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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: this was one of my first live games where i met alot of ppl and played with them all the time. this game is one of my favorites bc of the live environment.

Gameplay: Its a 3rd person shooter where u command ur squad by completing objectives through campaign. you can also play co-op through xbl as well. the live environment is intense. everymove u make invovles stragety and patient. the guns in the game are pretty well balanced out and thats a bonus bc its rare to find a good game that has a good collection of weapons that are equally balanced.

Graphics: eh, its not the best, but is good enough for me. after a while, u wont mind the graphics bc ur mainly focusing on the gameplay. other than that,its all good.

Audio: the sound is pretty amazing and good enough for me. i like the sound of the sniper rifle being shot as well as the machine going off. it adds some realism. the explosion is also pretty decent too. ubi did a good job with the sound in this game

Suggestions: upgrade the graphics, more multiplayer modes

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: this game was alright, i really enjoyed the storyline. it really draws u into the game and gets u hooked. however, the game was too short for me and this is worth the rent. but since this game is in platinum hits for 20$, then its worth the buy.

Gameplay: you play as max payne who's wife was murdered by someone. he goes on to find the people that did it. this game is all about revenge and u can feel how max payne feels and it makes u want to get the ppl that ruined his life bad. the bullet mode is a fun feauture in this game. it slows down the gameplay and u can dodge bullets like in the matrix. but overall, the gameplay was fun but not enough to make me want to play it again

Graphics: the graphics are below avg, kinda boxy looking, but its the gameplay that draws that game to you.

Audio: the sound is pretty decent, but i think it could be better in most parts of the game. i wasnt too impressed with the gunshot sound.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: at first, u'll be like eh? but as u play more of it, u'll be addicted to it in no time. I wasnt sure about this game until i rent it. i can say that i wasnt too impressed with the single player campaign, but live is what brings this game out.

Gameplay: the gameplay is addicting over live. u'll play as the axis or allies team and u'll play deathmatch, or my favorite mode, stopwatch. by stop watch, one team will defend the safe that has the documents and the other will have to try to plant a bomb on the safe to blow it up and steal the documents. say, if they finish their objective in 4 minutes, then the other team will have 4 minutes to complete the same objective. you can be a medic to supply health or bring someone on ur team back to life. you can be a engineer to provide tnt (explosives) or lietunent to supply ammo. you can also be a soldier that packs with big firepower weapons. each class plays a big role in multiplayer. i think that the roles of each class is what makes this game so addicting to me.

Graphics: the graphics are not the best, but is ok for me. i dont really care about graphics in this game since the gameplay in mulitplayer is what i like the best.

Audio: the sound is ok, not the best but good enough. i think they could make the explosion louder and clearer since most are like a small bang.

Suggestions: better graphics, more gameplay modes and better weapons.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: i wasnt too impressed with this game, but i was only impressed with it until i beat it in single player. i didnt enjoy it much on live since it was always laggy for me. i would say, that this game is not worth 50$ and should be wait till it is in the 20$ range. but i would give this a rent first.

Gameplay: you basically race against other ppl in single player. u race for pink slips for their cars. one thing i like about the gameplay is the track. u can go anywhere u want around the city to find the fastest way to the finish line, but however, u'll have a better chance of winning by following the blue lights that leads u to checkpoints and towards the finish line. u can also play bots in multiplayer mode, which is a bonus for ppl that has no live. u can play modes such as capture the flag, detonate, street race.

Graphics: the graphics were pretty cool, but prolly not the best. it is above average i would say. the city reflects on your car and shines.

Audio: the sound is ok, but dosent catch my attention, which is why i dont really care about sounds in games since im hearing impaired.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Links 2004

Overall: this is probably the best golf game i've played. the online play is what makes this game shines, as well as the XNS tournament feautre.

Gameplay: the gameplay is like any other golf games. u play golf of course and u move the left thumbstick back and forth to hit the ball and use the right thumbstick to control the spin. u also play through career mode or challenge mode to earn money and unlock golf stuff. u will use the money to buy skill points and with the skill points, u will be one of the best players on live.

Graphics: the graphics are stunning. i like the camera angles after i hit the ball. the camera follows the ball high in the air, making a pretty decent scene to look over the ocean or the course. golf is a game that looks bueatiful through nature and this game did a pretty good job on the graphics.

