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Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: I was real phsyced about getting this game. With the war on terrorism happening i wanted to take my frustrations out with this game. Having flight sim games before this i thought its xbox so its gonna rock . This game is a major disapointment . The graphics are good but the plane phsics totaly reaked . it was like fighting in a flying dumpster , yeah theres many planes in this game with their own physics but the planes manueverability is limited and unbending.The story has about as much substance as a UPN sitcom. I think the developers needed a quick game to show off the xbox. Maybe thats why WWF Raw is being pushed back , they probably realized they actualy have to make gameplay and a story now that evgeryone is pissed off. This is the third xbox game i've traded in.I was greatly disapointed . Even the combat is cheap . There are blind spots everywhere when fighting and the planes turn to engage the enemy way to slow.My advice is to get Amped or Halo and pass this hollow excuse for flight combat.

Gameplay: The interface you use to get into the game is ugly. Not that it's bad looking, just hard to get through. When you begin, you're only given one plane and one mission to choose from, which makes the game immediately demands hours of play just to get the goodies like the Mig, the Chengdu, and the Harrier aircracft. The manual does promise real jets and a few interesting missions. Once you get flying, the game defaults to a behind the plane view, which isn't terrible, but it doesn't give a good feel for flying. The controls with the Xbox controller are hard to get used seeing as the plane is sometimes very responsive and other times not. Air to Air combat, even on Novie controls setting, is extremely tough, and it's easy to miss even with locked on missles. Once you get a handle for the plane, the game is rather nice. It certainly could be a lot worse in every way since it's on a console rather than PC. Still, the gameplay doesn't come close to matching great flight sims like US Navy Fighters, MS Flight Simulator, or even the classic (and my favorite) Strike Commander.

Graphics: The graphics are beautiful. The isn't anything to really complain about or point out, which is a good thing. One of my roommates refuses to play the game based on the fact that no matter what, your plane will not explode when shot down. If you fly into the water, into the ground, or into a ship, we have yet to see an explosion of our plane. The two points which I saw were lacking, is that the plane is completely missing in !&%$@#* pit view. I miss the days when racing games and flightsims had the trunk in front, like in Daytona USA, when you flew or drove from inside. The other gripe I have is that machine guns with the classic 1 to 6 tracer ratio have been traded for a 1 to 1 ratio, meaning you can see every bullet. Just a side note: A tracer shot was put in guns in the 1940s for WWII in order to spot where gunners were shooting, but in order not give away location, only 1 in 6 or more were visible.

Audio: My problem is coving both the ground and the air enemies with no support, so when the bad guys start making land fall in Mission 1, I hear the same transmition over and over again. Besides that, the sounds are very nice, with machine guns rattling, explosions matchin distance and radio transmitions having static. The music isn't special. In fact, it just sits there in the background. While you don't really notice it, it's not good or bad. If you want realism, there should be no music in the game, and for the most part, I believe there isn't any, but I'm not sure. I got bored and fed up with game pretty quickly and returned it after 1 day

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: Wow!! I never thought that this game could be better than SSX. Sure SSX is snowboarding and THPS3 is skateboarding, but they both packed a lot of excitement. The only difference is: THPS3 requires more skill and precision. It still delivers action-packed fun, but its not just pushing any button you wantt o perform a 20000 point trick. Tony Hawk 3 focusses more on railing and less on tricks. Balance is essential, but so are many other skills. There are objectives that must be met, and tournaments that must be won. This game is playable only on gamespy and will not be available when the launch of XBOX broadband comes around. The good thing is, no matter how bad the othr palyers connection... no lag is experienced. I have played with pings as high as 200 ms on gamespy, and there is no lag.

Gameplay: Hmmm. where do I start. Well, this game focuses a lot more on railing than just doing tricks. You get lots moer point for doing tricks while railing, so that is incentive to rail more. There are specials that each character possesses and fun objectives to meet. This game starts you off as a rookie, and the objectives get a lot harder as you pass the levels. The multiplayer is also fun. Modes include King of the Hill, grafitti, horse, trick attack, slap and free skate. There are planty of characters to choose from as well as maps. This game is loaded with a lot of extras such as an extra lvl (not on ps2) and soundtrack.

Graphics: To me it looks pretty !&%$@#* sweet, everything runs smoothly and the levels are detailed well. I love the fact that when you complete certain objectives the people you have helped still interact with the game. A guy who's tongue was stuck to a frozen pole runs around yelling "I'm Free, I'm free" (sounding like he has an injured tongue). Little things like that make a game more fun in my opinion.

