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Dance Dance Revolution: UltraMix

Overall: I've always heard about this series and curiousity got the best of my and I picked this game up. I've been playing for 10+ hours and this game is suprisingly addictive. You have a dance pad with 4 arrows, and basically you follow the steps on the screen. You really have to experience it for yourself, it may be weird at first, but its great once you get the hang of it. Another plus is you can play the game on Live. It adds a new level of competition and is one of my favorite games to play on Live. The only problem I have with the game is that you have to play $50 for a pad, and it can get boring shortly if you play by yourself or don't have access to Live.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very simple: step on the arrows as they appear on the screen. It may sound easy, but I can guarantee you will have a hard time for the first few hours. There are a variety of game modes. The most popular is game mode, where you play a song and get graded on your performance. You also unlock hidden songs in this mode. Battle mode is basically for 2+ players, where you compete against each other, or against the CPU. Training mode is a big plus to the game. You can practice certain parts of a song, and slow down the speed and adjust other things to train you. Challenge mode is where you get a set of 6 challenges, I believe there is about 30 challenges total. I'm not a big fan of this, you do not get anything for beating this mode anyway. Edit mode is where you can add custom steps to a song. I've tried it a few times and had a hard time playing around with it. Lastly is Live mode, where you can battle others from around the world. You can also download songpacks, which come with 5 songs for 5 dollars. My only complaint is that after you play a song, you are automatically directed to the lobby, which can get frustrating after a while. I was impressed with all these modes, and it adds a lot of replay value.

Graphics: Nothing really special here, there are only two characters that dance in the background. Visuals don't really play a large part in the game anyway, you want to concentrate on the arrows.

Audio: Most of the songs are good, a few of them are great. Of course this is an important part of the game, and it is pretty will done.

Suggestions: Fix the Live bugs, add a few more songs that are challenging.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: Timesplitters 2 is a fast-paced, run-and-gun FPS. It is really a blast with a few friends, and single player is outstanding but a little on the short side. I really like the game because it offered so much, like Co-op, System Link, Arcade League, and the tons of extras. I am having a great time unlocking the new levels and games for MP and have been for a few months. This is one of the most under-rated games out there now, its just so !&%$@#* fun. If you like Halo, you will probably like this game

Gameplay: This is where the game truely shines. You can play Single-Player, Co-Op, or unlock hundreds of extras in the Arcade League. The single player and co-op has around 10 levels, each of them with objectives. Co-op is a great plus to the game, it is twice as fun with a friend. Then there is the arcade league. You can either play with friends (including system link) or by yourself to unlock extras such as new levels, gametypes, and characters. It is challenging but fun. Multiplayer on system link kicks some serious ass. Most of the levels are large so try to gather as many people as possible. Make sure to unlock new levels and gametypes before though, because it is pretty lackluster with the games they offer you in the beginning.

Graphics: Nothing special in this department really. Graphics are average, but could look better on the Xbox. The framerate almost never drops during multiplayer so that is a plus. The character models look pretty good, though.

Audio: Sounds goes well with the game, hardly could tell its even there in the heat of battle. Maybe they could offer custom soundtracks but oh well.

Suggestions: Longer single player
Better graphics

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: First off let me say that I bought this game with low expectations from it. After playing for a few hours, I was addicted to it. I think this is a great alternative to Halo. It has its strong and weak points, but overall I really like this game. It is challenging, but very fun. The levels are just the right length so you are not frustrated when you die. I think it has a great story- revenge. You are an Indian named Tal Set, who is an Indian at war with Captain Bruckner. Both fighting and near death, they are transported into the "Lost World" where they will fight one last time. This game is quite similar to the other Turok games in the series, so be prepared.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the best part of this game. The control scheme is similar to Halo: A is to jump, right trigger is to fire your weapon, left trigger switches to secondary use of a weapon, Y is to switch weapons, left analog stick is to move around, right analog stick aims the weapon and press in right thumbstick to aim. Instead of a circle, Turok has a crosshair which I find harder to aim with. You can adjust the look sensitivity in options so it feels more like Halo if you want. The weapons are just breathtaking in this game. One reason is that each weapon has a secondary usage to it. There are a total of 15 weapons in the game, most of them unique in some way. For example, the rocket launcher can track down an enemy by using smaller rockets as its secondary usage and this gives you a better strategy in the game. There are 2 ways to fight- either on foot or on a dinosaur called a Quetzalcoatlus. It is very fun to fly, as I found it very similar to StarFox controls. Multiplayer on the game is quite fun. There are a total of 13 levels, and soe of them have interactive environments. Some levels have raptors roaming around to attack you and others have machine guns set up throughut the level. There is even a level where you can set off an alarm and bombs will be falling to your teammate! There are many multiplayer games such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, hunter, CTF, Monkey Tag, Snipers, and flight, a midair battle. There are tons of pickups in games like cloak and shields. think the AI in the game is great. Enemies will use strategies that fit the situation. They will hide behind dinosaurs and trees at times. This game is the bloodiest game I have ever played. Guts and blood spill everywhere when something is killed, and they will even vomit all over the place if you poison them! But you can turn violence off in the options menu if this is too intense. The gameplay is what makes Turok a good game.

