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Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: I was very skeptical at first when I rented this game, fearing a redneck deerhunter/ nascar thing. But from the getgo I was throughly surprised and immersed in thrilling game play and impressive ai. Multiplayer coop is a sensation that parrallels mutliplayer vs. mode and is actually more fun some respects. Some minor glitches keep it from being one of the best ever , but my driends and i will be playing it for a long time.

Gameplay: Gameplay is not that hard to pick up. Cycling thoruhg weapons is a little weak, and sometimes loaded guns just won't fire ( i swear they were loaded). But these are minor points. Crawling and depicted strategy between your team is highly enjoyable, as well as diviing out medical supllies and designating your medic.

Graphics: Nothing to !&%$@#* yourself about. I never once thought about how good the graphics were but then again I never thouht about how bad they were. Most graphic elitists would tear this game a new one but im a little more interested in content and gameplay. graphics a game does not make.

Audio: Run of the mill as well. Very forgetable sound tracks as well as fx, but who cares. Few games are able to plant rememberable sound fx into your head (except for halo and half life).

Suggestions: Work on the basic gameplay elements like movement and ai. ANy improvement in these areas would be good.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: The game is a greater, more polished version of the pc title. It leaves you playing for a long time, constantly trying to avoid the calls of girlffriend, wife, and mistress. just very well done to the most minute of details.

Gameplay: Veruy fluid in gameplay. 47 seems to glide every now and then but not to the point where it detracts from the game. 47 does seem to have a lot of health ( he is genetically enhanced) which makes the less stealtheir option sometimes easier. But no problem, the gme is smooth, and the scripting is wonderful. Some of the best ive ever seen.

Graphics: Graphically, this game rocks. It is the highest tier of graphics represented on console. dont listen to the bunghole elitists who give this area a bad rating because they read some stat that "47" only has 12360 ploygons instead of 12240. On screen it works and works good. Youll be hard pressed to find better on any other game.

Audio: The sound was recorded by the budapest symphony orchestra and simply fit the whole sicilian thing like a glove. Very motivating to cap civilians in the streets.

Suggestions: Im impressed, how you solved the save game thing and most of hte other issues in the game. The AI is great, but can always get better. 47 tkae alot of damage.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Great rpg with unparralled scope and magnitude. People who rated this game poorly and think it is boring either have ADD or they are not attracted to certain intelligent concepts like "words" or "reading". Go play hunter the reckoning,or better yet,watch the movie reindeer games to better waste your small brained, superficial lives. For those of us with brain activity equal to that of modern man, there isn't nothing better as far as player immersion, adventure, and fantasy.

Gameplay: Wide open with the options of playing either in third or first person at the touch of a button. Millions, no billions, of sidequests that seem to steer you off the beaten path into unpredicted ventures. Weather has a serious effect in gameplay, as well as night. Fighting a little goofy, but not as bad once you under stand that each time you swing, a multitude of statistics cranking is in operations computing the ability to hit, damage, and the opponents ability to resist damage.

Graphics: I don't pretend to understand the ins and outs of bump mapping or even to notice the superb poly count. The graphics are great, the water is great, and they are certainly on par or better than whats avaliable. I love reading reviews of people who criticize a beautiful game for doing this or that graphically. Shut up, it looks great you dork. (the duststorms are redicously and insanley cool and no other game I have ever played has come close to graphically emulating anything like that.)

Audio: I nice little musical score in the background. Lightning and thunder are literally scary, and most other effects are well conceived and implemented. It would have been cool to incorporate area specific music to help set the tone of the area.

Suggestions: You obviously know what your are doing, and do not need any advice from anybody as far as I'm concerned. One tip however, Bethesda should hire me as a beta tester. Im not good at it or anything, I just like the idea of playing video games for a living. Is that wrong?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: This that next title Ive been looking for, and it certainly produced. Great Game, but not quite as addictive as Halo, but may be 2nd best Xbox title untill Elder Scrolls 3 comes out. No major complaints, just good clean fun.

Gameplay: Game play is simple for as many things as they let you do. Camera work can get tedious , but Im not one of these people who lets it bother me. Fast paced, but at your own speed if that makes sense. Strong attribute of the game.

Graphics: Great graphics, and their havn't been many games to utilize bump mapping, so these dorks that keep saying it could be better can eat it.
Sure its a port, but software hasn't caught up with technology, that is why sales are lagging. Graphics are very strong regardless

Audio: Some dorky reviewer said the "announcer guy" got annoying. Well that announcer guy is Bruce cambell, and if you don't know who he is then you shouldn't be allowed to ever play video games ever again. I don't know about you, but I like it when "announcer guy" Bruce Cambell narrates my game. Music is good to!

Suggestions: Ya done good, and Exceeded my expectations. Go XBOX exclusive next time, sure you may risk the sure thing but the game will be twice as good.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: This game is well made and graphically fantastic, but is certainly a poor man's gta III. There are parts of this game that exceed parts of GTA III, but greatness is far off.

Gameplay: Gameplay is fun, yet you don't feel the bond with the cars like you do in GTA III. There is also some loopy damage control (youll hit someone head on at 110 mph and youll receive a small dent in your car). Nothing so horrid that it really turns you off. You can't kill people, and cars dissapear when you wreck into them. It is Wreckless, literally.

Graphics: In this department is where this game claims some of its lost machismo. Graphically superior and hypnotic, I don't care what the drones say. Replay system is fanatic,yet sometimes it just shows me running into a wall for 10 minutes when that never happened (seriously, it didn't)

Audio: The Japanese must think that we all have red spikey hair, and that we all break dance constantly, because they all program their games accordingly. This would be a good time to make your own soundtrack. You can't, so you are exposed to the to the japanese techno experience. I don't know about you, but Ive grown tired with that experience.

Suggestions: Neat game, but you hav few qualities that are worthy of GTA III. Im am an XBOX man, but who doesn't have a little fling on the side. I want to get out of the car, I want to run over people-- and having a split mission base between cops and thugs is a chessy gimic that impresses only the 5-8 year old demographic.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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