Audio: Ahh the sound, again, done very well. You can tell the difference between surfaces you ride or grind on. The sounds of your bails are realistic and some even make me wince when they happen. There's nothing like the sound of your face whacking off of steel pipe... The soundtrack is awesome, but a little short. You have the option of ripping your own tracks though so you can't really complain here. Motorhead rules!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: I could play this game for ages. The game is very well rounded. Even though it's a port, it's still the #1 football game out (unless Blitz is better which I haven't played yet). It just has a believable TV style representation. Coaches celebrating on the sidelines, players celebrating after a touchdown, the replays (especially the Matrix replays and the sack replays) all add to a great TV style presentation that looks great and plays awesome. There are plenty of game modes to choose from like Practice, Two-minute drill, and my favorite, Franchise Mode. Start off with any team and sign players to make them amazing (even if they are the Carolina Panthers you can make them amazing. Sorry you can't bring Ray Carruth back).

Gameplay: Unlike Fever, Madden has some pretty nasty tackles. Though not as devastating as some you see in the Blitz series, they are still painful. I ran through the line with Ray Lewis in franchise mode playing as the Giants and absolutely crushed Donovan McNabb. It sounded like I killed him with the painful collision noise and him making this girly scream. Then the replay showing it's brutality over and over. Pass coverage and recieving in this game is an art. If you lead your man (offense or defense), chances are you got the ball. It's not very easy to learn as most newbies I play with always press the catch button way too early and just jump up straight in the air and miss the ball completely. But once you learn how to, you could catch in triple coverage. The play call challenging is a bit weak. You can only challenge the spot of the ball. However, the computer sometimes reviews it anyways but they can review for reasons like did both feet touch the ground etc. What is the purpose of having it in if everytime you challenge it's overruled but everytime the game challenges it it's an automatic overruling? None the less, franchise will keep you playing for hours.

Graphics: I was surprised to see how much more detail went in to the player. Even though it's a port, they are pretty close to Xbox quality. Everything else looks right out of the PS2 game from the ref, to the audience and to the cardboard camera men and photographers. More special effects were added as well. The field gets torn up a lot more than the PS2 version. Players helmets get scratched and nicked. Turf gets stuck in players facemasks. The players get dirty a lot quicker. Just some teeny things I noticed.

Audio: In game sounds are great. Most tackles are painful because of how painful they sound not how they look. Grunts and screams are heard whenever someone is being blocked or tackled. The crowd noise usually brings the game to life on many occasions. Plus they have chants on occasion like D-Fence. The commentary is awesome in this game. Although most of the time the stupid stuff John says makes you want to punch him or say "Yeah John. That's why your not coaching anymore you dumba** ." John and Pat continue off each other which adds a ton of realism. You won't hear the same line in the same game twice. Once or twice you might but most games everytime they talk it's something different. EA always does great with commentary.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: This game appeals mostly to NFL football lovers, but anybody would love it. The game has a large amount of plays, and the suggested plays section is really great. The passing game on many games have been the only thing you can use effectively, but on this game you can get 5, 6, 10 yard games on a run... if you find the hole. The sound was just thrown together, and the graphics are at some times amazing. The collision detection would need work though. Try NFL 2K2 and Madden also... some people like Madden better, but most like Fever, and I think 2K2 is supposed to be the best... but I don't know

Gameplay: The running game has never been done like it was done on Fever. As I said in all the other games you are restricted to only passing if you want to gain yards. On this game, you can run or pass. The passing isn't impossible, but you have to be wise on who you through to. Big hits usually knock the ball loose. One of the only complaints is a lot of times the reciever plays the ball wrong on a screen, and it hits them in the back of the head. I like that you can drag players a little sometimes until another player comes in and tackles him. The gameplay is great, and the different difficulty levels keep you into the game even if you've mastered the other ones. The season mode is great... how players can get injured and retire. You can have a team for up to 25 seasons, which is a loooooong time. You can draft, and trade. The season mode is great. I like how you can create a player. The fantasy challenge is cool... how if you beat a team you can use them... and same with the practice mode, I like how if you get past each course you get another team. I haven't really done general manager... but that doesnt seem too fun to me anyways. The collision detection is shoddy, and only one man can tackle the runner, the other person just falls through them. I like the swim move options if you are blitzing, and the spin. The kicking is good.