Graphics: The environmnets are just horrible to look at. The bushes, most trees, and weeds are 2d, making everything around you look like the N64 Turok. But the enemies and dinosaurs do look impressive themselves, I find myself just staring at the dinosaurs or deer moving around at times. There is nothing better than watching a soldier puke after getting shot. I have yet to find any framerate slowdown in single player, but at times multiplayer may "lag" some. A plus is that you can see a long way ahead of you, instead of the mountains and hills developing as you get closer to them. The loading times are very minimal, a lot faster than most games. I was dissapointed at the visuals in the game to say the least.

Audio: The sound is great, it stands out in this game, especially in multiplayer. It has a battle tune-it really helps the gameplay with the mood. In single player the sound is average, you don't really notice any sound at all when you are battling an enemy. I would like it to have switched music when you go into a big battle, but instead it is nearly the same as before. The sound is excellent for the trees, bushes and the sound of insects during the game. It sounds great when a raptor is screaming in pain right before it dies. If you have Dolby 5.1, it sounds a lot better.

Suggestions: Make system link compatible, better graphics, larger levels, thats about it.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: When I bought the game I thought it was going to be very fun and take awhile to beat, but it turned out it was very easy and got boring after awhile. The controls were fairly easy to learn and it was exactly like Crazy Taxi. I beat the game in under a month and wanted to get rid of it because mutiplayer will only last for a little bit. I recommend renting this gamebecause it is fairly easy to beat and you will probably want to take it back.

Gameplay: The gameplay on this game is average. There are several modes to choose from like Sunday Drive, which is free ride, Mission mode, where you have to earn like 1000000$ to buy back all the buses, and another mode where you have to complete objectives within a certain amount of time. There was a variety of different vehicles and people in the game and that was good. I liked how many places there were in the 5 different places but most of the people kept wanting to go to the same place andit got repetitive.

Graphics: The graphics on the game are not that impressive. The environments were very vast but a lot of things in the game looked pretty bad. The places on the side of the streets werte all fuzzy and the car you are driving in looks bad. The people on the streets looked bad. T

Audio: The characters voices on this game are great. They sound just like the real thing and it makes the game very fun. There are so many characters voices that say funny things. The music in the game is average but you don't really recognize it. Thing was where the game was at its best.

Suggestions: Make a better mutiplayer, make the missions harder, and improve the graphics!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: When I bought this game, I thought it would be a little dumb and boring. But I was wrong. This game was actually very fun to play and challenging. The weapons and characters were great and the sound blended in fine with the game. I had a lot of fun beating all the levels and multiplayer is a blast. In the game you can do modes such as smack attack, flag rally, where you collect flags. and a race where you have to go through gates. i think this is a great game to buy and it will last for a while.

Gameplay: The gameplay was the only thing thst was average. I thought the game was too short and there was not enough levels to make me want to play again and again. I liked the modes in the game like flag rally and the racing. There could have been a lot more modes in it though. The controls were very good for the game and that made the game more fun.

Graphics: The cartoon style graphics on this game are great! I liked the way the cars looked and how the levels were. There were no glitches or anything that made the graphics questionable. If you liked JSRF graphics, you will also be impressed by these.

