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Spy Hunter

Overall: Ok game, it was pretty fun but a little too unrealistic to my likings, the controls were a little difficult, and the graphics weren't very good.

Gameplay: It was fun for about the first 1-2 hours then it got a little boring, and sometimes frustrating. This game needed more time put into it, it kinda of seemed like it was made in just a couple months.

Graphics: There wasn't much too look at in this game. and what was there to look at wasn't that great looking, graphics wise and texture wise. The 3d models weren't very good but I did like the transformation that the car could perform, that was pretty cool to look at in that matrix type video mode.

Audio: Sound lacked allot in this game, mostly the same sounds they really didn't allot which was kinda of annoying at times. this definitely could have used some more effort.

Suggestions: Make Spyhuter 2 much better! start from the ground up on the sequal.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Colin McRae Rally 3

Overall: Great game, much better then the first two in all categories. The Championship is done very well, but something I didn't like in the first two versions and this one as-well is the menu, a little plain but the background scene is pretty cool (showing the guys work on my car) I also liked how it saved the amount of visible and non visible damage for the next race so you could race with same amount of damage, pretty realistic.

Gameplay: The game-play is excellent, The way you drift through turns with your rear wheels locked up, the jumps, and the effects your car take when you damage it, (loose wheels, broken suspension etc..) Also when you hit some hard thing, like a rock and the tire comes off and sparks fly out and every corner you have to take about 10-20 mp/h slower then normal so you don't spin out and hit a tree or something.

Graphics: The graphics are really good in this game the dust, fog, sparks, scenery, car models and even the crowd look pretty good. It's pretty cool seeing the hood, doors, trunk, glass, mirrors and tires and rim come off when you hit something, it seems pretty realistic. They did an excellent job on the visuals. Although in multiplayer on a dusty track the game lagged alot! which really takes away from the gameplay.

Audio: The sounds are really good. The sound of the fire coming out of the exhaust when you shift gears, the high pitch sounds of the engine, the sounds of the type of track your driving on gravel, dirt, mud, pavement etc... also when you fly through the water the sounds are good. and when you hit a wall and theres a loud bang or crack that usually indicates that a piece of the car is either broken or is about to fall off. The sounds in this game are one of the best I have heard in any game for a long time.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Extremely realistic game. I couldn't believe how the game felt and looked graphically. The radio was also a great touch, it was really cool to listen to different types of radio stations for different countries/cities.

Gameplay: The physics were done incredibly good in this game, the power-slides and the jumps were pretty fun to perform. It was also challenging unlike some games.

Graphics: The graphics were awesome also the real-time reflections were really nice. although the reflections were kind of laggy which looked weird. The models of the cars and the bumps and hills of the cities were done really well. It felt real.

Audio: The engine sounds of each car were really good. the sound when you hit a car was a little too bland, it should have had more of crunch, also when the lights or mirror were crunched a sound of glass, or plastic or at least something would have been nice. Also the radio-stations were really good, the selection of songs was pretty sweet.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: Pretty good game the crashes are fun to watch in the replay mode, The graphics are pretty sweet, best traffic models I've ever seen in a game. The debris and everything else that fly off the car when you crash it is pretty cool. the game is pretty realistic in my opinion.

Gameplay: I loved the controller setup, it was really fun racing around in the environments, even tho it was limited. the physics were also really nice, and it kind of felt real flying around corners power sliding etc...

Graphics: The environments, the cars, the buildings, and the textures, were done with some pretty awesome detail. the game almost looked real in some areas. they did an excellent job in the visual area.

Audio: The sounds were a little bland in this game, there seemed like there were only 4-5 different sounds that played when you crashed which really drew away from the game. the engine sounds were pretty nice tho.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Apex

Overall: Pretty good game, lacks physics, visuals are excellent. although the backgrounds could have used some work. Damage models could have been better but at-least it was there.

Gameplay: Pretty good game-play, one thing I absolutely hated was the handicap, you spin out or whatever and your about 10-15 seconds behind the other cars and you catch up and pass them in about 20 seconds, but then they could easily pass you, the best way to play this game is being cheap by constantly looking back and cutting off your opponents. other then that the game is pretty good, replay is nice too.

Graphics: The graphics are awesome in this game, reflections are about as good as PGR same choppiness in the refections tho. the cars and the tracks look great, but the backgrounds are kind of shallow. and some of the crowd textures needed some more detail.

Audio: The sounds of the cars weren't bad although it almost seemed it was the same sound for each car just tuned a bit. It was also really annoying to hear the same sound every-time you hit another car or rubbed a wall. and they could have made the crowd volume a bit louder in the stadium tracks.

Suggestions: Do a better job next time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: This game is the best, and most incredible racing sim I have played on any console. The graphics are awesome, the reflections look real, the physics of the game are amazingly realistic. The controls couldn't be any better. all the cars are well modeled and detailed. the upgrades are cool. the personal garage and trophy desk was a great addition. Multiplayer can get a bit annoying when you have to set everything up again and again. also the crash physics really disappointed me. being able to dint the car up a bit would've been nice. but overall sega Gt 2002 is a very well made game 5 thumbs upto the sega team!

Gameplay: The Gameplay of Sega Gt 2002 is great. I had over 30 hours of fun with this game. The physics of sega gt 2002 were incredible.

Graphics: The tracks looked great, the cars even better, the refections were sweet. and the different replay cameras were awesome. but the only thing that didn't look good was the 2d bystanders in the crowd, that could've been better.

Audio: I found the sound was great each car had it's own personal real vehicle sound. and when you upgraded some of the old cars you could hear the gears change with thunk.. klunk. which I thought was cool. Also the explosion of the flames that came out of the exhaust on a few of the cars, was a nice touch.

Suggestions: 3d bystander models would be nice and multiplayer via the internet. also more parts to buy. and a very large warehouse that has all of the cars in it instead of the little garage. also when you buy parts, and or upgarde the car the car a movie sequence showing a man under the hood of the car or under the car or even taking off a wheel roling it to the side and putting a new wheel on would look real cool too.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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