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Full Auto

Overall: At first glance most might think that guns+cars might be cool but the cars are really slow and crappy. The guns were really pointless and were limitted to less than 10 types of guns/cannons. Very tricky conrtol scheme to shoot and drive at the same time.Online multi-player is very interesting.

Gameplay: It is pretty action-packed in the campaign and the achievments are also pretty easy to get. It gets really fun at times but at the same time it can get old really fast. But mostly boring.

Graphics: Explosions are detailed but they could have been a lot better. The detail on the guns could have been a lot better too. The machine guns shouldve had sparks or something at the end of the barrels but it wasnt a big deal. The backdrop of the game looked as if it was a orignial xbox game.

Audio: Sound was okay but pretty generic like all other car games they just added explosions and gun shot sound effects to it. Boring sound that i have heard in about 5 other games. i wish they were more original.

Suggestions: Try to make more weapons and more car customization.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 FEAR: First Encounter Assault Recon

Overall: I didnt expect this FPS to compete with others. At first glance this game seemed....out of place and boring. But when i found out it was a secret orginazation and you are a new hotshot recruit it sounded pretty intruiging. The ability to slow time was really cool. multi-player was also pretty cool.

Gameplay: The campaign was long, challenging, and action packed. There are a lot of scary parts in the game where people just jump out at you and it always kept my heart beating. Multiplayer was very cool and there wasnt that much lagg with the weapons and grenades. The psychotic murderer who you are hunting also adds a little more exitment to the game.

Graphics: Graphics are a little dull considering its a 360 game. The game gave me a headache after a while of playing because im not use to that type of graphics. kinda hard for me to explain but it just gave me a headache. Multiplayer went into extreme detail when it came to character models.

Audio: sounds of the guns and grenades sound so real at times but then again they also sound fake in away cause they never change. Its just the same sound over and over again. Grenads also give same type of sound nomatter what distance from them you are.

Suggestions: try to sharpen up the visuals then i will play this game a lot more. More weapons would also be a plus.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kameo: Elements of Power

Overall: At first i didnt want to get this game cause it kinda looked like a kids game to me. But when my friend was playing it at a Video game party it actually looked pretty cool. I thoughts it was awesome how i had to change into diffrent creatures to go throught certain obstacles. But this game had terrible AI the monsters just ran into obvios traps and it kinda took away from my experience.

Gameplay: Easy control Scheme makes this good for beggining gamers. Good classic story line of conquering evil always makes a good game. This time it just happens to be her sister who is the evil one. But it was still cool.

Graphics: Great graphics alround. Load times took a little bit but other than that the graphics were fine. On pummel weed the detail on the plant was amazing, it showed so much detail on the plant it was almost as if it was real. The other characters had a good look to them but something was just missing from them.

Audio: From the characters speaking all the way down to the tiniest rock falling the sound was perfect in every single aspect. I really didnt hear anything wrong with the sound but the music in the background was really refreshing.

Suggestions: Make a second one and dont change a thing the game was awesome!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Overall: Its awesome and long to beat. The Black-list was an awesome idea for this game , you have to climb up the ranks to beat razor witch at the end is a hard race.Does get boring after a little bit of racing up the list though.

Gameplay: Awesome most the time but it got boring after a while climbing up the list. It was just the same thing as the guy before exept the cars they drive are better. Acheivments are also fairly easy to get.

Graphics: Laggs a little bit on fast corners, but overall it was alright on the graphics part. There wasnt an impressive amount of detail as i was wanting to see. The car customization was really cool. I spent a lot of time messin with paint and vinyls

Audio: Sounds bout as good all the other need for speed games in the series. And because of that it is getting a little boring at times. They need to come up with some new original sounds and stop using them from the old games.

Suggestions: I would have suggested to make a campaign long again and in a lot of depth, but they already messed up Carbon and gave it a horrible campaign.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Fun and exiting at first but after a while it got kinda boring. It just didnt stand out like i hoped it would. but it was still satisfying.

Gameplay: Controls might seem a little....complicated at first but overall they will be easy to learn once you get passed the odd button placement.

Graphics: A bit fuzzy when looking into long distances on the game but short distances gives it really good look. Overall i think the visuals arent perfect or bad but they certainly could have been better.

Audio: Sounds were a bit....generic. But nevertheless they were still in good quality for how easy and simple the sounds were.

Suggestions: try to make it more like starwars the movies where you have a lightsaber no mater what. The sword fights would be cool if they happened all the time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fable: The Lost Chapters

Overall: Overall this game is awesome dispite a rather short campaign. The lost chapters added a whole lot of good quests that i thought should have been in the original game.

Gameplay: Laggy at times. But the gameplay really equals out the bad by a lot. There needs to be some type of multi-player on fable because a game this good would clinch a lot of people online.

