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Halo 2

Overall: I dont know how I managed to pry myslf off the
Xbox for the amount of time this review is
going to take to write. Easily the best game so
far. My only complaint? Gamestop promised if I
prepayed in full, no lines. Just show up and get
your game. Positively not the case....last time I
ever preorder there.

Gameplay: This game feels like an old friend. Believe it or
not, they somehow managed to make halo
better. wow.

Graphics: Words dont even describe how good this game
looks in 480p. Easily the best graphics of any
game I have, and I have 50+ games.

Audio: I dont have a decent soundsystem, but halo 2
sounds good. The gunshots are a lot more
realistic than the first game.

Suggestions: You are gods among men. If only microsoft
could make windows, and all the other sub-par
software they write this good!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA March Madness 2004

Overall: Small frustrations with the menu system aside, and minor roster/arena imperfections aside, this is the best basketball game yet, hands down. Better than this years NBA live, better than either ESPN game from this year, leaps and bounds better than either sega game was last year, and dont even get me started on last years inside drive...this is it, the real deal.

Gameplay: This is where the game shines...simply put, the best yet. Smooth, flowing basketball. Fast, action packed basketball.

Graphics: Well done, but once again, the lack of HDTV support by EA cost them a point. The graphics are pretty clean...if only they supported 480P, im sure they would look cleaner and clearer and more 3D realistic on my TV.

Audio: If i could give it a 6, i would. for the first time, fans seem like theyre AT A BASKETBALL GAME!!! People cheer when you make big plays. Not a minute later, not at random times, but just the way real fans do. They chant for their team. There is never a moment of silence from a college crowd, and one game maker finally got the idea that the crowd being energetic is a big part of the excitement of college basketball. Its hard to believe, but the sound almost makes the game. The commentators are ok too. Kinda funny to have dick vitale in a game...

Suggestions: HDTV....HDTV... HDTV...also, a few things...Getting the names of the arenas correct should be simple, so why cant anyone do it? for example...Maryland doesnt play in Cole Field House any longer, havent for 2 years, and it isnt even Cole Field House modeled in the game (great job reproducing the Comcast Center guys!), so why couldnt someone have looked up the name of the new place (comcast center) when they were recreating it in the game??? the rosters...only minor mistakes this year, but still mistakes. players missing, players at wrong positions, etc. maybe hire a few kids from each big school to beta test your roster/school recreation? and a major frustration in the menu system...for the "edit player" menu, why not have it start with the team you designate as your favorite every time? This would make it a lot easier to enter players names and fix rosters for your favorite team...or better yet, maybe be able to sort by conference? I'll probably enter a lot of the names of the other conference teams too at some point...thats all for now. Good work though, this is the best one yet!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Wow. I know I need 100 characters, but those 3 pretty much say it all. "wow". The only thing I dont love about this game is sometimes the nazi's take like 9 rounds to go down.

Gameplay: Fast and furious action. I kept having to remind myself "this is just a game"...its that good. controls feel great...

Graphics: Thank scan enabled. On my xbox and HDTV, this looks just as good or maybe better than on any PC. Yes, ANY PC. Not to mention my screen isnt tiny!

Audio: Sounds like...war I guess. I dont have a surround setup, so I cant really say much. I know, kinda odd to have the bigscreen HDTV and not spring for surround sound...

Suggestions: is a crime of sorts against humanity to have not included the classic split screen deathmatch. Otherwise, keep up the good work!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: If you like shooting games, and have $20, you are really depriving yourself by not buying this game. I loved playing through it. Great graphics, trippy visuals, insane plot twists. This would actually make a good movie I think...

Gameplay: Its a shooter...the controls are a little looser than most I think (it lacks halo tightness) but nothing you dont get used to in the first 5 minutes of playing the game. Overall this was done very well.

Graphics: Very crisp, clean, and the bullet time feature is really cool. I really love the way blood sprays when you gun down a bad guy :)

Audio: It sounds like the game should sound. I dont have a spectacular sound system, so I'm not even really sure if I hear it the way its supposed to sound. But I never said to myself "gosh, this game sounds like crap" so I'll give it a 4.

Suggestions: Shooting games need some kind of multiplayer mode where you can gun down your friends. This is what gives it insane replay value and makes 100000 people run to the store to buy your game. It's why people are still running out to buy halo today.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Live 2004

Overall: I like this game alot. More than last years NBA 2k3 and more than any years NBA inside drive. It's been a big hit with my friends too.

Gameplay: This is where it shines...they finally fixed a few big glitches all basketball games had until now by adding a dunk/layup button. So now when you go in for the dunk, you arnt ever stuck with the cheesy jump shot from 5 feet out that doesnt go in...

Graphics: It does look great, esp considering this is essentially a polished up PS2 game....One major disapointment though, this game does ***NOT*** support HDTV like the XBA product page does, and like Madden and NCAA 2004 did. Major, major, major disapointment EA Sports people. Just for this glaring omission, i give your visuals a 2.

