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Madden NFL 2005

Overall: First off I have been with the Madden series since 91 and have seen the good and the bad years. This is a good game but no where near a great game. When ESPN hit he market they have been trying to catch up with Madden ever since but have fallen short every year until this year.

Gameplay: Gameplay is fast and very smooth, but I have to be very honest here, it has an arcade feeling in every aspect of the game. Recievers find a way to catch balls in triple coverage way to often and QB's complete some very strange looking passes at times. The defense is improved as far a formations and stopping the run, but that does not make up for the arcade feel like you are playing Blitz. I am a sim football lover, and ESPN is the only pigskin to deliever a SIM atmosphere

Graphics: Oh boy, if you have played ESPN then you have seen what a great looking football game should look like. What in the helll is EA thinking by not polishing up this game. I must say I for one would rather have better gameplay than graphics, but this is just an imbaressment for the next genaration of games. The player uniforms look really good, but the rest of the game really needs some work. Oh yeah one more thing, why even put cheerleaders in the game if they look like transvestites, wow they are scary.

Audio: Sound is good but its really hard to mess up sound. I have played both ESPN and Madden on a great surrond sound system and ESPN comes out on top again. Madden sounds good when you hit the hit stick, but the rest is just ok. What really makes this game bomb in this catagory is the announcing crew. Madden has got to go, keep his name on the game to sell it, but fire him and the other bozo and get some announcers in thier that can put some excitment in the game

Suggestions: Take a lesson form the game that finally passed you by. Yes you still have your die hard Madden players that will stand by you and adapt to this game, but if you really love your consumer then you will polish this game up in every area of the game. The better football game of the year was only 19.99, what a steal.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 ESPN NFL 2K5

Overall: This is by far the best pigskin to date. I was going to wait for Madden but for 20 bucks I decided to try it. Holy crap this is what video game football is supposed to be like,,,,,,,,,Well Done

The leagues and Tourney's are a top notch addition.

Gameplay: Lets just say they improved it over last years game. All area's of the game have been fine tuned to a T.

Graphics: I think the game looks great, stadiums, players, the T and A on the cheerleaders are well done.

Audio: Sound is great especially on a good system,well done. Commentary is also done very well.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work and put as much effort into all your games like you did on this one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Links 2004

Overall: WOW, This is some addictive stuff! This game could possible cost me my marriage. (lol) At first I did not know if it was what I was expecting, but let me say that it is more than expected.

Gameplay: Gameplay has a pretty good learning curve. Intermediate can be to easy at times but can be adjusted to frustration with a few adjustments of pins and wind, just like real golf. Advance is a trip, no meter bar at all, just your analog and your skill. I did not even mention beginner because its a waste of time. Each shot has its own difficulty and the smallest mistake can be devastating. Online gameplay is best described as a bad drug habit, addictive is an understatement.

Graphics: This game looks absolutely great. The courses, and the surroundings are beautifully rendered and look very crisp. Not much more to say here, looks great, good job.

Audio: This is where the game really rocks, because of me. Using the Music Mixer I made some awesome soundtrack's taking my MP3's from the computer and putting them right into the game. No more commentators, just rocking music and knocking the ball with the stick.

Suggestions: A more in depth career mode, and a create a player just like Top Spin utilizes. This is a great effort at the first online golf game for XBOX. If you love golf then you would be foolish not to try this one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 World Series Baseball 2K3

Overall: Overall this is a great BaseBall Game. PPL who write insane reviews giving this game a 1 or 2 are just plain stupid. If you want a good baseball game that will give you the feeel of the game, its WSB 2K3

Gameplay: Controlling the players is almost to easy. This game has great control!! Some will say that the game is slow overall, well the truth is its just baseball. Its as slow as you want to make it.l

Graphics: The graphics I thought were done very well. You really can't say they are bad, because there is not any other baseball games that blow it away in looks.

Audio: Sounds like baseball, what more can I say. The crack of the bat is better in this years game, and the announcing is done well.

Suggestions: Why no live, this was a bad mistake. If inside pitch is a good game Sega will lose all who have come to enjoy WSB. Inside pitch has LIVE, which a majority of ppl want. So just like me who bought WSB to get me by. When I buy Inside Pitch and play online and it rocks, why would I ever go back to Sega, even when they come out with XBOX Live enabled WSB.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Overall this is a very fun game to play ONLINE. In fact is is a blast if you are on a lag free game with cool ppl. I have tried the single player mode and it just does not do it for me. It gets an overall 5 just because of the XBOX live feature.

