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Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Overall: My God... Can Xbox get any better... I literally love this game over anything... Visually this game is a freaking masterpiece.. the environment is so real.. it gives me the creeps.. The story has evolved it self into something much darker and a hell of a lot more detailed... A gamer would enjoy the game based on how much he likes first person games.. but as far as realism if your a fan of that This game is Great... It's like being a part of CSI because your so detailed into what you must do to get the answers you need if you choose the wrong ones you, they will let you know your story is also based on how well you are in sleuthing . so be care full the story will go easier or harder based on what you find you can be thrown off track by the wrong clues.. and in this game clues can be misleading because ... the characters you chase are on to you so they set booby traps... But its okay your a more @!%#*!ed off more messed up and more drunk lol character than you where in the first one ... the evolution of xbox is great this is one of those games where progression is shown.. SEGA HAS RETURNED ... good for them.. .

Gameplay: How can I start this hmm… A lot of freedom but be précised with what you find, you’re given the cool choice of truly getting down to the detail on what you find.. they give a multiplayer scenario on what you find so finding it is not all you do now you describe it to the best of your choices, that’s right your given a multiple choice towards what you think is the best description of what you found… most of it is pretty simple… in the start easy 1st grade stuff.. However as the story progresses you will… see the difficulty level increasing gradually. Now the controller.. is still the same except they added background effects.. you can put your opponent through a tv or wall or w/e the surrounding allows you to do… but…. You do see little icons that help you out.. the fighting is also a lot easier.. old favorites like the stun gun is still around… but now how you perform in a level is also beneficial for you since.. you get cool hand upgrades like br@!%#*! knuckles, Teflon vests, better weapons etc… The AI is awesome not easy at all… and my opinion is based on a normal setting for the game… Bottom line Story line is Awesome…This Sequel, Features the ability to go online and well Fight.. no the online is a fare one a simple attempt to attract those who base games on there online, play instead of the actual game… however the online is pretty decent… you can do everything you can do in the game.. its not going to be in my opinion a big hit like Call of Duty or any of our past favorites … cause the money went on the story and game play although some cool features on the online, you can do little side missions and such… all and all this game is well worth the 60 dollars…

Graphics: Visually this game is so Awesome.. If you ever enjoyed any of the Saw movies, than enjoy the hell out of this game… the Environment is designed to scare the SH*T out of you, I mean from the very start the game starts in this Creepy chase seen, which needless to say ended in a bloody mess… the game takes you through one intense environment to another…From a out of control mutant riot in the city, to Demonic looking dolls and Crack head like people who love to pop out of everywhere, not to mention your own insanity there messing with your mind doesn’t help oh and yeah the @!%#*! manikins are back…If you played the first one you’ll know what im talking about.. The music is incredibly eerie.. at some points you think things are gonna happen to you … then you realize its just the environment designed to mess with you and throw you off track… I tell you I never ever get scared, mention a scary movie and I’ll tell you it never scared me… But this @!%#*! game gives me goose bumps… and a high heart Rate…

Suggestions: Sega I'm so glad to see your making a come back... !
This game took me by surprise the first time it came out and I've been waiting for the story line to continue for a while.. This sequel, shows a true progression towards xbox ability's and your own as a company who's still able to put out quality gaming... But even though I Admire what you've done with the fighting, sometimes i felt blind.. because the cut scene at the fighting ... where so hyper i cant tell where the next person was... i would like, to see this game have some points in 3rd person the character is cool.. and he should be seen a bit more.. at least in a quick fight cinematic especially when you have to play Simon says with the button aside from that one comment.. . that’s it Awesome Game..

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Saints Row

Overall: This game, change the way I feel about Grand Theft Auto, I think this game is so much better the storyline was well put, good Hollywood voices made this game that more of a movie feel than anything I've ever felt with the GTA series, the customizing in this game is fantastic, you have a hell of a lot more choices then you'll see on GTA. The best choice is you pick the character who plays you,, that’s right you're the character not some made up mafia dude you decide the look of your character... NOT ONLY THAT...!
It has a lot of online replay value you can create a gang you can customize the character on its online look or your GANGS online look.. you can name your gang.. Look bottom line is, if you like GTA, and everything it has to offer...
THIS GAME WILL MAKE YOU WISH YOU NEVER PLAYED A GTA GAME, you will feel like you've been wasting your money...