Audio: Sounds like every other basketball game. Good i guessthe crowd sounds are done better than most of the competitions are...

Suggestions: HDTV. Progressive Scan. HDTV. HDTV. HDTV. Maybe if i say it enough times, someone will finally listen. A good game that would be so much better if the graphics had the same clarity as the other EA sports games i bought this year (madden and NCAA football).

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2004

Overall: Wow, the game that finally unseated halo as the game that is on the TV in my living room 24/7. An average of 20 Madden matches occur daily in my living room.

Gameplay: It is awesome...a lot like REAL football. I havent played this years Fever or ESPN football, but it kicks the hell out of both of those games' 2003 versions.

Graphics: FINALLY!!! An EA sports game that supports progressive scan. About time!!! Yeah, it looks amazing. A lot better than last years madden, and crystal clear on the HDTV.

Audio: The announcers say a little less of the same stuff over and over again at least a little bit less than other games.

Suggestions: Downloadable content. You can do whatever with xbox live, wont bother me, there are too many people here to play to worry about playing over a network or whatever, but at least let us download roster changes and results so that halfway through the season im not playing with players that are no longer on a team or are injured or whatever. Just another degree of realism that you could add.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2004

Overall: It doesnt get any better than this. For real. Every day there are people here playing this and madden. People that dont even like football. Wow.

Gameplay: It plays like football...gosh imagine that, a game just like REAL football...what ever will they think of next???

Graphics: Progressive scan WOW. Finally!!! Yeah it looks great. Amazing. Kinda like youre watching a real football game except the view is different obviously.

Audio: It sounds The announcers are pretty good, not too annoying. I like it. It sounds good.

Suggestions: DOWNLOADABLE ROSTERS!!!!!!! I understand wanting us to have to buy next years game, but at least keep us up to date through the end of the season!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: It seems in vogue to make comparisons between competing titles in reviews, but I will refrain from doing so. I own all 3 big basketball titles for XBOX this year. This is my favorite of the 3.

Gameplay: This is where the game shines. The buttons all do exactly what you think they should do, so anyone can really pick up a controller and play. There are a nice assortment of more advanced moves and shots too, and there are gameplay modes and options galore. so no matter what your style of play, there is a game to suit you here.

Graphics: I was a tad let down by NFL 2k3's graphics, so I was pleasantly relieved when I first played NBA 2k3 and saw the visuals are definately up to par. Nothing exemplary here, but the graphics are clear, you can tell players apart and always tell what is happening. Also, I do like how realistically they modeled the moves of the players.

Audio: Same old same old really. The announcers are a tad better than the average people, but I generally prefer to tune them out and make it feel like I am really there.

Suggestions: Next year...make it a little easier to draft college players. Ive been having problems with the NCAA 2k3 draft feature. Make this easier. Also, 480P is a much better HD mode to use. Even amongst people that have HDTV's, most of us only can support 1080i or 480P only. Also, being able to rip our own soundtracks and listen to music instead of the announcers would be cool.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2003

Overall: I like it, I really do. I eventually bought NBA 2k3 which I like a little better, but overall, this is a strong title, and now that it has come down in price in most stores, is definately worth looking into for some hoops action.

Gameplay: Maybe I'm just not the smartest person out there, but it doesnt seem possible to map different functions to different buttons. That kinda sucks...overall though the gameplay is smooth and fluid.

Graphics: Looks real good. Although it looks a lot like last years game...that kinda bothers me. No implementation of progressive scan, which kinda bothers those of us with HDTV's.

Audio: God I hate those announcers. Sounds like the same guys from last years game, and from microsofts football game. The basketball sounds are pretty realistic, but the announcers say the same 3 things over and over again..

Suggestions: Yes, a few. New features, HDTV support, XBOX LIVE for god's sake...both of the games competing with Inside Drive

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: Remember goldeneye? Did you ever wish they made a version of it with faster paced action, better graphics, more locations, characters and weapsons? They did, its called Timesplitters 2. Go buy or at least rent it NOW. And dont think you have a feel for the game if you played the demo in this monthes official xbox mag, because i played that first and didnt like it. The demo version is much slower and doesnt show much of what makes this game shine.

Gameplay: Fun. I had 6 friends over last night, we had 6 controllers, 2 xbox's and 2 tv's and it was many hours later before anyone wanted to stop. Very fast paced action!

Graphics: The developers gave the textures and environments just enough detail to make the framerate still FLY! It isnt like bond where you have to squint to make everything out, but it also isnt like Halo where everything has a sick level of uncomprimising detail. I still rate it highly because you can still tell what everything is, everyone on the whole still looks good, and the graphics dont slow down the game at all.

Audio: What, no custom soundtracks??? Oh well...this might not add anything to the title, but it doesnt take anything away either.