Gameplay: Gameplay is smooth and very easy to learn. In a lag free game it is awesome. You can always find a lag free game.

Graphics: Visual is ok, but not great. I would like to see more animation when you shoot someone. Like soldier of fortune style.

Audio: Sound is ok, but the talking feature within xbox live is great. I love planing an attack with other players. Its just down right crazy fun.

Suggestions: Work on the servers and make finding your friend and joining your friends games better. Other than that thank you for hours of enjoyment.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Top Spin Tennis

Overall: So far this game lives up to the hype and then some. You can finally say goodbye to Virtual tennis and Mario, cause Top Spin is the only Tennis game to play. Multiplayer is fun and I can't wait for XSN tourneys. Finally an XSN Title that is good enough to buy and play.

Gameplay: Gameplay is a breeze to get the hang of. The buttons are easy and the shot selection is great. Its a total guessing game at times and the right shot can make or break you. Responsive controls, and fluid speed, what more can you ask for.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good, with really no complaints. I would have like to have seen more detail in the other people besides the players, which look great. Stadiums all look awesome, as well as the playing surfaces.

Audio: Sound is good but not great, but then again its tennis. I would have likes custom soundtracks, but I can live without it. The crowds respond to the game just like real Tennis. There is however no commentary, which might not be a bad thing.

Suggestions: Better replay control to look at balls in or out, and custom soundtracks. Other than that good job, must buy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: I was excited about online racing and thought this game would fill the void of not having online nascar. Well I was wrong, not what I would like to spend my money on.

Gameplay: Gameplay is what you would expect from an arcade style race game. Controls are easy to get the hang of, but reading the maps kind of sucks if you ask me, which take away from gameplay.

Graphics: Well this is not the best looking game in the world, but also not the worse. Cities looks cool and the cars were just OK.

Audio: Sub par sound, and the music was OK. I think this area could have been improved also.

Suggestions: Look at you sales numbers before you make another one.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: I am a golf fanatic and I could not wait for the first XBOX golf game. And I will still have to wait. This game is fun, but not what I need. Give me Tiger Woods or Links.

Gameplay: Gameplay is good, but could have been alot better. In my opinion there is to much room for error. The hitting system hurts the game in my opinion.

Graphics: Look great, they did a real good job with animations and backgrounds. The game looks very good, what you would expext form the XBOX.

Audio: Bla, Bla, Bla, but what would you expect its a golf game. This game has corny music like you would find woth Hot Shots golf.

Suggestions: Just not my style, I need something more realistic. Remember this is not a bad game at all, its just not a true sports sim. If you want a sim don't by Outlaw golf. If you want a fun quacky golf game then this one is for you.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 ESPN NHL Hockey 2K4

Overall: I was scared to by this game because of last years. My first impression of last years was great at first until all the scoreless games, and sloppy play. So I waited a little longer before writing this review, because I don;t want to mislead anyone. Enough said, this game is GREAT! They fixed a lot of old stuff and added a ton more.

Gameplay: GamePlay can be a bit confusing at first. You have three styles to choose from, classic, intermed, and advance. My advise is to pick one and stay with it. Gameplay is fluid and will play as fast as you set it.(slider adjust). Gameplay on-line is perfect between good connections, and I have yet to have a real bad one. The skills level is a real blast, a game of its own. Great thing about this edition is that the scoring is still a bit hard, but can be achieved with skillful play, unlike last years where the goalie stopped everything. This definitely gets a 5 for its improvements.

Graphics: Well its about time SEGA and its developers start using the XBOX powers. The graphics were horrid last year compared to this years game. The ICE is the best I've seen in a hockey game, and the player faces are done with great detail. Arena's look great and crowds look like crowds with some animation in the front rows. The reflections from the ice and the helmets are stunning, great job. Definitely a 5 for the major overhaul.

Audio: This is the first review I have done where I will same some great things about the sound. The game sounds are very well done. From the skates slicing the ice to the awesome sound of the puck clinging the crossbar. The commentary for the game is by far the best to date. ESPN put there broadcasters in the game and it sound like an ESPN HOCKEY Night GAME as you are playing, kick a$$. The on-line chat has been fixed and now is as good as the chat in ESPN football. More improvements and another 5.

Suggestions: There is so much stuff I left out of this review. This is a great hockey game and one worth trying. AS for SEGA, keep improving your games like you have been, and promise you will never get lazy like EA did for so many years.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Football 2K4

Overall: Overall this is the best football game on the market. I have been playing Madden just to feed the football bug until ESPN came out. Now I have sold Madden on EBAY because there is no way I would ever play it again. Madden was a good football game, but does not deliver the fun and excitement that ESPN gives you. The ESPN broadcast within the game makes you fell like you are watching an ESPN televised game. ESPN is without a doubt a game you should try.

