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NCAA Football 2003

Overall: This is a much anticipated, solid game all around. First off, the level of detail that went into this game is amazing. From the actual players' information to the stadiums and their surrounding environments, this must have taken forever to accomplish. The computer AI and the smooth graphics make this game i must have for any college football lover. This is by far the best football game i have played so far. Much has improved since Madden 2002.

Gameplay: Where do i start...

First off, the offense. The running game is much better. When running from one direction to the other, you no longer have the sudden change. It actually takes a second to pivot, and rebuild your momentum like it would in real life. Breaking tackles is more realistic as well. The passing game has improved also. The players actually try to stay inbounds when catching the ball near the sidelines (Madden didn't do this and it drove me crazy!!). One complaint i have about the option is that when the QB is running towards the sidelines, many times the HB continues to run out of bounds instead of running up field to block or take a last second pitch. Other than that one exception, the option is run beautifully.

As for the defense... The tackling has improved quite a bit, from the way the defense wraps the player up (grabbing at the knees, legs, or whatever they can get a hold of) to the way the offense reacts to the tackle. the computer AI is great, from pass coverage to attempts at intercepting the pass. You can no longer run in one direction and magically jump in the other direction to tackle a guy, you now have to use your strafe button to break down in front of the guy if you want to attempt this (I absolutely love this, although it is tough at times).

Graphics: The graphics are great as usual and even better this time around. The detail in both the players and the stadiums are amazing. The chearleaders are kind of a cool addition to the game, as well as the mascots (but no leprechaun for Notre D are a couple of things that could use some improvement. like in Madden, the players in NCAA tend to run through each other (this is mostly noticed in replays and in between plays). This also happens with the ball running through players. During one play, i fumbled the ball and it actually passed through my stomach and out my butt (which was sort of cool, however unusual). Also, after the play is over the players tend to knock down the people on the sidelines by barely touching them (looks like bad acting to me).

Audio: The sound is really good for a football game. The rain sounds real, the QB's cadences sound good, and the hits sound pretty good as well. I love the fight songs and the crowd chants.

Some notre dame specific complaints: There could be some more chants thrown in though, and in the game they play the fight song after both a touch down and an extra point (where's the song the really play after a touch down (not sure what the name is)). And finally, where is the "Go Irish" chant during kick offs?

Suggestions: Some minor improvements could be made with the visuals, such as the players running through each other and more accurate player entrances. Improvements on the post play AI could be made so that people on the sidelines aren't getting knocked around for no reason. Some additional detail to extra sounds could be made. Online play would be a wonderful addition!

This might seem like a lot of suggestions, but all in all, this is a wonderful game! Job well done.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: This is a fantastic game!! Golf, Humor, Violence, and Strippers all rolled into one...what more can you ask for? The Humor in the game is well done and not too repetative. The gameplay is good, the sound great, and the graphics outstanding. I've been waiting for a "realistic" golf game that is fun to play and by George I think I've got it! Well done Mr./Ms. Developer!

Gameplay: The game play is wonderful. I can't put it down! I haven't been this hooked on a game since Halo. I love the way the players react to good and bad shots, the way the audience reacts to shots that are aimed right at them and shots that are inching their way towards the cup and some shots that don't, and the way the commentators react to the current situation. The physics in the game are great also, the way the ball reacts to the way it is hit and its surrounding environment is so lifelike, it's almost like you're actually there in the middle of the desert, shooting the ball around a nuclear power plant. If only my actual golf game was as good as my golf game on Outlaw Golf!

Graphics: The graphics are outstanding!! The detail that went into this game must have taken forever to complete. the individual blades of grass, the swaying trees, the incoming airplanes, the train's amazing. i really like how you can see the indentation in the green from where your ball hit, and it doesn't go away after switching views to another player. it's obvious that the people at Hypnotix spent a lot of time on the graphics and took advantage of xbox's full potential.

Audio: Once again...amazing. At one point, while playing, an airplane flew overhead from right to left. I looked to see where it was inside my apartment...I felt pretty stupid when i realized that it was coming from my speakers. :) The music's good, the commentators are good, the sound effects are's all good.

Suggestions: More Courses, Different fight scenes, online play capability, and more golfers.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Overall: Not a bad game overall. The graphics and gameplay could use a little work (a lot in some cases) but this was a surprisingly addictive game. Four of us played it for 5 hours straight.

Gameplay: This game is very addictive, although not very indepth. you pretty much run all overthe place in one big cluster @#*@ trying to find the end of the board. If you don't stay with the group you get left behind and stuck in the corner of the screen while the monsters take free shots at you...but there's just something about it that makes you want to go further and beat the next board. I don't know what it is about the game.

Graphics: Not a whole lot to say here. For the layout of the game the graphics aren't bad, but by no means something to brag about. I don't know if it was my disc or not but one board had some major gliches in it. fire came out as a gray box and most of the board was filled with random flashing rectangles that obviously didn't belong there. If this is a glich in the game, they need to think about hiring a new QA team.

