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Outlaw Golf

Overall: this game was really cool. awesome idea for a game. first of all because you get to beat up your caddy, and second of all i think its the only golf game for xbox.

Gameplay: the gameplay was great. the controls were very simple... but not at first. when i first played it i had no idea how to swing or anything. but after you play it for a bit, you get used to them really easily. BEATING UP THE CADDY WAS AWESOME.

Graphics: visuals were perfect. the graphics couldnt have been better. thats pretty much all i have to say about the games' visuals.

Audio: sound was ok. i really really really liked the fans and how they laugh at you if you suck. that was hilarious. but some of it wasnt good. overall it was above average.

Suggestions: hurry up and put out outlaw volleyball!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: doa was a really cool game. i like these kind of fighting games with open areas. the graphics were made with perfection. the sound was well done too.

Gameplay: this games gameplay was really cool, all of the different levels, charachters and what not. on each level i really liekd the open areas like if someone kicked you out of a window, you would keep fighting, just outside, out of the was very well done.

Graphics: DOA3's visuals were awesome!! the graphics couldnt be any better than they are, they are the smoothest graphics ive ever seen. also the scenery in the different stages.

Audio: this games sound was great too. the kicking punching and beatin the other guy up had perfect sound effects. overall great, great sound.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: spiderman is a plain old superhero game. all you do is web-sling your way around new york fighting thugs and villains. WOW. FUN.

Gameplay: spideys gameplay was fine... i guess. that would be if your about 8 and you like playing games like this. i hated this game alot!!! although the controls were easy to get used to... i didnt like the different levels and bosses

Graphics: this games visuals were ok considering the graphics made up for the rest. everything else that falls under this category wasnt the best.

Audio: the sound in spiderman was pretty good, other than Tobey Maguire saying his corny lines over and over and over agian....i cant stand that. the SFX were pretty good though

Suggestions: MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!! Wait... did i just say "make a sequel"? i MEANT DONE make a sequel!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NFL 2K2

Overall: this game is really good if you like advanced football games. the plays are really cool...... if you can figure out what they are! the graphics are really amazing though. they were so smooth, that they looked real. the sound was good too, the tackling and hurdling was great.

Gameplay: the gameplay was awesome, the controls were easy to learn, just look who youre gonna throw to, then press whatever button hes assigned to. easy as that. but when it comes to running with the ball.... that different. theres alot of buttons to press. but if you take out the controls.... the gameplay is great.

Graphics: like i said before, the graphics were perfectly well done. on the instant replays, ive never seen anything done so well before. they obviously worked hard on this part of the game.

Audio: the sound, agian, like i said before, is really really cool because when you tackle or get tackled you can hear the slamming sound of players colliding. great SFX. also great commentatiing.

Suggestions: hope to see 2K3 very soon

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: This game was really good.......... At first. i thought the idea of a world cup soccer game was cool because i played FIFA 2001 for PS2, and that was fun. But once you win teh World Cup and get the secret teams... It's not fun anymore.

Gameplay: the gameplay was ok. i didnt liek how there were two options: friendly mose, and 2002 FIFA World Cup mode.
But teh controls were great

Graphics: the visuals were very weird for this game. one thing i didnt like was how when you change the difficulty, the camera moves farther back. i wondered why they did that. i know they probably did it because its harder to play like that...... but why cant you make the difficuty on professional, but still be close up????? oh well....

Audio: FIFA's sound wasn't the best.... i hated how the fans blew their whistles when they think there should be an foul called. i couldn't stand that. i didnt like the sound overall.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: this game was pretty fun its a kind of game that i would rent or something... or just borrow it from someone but if you like wacky snowboarding games... this is for you

Gameplay: the gameplay was pretty good. i thought the controls were pretty weird. the multiplayer on this is great.

Graphics: the visuals could have been better because the graphics were pretty "crummy". some of the stuff in the background though looked pretty real.

Audio: the sound was very plain the same as every game or worse. coulkd have done a better on that. i liked the music.

Suggestions: not really any suggestions

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: dumbest game ive ever played. i thought this game was so dumb and so boring. the idea of it sounds ok... but when you play it it wrecks the whole idea

Gameplay: the gameplay was fine because you dont use the controls that much WHEN YOU WALK AROUND A PIONEER COUNTRY THE WHOLE TIME!!!!

