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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: Tiger 2003 is by far the most entertaining golf game I have ever been privaledged to play. I have played almost every golf game to date, and EA has really done something great with this title. If you have any interest in the game of golf, I'd suggest you to go out and purchase your copy today. You don't know what your missing!

Gameplay: The depth of the gameplay is probably the biggest I've ever seen in a golf game. There are so many modes, courses, and players to use that you will never get tired of this game. The controls are excellent, and very easy to get used to. The multi-player is also very addicting. With the addition of the online tournaments (unfortunately not through Xbox Live), the depth is truely unbelievable. Overall, a very deep and entertaining golf game!

Graphics: The visual appeal of Tiger 2003 is also very well presented as the courses, players, and surroundings are very detailed. The animations are also very well captured. The cool camera angles, and swing effects also add another dimension to this game. Overall, a very satisfying look!

Audio: The sound is also very well-rounded. The music blends very well into the whole Tiger Woods atmosphere. The sound effects on the course are probably some of the best around. It's as if you are actually experiencing the events up close! Very well done!

Suggestions: Keep up the good work! Try to add an even greater variety of courses for the next edition. Add Xbox Live compatibility to ensure the best experience possible!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: Oddworld is a very fun game. It includes quite a bit of variety, and is an incredible experience. Its also a very innovated game due to how the objectives provide a great challenge, and the game is a thrill to play altogether!

Gameplay: The gameplay is great once you understand the objectives that you are being challenged with. There is an awesome variety through each level in the game, as it is quite a good challenge. The story during the game is very compelling, and it forces you to stay with the game the whole way through.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are extremely well done. There is a lot of detail put into every object in the game. The cinematics are some of the best that I've ever seen, and they are quite a treat!

Audio: The music and the special effects are very well done, and you get what you would expect out the game. The gamespeak during the gameplay is very cool, and the quality throughout is awesome!

Suggestions: Please consider making a sequel! This is a great game, and with a different story, another great game would be produced. Try to think of a way to increase the replay value like possibly included a co-op mode. Other then that, keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Jet Set is a extremely fun Xbox game that shouln't be missed! Every feature in this game is made almost to perfection! It's just such a unique experience compared to games like Tony Hawk. This is a Must-Have title for anybody looking for a great, and fresh Xbox game!

Gameplay: The gameplay is very solid. The controls are very easy to get used to, and you'll feel right in the action at the start of the game. The story line is very unique, and fun to go through. There are just so many characters in this game, that the replay value is sky high. The multi-player is also very fun to play with a couple of friends!

Graphics: The graphics are awesome! The style of the game is very well suited to the cel-shaded atmosphere. The stages are just full of amazing detail, which makes this game extremely cool, and adds a lot of variety. And the best thing is that every level is different! So the game does not become repetitive!

Audio: The sound in Jet Set is so far out of this world its amazing. Every song is unique in its own way, and gives the game an extremely fresh attitude and feel. Some of the best music ever found in a video game!

Suggestions: Please make another sequel! Possibly include more multi-player modes with Xbox Live support (like co-op)!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This is one great racing game for the Xbox! As soon as you start going through this game, it gets extremely addictive. Once you get the hang of it, the game seems to become a lot easier and you find yourself packing up tons of kudos. The best racing game on Xbox in my view!

Gameplay: There are tons of gameplay options packed in this title! There is everything from arcade racing, time trial's, exhibition races, kudos challenge, multi-player, and lots more. The controls are very easy to get used to, and its a really great experience for any Xbox gamer! The game's difficulty forces you to come back for more, as it's a great challenge!

Graphics: The graphics are very impressive! The Cities look awesome and complete with excellent details, and the cars are very slick! The replays also provide you with some great added views of the cities!

Audio: The sound is also extremely well done! The unique radio channel style broadcasting proves to be very effective. The music included is also excellent. With the user soundtrack support, this game is a blast!

Suggestions: Keep up the good work! For the sequel, possibly add more realistic damage on the cars after crashes, add more cars, newer levels/cities, and the ability to customize/upgrade your car's parts. I am looking forward to the sequel!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: Blood Wake is a very good game once you play through the story mode. But once you get through it the first time (if at all), their is nothing else to play through except the multi-player, and even that doesn't really increase the life span of this game by all that much. The ideas behind Blood Wake are very good, but it could become exceedingly better if it had more of a Twisted Metal feel to it!