Audio: u pretty much hear the crowd cheering or applauding, but what i like the best about this game is that u can rip ur songs and play it while playing the game, which is pretty cool. this section recives a high score because of that

Suggestions: maybe allow us to be able to stay hooked to live while playing singleplayer, that way, we can get invites from our friends that are playing.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: ok, after finally finishing this game (i've been putting this off and on for a while bc of xbl) i decided to write a review. anyway, im impressed with the gameply and grahpics. however, at some parts were kinda tough to get through, but thats what i like, a challenged game :). This game is also one of my favorites, but however, i may have to trade this in since its not live, which makes it hard for me to find time to play non-live games.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty simple. the controlls sets up nicely as well as the camera angles. i love the moves sam fisher pulls off. when he dangles over an edge or climbs, every move is so realistic. So, the story line, its pretty interesting, ur basically a spy trying to steal secrets and find out what they bad guys are planning on. overall, i had fun with the gameplay bc it made me want to come back and finish it.

Graphics: what can i say? the visual effects in the game is probably one of the best, if not, the best looking game on xbox to date. the animation of the people in this game really brings out the graphics. it just draws you into the game environment.

Audio: the sound description is pretty awesome. u can hear the glass bottles breaking as u throw them or footsteps as u run or land hard onto the ground. ubi did a good job on the sound in this game

Suggestions: nothing i can think of, but some multiplayer and live, which is what pandora tomorrow is for. im def gonna get pandora tomorrow when it comes out.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: This is one of the best games out that i've played since Halo. Its about time to have a great game in my game library.

Gameplay: When i first played this game, i was like eh, bc of the way the aim is. it gets jerky as u fire. but i guess its all about realism and u'll get used to it after a while. (i've played this game for almost 100 hours and i can say that im used to it)The online multiplayer is what makes this game shins. The single player was kinda easy for me and i would say that it is not worth 50$ for single player. If u have live, i strongly reccomend you to get this game if u like FPS games. The gameplay is just so addicting and it'll keep you coming back for more and more. i jsut cant get enough of it.

Graphics: the graphics are the best looking since Splinter Cell. at some parts in the game u can notice some places that are "sloppy" but it does not effect the game for me. The night vision and thermal vision works very well in graphic terms. overall, i have no problems with the graphics in this game.

Audio: the sound description, well, i like the explosion sound as an grenade goes off and i also like the sound of a maching gun being unloaded into the enemies. sound dosent really mean anything for me in the game since im an hearing impaired person.its the gameplay that counts

Suggestions: fix the .50 cal issue, friends join issue and maybe add in some new gameplay modes for live as well as some new weapons.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: Well, what can I say? This is one of the best racing games I've ever played. It's very rare to find a keeper in racing games for me and I love both, Project Gotham Racing and Project Gotham Racing 2.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple, basically similar to the origional one. With Live feature added to it, this game blows every other racing games away. The live feature keeps you connected everytime you play through single player in order to update your stats and save your ghost. The difficulity of earning kudos has been changed compared to the origional PGR which was hard. The kudos system is totally different and you can be able to build up combos to keep the kudos flowing and if you keep it flowing throughout the cone challenges, u can score over 10,000 kudos easily. The gameplay is easy because of difficulity options. I had been racing through Silver medals but found it to be too easy, so now im working my way to earning all golds.

Graphics: The graphics are awesome. Sometimes when the houses or feild in the background catches my attention, i have a hard time trying to concetrate on the road. i would always end up slamming into the guardrails. overall, its one of the best looking xbox games out.

Audio: well, being an hearing impaired person, i can say that everything in the game sounds pretty !&%$@#* good. i love hearing the screeching noise of my car burning rubber or sliding around the corner. With surrond sound, u can feel the cars roaring behind you right in the ur own living room. overall, i dig the sound in the game :)

Suggestions: mmmm, u've done everything, nothing i can think of for improvements.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: this game is one of the best FPS i've ever played next to halo. The only problem i have about this game is the controls. It was very difficult to get used to and i have put this game down for a couple days until i played it with the auto aim off to get rid of that anoying atuo aim, which is the one with no cross chair. i seem to hit every target without it.

this is a great game for me and i will prolly keep it for a while, adding it to my top 3 games.

I know that alot of ppl have problems with the controls, i suggest u to give this game a try by renting it. i just took off the auto aim and it works pretty well. Just dont put the game down bc of its controls, give it time and u'll like it alot.