Audio: The sound was good on this game. I liked how the characters said stuff after they attacked you. The music in the game blends in fine with the mood, which is fast paced and fun. All of the weapons make a cool sound when you use them.

Suggestions: Make a lot more levels in the game. There are only 12 levels and they are all pretty small. Also maybe make a one player mode where you go through missions or something of the sort. You made a pretty good game in the end.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: This game is totally amazing. This game went way over of what I expected it to be. Once you start to play it, you can not put it down. It has a good backround story and characters. Everyhting in the game game runs smoothly together and that is why it is such a great game. This game is worthy of being compared to Halo. This is a lot better than JGR on DC because of how long it is. This game is very long and is a lot longer than Halo. There are many things to do and places to see.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the strongest point in the game. The tagging has been improved to just one button and I think it works better with this game. The controls are great and simple. I was amazed by the huge levels. There are a lot more than the DC version and some have been gratly improved(Shibuya Bus Terminal). The characters are very cool looking and there are tons of them. There are so many things to like graffiti, battle gangs, battle cops, do tricks, or race. I don't think I will ever get bored of this game.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are much better than the original thanks to Smilebit. Cell-shading is very cool and makes the game better. Almost everything in the levels are able to be explored.

Audio: The soundtrack on this game is great. It flows very well with the game and what is going on. I really like the song that is played in the garage where you begin. It makes you want to play more and more just to listen to the music.

Suggestions: Make more levels in the multiplayer mode because it is kind of plain and soundtrack option. This is a great game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: When I first played the game it was very fun. But it gets a little boring as you get further. I think the game was average but it could have been better. It is not a game that you can get hooked on like Halo. There is nothing when you beat the game.

Gameplay: I did not like the gameplay very much. Throughout the whole game you walk in a room, kill people, and go to the next room. It kept going on and on. I am not a very big fan of TPS either. The weapons were not very impressive but I did enjoy bullet time and that was pretty fun. The game should have been a little longer and harder. I did not like quicksave because you could just kill a guy, then save. That made the game very easy. There is cheesy conversations between characters after you beat a level or something.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are pretty good. I liked how it looked when you shot a guy and blood would co e out of his back. Also bullet time was amazing. This was the only strong point of the game.

Audio: The sound on this game was very annoying. It did not go with the tone of the game and it would suddenly change when you walked into a different room. Also sometimes if you keep pressing the shooting button, sometimes I found out that the sound freezes up.

Suggestions: Make a multiplayer mode, longer single player, soundtrack option, and cooler guns.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: This is a great game. I didn't think it would be that good of a game but I was wrong. It has everything that TH1 and 2 had plus extras. I recommend buying this game if you really like TH1 and 2.It is a great alternative to TH3. It has multiplayer so you can have four players and that is a big improvement.

Gameplay: The gameplay is excelllent. It has all the levels from the first and second tony hawk plus five extra levels that are very fun. It is not a game you can rent and beat in two days and return. There is hidden characters and the skater's movies are fun to watch.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are very good. Looking at the old levels redone is very cool. Everything in the game looks very real.

Audio: The sound is the best part of the game. It is one of the games that support the soundtrack option, so you can play your own music while skating. Also the TH soundtrack is very good also. The grinding sounds more realistic than any other game and so does the skateboard.

Suggestions: I would suggest to have a few more levels and maybe an extra skater. It was a great game!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: I had high expectations of this game when I bought it, but I was highly dissapointed. I was very bored of the game after about 30 minutes and wanted to return it. This game shouldnt even be compared to Grand Theft Auto 3 because that game is FUN! This game needs more of everything.

Gameplay: The gameplay on this game is extremely boring. The cars have horrible controls and I dont like how short the game was. There is no multiplayer which is a big setback and no extras after the end. I dont like the controls and the cars have horrible physics. I think there should be a freeride where you can just explore.

Graphics: This is the only part of the game that I enjoyed. I thought the graphics were very good and I liked the way all the cars looked.

Audio: I thought it was a major setbck that you could not play your own soundtrack in the game and had to listen to some other bad music. I liked the dialogue after you beat a level though.

Suggestions: Make multiplayer, soundtrack capabilities, freeride, more missions because it is too short, make the cars explode-not DISSAPEAR, and maybe another level.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10

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