Graphics: The visuals are pretty good. The players look pretty nice, and the grass is good. There are no refs on the field unless you get a line measurement or a penalty. The replays are nice except that a lot of times you tackle a guy, and end up in a rather wrong position... if you own the game you should know what I mean, or watch your replay after tackling a few times, and you should see what i mean (if your old enough). They used Peyton Manning(

Audio: Uuuuggggghhhhh... They just threw this part of the game together. It seems like they said "Controls?" "Check" "Visuals?" "Check", "Sound?" "OHHH CRAPPP!" They just left this off to the very end and you can tell it. the announcers suck, but the actual hitting isn't bad... The comentators rarely say anything new, and usually say the wrong thing or fall way behind and say what is happening in the previous play... after every kick off they say the same thing "The Special teams coach has gotta be going nuts... that guy should have taken a knee in the endzone" or "Alright D!ck (it's more fun to say it that way, even if it's not in a bad way), the return man won that round, his team will have good field position at the start of this drive". It is good that they rather of forgot the sound than gameplay or graphics... The sound isn't good... but don't get the game just for that. I give it a 3 because the comentating is worth a 2, and the in game hits are worth a 4... average that out for a 3.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: The game is very good, and I'm growing sick of Xbox Addict's staff reviews. In all honesty I haven't read a good one yet, aside from the Halo review but hell, everyone loves Halo. It comes down to this and NBA 2k2(live sucked) to see what you like better, but if you don't feel like waiting you may want to give this a try. Rent it atleast if you are looking to buy a basketball game.

Gameplay: The most important part of any game: gameplay. Well, I like the default camera view although if you are used to NBA 2k2 or another basketball game. The one thing the reviewer was right about was the shotblocking, it's the best of any basketball game to date. Also, by holding down the L trigger you can box out which makes rebounding based on skill rather than just luck as it has been in the past. Yes it does play a little arcadey, but nothing to complain about- there is no true basketball SIM out there, atleast that I have seen. It's nothing less realistic than the 2k series. Stealing is pretty easy, which, in my perspective, makes it more fun. Typically I hate defense in any basketball game... atleast since Coack K for genesis, and this makes it kind of fun.

Graphics: This just makes me wonder how much of an idiot the staff reviewer is. Like Fever, these are the best graphics ever for the sport. Players don't have that shiny-fake look to them, at a glance they look like their real life counterparts, until you see them move at about 1.5x speed. Go over to ign and see what they think... 10.0 graphics. 2?... I don't think so, buddy. I don't get how some people look at graphics, some idiot who reviewed NFL Madden 2002 here said that it had graphics that "can't be touched" by NFL 2k2 or Fever... and Madden has the worst graphics out of the three of them! Some people just make me wonder...

Audio: The sound during gameplay could be better, but it serves its purpose. There are times there will be no sound when you see the players celebrate after an impressive move. (Such as no sound when the player claps their hands.) When you control the replay, there is no sound at all so it takes away from the excitement and emphasis of the controlled replay. The music for the game was done well. Nice soundtrack. Suggestions to Developer: Need to be able to create teams and players, have

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA 2K2

Overall: This game is great for any diehard basketball fan, or for any sports fan! The graphics were the only dissapointing part of the game for me. The gameplay was the best gameplay I've seen in a basketball game! There are plays you can call, you can crossover, block, steal, and intentional foul. I played this game for 1-2 hours a night, and I never got bored. I recommmed buying this game, but if you don't think you'll like it you should rent it first... I would buy it but I'm broke!

Gameplay: The gameplay is AWESOME! What else can I say... you can do anything. Crossover, spin move, pump fake, post moves, block, and steal. After a little less than an hour you get used to all the controls. I like how they have the free throws set up... you miss the first couple of times, and then once you get used to it you start making more and more. There are so many different mods you can play... street (my favorite part of the game... I recommend starting with this, it will build your skill in managing 2 to 3 players before moving to the conventional 5). Defense is fun too, the stealing is well done. It is hard to steal just out of nowhere, but if you wait for them to pass it to a man downlow, and you go to double team while he's making his move you can steal it a majority of the times. You have playoffs... which is pretty fun, pracitce mode, which I didn't use that much, but you can use that to learn the plays and stuff. You have season mode, and a couple others that I never got to. Overall, the gameplay is what makes it the best basketball game (in my opinion) ever!