Gameplay: The game it self Runs smoothly, of course like every new game it has it's fault.
The only fault I can say is that in a high speed chase on the high way I crashed the car hard on the side of a building and I stayed lol trapped there I had to restart.. (the upside is it only happened once for me.) Thats really the only thing I can say went wrong in story mode. For the majority of the game I had absolutly no problem with anything...
You have a lot of good choices to play online from being a pimp which if you have played this you will know how funny that is at times.. or just doing some good old fation shooting.
(BUT IT WOULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME ATLEAST 1 EVERY 4 GAMES)(so i took it as a intermission lol)

Graphics: The characters looked smoothed, very nice for the start of a new introduced game.. Normally they cheap out on the graphics when a new game is introduced but this one def. Didn’t let anyone down on the graphics department it was a bit above fare graphics. Some things had a little more details than other things but, you got to pick and choose when your on a budget… but very good for a new game as I said..

Audio: I like the fact that I was able to play my @!%#*! music in the car even I left and jumped to another.. Car radio station still the same even in the helicopters/ tank.. The language in this game was AWESOME... had me freaking rolling with the stuff they where saying.. but everything sounded great surround sound is always a plus and nothing skip..

Suggestions: Fix the bugs... Fix the Online, Keep that story going its awesome you already got GTA beat by creating a series like a GTA game but what I consider to be much better... with a story that continues I cant wait to play Saints Row this year(2008) just cause I know this is the real deal not your test Run, game... Awesome keep it up I know ill buy Saints before GTA...

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10 BioShock

Overall: Best game of 2007, in my overall opinion. This Storyline new age, The grahics fantastc, The game play Great. Every once and a while you come across a game where they introduce a new idea and a new way of gaming.., they twist what you have come to expect from a game and raise the bar.. The last time i felt so captivated and motivated to continue to play to find out what the next step in the game is,before this one was condemned.., I garuantee that when you buy this game, it will be difficult to put it down..., this game should of won game of the year and would of if we didnt live in an age where online determines the success of games... If you enjoy great graphics, good storylines, and great game play do yourself a favor get 60 dollars and buy this game...

Gameplay: I always compare the description to a game, to another in this case i have the perfect example. If you ever played condemned, its the same thing same handle same, feel. The only twist are the powers you achieve from the game, yet they made a very easy way to choose as you play.

Graphics: Stunning comes to mind, if you have played this game just remember the start of your journey as the game and place unravels for you. It's increadibly detailed very gothic/modern towns and areas within the game. I couldnt stop staring at my characters hands cause it was so detailed i felt like i was the actual person none of that old aged doom non sense here.. truly magnificant game.

Audio: very very good., movie quality surround on the speakers made this game between the storyline the graphic abilities of the game i felt, like i was there. I like how you can hear the wispers of the people, the background music you hear are in game and it gives the game that feel of the early 1900's.

Suggestions: Dont change a thing.., continue to make games with this types of ideas,graphics and sound and you will do well..... You guys wernt crowned the best game of 2007-- cause you have no online capabilities to give replay, however in this gamers eyes you where the best game in 2007 hands down.. .and a reminder towards how important it is to have a great storyline..

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Overall: Visualy it was the most dissapointing game, I could of seen on the xbox 360 a good similarity would be GUN.. If you have ever played Gun, that is the exact graphic power of Kane and Lynch.. Game play, was at some points very comfertable, but for the mojority of the game it was Choppy.. Sound effects were average dolby, nothing special... OVERALL, for the type of hype put on this game. It was the biggest, dissapointment of 2007 in my eyes. The only thing i can say i enjoyed was the CÓ-OP, and after the first two missions me and my friend just couldnt take it..I mean we have seen a few games in the past year who have claimed to be the xbox 360 masiah.. but kane and lynch for being a big talked about game certainly was a big dissapointing shocker..,I always tell my friends and family .... Dont rent it infact if you even see it in a flea market for 2 dollars dont waste your money and time...

Gameplay: Ok, the way to angle the gun was average, it was the same gameplay you would see in Hitman and Gun. The only thing is bullet effects have a mind of there own.., one minute one shotgun blast can defeat an enemy others it might take 3 blasts.. The worst gun is the Sniper though you can not kill in one shot, atleast my version doesnt allow me .. and for some of the hits required to be made by the game story... in some points you cant even see your marker and i have a 42"widescreen plasma tv... and i still cant see it..

Graphics: OH God!!! Horrible, Horrible, Horrible... i rather play viva pinata cause it had better graphics than this game.. This is what i would concider the worst aspect of the whole game.., In a Age with Gears which is awesome visiualy, m@!%#*! effect, splinter cell, etc. etc... I want to see graphics not even be an issue, i dont care if the cinematic events are bad graphics but for 60 dollars i dont want to play a laggy good for nothing choppy game.., put it this way would u buy a 60 dollar sweater with faded old looking colors..., if your answer is No then why would anyone want to buy a video game with graphics resembling Playstaion in 1998...

Audio: Average, nothing special... sound where all in equal sync. I mean sound is just about always perfect some have special bee ability (bee ability: the test to check surround awareness) but this game didnt lack sound it was good. i never herd a discrepincy or nothing of the sort.