Audio: Like other reviews have noted, the sound is repetative. The orgasmic cries of the sourceress when she eats food is a bit un called for. Nothing special once again.

Suggestions: If you're going to develop a game for xbox...PUT SOME MORE WORK INTO IT!! So much wasted potential!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: I'm not a big fighting game fan, but nevertheless a great game. This game has lived up to the hype...the sound, the graphics, the name it. The upgrade option is great! every developer should offer this in some form.

Gameplay: I love knocking everyone out windows, followed by an 800 story drop. the fightingg is pretty good, but a little hard to figure out how to consistently execute the different moves (i just tap away at the buttons and see what happens).

Graphics: The graphics are the Xbox. If you need to describe how good the graphics are for the Xbox...just say DOA3...that says it all. I don't even have an HDTV (I only wish!!) and the graphics are outstanding. the crispness of the lines and details...what can I say?? Nothing beats it.

Audio: The surround is really good on this one. There's only so much variety you can have with a fighting game, but the background effects and the surround are what make up the great sound of this game.

Suggestions: Not much to say in the way of suggestions...maybe internet play?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: A really good game all around. I played it on the hardest setting...what was I thinking?? I've read the reviews that say that the game is easy and short. apparently they were playing on the easier levels. The graphics are solid, and the gameplay is pretty good. There are some improvements needed, which will be mentioned later, but nothing major.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good. I love the ability to climb walls and swing on the web...but then again, it's Spiderman! The fighting could use a little improvement. I don't like how it takes so long to get your "swing" back after completing combo punches and/or kicks, but again... it's Spiderman, his specialty is web-slinging.

Graphics: The graphics are great. The faces look just like the movie, the character and background detail is wonderful. The camera shots are great, I like how it switches views when you are hanging from ceilings. The camera look and centering could use a little improvement. If you're surrounded, you're in trouble, it takes too long to look around.

Audio: The sound is pretty good. Nothing really stood out and made me say "WOW", but nothing to complain about. Seems the focus was on the visual appeal.

Suggestions: Work on the "camera-look" and the fighting.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: A solid game for the most part. The graphics are outstanding and the detail put into the stages are wonderful. The difficulty of the game increases as you go along, and perhaps that is part of what contributes to the lack of desire to return to the game often. The soundtrack that comes with the game is pretty good and I love the ability to create my own soundtrack, I think all the games should give you this option.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good but I cannot stay glued to the game. This is partly do to the level difficulty as you progress through the game and to the level redundancy....needs more locations!!

Graphics: The graphics are great, the cities' detail is great, the body detail on the cars is outstanding. I also love the damage that the cars would be better if the damage affected the cars' performance. Although it might seem like a small detail, i really like the drivers in the cars. they actually move as you drive, not many games (if any) offer that. It's the little details that count.

Audio: The sound is good and the surround is good, but there's not much more you can expect from a racing game. Like I said, the soundtrack is good and the options to create your own is great. Sometimes I play the game just to drive to the music. That alone gives the sound a 5.

Suggestions: More cities, some offroad tracks and cars, some additional cars, and the ability to upgrade the cars.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Triple Play 2002

Overall: Overall a decent baseball game...this coming from someone who can only stand to watch baseball in person. The game could use some improvement as far as fielding and graphics go. It's not enough to keep me glued to the tv for more than a game though.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fair. I like the way that the hitting is set up. however, the pitching and batting displays sort of defeat the purpose when it comes to two player games. The fielding could use some improvement. I don't know what is used to figure out what player to switch to when the ball is hit, but whatever it is, it is broken. When it seems the ball would be picked up quicker by the centerfielder, the computer selects the left fielder???

Graphics: the graphics are pretty good. The players' faces however, seem too cartoon-like. EA's Tripple Play developers should walk down the hall and learn a few things from the NHL developers. They also could have put a little more work into the detail. While coming from cincinnati, I am impressed with the construction of the upcoming ballpark, the "black hole" inbetween the cinergy and the new field is disappointing.

Audio: The sound is pretty much what you would expect from a baseball game... nothing outstanding, but nothing really disappointing. The comentary is a bit repetative and inaccurate at times, but nothing more than most sports games.

Suggestions: Spend a little more time on graphical detail. Work on the auto feilding and pitcher/batter interface.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: by far, the best hockey game yet. basically the same for ps2, but a bit smoother. also, no brett hull for detroit on ps2! must have been released before the rosters were updated. i've played this for hours on end with my buddies. its a fantastic game.

Gameplay: the game play is great. i love utilizing all of the moves (haven't quite gotten the deke down when it comes to one on one) to get around players and fake them out. the task for the player cards are tough to get, which is good. i can't seem to get the goal of less than 2 penalties in a game! i don't know why. one draw back is the fact that it is relatively easy to score by lobbing a shot from the blue line over the goalies head. i hate how it doesn't look like they make an effort sometimes.