Graphics: Very sharp and detailed graphics considering its an xbox game. The updated content has a little better graphics that the original ones.

Audio: There are a lot of voices in the game that can be distinquished from one or the other. The music in the back ground is also very pleasant to the ear and never gets boring.

Suggestions: Try to make it multiplayer and try to make the game longer than 10 hours. Also the game load times take forever.

In multi-player you should make it like a killing competition of who can kill their amount of monsters fastest. Instead of getting exp to get up atk levels make it so you use the exp to grow online lvls thats goes to 100 . it would make it interesting and make good achievments

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: The game is one of the most perfect games that was ever created. Every aspect of this game was perfect in every way, from the smallest detail down to the largest detail it is perfect.

Gameplay: Long action packed campaign is one of the main things that made this game so amazing. The multi-player maps are a master piece and do not lagg or glitch. There are a few gameplay glitches but none are major ones.

Graphics: It was hard for me too believe that this game was an xbox game. The graphics are perfect and never lagg in campain or in system link. There are enough maps to keep it very interesting and keep busy for hours of gameplay.

Audio: Sound was as perfect as the game itself. The sounds of the guns and grenades were perfect and were right on time with thte explosions. The voices in campaign were pefect and matched the characters so well it was as if the people were real.

Suggestions: You should have made this mult-player!!! Everybody would rather play halo:ce than halo 2. ( i would ) If halo 2 werent already out i would tell you not to mess it up , but you already screwed it up.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Carbon

Overall: Game doesnt live up to NFS: most wanted but it does the job and was a real challenge to beat the canyons.

Gameplay: Gameplay was a bit boring at times cause it just copies thier previous racing games. Canyons were a new additions that were more annoying than anything.

Graphics: Graphics are pretty nice , but i believe they could have made them look more clear if they would have spent a little more time on them. Online graphics arent as good as the career modes. I know it says gameplay may change online but the graphics are totally diffrent.

Audio: sound is boring and like every other game they put out. The cars made the same sound no matter how much opgrades or how diffrent the exhaust.

Suggestions: Try to change it up a little bit. NFS use to be lots of fun but now it seems like you have run out of ideas and are just making the same type of game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Gears of War

Overall: Its great at Single and co-op campaign. Online portion of the game is really lacking a lot though.

Gameplay: Despite a rather short campaign it has an awesome amount of battles and gameplay. Some or the weapons work better in campaign than in multi.

Graphics: Takes a second or two to load the backdrop graphics but when it does load them they are sharp and clear and dont lagg at all.

Audio: Sound is perfect i havent found any glitches or lagg in the sound so far. You can actually hear and see rain drops that are falling from the sky.

Suggestions: Try to find a way to fix the lagg in the online gameplay. It just gets ridiculous on how powerful the host is.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Overall: One of the more interesting shooters that ive played. Killiing giant monsters in VS' cant get much better than that.

Gameplay: It is a bit tricky to look around at first but once you get use to the conrtol scheme it will be an addictive game for campaign and online multplayer.

Graphics: Graphics are top notch but can be glitchy at times during the loading process. Also the character models will sometimes glitch if they move too quikly.( as in falling off a high building)

Audio: The sound in the game is perfect!!! if there is a rocket shot from anywhere on the map youll be able to hear it and then you hear the impact the rocket makes on the ground...or a person.

Suggestions: try to set certain ranked game standards. Most people are just playing fugitive and it is too easy to get exp in that game type. other than that it is a great game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: For how much this game was anticipated it was a real disapointment in campaign. Multi-player was also lacking a bit.

Gameplay: Short gameplay that was boring most the time. Only the battles with huge groups of elites of brutes made it some-what interesting. There are too many glitches in this game cause it was rushed out onto the market.

Graphics: Aside from the horrible campaign the graphics were pretty good considering how fast they rushed halo into production.

Audio: Sound also was in good quality and was highly better than i expected it to be , i figured the sound would distort online but it didnt.

Suggestions: Dont rush halo 3 or you will have another laggy and glitchy game.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The

Overall: This game is nothing short of amazing and for it to be one of the first games out it set the bar pretty high.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very time consuming but it is a very fun game to play and its even funner to get the achiements that are fairly easy to get but just time consuming.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are so sharp and clear its amazing how real some of the people look. Even during the cut-scenes the graphics dont fade or lag.

Audio: The sound in the game is Nearly superior but there are some parts in the game where sound tends to lag or be distorted.

Suggestions: Only thing i would suggest is to make more armor types in the gameplay. and perhaps find a way to make a multi-player out of it. If done right multi-player would be fun and exiting way to play. perhaps have huge 25 vs 25 war ?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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