Gameplay: The gameplay is good for the first little while, but once you get through the game it seems to lose its edge. Their are quite a few different options that you can decide to play in multi-player, but it just doesn't have the feeling of destruction that you would like it to have. The controls do take quite a bit of time to get used to, but once you get the hang of them, the game becomes a bit more enjoyable to go through.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are very impressive, especially the water as the physics seem to be very realistic. The landscapes are very well done to, but the levels could use a bit more variety.

Audio: The sound in this game is not all that great. Maybe its just me, but I am not really into the pirate theme music played throughout the game. On the other hand, the sound effects during combat are pretty cool as all the explosions and chain gun sound effects seem to be pretty accurate.

Suggestions: If you decide to make a sequel, consider changing the story line to maybe more of a mature, Twisted Metal type theme. Be sure to add some cinematics instead of those annoying sketch introductions! Allow the user to interact with the environments a bit, like be able to change boats mid-game. Have a better soundtrack. And possibly consider xbox live support, with more multi-player levels, and a co-op mode!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: I have enjoyed Wreckless quite a bit compared to what some people may say. Its a really good game that takes advantage of the Xbox's hardware. Although their is a definite need for some added features in this game, its still worthy for a place in your Xbox library! If your looking for a game to show off to your friends, this is it!

Gameplay: The gameplay is very solid, but it could use something else. Several options could be a Free Roam mode so you can go around at your own will and see the entire city, and a batch of multi-player games such as tag, a race, demolition mode, you name it! It just needs something extra! The missions are very compelling and provide a very good challenge. The controls are also very good, except for a couple of the fast cars, which are very hard to control at high speeds!

Graphics: The graphics are AMAZING! These are possibly the best graphics and effects that I've ever seen in a video game! They are just a blast to be able to show your friends what the Xbox is capable of!

Audio: Nothing much to say here. The music in this game is pretty weird as it seems to consist of a mix of Japanese style beats. The sound effects during the game are pretty cool though. It would of better a lot better if you were able to use your own music though!

Suggestions: Please consider a sequel, it was great for a first try. If you do, consider adding a wider variety of gameplay options like a free roam mode, some multi-player modes (with possible system-link and/or xbox live support), and maybe a longer single-player mission mode. Also consider adding user soundtrack support!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is the game that has changed my life, I mean it honestly deserves to be the Game of the Year for 2001! Everything included in this game is revolutionary! Without a doubt, it is the best FPS ever created! This game is a Must-Have for any video game fan! One word . . . AMAZING!

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is simply unbelieveable! The controls are very easy to get used to, and the action throughout is awesome. Their are just so many awesome feautures in this game including: Campaign, Co-op, Multi-player, and System Link! The storyline is just a blast to be able to go through! And the multi-play will keep you playing this game for hours and hours!

Graphics: Halo's graphics are amongest the best ever seen in a video game (with the exception of Halo 2). The worlds in Halo are just so interactive that the level of detail is incredible! The cinematics are a joy to watch, and their are just so many effects used in this game in order to show the real power of the Xbox!

Audio: The sound in Halo is also fantastic! The music fits right into the theme, and the sound effects are true-to-life! It makes you feel that you are actually right there in the middle of the action! You can hear everything in incredible detail from your fellow marines, to the covenant, the flood, and especially the vehicles! This is ground braking detail!

Suggestions: Keep up the great work! The sequel so far looks great!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Totaled!

Overall: This game is truely a blast to play once you look past a few of its faults. The feeling of smashing every other car to pieces is just amazing, and it never gets boring. With the $29.99 price tag, its also an added motivation to go out and buy this game. When you get a couple of friends over, the game's fun increases, as you find yourselves cracking up constantly over the breath-taking stunts and crashes you can perform on each other! A must buy for any smash-em-up, crash-em-up fanatic!

Gameplay: The number of gameplay options in this game are also a bonus, as their is about every different kind of destruction-type game you can think of! The car's handle very well, almost as you suspect them to, so this makes the game extremely easy to get into! The number of tracks is also decent as their is a great variety among them! The amount of cars is also benefitial as their is basically a car for whatever attributes you are looking for! The number of paint sceams is also pretty cool! If only they could of decreased the load times!

Graphics: The cars look great, the damage is realistic, and the graphics are very solid along with the different tracks!

Audio: The sound is excellent! I love the punk rock soundtrack! And the ability to use your own is also a well added bonus!

Suggestions: PLEASE make a sequel, i mean this game is so addictive, I want MORE! If a sequel is made, maybe think about adding more tracks, cars, paint scemes, and try to cut down on the loading times!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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