Graphics: The graphics are the only thing that really dissapointed me. The players don't look to good. They are pretty blocky, and the visuals just don't live up to what the xbox can handle. Guys are waking threw guys, and the crowd is horendice. I wish they did the crowd like in NHL Hitz where they are 3 dimensional. The heads are too small for the body... especially on the coach. But this part of the game only takes away from the overall game a little bit because it just has such good gameplay! The visuals are the only thing I would really have taken more time to improve on. But don't not buy the game just because of that.

Audio: I didn't really listen to the sound because I was too enthrawed with the gameplay... but of what I can thin the sound wasn't too bad, but not too good. The players would yell switch and ball, which would help me out on defense. The hometeam would cheer when you dunk, or make a 3-pointer. The commentating was alright but a little repetitive, but what do you expect from a sports game on commentating? You can go to the menu, and switch around what was loud and what wasn't. Overall it was alright, but nothing to brag about

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: An action/adventure game with lots of action is what you can call Blood Wake set in the busy waters of Asia. The story is really good and keeps you interested while you try your best to destroy the evil people that surrounds the Dragon Seas around the Island. Although the story is presented like cartoon drawings they are nicely made and very satisfying. Every aspect is done very well and the water is amazing to look at, it's very real and one of the only games where you'll see that water effects as rare as these.

Gameplay: The way you play this game is very similar to other games and the controls are easy to use once you have the hang of it. Everything is placed well in simple areas for you to conduct your boat. Even though the buttons are placed where they are it would have been a nice option to be able to place them where I want. When deciding which way to turn your boat with your analog joystick you have to make sure that when you turn, its really that direction and not leaning the least little bit toward another because if you do, the boat will go in that desired direction. This is only because the joystick is so negative but you are still able to use it fine.

Graphics: The environments are well designed, although the sometimes frantic gameplay keeps your attention focused on enemy craft and completion of mission objectives. When you did have a moment to stop and look at the scenery it was cool to see things like the bottom of the ocean or river if you were driving through the shallows. Where are the people?? Alot of these missions feature attacks on forts and other populated areas. It would have added to the realism to see people running on the shores or even floating in the water after destroying an enemy craft. Boat damage was realistic, although it would be cool if you could target specific points on a boat. If you destroyed its engine or prop shaft then the boat would be rendered immobile. Little details like weapons reloading and your guy turning around when you back up your boat do help, but more lively background environments are needed.

Audio: The SOUND.....or lack there of.....What happened here??? Time and time again, when games are reviewed sound is talked about so critically. This obviously should be a cue to pay alot of attention to sound in the development of games. This was not the case here. I found myself maxing the sound effects volume and minimizing the voices and music levels to get as much punch as I could out the combat. That still was not enough. The guns were muted and dull. I felt like I had earmuffs on when I was playing. Now I don't know if torpedoes and missiles make any kind of noise when enroute to its target, but does anyone remember the torpedo battles in Hunt for Red October??? Even if it was a Hollywood effect, the whiny noise of those torpedoes going through the water made for some suspenseful moments. My complaint is that I found myself having to visually look for missiles and torpedoes when audio cues of an incoming bombardment would have been extremely effective at keeping me on my toes and making myself go "*t!" if I wasn't. Sadly though, the sound effects aren't there. The Dolby digital sound was poorly implemented. The explosions too are muted and lacking in punch. There needs to be more variety in the engine sounds. I think a catamaran cruiser sounds a heck of alot louder and more throatier than a sampan outboard. The long and short of it.....the SOUND IS VERY POOR IN THIS RELEASE!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Amped is an overall blast to play. I love games like this that you create a charachter and then it's up to you to see to it that his career is succesful. The only problem I can find with this game is the graphics are a little fuzzy around the boarder's faces (don't get me wrong this isn't really a big deal) but it would be nice to really see their faces like in Tony Hawk 3. But, I am a firm believer in the fact that graphics are only good when they make a game better and this doesn't make the game any less fun to play so it isn't a big deal at all and the rest of the graphics are so beutiful. I recommend everyone to go out and buy this game

Gameplay: One thing I love about this game is the go anywhere, do whatever, trick off of everything attitude. There are several different paths to take and plenty of huge jumps and grinds. Landing moves in front of camera men is vital not only in earning more publicity but giving you more attribute. In the beginning, you'll only be able to land a 720 1/4 times. Once you get a bit more attributes, you'll be able to execute 1080's like no tommorow. Landing big tricks isn't the trickest thing in this game. Impressing some of the sponsers is quite hard and sometimes it takes DAYS to make a sponser feel Amped. But once you do, it unlocks new clothes, goggles, and sometimes new boards with some awesome attributes. The only problem I got with this game is you can't play 2 players simaltaneously. But if your looking for a snowboarding game that has an awesome 1 player experience, this is defintely it.