Graphics: the visuals were medium i'd say. the were good... but werent bad. they should make the mouths move when the operson talks... better faces too

Audio: the sound wasnt that great but i dont have much to judge on because there isnt much sound... except for the squirming bug things and the funny lookin elves

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: this game is so awesome because its so much different from other hockey games. i really liked it though

Gameplay: great gameplay the controls are pretty eas. i liekd the idea of 3 on 3. i also liked the idea of having the cheats on signs from the fans in the stands

Graphics: great graphics i liked how smooth they were and also how when you body check the guy it really shatters the glass

Audio: the sound was cool it could have been better thought the sfx were ok.... just make some better music or sumthin

Suggestions: none really

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: this is by far the best skateboarding game for the xbox. it has amazing graphics, awesome gameplay... and its overall very good

Gameplay: the gameplay on thps3 is great, just easier for ps one. but still the controls are great. i like the different choices for 2 player games there really good. great gameplay

Graphics: the visuals in this were awesome. the graphics were so good, i think they are better than hunter. when you bail, the blood stays where you fell. its great

Audio: the sound in this was awesome because im into rock music and i knew alot of the song s on this soundtrack. i also was glad that i could play the soundtrack that i made myself because i doint have any other game sthat can do that.

Suggestions: MAKE TONY HAWK 4!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: this game is absolutely amazing it is so much fun cause i like killing zombies and demons and vampires... especially with shotguns and axes and cross bows. overall this game is tied with halo it is definetly one of the best on my list.

Gameplay: the gameplay on this very good the controls are simple. and the levels and characters are great. one thing: more hunters. if youre playing with 4 friends and one of them hates one of the guys... then they could choose another. overall very good

Graphics: the visuals were amazing. the graphics were so good that you could even see the tatoos on the avengers arm and stuff great graphics. one thing i didnt liek was the camera angles and views... they didnt follow your movements. one more thing: switch it so that you have an option of playing split screen or on one screen

Audio: the sound was perfect the slaying of zombies was great how you hear the slicing of heads and the little sound effects of the squealing rats. the music was good too. i liked the coma song called numb and the fact that theres was a music video for it the so8und was perfect for the game.

Suggestions: make there more hunters please. it would be a big improvement
also PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU MAKE A SEQUEL!!!! that would be awesome

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: WOW this game is simply amazing i love the gameplay all the little sounds the story the graphics and most importantlly......THE COOL LITTLE MUDOKONS YEAAAAAAAAA whoops sorry botut that. But yea this is great for anyones library.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simply amazing i love how the story all fits together and the different endings. Also it's so easy to control munch and abe (i played silent hill 2). After playing sh2 i gave oddworld a try and automatically loved how to move and junk. Great story as well.

Graphics: HEHEHE i love the little visuals of munch and abe and the dumb@$$ mudokans who dont know whats going on hehe. Also the enviroment, enemies, dumb glukkons are all great.

Audio: I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THE SOUNDS. The phrases in cut scenes different voices all very cool. Abe and munch talk awsome as well.

Suggestions: Make SEQUESLS!!!!! with munch with all of its little babies and maby the babies are under attack or sumtin. Or munch gets kidnapped and one of the babies saves em on a mossion too.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: Wow this game is very fun it has everything a racing game should have ranging from good cars to good graphics to good gameplay. I really like this game and think everyone should have a copy of it. There is so many races to choose from and a great multyplayer as well to jack up the standords. Awsome game.

Gameplay: As I said there is so many different races to choose from and it is fairly easy to drive with exept for some things. The gameplay is so awsome. Multplayeris very fun too if you and your friends like to duke it out in racing games.

Graphics: This is where it lacks the most......but still very good. The cars and roads are very awsome. Just some of the little bushes or trees look a little weerd. That doesnt stop it though the cars always tumble around leveing a really cool affect. Looks very awsome.

Audio: Well this is not the greatest but still good it has some very nice music sounds playued through it and it has good car noises as well this is awsome but not very awsome.

Suggestions: nah pretty good.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: OMG this game is so awsome everything is awsome ranging from great graphics to awsome modes. What reply value this has. Bungie you are my idle (lol) but you guys really know how to make a great game. I love the story line and if you have read the book which i am about to finish you will be eveing more sucked into the game. Great game.

Gameplay: There is so many modes to choose from a great multyplayer easy tutorial at the begining of single player almost. The multyplayer has lots of fun leveles and guns and vehicles to use. Controls are very legidmet and easy to use.

Graphics: I love the visuals everything from the blowing up of the covenent to the awsome world of halo to the wonderful faces of marines, captains, ai's, and of coarse the master cheif (and many more).

Audio: Well i have to say this is one great part of the game. I loeve the voices of the grunts and all of the little sounds they make (and how stupid they can be). Also the music fits with the game very well but when i was playing on the 433 guilty spark level when the flood came out, the music made me think wut the he*l was that. Awsome touch.

Suggestions: maybe more levels in multyplayer and single player. More covenent to fight (in halo 2) as in the type to fight. Maybe cause i read the book there should be a level where these scientists typre covenet take apart cars. Include them in halo 2 as they are very important (to the covenent) and you need to kill them. Good luck on halo 2, sure to be a blast.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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