Suggestions: Listen here, you have a good storyline similar to max payne however, to add co-op is cool always... However the gameplay 9 hours to beat it took 3 hours a day ... 9 hours done... that wasnt even the case... GRAPHICS please... we payed 300 to 600 dollars-- for our systems and waste 60 big ones..., i work and it hurts some kids get it as a one shot monthly allowance ... stop creating visiualy crappy choppy no good games... i rather play my little pony with my 4 year old niece then ever play this game again...

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Overall: If you enjoy cod2 cod3 then this is going to blow your minds…, cause this was COD ON CRACK!!
This game lives to its promise, fantastic game play , excellent sound, the only thing I thought the game lacked in was the story. The story could of been a bit longer., but the military realism was fantastic.. The online play is great lots of options like- team death or the create a squad is really great.. (However the only thing with online game play is its not too strategic its really just go out there and shoot.. however i love that :) but its not like gears where you have a few moments to think about a attack strategy... its too fast for that, in fact i barely hear the others talk on the headset everyone’s too busy watching there Ash, and shooting back... overall here it is storyline of medium quality very realistic considering we are in war as we speak with similar enemies, graphics not the best on character appearance but surrounding and cinemas are pretty good... sound made the freaking game 100 times more enjoyable if you have surround sound you know what I mean. Online I’m going to be honest its not better than halo or worst its actually the same move up in ranks...same kind of matches... loadings about the same... I'd say if you like halo 3 this game should be up there with you if you still to this day (like me) constantly play gears then.... you'll feel like its lacking.. however great game had fun playing it took me all of 6 hours to beat on regular setting, I also like the arcade mode I’m not gonna do it but its something to be said about replay value they went all out…

Gameplay: The game play was just how I expected a COD game to be easy buttons easy movements, fast and clear rapid fire. The game is such a smooth feeling when you play and the environment interactions this game has always been known for was ten times better this time around…(I personally enjoyed killing the dogs) lol anyways good all around game play..

Graphics: There are 3 aspects to any game COD 4 had all three when speaking about visual…
CINEMATIC- halo 2ish I’d say anytime there was a cut scene it stayed with the same in game graphics.. (I would of liked to see a bit more movie type graphics it’s the 360 use it that’s what I’ll always say)
CHARACTER’S —This kind of got me a bit upset I don’t see any character graphic improvement in this game its still like COD2. There not bad but look at games like M@!%#*! Effect, Gears, @!%#*!@!%#*!ins Creed, ETC..ETC.. if they could do it why cant you guys make characters a bit more crispier and smooth.
ENVIRONMENT—Very Very good I though the way things kept blowing up the way the suits looked on the soldiers like the field snipers, environment wise this did not lack at all.. very pleasing

Audio: OH MAN… fan-freaking-tastic this game was so awesome in surround I kept hearing bullets behind me I was scared… lol no but honestly this game better win some kind of sound award because it tapped so great to my 5.1 capabilities, even when I turned the surround off the way it was coming out of the tv speakers was just as decent.

Suggestions: Ok.. I know you guys are true to making COD stay like COD but … you got to improve it or add things right. You guys need to add a way to hide better from fire.. in that I mean I’m so sick and tired of seeing the enemy hide behind shelter and blind fire or roll out into another means of cover… I would improve that I would try to add a bit of Gears there u know hide a bit blind shoot.. and also I was thinking aside from showing the grenade marker can u add a beeping system that when the grenade is right there it beeps faster and when it’s a really away from you all you see is the marker.. IDK just saying.. My last suggestion is this upgrade character graphics and can we the “character/player” get a starting role in the video game all I herd was soap do this do that… can we just have a COD with a create a character play a role in the game I’m tired of being a no body soldier I wanna be the head guy in charge..

Overall Score: 9.7 / 10 Mass Effect

Overall: There is a lot that could be said about M@!%#*! Effect, overall suggestion to everyone is It's a non miss game worth the 60 my opinion though. This game is fantastic, I've yet to get bored there is always something to do as a Spectre. This game gives you that movie quality, that xbox's graphic engine was design to do. Gameplay is good, only thing I find a bit dum is the way the car handles on terrain,Your crew really does'nt help you out as much as you think kind of remindes me of early Ghost Recon where the crew did nothing for you except die.. and he either runs to slow or way too fast... Not many glitches in the game if you run too much on the side of the bridges in Citadel youll get stuck...The fact that you can upgrade armor,guns,bullets,shields,ship guns,car speed, etc.. etc... really gives u that sense of freedom that you are in control...,

