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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Splinter Cell is the best game since Halo for my personal enjoyment. Splinter Cell (SC) casts you as Sam Fisher, an ex-NavySeal now working for a top secret government agency known as the Third Echelon. Fisher is a seasoned vet who's seen his share of action and his experience is invaluable to the Third Echelon as they send him through missions of covert espionage in hopes to gaining critical information pertaining to terrorism and possible war.
The only complaint you will hear is why would anyone ever give this game a lower rating than a 9.5. The developers really did there homework in making this game so please don't stop now, This will only make all the other game developers to pick up the pace & quite dragging their heals & start using the potential that the XBOX carries.

Gameplay: This game is just plain awesome, if you have an xbox then you must buy an XBOX & this game. its the best game on any console. As close to perfection as it gets!!! Shame on you GameSpot as there is no way this game should have recieved anything less than a 9.5. If this came out for a PS2 it would have recieved a perfect score. Well time will tell as not one Splinter Cell owner will agree with a score like that. Sure an 8.6 isn't bad if it really did deserve it. Tell me why would they give MGS2 for the PS2 a 9.5 & nothing near that when it came out for the XBOX. Metal Gear Solid 2 is another great game for the XBOX especially when compared to the PS2's version. This is not to bash PS2 but if your waiting for Splinter Cell to come out on any other system forget it. You might see it for the PC. There will not be a better game till maybe Halo 2 comes out as this game is totally F#$&ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Yes as much as we all loved Halo it's now time for a new KING to be CROWNED & it's called Splinter Cell.
Everyone knows if Halo were to come out now the rating wouldn't be quite as good as they are now, & just think if Splinter Cell came out at launch time for the XBOX. Thank You Tom Clancy for making the BEST GAME ever for the XBOX!

Graphics: Let's not kid around here.
This game has quite possibly the best graphics I have EVER seen - PC or Console. Need to be seen. Your mouth will drop when you see this game in motion "oh my god". The best graphics ever, The game is so detailed and real there's no way to describe this game in words you gotta play it. Nothing compares to it.

Audio: The crystal method sountrack is phenomonal, the real-time ambient sound effects are fantastic. The sound in this game is the best out there for the xbox...simply great. Are you serious, why are you still reading this reveiw, get this game now as you will not be disappointed at all. How can you let a game like this not be nominated as GOTY, it's just that damm good, enough said so if you are still having a hard time deciding on getting this game then it's nobody's fault but your own as you won't see another game this good on any other console.

Suggestions: Are you kidding, this game is as close to perfection as you can get. Please keep this series alive as you will see more & more fanboys jumping ship!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: All I can say is thank you Konami for bringing Metal Gear Solid 2 to the XBOX. I love this game. If you've never played MGS2...well, you'd be missing out on one of Xbox's best...I'm new to the series so I'm just glad everything lived up to the hype as it is one hell of an AWESOME game.

Gameplay: It took me awhile to get used to the controls as you do have your options so you can change them to your own taste. No problems at all as I'm totally impressed as I see this in top contention for GOTY as it rightfully desreves to be on top at least till Slinter Cell comes out as that will be it's big competetion. If you've never played MGS2...well, you'd be missing out on one of XBOX's best... This is another reason why to buy an XBOX.

Graphics: Nothing too hard on the eyes the attention to detail is amazing in making this game play as good as it looks. The cut scenes are awesome to watch as everything about this game is AWESOME!

Audio: The musical score is AWESOME and changes as you play and depending on the situation very cool indeed. Easily some of the best voice acting in a video game.

Suggestions: Please keep the Metal Gear Solid alive by making a part 3. Don't let it stop here.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: I knew five minutes after playing this game it was great. Never before on xbox have I experienced the sheer thrill of stealth. This game is one of the few must have Xbox titles that does not dissapoint on any level. I almost passed on this game thinking it was another lousy port, but I was very wrong.

Gameplay: You play a retired assassin brought back into active duty after your friend, a priest, is kidnapped. Your missions take you around the world to a variety of exotic locations where you send a variety of underworld type figures to hell with a righteous vengeance. Overall, the game has an excellent hybrid of stealth and action, leaving it up to the individual gamer, his/her choices, and the reactions of the characters in the game to decide the fate of the mission. This freedom is the greatest asset of the game and every mission has a number of ways to complete the objective, what more fun can that be. Play it as you like.
This game has is par with Halo for fun factor IMO. The amount of ways to take on your mission seems endless, its really fun to play smart and plan.

Graphics: The graphics are very nice. The character models are great and the animation is top notch. The Hitman and the enemies display incredibly life-like, fluid motions. I was not expecting such great graphics! Surrounding areas and backgrounds provide great details.

Audio: Can I praise this game any more? Yes I can! Sounds are very realistic. When the Hitman is walking through the snow on the second mission, it actually sounds like he is walking on snow! Great music, too! I really love the music in the game and I want to get the soundtrack that is being released. I love the song at the game menu. The music has a great feel to the game.

Suggestions: Include more hints during your missions as sometimes it can be down right difficult to complete the missions.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: After reading all the hype about this game I had to give it a try & very glad I did. I didn't know what to expect but after watching the DVD & the 1st hour of game play I was hooked. This will be getting all of my attention till Splinter Cell comes out. So much to do & so much to explore. If you don't have much spare time stay away from this title as it is very addicting. But if your ready for a new gaming experience that will have you looking for more future titles like this then RUSH out now & pick yourself up a copy of Shenmue II today, don't wait as it will be worth it. One of the best XBOX games ever made!

Gameplay: Just like in the movies except your the director & you have the freedom to roam anywhere you want. Gathering clues, finding small jobs to earn some money is just part of the gameplay. This games is one you do not want to pass up. If you enjoyed Morrowind you'll enjoy this as well. The controls are easy to master & everything is very tight. Even the menu is very well put together & easly to use.

Graphics: There is nothing to complain about here as they may not push the XBOX to it's limints but where this game may lack to some it diffintely makes up for it in game play. I thought the graphics were very nice as you will see alot of detail & there are 1000's of NPC's that you will interact with & none look the same as the other.

Audio: The music score is beautiful. Chinese and Japanese folk music is used to give it an authentic feel - like something you would see in a Kung Fu flick but better. Enviroment sounds of daily activity gives the game life and you can really get into it.
The sound is awesome as it is very realistic so just becasue this is a port & now only on XBOX don't knock it as this game is a BIG HIT. It's games like this which is why people are going out to buy an XBOX.

Suggestions: My only suggestion would be "PLEASE" make a Shenmue III. This game is one of the best XBOX games to ever come out.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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