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Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game has some excellent visuals and good sound, however the story mode lacks the depth needed to have a good reply value.

Gameplay: Very intense action, however not all combat modes are two player capable. The storymode is too short without enough diversity in the "end bosses".

Graphics: The graphics of this title are on par with other good xbox titles. The water and snow effects were well done, as well as the debrie effects in some levels.

Audio: The sound effects are very well done, however the soundtrack is overly prominent and detracting from the game. It would have been better if they allowed you to insert your own music.

English characters should speak English. Japanese characters should speak Japanese. German characters should speak German.

Suggestions: Make a real story mode with some more depth. Start off easy, and then tailor the end bosses so that the player needs to learn the special moves of each character to win each level. Add some real plot and character development to the story. The storymode has as much depth as a bad porn, the music sounds like it's from a bad porn, tone it down. Have the characters speak thier native languages and apply subtitles when needed.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: The excellent graphics and sound make for an emmersive experiance. The gameplay is good, and there isn't any glaring bugs in the game. The manual was good with only very minor errors, but it contains all the information you need to enjoy the game. The multiplayer mode of this game can be a bit frustrating at times, but overall it is pretty fun.

Gameplay: I am glad that they spent some time to make the game work nicely in multiplayer. There are some annoying things such as the POV being backwards or not zooming out enough to see the enemies shooting, most of the time it is well done however. Another annoying thing is not being able to shoot through chain linked fences, or shoot over many types railings and walls. It is also annoying when you enter some rooms that you are placed right in the middle of a bunch of monsters rather than being able to shoot your way in. The end bosses in multiplayer mode get much much harder, it is harder to beat an end boss with two players than just by yourself if you don't use good teamwork. Overall it is a very well done game that has a well balanced challege to it. It would have been nicer if the enemies would spawn quicker, rather than waiting over several minutes killing the small batches that spawn in an area.

Graphics: Visually this game is very well done. The textures used were extrodinary, and many of the water effects were very well done. The use of the glowing glyphs gave the game a "blade" type feel to it, with a similar atmosphere. The main characters looked very good as well.

Audio: The sounds were well done, localized effects were faded in appropriately. Footsteps change as you travel on different surfaces, and other detailed sound effects were also very well done. The music also matched the mood and the pace of the game.

Suggestions: It would be nice if the creatures didn't spawn out of thin air overtop of your character. I don't really like the idea of seeing the monsters come out of thin air to begin with, they should all be present to begin with. You should be able to shoot through certain types of walls and over others. Certain monsters should be able to open doors and move between rooms. When moving into a new room you should never be warped into it, you should be able to shoot your way in. Have an option to put a target marker on the screen so that you know where you are aiming your gun or your offensive edge.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Overall: This game can be fun if you don't take it too seriously; personally I think that the old gauntlet is a better game than this version. I don't like many of the new special items and levels in this game; it seems that the developers went overboard on many inside jokes in the game, such as turning into an acid breathing chicken, or the level where you collect coins inside an office building. The original seriously stuck to a medieval setting, where this version frequently breaks this suspension of disbelief. The manual for this game contains errors and is inadequate. Most items collected in the game are not do !&%$@#* ented, you have to figure out what they do by activating them, it you can even see the item in your inventory.

Gameplay: Playing with more than one player is frustrating, frequently a character will be caught somewhere on the edge of the screen. The POV system needs to be improved; many times your character is fighting enemies that are right beside them but off of the edge of the screen. There are many bugs in this game, particularly with the inventory system, most items appear invisible or cannot be sold when they are collected. The magic statistic doesn't work well because you can't control what you see on the screen, the POV is fixed so at a point it becomes useless to increase this attribute any. Speed doesn't seem to do anything meaningful; a 100 point spread between two characters doesn't seem to cause any difference in movement on the screen. In the original gauntlet speed was very important because it was easy to move around, but in this version it isn't important because it is so hard to move through the terrain. The special abilities acquired at higher levels is a nice idea, but requires the use of a magic potion. It would have been nice to see these special abilities accessed in the same way that the special attacks are accessed instead of costing a potion. Why is there a two button combo required to execute the special attacks? Just pushing B by itself should execute this attack without interfering with game play whatsoever.

Graphics: The graphics are just awful for an xbox title, after playing Hunter the Reckoning you really notice how poor the graphics really are.

Audio: Many localized sounds are not faded in as you approach them, they are either on or off. Different types of footsteps sounds would have been nice.

Suggestions: A maximum stat of 999 is poor; this should not have been capped where it can be reach relatively quickly. Was there any Quality Assurance done on this game? Get rid of the lame office levels, super shot rifles, etc. If you want to include inside jokes, make them easter eggs instead. Fix the Point of View system or allow the players to control it somewhat. The magic and speed attributes are relatively weak, they need to be augmented. Have speed increase attack speed slightly and magic automatically cast a weaker magic shield plus attack enemies at higher levels. Offer a full heal potion in the shop. Have currently selected inventory items appear over the characters head with a hue corresponding to the characters color so that you can see what you are about to activate without having to read it.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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