Gameplay: At first a bit groggy to get used to, a bit Halo'ish in the analog which is always good, button wise though his run is a bit too much, almost feel like he's a crack head. Now one of the things most people will say is, your a commander but you cant really give too many orders to your 2 comapnions except go here go there.., in that aspect its pretty weak id like real time control. Umm lets see, i dont appreciate the upgrade for tactical armor, after you become a spectre.., that should of been no problem im able to run a gigantic ship but im not able to whear a thicker armor because its too difficult... yeah that part is not realistic.., which brings me to the whole if your not a sniper from the gecko you cant scope....WAT IS UP WITH THAT...? every game i have ever played allows scoping this one you have to earn it... Once again takes away from the realism of the fact that Spectre's are ultimate souldiers... its like hearing that a navy seal doesnt know how to change amo on there guns... retarded... However this are minor things compared to the greatness of the game good optional story line, fantastic side missions...some funny some dramatic... very cool (the best is the alian chick that gives u an extra reward..)--Funny

Graphics: What can I say..., See the trailers, its one of the most beautifull games ever made, Lets put it this way my older brother came to my house when I playing this and it was in the middle of a sequence when i had to fight one of the main villans and he actualy, thought I was watching that final fantasy movie.. realistic graphics all I have to say.

Suggestions: A few here guys.., I said this before..., developers said this would be the most realistic feel up to date correct...? They where wrong.. in conversations there absolutly true... you can even intimadate or be a nice guy... true.. however realism is more than open ended conversations...
i want body mannerism i wanna hear people get scared of me if my rouge is higher than my good deed bar... if i wanna kill a public member for no reason let me do it as well as letting me kill my own crew member if i feel like it ... I would of liked to had seen more options of laughter or slap a person... Dont get me wrong I am not at all bashing this game, This is a must have However... dont make the claim of being the most realistical feeling game out there cause honestly ... Fable- still remains at the top of realism you could truly do almost everything in that game... however the story was weak...
DEVELOPERS hats down and bow on this game its fantastic, very addictive worth the 60 bucks, and challenging...

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10 Assassin's Creed

Overall: A fantastic rush through history, playing this game actually makes you feel like the character.
You have a great AI within the game, the people the sun every aspect of this game is so real you could almost smell the horse manor as you hide on the gigantic hey stacks. The initial story line, is a bit weak kind of makes you feel like there was no attempt to create a more epic storyline, Actual @!%#*!@!%#*!in storyline was great... However overall the game makes up for its lack of storyline with new age graphics great sound, the control of the @!%#*!@!%#*!in is remarkable, this game is a must have to the action/adventure lover.

Gameplay: The game play was fantastic I thought I wasn’t going to get used to all the different types of movements up until I played it for about a day… However it took about 30 minutes before I mastered it completely , It’s not a button smasher which is an excellent thing, but its not a complicated system of fighting either… The interactions between character, people, guards, birds, everything is like poetry in motion this game is greatly made in the aspect of (realism).

Graphics: This part was, what I consider made the game. The surroundings the motions of character was so great that the pictures on the game on the Internet is nothing compared to the actual game… I have the luck of owning a 47” wide screen with hd on it oh man… great, great graphics… visually also I think it captures that time and era very well…. Each town has a different influence on how they build there city you can tell it’s a different culture.. Every where.. You go .. So there isn’t any oblivion dungeon repeats here every thing is different.. even the way the sun shines.

Audio: I have a sony gameplay ready sterio system with boss speakers around my living room, playing with 5.1 dolby surround..., this game is so crisp, with its sounds i love the AI on AI conversations (there funny pay attention) birds are great especialy when u do the leap of faith and u hear that eagle sounds great.... swords are on point with hits no hit then sound, hitting and sounds are very nicely timed.


exclude the crap about the sci-fi machine----the ancestory bartender not needed....
the game was based on historicle events the storyline should of put us in the era of the @!%#*!@!%#*!in from the gecko..., could of used some good cinematics to recreate some cool historicle events .... made it a bit like kingdom of heaven and thats it... not hard u had the idea u made the game great the story line felt like i was watching some corny 9pm show on sci-fi (like the bionic woman) CCCCCCCCCCCCOOORRRRNNNNNY!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10 NBA Street Homecourt

Overall: okay great realistic graphics, however i will rate this on 1 bad to 5 being great...

story- 3 in all honesty they could of put a bit more into the story sequence wasnt enough...
gameplay-2 reason why the button mapping was stupid there wasnt enough moves it was repetetive the achievements lacked increadibly the online was dum really though i should of rented before i bought it if anything the last one before this was way better oh yeah and just incase the create a player is so stuuuupiiiddd they took a good game and made it dum i traded it in for recieved 30 dollars for it in credit and i bought call of duty 3 used and im actualy having way more fun with that than i would of ever had w streets im sorry to say its a two day play for this game overall a big fat 2 ...

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10

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