

Audio: I used the standard tv speakers (upgrades coming soon). If you were to turn off all the lights in the room and play the library section of the game, you shouldn't complain.

Suggestions: Suggestions? Its hard to say, I don't think there is one thing I could think of except expanding on this game and create a sequel.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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