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Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I saw the scores on this title here and I thought why not buying it? So I did and it was pretty cool racing game.

Gameplay: I like the NASCAR racing style better than this one. I seen the real live racing road courses.. it doesnt do the same as this game. But it was challeging thought. It have 4 players and very fun to play with buddies.

Graphics: Great graphics. Feel realistic and its what we really need! Almost all xbox video games have great graphics anyway.

Audio: I am deaf and doesnt care about the sound... at least no one is talking in the game. I like the viration part its awesome!! Loved the feelings!

Suggestions: adjust the driving control... the car is sliding side to side too much. NASCAR Thunder road courses are awesome... why dont u do the same for this game? So it would be more fun for us.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This is pretty good game. Very realistic. My friend's dad was in the war and said it was like this. The health meter is too limity here (At least its very realistic and we get the idea what the real war is like)

Gameplay: I like everything in gameplaying but the speed of walking backward, left, and right. Too slow and slow turning while getting shot. End up dead all the times ;o) I figured the backpack slow us down?? I wouldnt give this game a bad grade since its all realistic.

Graphics: I thought the graphics are great since others below mentioned the graphics sucks. I am only interested in gameplay and excitiment.

Audio: I am deaf and this game have message board for me to read up and know what to do. Very good. They think of deafies out there in the world which impressed me.

Suggestions: If I am in the army I would drop the backpack and run faster backward, left, and right. So hopefully Ghost Recon 2 would let us to do that. Please make the turning rolate faster.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: I love first person shooting games. This game is one of it but it look like a kiddie game (Which the game is for matures only!!!) This game is the stupidest I ever seen!

Gameplay: the gameplay is pretty good. I like to crouch while running. This game cant crouch while runnning but only walk.

Graphics: The graphic looks good but too kiddie with bloods. Oh Plz! felt almost like super mario bros in bloods. Stupid!

Audio: I am deaf and didnt care if theres a sound on this stupid game. I find this game very boring. I would give them a 5 anyway.

Suggestions: No part 2!!!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Nascar Heat 2002

Overall: This is pretty good racing game. Almost like realistic but the cars doesnt look real. At least it drive good like realistic NASCAR.

Gameplay: Pretty good. not bad. I still prefer NASCAR Thunder 2003 way much better than this one. I like this becaise os system link and EA doesnt have one. ;o(

Graphics: The car looks fake and doesnt feel like its realistic at all. They havnt make 2003 lately. I guess they are out of business??

Audio: I am deaf and there is no subtitles on this game. I can see the reporter live talking and I couldnt understand a thing. At least I am focus on racing. No subtitles and I give it a 1

Suggestions: subtitles and more realistic cars... 2004??

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: I find this game very interesting. I am a biggest NASCAR THUNDER 2003 fan. This is pretty fun to play because all track are road course which is fun to drive on.

Gameplay: The driving control is almost the same as NASCAR Thunder 2003. I know this is bike game and much different than driving a race car.

Graphics: The Graphic is great. XBOX have all games with good grapics. nothing negative about any of this one.

Audio: I am deaf and didnt care. This game does not require for me to hear it. As long there is no one talking in the game.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work. ;o)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: AWESOME!! This is gonna to be very exciting game with buddies!! 4 players??!! WOW!! I am really impressed with this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome and very comforable. Just like Max Payne. Perfect! I see nothing wrong with this game.

Graphics: The graphic is great. I love the movie part. It was awesome and fun to watch. I cant wait to buy this game to own it!!

Audio: I am deaf and this game have subtitles!!!! I love this game already! I cant wait to buy this game soon!! ;o)

Suggestions: AWESOME!!! Keep it up guys!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: I really was exciting about this game. I thought of buying it but when I tried it out at gamestop. It wasnt comforable for me.

Gameplay: The control looking up and down is in different directions on key pad. I like it in another way just like Max Payne. Which is more comforable looking up and down easier. If you disagree please do me a favor and put your thumb on back of your head and move it up and down and see which way you are looking. That is the way your body control and your thumb got it's habits.

Graphics: Good graphics. I dont see anything wrong with it. Wish it would fun for me to play with this. I will still buy this game to play it for fun. Better than nothing.

Audio: I am deaf and wasnt sure if this game have subtitles. I havnt seen anyone talking in this game. I didnt see any subtitles options. So I dont know what to rate this game yet. I would be nice to give it a 5. If there is no subtitles then I will come back and give it a 1.

Suggestions: have us to fix the controler settings on our own please so everyone can be comforable playing this game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: This is the best golfing game ever!! (since PGA Tour 1 Sega Genesis) I thougt it was cool to play this. I wish it have creations in different body skin colors and faces to make it look like us.

Gameplay: I like the way it control. Everything feel like real! I think its awesome! Nothing else to complain. ;o)

Graphics: I think the graphic is very cool and realistic! Keep up the good work guys!!!!!

Audio: I am deaf and doesnt care about the sounds. It seem doesnt need any subtitlings. I didnt see any mouth moving at all. I would say its all good.

Suggestions: Add creates to make us feel like we are in the game!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Very exciting game. I like the way it control. I beat it all in 14 hours and feel good about it! Looking forward for Max Payne 2!

Gameplay: Great gameplay control! Nothing I see is wrong. I like the way it control better than halo. Looking up and down sucks in halo!! This one is perfect! Very comforable!! If you disagree. put ur thumb on ur back of head and move up and down and see which way ur head is looking. Your body is used to that control which is perfect! Halo's way is dumb.

Graphics: Awesome graphics! since it required to say 100 characters... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! ;o)

Audio: I am deaf and doesnt care about the sounds. At least it have subtitles which is very important to me. I dont buy games without subtitles.

Suggestions: MAX PAYNE 2!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nascar Thunder 2003

Overall: VERY REALISTIC!!! I didnt give up on this game until I am good at it. Right now I am driving like a pro. Richard Petty stated this game is good for driving training. So I set the settings (Assist) Stablity control (off) and Auto brake (off). I am glad I am driving like a pro!! Once you are good at it you will be addict to it!! No wonder NASCAR drivers wouldnt retire early age!!

Gameplay: Like I said the control in pro level is the best one and challege. My friends didnt give up and they are not into pro level. They wanted to be in so they can whup my azz. They never did. Heh Heh. I tried NASCAR Thunder 2003 on PS2 with friends and we realized xbox controller is the best design for racing than PS2 controllers.

Graphics: AWESOME Graphics. but the graphic of damages in Thunder 2002 is better. This 2003 game the cars flip like a cardboard box!! Dont make it look stupider in 2004 please!!

Audio: I am deaf and doesnt care about the sounds. I like the vibrations it helps alot. I would say its all very good.

Suggestions: Online and no more flipping like a cardboard!! It would be nice to add the creations in different body skin colors for those all different skin color gamers out there. One of my friend is black and he created his car and when He won and went into the victory lane and he felt funny that the driver is white. He doesnt feel like its him at all. Please be kind to put that in 2004.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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