Graphics: the graphics are pretty good. i don't know what is up with the guys looking like they just got the crap beat out of their faces all the time, no matter if they've been in a fight or not. also...what is with the coaches? im assuming its a licensing issue, but if you could get all, or most, of the players faces, how hard could it have been to get the coaches? i miss seeing scottie behind the bench. :(

Audio: great sound. everything is realistic from the slap shots, to the hits, to the puck hitting the cross bar (i hate it when it does that...especially when im taking the shot).

Suggestions: if its a licensing issue for the coaches faces, get it straightened out! get rid of the easy of making the lob shots. maybe put in an extra function for switching from forward to backward skating. i don't like having to wait for the computer to decide when the player will switch.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: max payne is a great game. the minute i started playing, i couldn't put the controller down. every time i beat a level, i wanted to see what was in store for me next. i love the slow motion effect, it gives you a chance to see what is going on around you, while not making the game too easy. the story line is pretty typical, but nevertheless a good one.

Gameplay: like i said, i couldn't put the controller down. i had to force myself to go to bed. i wanted to see what was next. the difficulty of the normal setting was pretty good. the levels were challenging, but not impossible. the new york minute setting is tough! its hard enough to run from start to finish and make the time limit, let alone having to kill people along the way.

Graphics: the graphics are really good. they put a lot of work into the detail from the blood to the scenery. i like the comic book-like look to the story line. the slow motion effect looks great, along with the slow motion when you blow someone away.

Audio: pretty good surround sound. you can get a pretty good idea of how far away the bad guy is. the guns sound real, not that i know what the different guns actually sound like, but believable.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: you gotta love these graphics. the stereo sound is awesome as well. once i started playing this game i was stuck with it for at least 5 hours straight. this game definately lived up to its hype

Gameplay: the A.I is fantastic. the first big ambush in the spaceship where they come at you from all sides got me. i died and when i played the level again, they came from different doorways! this is a very addicting game! the ending was pretty good, leaving room for a sequel. i don't know if i want to play it again on the harder levels. they must take forever to beat.

Graphics: amazing! the detail on the characters, and on your suit is awsome! the waterfall i came to looked like real water the closer you got to it, i even walked through it! not like other game systems where it looks real from the front, but flat from the sides and back. maybe could have gone one step further and made you look wet after going through it.

Audio: the sound is fantastic. if someone is talking to you and you turn your head to the left of them, you hear them in your right ear!! the surround is wonderful! you know where the enemy is just by sound alone.

Suggestions: press microsoft to unleash internet play early! i can't wait. i haven't tried it on gamespy yet.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: like all madden games in the past, this game is great. too bad it is a port from ps2 (i wanted to rub it in my friends' faces that my madden was better than theirs) :( . i wish they would have put a little more into it. nonetheless it is a great game.

Gameplay: absolutely wonderful. im used to the nfl 2k series on dreamcast, madden blows them all out of the water. the A.I. is good...too good (they keep intercepting my passes) the way the players move and break down when running and changing directions. it sure beats the old way of just changing directions without slowing down like on older games. the movements and tackles are much more realistic. one drawback... it doesn't seem like you can tackle by just running them over, you have to use your dive button to tackle every time (unless my team is just that weak-Bengals)

Graphics: the graphics are great, just wish they would have improved them more for xbox from ps2. i have nothing to brag about to my friends on this one. i noticed some gliches when the players come together, usually in piles, they blend into each other and litterally run through their bodies. it looks like they could have spent more time on these problems. also, the helmet pops could be more realistic, alot of times you get bald heads and they just suddenly pop back on after the play. a minor touch, but they could have shown them picking the helmet back up (just would have made it that much nicer). overall, definately a big improvement in past systems' games, but could have still made the visuals better.

Audio: I CAN'T STAND JOHN MADDEN. he talks too much!!! but other than that. the sound is pretty good, the hits are much more realistic than in the past...big improvement. the announcers get repetitive fast. and they say things they shouldn't. many times when im losing a game, and i mean many time...i call time out when the clock is running and madden says that i didn't have to stop the clock...."shut up you idiot" comes out of my mouth many times.

Suggestions: don't be in such a hurry to get the game out. spend more time on the small details like other developers do and get rid of the gliches in the graphics. make the commentators less repetitive.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: this is a really good game. everything was done very well, from the graphics, to the sound, to the videos. the humor is good, but not overdone. this is a very addicting game, my eyes get tired from playing it. i have to force myself to stop.

Gameplay: this game was obviously well planned. it starts out simple enough that you don't need the game manual to figure out what buttons to press. !&%$@#* the game progresses, so does the level of dificulty. it forces you to venture out a little with each character to get a feel for what you need to do to beat the levels before just jumping right in.

Graphics: the graphics are really good. great detail on the characters. Much looks just like a real Mudokon! :) looks like the developers spent a lot of time here.

Audio: the sound is great. good depth perception. you can tell how far away those lazy slugs are when they are sleeping. I HATE THOSE MINES!!! not only do they hurt you, they hurt your ears and make you jump. they surprise you every time.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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