Gameplay: the gameplay is a blast. multiplayer with the bots is one of the best things. u can play against 10 bots, playing capture the falg, deathmatch, etc. my fav. character is the monkey and i like having him on my team. when he kills someone, he does a backflip, whcih is like his victory dance, and the next thing happened, he got blasted away by a rocket launcher from the other team. this is a good game for ppl who dont have broadband for xbl.

the story mode is alright, but not the best. the bad thing about the story mode is that u cant save ur games and there is only 1 checkpoint and it takes along time. i have completed the easy mode and only died 2 times throughout the 10 levels. but when u play on normal or hard, it gives u a bigger challenge. You have to watch out for cameras and if it spots u, it will alarm the enemy and they will attack u. so u have to shoot it out before the camera sees u. i pretty much have been playing in the multiplayer mode becasue it is the best thing aobut the game. You can also play co- op throughout the story mode, play against eeach other, or play up to 16 ppl through system link.
Also, i found that creating your own maps for multiplayer is one of the greatest thing ever for a game. u can add anything or do anything u want to create the map u want. There is plenty of things to do in multiplayer, it is just like PGR that u have to unlock the next level or unlock something. there is just tons of things to do.

Graphics: the graphics are good, not great, but some ppl say the graphics r similar to halo which i agree. I think they did a good job trying to make it look as good as possible

Audio: the sound is awesome, listening to the characters screaming, shouting yelling was pretty funny.

electric gun, tommy gun, laser gun, zaping or blasting around your room is a good expereicne.

Suggestions: Do something about the controls if u r going to make TS3. make the controls similar to Halo. Also make it XBL playable.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: i didnt really like this came bc of the way the car turns. it pushes the wholes screen along with the car. i am jsut not use to it and i dont like it.

Gameplay: the gameplay is not bad. i liked driving throuhg the terrians and sliding on the snow.

Graphics: the graphics are prolly the best thing about this game,and i enjoy exploring, but its too bad that i cant stop and look at the same time casue u got to keep moving before the time runs out.

Audio: the sound is ok. i didnt like the backfire everytime i shift gears. it gets really annoying after playng it for a while.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: what can i say?, this game is awesome. it jsut keeps u hooked for a long time. The trust-fear thing is awesome bc it keeps the game more interesting.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. But the controls takes a while to get a hang of becasue its no halo controls. the left thumbstick controls the moving and the right thumbstick is for strafting sideways. it took me almost an hour to get a hang of it. This game also has puzzel solving, which i like. at some place, it leaves off clues for u and u have to use them to solve a puzzel, which is pretty cool. the 1st 2 levels are tutorial, and u wont shoot any Thing yet till later. trust me, later in the game, theres a lot of action and u'll use ne guns u want.

Graphics: The visual is ok, above par. everything is just dark, bc of the blizzard storm. and there is alot of snow outside. ur pretty much inside most of the time. The graphics are just right

Audio: the sound is awesome. just play it on surrond sound system, and u'll go crazy. Things popin out behind u, god, u'll hope that they wont jump out of ur tv screen and attack u.

Suggestions: Maybe some more outdoor environments, but so far, everything is good

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: The game is awesome. If you like to play golf, you deffinately should get this game. If you dont like golf, then you should rent this game and maybe it will change your mind.

Gameplay: It took me a while to get used to this game, such as figuring out the controls, game modes, etc. It only took my like 2 hours to understand what this game is about and how it is played. It gets hard at first, becasue you have to get used to the controls and the distance for each player is very short, under 215 avg for driving. Thats why they have the Outlaw range where you can improve your skills. when you completed an part of a game, u will be rewarded points and use them to increase your distance, composure, control, accuracy, etc. You also have to play the Tour mode to unlock the characters and golf clubs and also, golf balls too. I beleive this game has a good replay value and i have been playing it for 6 hours straight and i am still not tired of it, maybe that is because i am a big fan of golf. The goflers in this game are so hilariuos. They'll swear, smash their clubs, or blame it on their caddy. If you want to beat your caddy, just press the Y button and well, u'll figure it out. Overall, this is a great game and i recommend it to people who likes to play golf.

Graphics: What can i say? the graphics are awesome. The grass are so green, and the clouds are so real, and the trees are like the ones in Doa3. My favorite course is Turnpike. on the first tee, if u wait for a little bit, u will see an airplane flying above you and you can hit you ball over the turnpike ramp if u have the distance. everything is just so smooth and crisp. the only thing i dont like about this game is that when you rotate the camera around, and when you get the camera close enough, they will look invisible. but overall, the grpahics r killer.

Audio: the sounds are also smooth and clearly. If you hit a bad shot, the crowd beside you will laugh at you, too bad you cant beat them up. You can hear pretty much everything in this game, even the cars passing above you on the turnpike ramp, which makes it pretty hard to focus on. The music is not so bad, but i wish we can rip our own songs on this game.

Suggestions: Make more courses. I want to be able to beat the crowd and my opponents azz!. Also include golf carts so we can run over ppl. You should make outlaw golf 2 and make sure you add those things from above.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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