Gameplay: Gameplay has improved over last years game. No longer are you cussing players for dropping easy passes, or droping every catch because you are hit. Running game can be a bit easy at time and could be adjusted a bit. Kicking has improved and the gameplay is smooth and runs at a great pace.

Graphics: The game looks great, down to the players and the fans. 3D rendered fans give the game a great feel. 3D fans are only shown on close ups, the rest of the time its the same fill the seats cardboard effect. Even the sidelines are filled with great 3D cheerleaders and coaches that look like the real counterparts. Stadiums all look like the real deal and weather effects are great also.

Audio: Sound is an improvement also, if you are lucky enough to have a good entertainment system to play on, you will feel like you are in the game. Commentary is by far the best in any game.

Suggestions: All I could say is a adjust the running game a little, if you have a really good RB, you can make it past the first defender almost every time. In all though this is an almost perfect game. Keep up the good work, and if you put this much effort into all you sports games you will take over the fans of EA.
I originally gave this game a perfect score, but after playing a little more I have found minor flaws that could be fixed. Still worth a purchase though.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Inside Pitch 2003

Overall: Ok, overall this is a good game. It has is good points and its lows, but with XBOX LIVE it is a winner. I have already downloaded a new stadium and have played a number of games online with no lag problems at all. The stats kept online is cool. Games are rank by 3,5,7,and 9 inning games and you have to play smart baseball to win.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very easy to get the hang of. It is however different than all the other baseball titles out. I love the fact that the cursor to hit the ball is not in this game. That always took away from games if you ask me. This baseball game gives you more control over the game than all the other baseball games for XBOX.

Graphics: This is not the best looking game in town, but what would you rather have. Good gameplay or good graphics. I personally will take gameplay over graphics any-day. The stadiums however look awesome.

Audio: Sound is good, I have not messed around with custom soundtracks yet. Most of my music is on CD-R's and PC, and until MUSIC MIXER comes out and I can transfer my music files to my XBOX from my PC, custom sound will have to wait.

Suggestions: Sharpen the graphics a little bit and let me charge the mound (lol). Overall I am pleased with this purchase. Watch out for next year though when WSB will be online and most likely other baseball titles. Then again MS will have IP2004 and I think MS is gearing up to destroy all the competition with is devotion to online sports. Man am I glad I own an XBOX.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: I am not going to bore you with details. This game is great, and don't let some other idiot tell you otherwise.

Gameplay: Gameplay is perfect, controls are easy to learn and they have so many moves you can do. When I saw everthing you can do I was like no way, but they are easy to do and remember.

Graphics: WOW this is why I bought an XBOX, PC style graphics in a console. There is no reason all games should not be this good.

Audio: SOund is great even with a normal TV, I would love to play it on a Dolby setup. They did a very good job with this game.

Suggestions: Give me more downloadable levels and make an online version next time. Great job on the game. GO buy it if you have not.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL 2K3

Overall: This is by far the best hockey game out there. It take a different approach than EA does and proves that Sega is better than EA. The thing that makes this game a must pick ist the XBOX live feature.

Gameplay: Game play is very smooth and the tempo of the game is great. The controls are not that tough to get used to if you have played hockey games in the past.

Graphics: This game is not the best looking game at all, not even close. But ask yourself a question, do you want a game that is just pretty to look at and sucks to play, or a game that look ok but plays great. This game is about hockey, not looks.

Audio: The sound is ok, but not great. The checks would have felt better if the sound thumped a little more, and the post shot are not that breathtaking. But again the gameplay makes up for all that.

Suggestions: Work on the graphics engine and the sound and fine tune the online mode. Make ranked games with fixed options like NFL 2K3, and work on the voice chat. The game played great online, but the Voice can be choppy at times. Here is some advice for online players, turn you voice mask off, it will help the communication.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I have been a long time Clancy fan, and was a die-hard urban op's player. So I am very happy to have this game on the XBOX. So far so good, hell its great. With XBOX live in one day, this game will have a long life.

Gameplay: The contols are very easy to get used to. If you have never played a Clancy game, you might be lost for a bit. Once you figure out how to use your teams its down right crazy how fun it is. XBOX Live will also did this game a lot of good. Single player is fun, but not as fun as shooting a real person playing in ther living room somewhere in the world.

