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Overall: def. the best hockey game ever. (and the only one w/ XBox Live)

Gameplay: Gameplay is the best. pinning people against the walls and doing stuff that none of the other hockey games have. There is a setting that you can change for every little part of this game so you can make it just how you like it

Graphics: Not great but not bad. Just good. EA def. has better visual but that is it

Audio: w/ dolby 5:1, every game gets a 5

Suggestions: visuals like in the other 2K games would make this amazing. everybody's favorite hockey game

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: great game. not everyone who
likes stealth games will like this.
u will probably like this if u like

Gameplay: once u really learn how to play this
game (by the second level) its
really fun. If u run through the
game and just kill a whole bunch
of people, u'll finish the game very
fast, but if u take your time, and get
'into' the level and disguises, it will
take a long time (which is what
was intended) being able to beat
each mission many different ways
is a deffinite plus.

ignoring what that dude said
about not wanting to play the
levels again, i think they get better
the more u do them. u can alway
complete the mission a different

Graphics: nice visuals. not like splintercell.
the people movements (when
they're dead/dying) are really
good. other than that, good
looking, but not Splintercell

Audio: Dolby 5.1 - with surround sound,
every game gets a 5. the sounds
are good too though

Suggestions: make another one

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Awsome buy it , much better than MGS2:S

Gameplay: great (you also can invert the controls so when you push down, Sam will look up) >der

Graphics: great - lighting effects makes this whole game, and everything else makes the game even better than it already is

Audio: awsome sound - dolby 5.1 great voice overs, depth is also there, the sound of footsteps differs depending on the surface. Sound is another key factor in this game

Suggestions: nada

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: This is by far the best football game ever made. Though it doesn't have as many options as madden, it still kicks madden's and fever's !&%$@#* at the same time.

Gameplay: This is one of my favorite things about the game. I love controlling the offence and running the ball or sneaking it (though the QB I created never tucks the ball and fumbles every time he gets hit in bounds). The juking is one thing I really hate about Madden, 2K3 is much better here. The only problems I have with the special moves is that 1)in order to run really fast, you have to keep tapping the A button (as opposed to Madden where you just have to hold the button) and 2) the only way spinning works is when you get hit (otherwise, it will make your character studder step).

FRANCHISE: amazingly in depth you will spend plenty of hours not playing football but either at the franchise menus/drafting/scouting or doing something at the other game menus (and you'll love it)

Graphics: When I first bought the game, I was really pissed because the characters look really strange, but as you begin to get used to them, they look more and more realistic. You can see the facial expressions change depending on how they are doing. It's got everything.

Audio: There is something seriously wrong w/ my disc. Every so often the announcer and player audio stops working. But when I do hear all the audio, it is great.

Suggestions: more options - training camps, even practices in franchise mode.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: Much more than I expected. I expected this game to be like those crapy !&%$@#* Armored Core games, but this is so incredibly much better!

Gameplay: It's great! It controls excellent, much much better than freakin Armored Core. Very easy to get the hang of this game. I haven't played online yet, but multiplayer for this game is very fun. I will probably never get bored with this game. Damage is taken from anything (collapsing buildings, explosions, etc.) by both the computer and you.

My favorite part of this game though is being able to destroy EVERYTHING.

Graphics: Everything is beautiful except for the trees. the damage on the buildings is all there, and the damage taken by the mechs are also visible. At times, if the mechs are damaged enough, they may limp rather than run

Audio: The voices, the weapons, the music, and everything else is all there. I especially like hearing the battle music when fighting a crapload of mechs.

Suggestions: :)


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: When I first started playin the
game, I thought it was terrible, but
then I continued to play it to not
waste 5 bucks on the rental and it
was very fun after a little while.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good except
for the fact that you have to keep
switching from Abe to Munch (and
vise versa).Another thing that
annoyed me was that Abe and
Much aren't very powerful when
they have to kill something. Abe
and Munch should be able to be
controled by 2 differend people.

Graphics: This game has by far one of the
best visual appeals on any game
for any platform. The aliens and
everything else are all so round,
it's like playing Final Fantasy (the
movie) except with different
characters and a different plot.

Audio: I wasn't really paying that much
attention to the sound durring the
game because it requires a lot of
work and concentration, but the
sound effects were pretty good,
though the "spring" sound
whenever Abe or Munch jumped
got annoying.

Suggestions: have a multiplayer or have abe
and munch be able to be
controled by two different people.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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