Suggestions: A few things that if you dont support, eventually you will be left behind by people who do, no matter what if you do make great games or not...
1. HIGH DEFINITION! Yes, people actually own HDTV's. And when you own one, games that dont support it look like cr@p next to ones that do...
2. Xbox Live. Nuff said...kudos for giving us system link though...
3. custom rather kill zombies listening to my own custom mix...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: This game rules, simply put. I played the Xbox version at a friends house, and actually traded in my PS2 copy to get the Xbox version! It is the most fun video game series I think ever created. And to people who think that the appeal of THPS is limited to those with a background in skateboarding, I have never skateboarded ever. In my opinion, THPS3 is going to right up there with Halo and DOA3 as the titles that make you get out to the store and buy an Xbox!

Gameplay: Hideously frustrating sometimes, but not in a bad way. THPS3 seems more realistic than THPS2(x) was, just because you cant pull some of the ridiculous 900 degree tricks you were able to pull before. In fact, even some of the tricks that I thought I would be able to land, I couldnt land at first, but its just a matter of getting accustomed to it. And it is great. In 4 days, I have probably logged at least 25 or 30 hours on this game!

Graphics: Way way better than any other skateboarding game, previous installments in the THPS series included. But dont just take my word for it, there are plenty of screenshots on this site to show you how gorgeously detailed the environments in THPS3 are!

Audio: This is a big deal to me. I really love the new soundtrack. THPS2 had a lot of cool songs, but THPS3 really takes the cake. A lot of top artists and songs you have already heard are on THPS3.

Suggestions: Keep putting out awesome games like THPS3, and I will keep buying them.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: I dont have NBA 2K2 yet (gimme a week or two!), but this is certainly the best basketball game I have ever played, on any platform! The players are modeled realistically, they move like actual basketball players. They look like actual basketball players. They think like actual basketball players. This game has never been 'not fun' to play.

Gameplay: This game is a lot of fun to play. To make sure real basketball players like it, I enlisted the help of the guys downstairs in my building who actually play basketball for my school. They loved it. They got this game for their Xbox the very next day!

Graphics: Very crisp, clean graphics. Just like NFL Fever, microsoft made a game just for Xbox, and gave it the best graphics that they could. I think a big reason other sports games dont look as good as NBA inside drive or NFL fever is that they were originally written for a lesser system. So I was excited to get NBA Inside Drive, and they certainly didnt let us down on the grpahics end of things!

Audio: Like I have said in a few other reviews, I think we are all sick of most Sprts games announcers. I think the next big jump will be in announcing, not in graphics. But minor quibbles with the announcers occasionally repeating themselves, this game has excellent sound.

Suggestions: Make it a little easier to intentionally foul someone, make the game a tad more raw. Still have the more realistic mode, but also have a mode where the game has a bit more of an edge, with easier intentional fouls, charges, etc. Otherwise, just keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: This isnt the best hockey sim out there. By a long shot. Hockey purists will no doubt hate this game. But, the rest of us think it is the most fun that can be had on ice!!! It is 3 on 3 hockey, and the excitement never stops!

Gameplay: I wonder what kind of crack Midway was able to program into this game, because hands down, every single person I have played this game with has become addicted to it. My roomate and I left for spring break 2 days late so that we could get in a few good matches of HITZ before we left!

Graphics: I think EGM mag said it best, with something like "the graphics in HITZ are cleaner than Martha Stewarts countertops....". It is true. The graphics are very clean, and dont ever slow down or anything. The Xbox version has little things like reflections in the ice and other cool little intracasies that I have heard arnt available elsewhere. In case you were thinking of buying it on PS2 or gamecube, my roomate rented it for our PS2 one weekend that I had taken the Xbox home with me, and we both agreed that the Xbox was far better able to keep up with the graphics and processing and such.

Audio: Well, the sound is good. The sound effects really shine, but I think most of us our pretty sick of video game sports announcers. The announcers in HITZ arnt any better or worse than those of other games (well, maybe better than some :) ).

Suggestions: My only beef with the entire game is that the stadiums specific teams play in are not modeled after the actual stadiums the teams play in. This is very minor, but it would be cool if each team actually played in their real home stadium. Other then that KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I think the most accurate description for the superiority of this game is "BELIEVE ALL THE HYPE". 7, count em S-E-V-E-N of my friends have bought Xbox's after playing this game at my house. JUST FOR HALO! Yes, it is as good as you are thinking it is, and better, because there are things in this game that nobody ever would expect.

Gameplay: This takes an average of 5 minutes to get used to, after which it sets the bar for the way you expect any FPS to behave.

Graphics: Do I even need to say anything here? Those commercials you see on TV are actually the game. Not a cartoon, NO! that is actually the game.

Audio: I have heard this is positively divine on a surround sound system. It sounds just fine on my TV. The explosions are realistic sounding and the other sound effects are good too.

Suggestions: MAKE MORE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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