Graphics: I have played the PC Clancy game and now the console version, and there is no difference. Everything looks great, no complaints.

Audio: Sounds are all good, from breathing to explosions, and to foot steps. Again nothing to complain about here.

Suggestions: Wish you would of had downloadable content with this game, new maps and mods would have been very cool.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: Finally a real golf game. Not that Outlaw was not golf, its just not real sim golf. Tiger 2003 it fun and has lots of options. The online feature is a nice touch, though to play your friends would have been better. I am already ranked and my stats are on the WEB for all to compare.

Gameplay: The game is somewhat easy to pick up. The tutorial helps a lot. I would say that in a few more hours of playing I will grasp all the controls.

Graphics: Tiger 2003 looks great. The trees blowing in the wind, and the colors of the courses give the game a great look.

Audio: The sound effects are great and the vocals are all clear and easy to hear. The music that I have heard so far all sounds pretty good.

Suggestions: Just keep adding cool stuff and work on the online features.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: Overall this is a great game. Sega is quickly becoming the best game producer for the XBOX. If you want Gran Turismo for XBOX this is the closest you are going to get. After you get used to the control and build a better car, this game rocks.

Gameplay: Controls are a little hard at first, but when you get used to them its really good. You have to remember that your first car is going to suck so it will not handle as good as the cars later in the game. No complaints on controls.

Graphics: The game looks great, what you would expect as far as lighting and shading. Here is where you will get my main complaint though. Were in the hell is the damage effects. Your car hits all kinds of crap and no damage effects. Oh well, thats something to look forward to in next years game. Still scores a 5 because it looks good and areas are nicely done.

Audio: Sound is very good and you can play your own music. Having your favorite music jamming in the the car while you race is a major plus.

Suggestions: Show damage on cars, and make it online. I would also like more cars, and more tracks. Other than that I would say great job SEGA!!

Sega is the game company to buy from.

EA can bite my A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: I think this is a great game for those who are sick of EA and Madden all together. It is a very good football game for one player and it will be great for online. I will explain the one player comment in a bit.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really great, but I have 2 problems. For one there is no way to review plays like in the real NFL. The worst of all though is the fact that when you play 2 players your play is right there for the opponent to see. That really sucks, if I am missing something let me know. It sucks to have to audible all the time so your buddy don't know what your doing. As far as one player it is great, smooth contols and nothing to complain about really. Exept as mentioned.

Graphics: What can I say it looks great. They have done a good job with the graphics. It all looks very real.

Audio: Sound is good, what is to be expected from a football game. THe commentary is well done also, I was getting so sick of Madden and Sommerall.

Suggestions: Doing a great job, just fix the play call screen so the other guy can't see exactly what play I pic, and add replay rule. Other than that this is a great game, can't wait for online.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Splashdown

Overall: This is a 5 STAR game for everyone. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Any low rating is just plain stupid, this game is fun and worth every penny.

Gameplay: The gameplay is perfect and accurate. What you can do with the wave runners is pretty freaking cool. The levels are awesome, You can't wait to finish one to see what next one is like.

Graphics: The graphics blew me away. The water looks unbelievable, very real. The levels all look great and the camera angles really show of the game.

Audio: The music is to be expected. A mixture of punk style and normal everyday radio tunes. The great thing is if you have music on your harddrive the game automaticly finds it and mixs it in with the original tunes.

Suggestions: Make another one and make is online, and have a better create a player mode!!!
Go buy this game, I know I sound like someone who works for the company or something, but the truth is you can't go wrong with this game, its just plain fun and will last you enough time to get the value of your purchace.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: This is a very good racing game. The online feature is plus with this game, until xbox live is ready they should make more link games so we can play online.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very realistic and the controls are perfect. You feel like you are on the bike when playing this game.

Graphics: Geaphics are good, but could have been better. I can't really complain though, for a moto game they are top notch.

Audio: Sound is what you would expect, the ability to put in you own music is a good feature. I wish all XBOX games had that feature.

Suggestions: None really, very good job. I would reccomend this game to anyone who loves racing or motercycles.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 World Series Baseball (Sega)

Overall: By far the Besy Baseball game made for a console. If you need a Baseball game to play, then this is the one. I could only find very monor details to complain about. The franchise mode is the best part of this game, it is awesome.

Gameplay: Gameplay is superb, and realistic. Throwing to bases and running the basses is easy to learn. The hitting can be a real biaatch at first, who am I kidding it is still hard, but that is a good thing.