Graphics: Truly spectacular and thats nothing. This game really shows how XBOX can kick every other system's A$$! But thers no surprise really, there always good on XBOX, so intead I will say all the little amzing things that are so unique. First of all the snow is insane. It even has sparkles that glitter, exactly like in real life. It also even has the marks of the when the trails have been groomed, and it clearly shows you snowboards trail. It has even more of these little things that are nice to notice, like the sun leaves the shadow after trees and even your player. I'm sorry but i'm going to have to stop now or else i'm going not going to stop at all.

Audio: First things first, over 200 songs including Electronic, Punk, Emo, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, Ska, Raggae, Surf Rock and if thats not enough for you, theres also the ability to rip your own soundtrack to you hard drive. Another nice addition is that if theres a song playing that you really hate, theres always that wonderful white button that you can press which changes to the next track, i'm telling you, its so useful sometimes. For all the other things, like the characters growns, the sound real enough all though there not to important, and the wisecarcks from the photographers are although cheesy, give a laugh, and others really make you want to ram your snowboard into them. Another thing thats even funnier than jokes like 'Hey the camera still rolling, act like it hurt', is the really messed up sound the hidden snowmen make when you go near them, its so helarious.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: Overall this is the best baseball game i have ever played in my life!!! This game has tons of options and so many things to do. Some of the modes that this game has are: Exhibition, Season, Franchise, Playoffs, Home Run Derby, Batting Practice, Expansion, All-Star Game, Manager, and there are over 250 trading cards to trade,sell and collect. There are also many other modes but to list them all would take more time then i already have.

Gameplay: The Gameplay in All Star Baseball 2003 is extremely good. There are over 500 hundred motion captured animations and there are every single imaginable players signature pitching and batting stances!!! There is also the new 3-D Cyberscan technology wich give us the most realistic looking player faces. The Fluid of the game is very good. The players arms and joints in all parts of the body bend,move, and expand just like in real life. The players also swing the bat were actural physics and momentum come into play. Also some people claim that this game is a homer fest! I strongly disagree. This is hands down the most realistic Baseball Game ever on any console!!! My Only gripes about this game is the excesive amount of glitches in the game. It is almost like the developers didnt even take the time to have people test it for bugs and stuff. Also thier are every teams minor league farm teams. Which show you all of the teams young and upcoming youths. But overall this is the Best Baseball Game Ever!!!!!!!!

Graphics: The graphics in All Star Baseball 2003 are absolutely gorgeous. The players body shape and size are extremely accurate, and there specific sports wear and clothing is very accurate as well. The new 3-D Cyberscan technology produce the most realistic looking player faces in any game in the history of baseball. All of the players batting and pitching stances are also very well done, with every single baseball players specific traits. The stadiums are also very well done. They have very nice reflection and extreme polish on everything in the stadium. The grass is very green and the dirt is very well done. For instance players will actually kick up a cloud of dust when they go for a slide. Also something i have never seen in a video game before this game actually has fans that have facial emotions and move thier mouths and cheer and do everything you would do at a baseball game. Althogh the high and or cheap seats arent very deatailed. But then again every sport game is like this. But i couldnt belive how detalied the crowd was in this game. These are the best graphics for any Baseball Game out there!!!

Audio: This is where the game losses it's 5.0 The sound in the game is extremely horrible. Although there are some bright spots which include: A three man broadcast team! With greats such as Thom Brennaman, Steve Lyons and World Series Manager Bob Brenly! There is also some authentic stadium sounds! For instance if you play in safeco field you can hear the train go by. But the worst thing i hate about the sound in this game is that there is absolutely no Umpire callin Ball!!! or Stiiiiiirr! I absolutely hate the fact that you have to wait until the box score tells you whether it was a ball or a strike. Also the crowd is never really in the game. But there are times when the crowd will cheer loudly and chant the players name or the team name. But only at critical moments in the game. The lack of an umpire really kills this games overall score

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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