Graphics: By far the best looking graphics for a baseball game. Triply Play looked very good, but that game sucked so bad it doesn't deserve and attention. My only beef is no anamations for the stadiums. I live in Kansas City and the fouintains work here, why not in the game.

Audio: Sound is good, but could have been better. I love going to real cames to here all the Baseball sound in the game and in the crowd.

Suggestions: Better attention to detail in the stadiums and well not much else except for an online mode.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: If you are a fan of FIFA games you will not be upset with this one. This is by far the best version yet.

Gameplay: Game play is hard, and that is a good thing. It takes a while to learn how to score and the ball and player control it great.

Graphics: It is the best looking FIFA to date. All the players look very real, and move very realistic. The stadiums are perfect, no complaints here.

Audio: The sound is good, but I would have liked some more rockin toons like the past games have had. In all the crowd and the chants and player sound are done well. Comentary is also very good.

Suggestions: Have whoever designed the FIFA series work on your other titles, like Triple Play. THe FIFA team nows how to make a game. EA used to be the best at sports games. Now all I buy from EA is Madden and FIFA.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: All I can say is close but no cigar. This was so close to becoming a good base ball game. I am not saying it is bad, but it has its faults that keep it from being a part of my collection.

Gameplay: Overall the gameplay is not to bad. I like the button assignment for feilding the balls. Catching fly balls takes some work but you will get the hang of it. The hitting cursor is pure junk. Yes it makes it more of a challenge, but it also makes it not to fun to play. Just go back to the directional and button style and it would have been better. You can still have challenge without making us do mutiple things just to hit a ball.

Graphics: NOt to bad if you are playing it on a PS1 or 2, or even a low end computer. However this is an XBOX and graphics like this are just uncalled for. The crowd is a joke, just terrible.

Audio: Very poor, there is not even an umpire to listen to. This game gives you no sense of being in a ballpark.

Suggestions: Do some serious fine tuning and try again next year.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Nascar Heat 2002

Overall: This game is a fun game for your racing freaks and ppl who are not freaks. Playing the game online against ppl is what really makes this game a blast.

Gameplay: Gameplay is smooth and gives a great feel for racing. The gameplay is better than the EA racing game in my opinion.

Graphics: Visual is good but not great. The cars all look good but the stands and other areas could use work. As you race you can see the drawing being done ahead of you. Who really cares about that when you have good gameplay though.

Audio: Sound is good, and has the normal racing sounds to be expected. Would like to hear more from the pit crew when racing.

Suggestions: Game is overall great, thx/

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: This is by far the best Tony Hawk to date. I've been hooked since I put it in. Its also very cool to play online using the GameSpy Network. Come out and see if you can out skate me.

Gameplay: The gameplay is outstanding, including responsive controls and realistic player movement. The levels are large and fun to skate. The replay value of this game is a major bonus.

Graphics: Well the graphics are great, just like an XBOX game should be. The worlds are rendered perfect as well as the skaters.

Audio: The soundtrack is great, and the player sounds along with enviroment sound are good. Also I believe you can put in your own music, a XBOX bonus everyone should take advantage of.

Suggestions: Keep doing what you have been, but as a retired skater I would like to see some old-school type of contest. Just a group of skaters and a half-pipe, or a pool like the old-school Del-Mar pool in Cali.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Knockout Kings 2002

Overall: The game looks good and the controls are good once you get used to them. I have playe dthis series since it began and this one is the best.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good with tight controls. This game uses the XBOX controller very well. My only complaint is that you cannot clinch with the other fighters. So if you are getting your A$$ kicked you have to run.

Graphics: Perfect graphics. The fighters look like the real guys. The ring girls however look even better. The enviroment are also a bonus.

Audio: Sound is good and the voices all sound real. I just want to know why rap music has to be in all these games, mix it up a little, same goes for football games.

Suggestions: Better career mode and get rid of the Damnn rap music. Try something else or let us put in our own music.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: Fun fast action, a real good time if you know what the UFC is all about. Fun from the time you put the disk in even when you lose.

Gameplay: Fast gameplay and the smoothest graphics I have seen on a console game. Moving your player is very easy and the controls are very responsive.

Graphics: All I can say is wow, if you have ever watched a UFC event, you will feel like you are watching one live as you play. This game looks awesome, best graphics on XBOX to date. The crowd looks great, and so do the ring girls.

Audio: Sound is about as good as you could expect from a game of this nature. would have been cool to put in some of your own music.

Suggestions: Need a better career mode, like after you win an event you get better stats and move onto the next event. For such a great game, it could have been a perfect 10 win a better career mode.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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