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Colin McRae Rally 3

Overall: Overall, this is the most realistic rally simulation that I've played on any console. One player mode is incredible, while multiplayer split-screen needs improvements (cannot see other cars and draw distance is horrible). Best things about the game are the car models, car physics, and weather/terrain effects. The things that bring this game down is the multiplayer (especially 2P split - 3P split has better graphics and frame rates for some reason ??) and the horrid environmental graphics. This game is for someone that is looking to play realistic one-player rally simulation.

Gameplay: I love the car handling and dynamics. It is the most realistic next to GT3 for ps2. Drifting is easy to execute and the car moves in harmony with whatever terrain that it rides on. There are a good amount of levels, and good variety as well. Loading times are quick. Replay system is not very good (you can't control playback and camera). I love the beautiful animated menu system.

Graphics: Mixed bag here. The car models are amazing. As good as and in some cases better looking than Apex. Car parts are rendered objects that all get damaged and lost. Also, weather effects are awesome (especially rain w/ the windshield wipers). BUT, the terrain graphics are disappointing. Not much improvement over CMR 2.0, if any at all. Mountains and walls are average, but trees and pathetic flat pixels. I know graphics aren't everything, but the terrain quality is the worst of any new generation rally game I've played (V-Rally, WRC, Rally Fusion).

Audio: Sound is one of the things that sets this game apart from others in its category. Engine sound effects are realistic (turbo spool-up, misfiring system). The sounds of the different types of terrain is a nice touch as well (gravel, wood, rain, etc.). Crash sounds and tire skid noises are also on point. There is no customizable soundtrack, but I believe that was to keep the realistic nature of the game so you can hear the naviagtor.

Suggestions: Improve the environment graphics BIG TIME. Either put a full split screen multiplayer mode or don't support it at all. No half-assed stuff, please.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Apex

Overall: A great racing game for the XBOX. It brings a unique experience, where you are in charge of a start-up car corporation taking on the global manufacturers. Few flaws include inconsistent AI, quirky controls, sound quality, and less customizations than would be preferred for buidling a auto-empire. Better than Sega GT 2002, not as good as Project Gotham or Rallisport. On par with Need for Speed.

Gameplay: Menu system is well designed, fast, and easy to navigate. Loading times are kept at a minimum. Controls are tight, but a little sensitive. Also very arcad-like, so it is not for someone looking for a simulation racer. There are tons of tracks, and most have impressive design. Tracks are big, and road surfaces have elevation and depth. I would have liked if there was more freedom with car customizations. Rating is lower mostly because the handling is too sensitive for my taste.

Graphics: Best looking track-racing game yet. Still loses to Rallisport overall. Car models are incredible, and tracks have immense detail. Visual quality is hardly sacrificed in multiplayer mode, and loading time is still very fast. No slow down in frame rates.

Audio: This is where the game could have improvement. Engine sounds are rather generic, and overall environmental and atmospheric sounds are average. Customizable soundtracks a plus, but only plays one song per race (repeats until race is finished). Car idle sound effects are good, however.

Suggestions: Please allow more customizations for the cars that you want to build--such as engine type, drivetrain, more body shapes/addons, performance parts, model name, etc. (look at the game Sega GT for Dreamcast for an example). Also, improve the controls somewhat so they are less sensitive (i.e. Rallisport or Project Gotham)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: Overall this is a good game. No Halo killer, but it wasn't intended to be. Reminds me a lot of Duke Nukem with it's humor and simple-minded fun. Cooperative mode is an excellent addition, although other multiplayer options are limited.

Gameplay: Very impressive gameplay. Not floaty like Time Splitters 2 or Nightfire. The controls are very simple, which makes learning quick, and suits the game well because the objective is to shoot. Auto-aim is well done (also unlike Time Splitters).

Graphics: Graphics are decent for an xbox game. It is a port of an older PC game, so you shouldn't play it expecting it to be Halo or Rallisport. But the framerates are very smooth and the graphical quality is somewhere between Nightfire and Unreal. The levels are huge.

Audio: Music is average and creates a nice atmosphere. Gets intense when the enimies come. Sound effects are decent.

Suggestions: More multiplayer options!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: The best game of its kind, and the best game to come out this year. Splinter Cell is the other must have game for XBOX besides Halo.

Gameplay: The gameplay is extremely easy to learn and provides excellent control. Much easier than MGSS. The camera control is a great innovation. Also, I like the amount of freedom and movement given to Sam Fisher.

Graphics: The best graphics on XBOX next to Halo and Rallisport Challenge. The lighting is stunning, and there are tons of other effects that make you sit and stare with your mouth wide open. Levels are very well designed and the only problem I can think of are minor clipping issues.

Audio: The sound is necessary for the game, as it makes you aware of your environment, and you have to use it to stay alive. The score is also very well done.

Suggestions: Give Sam Fisher a walking bug camera if there will be a sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: The greatest FPS ever made. Awesome story, great controls, innovative multi-player (cooperative mode), smooth gameplay, breathtaking graphics, extremely realistic sound, intelligent AI...i could go on, and on and on...

Gameplay: The missions very well structured, and i love the story. Two player co-op is awesome. The controls are very good, and customizable. You can set the difficulty level, and it adjusts very well. Vehicles are a good addition. There is a good mix of multi-player options and levels. The loading time is quick, and there is hardly any in-game slowdown. The game get's better as you play it more, because there so so much you can do, and so much to discover.

Graphics: The best graphics on any gaming console. The levels are HUGE, and you can roam around as much as you like. The characters are very well designed and are highly detailed. There are lots of little details that you wouldn't imagine (zoom in on things and look). The only game touching Halo visually would be Rallisport Challenge.

Audio: Great sound effects and realistic environment sounds. All the character sounds are unique and not annoying. The voice acting is superior to any video game. Hitting a tire sounds different from hitting a wall. Great soundtrack. The marines are funny.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: This game is highly overated. Yes, it is a decent game, but this would only be the case if a certain game called Gran Turismo were not invented. For those who don't remember, GT3 on ps2 does the same thing...but much, much better. This was a highly anticipated game for me, as i've been waiting for it months before release. However, it does not deliver what is supposed to be a COMPLETE DRIVING SIMULATION. This game was not made to compete with Project Gotham, Rallisport, or Test Drive, etc. This game was created to compete with Gran Turismo 3. But it fails to do so, mechanically AND emotionally. It doesn't even come near to GT3 on any level, with one exception -- the customizable soundtrack. The biggest flaw of Sega GT is that it came out AFTER GT3 and still could not learn from an existing game. Sega GT is on a much more powerful system, and has a huge potential to be better than GT3. This game is a huge disappointment, and should not have been released without the sorely needed improvements and testing. If you want the best racing game on XBOX, get Rallisport Challenge. It is a fun game that doesn't try to be something it's not.

Gameplay: This is not the type of gameplay that is supposed to be on a racing simulation. Yes, it's fine for Project Gotham, but much too arcade-like for this type of game. A slippery rear-wheel drive car handles like a sticky 4WD. It is almost impossible to drift. Almost all cars that are the same drivetrain handle alike. In GT3, the main appeal of the gameplay is REALISM. You can do anything in that game that you can do in real life. There is a high learning curve in GT3 that makes you practice more and more to become a better driver. In Sega GT, there's no need for practice! Anyone can just start driving like a pro -- because the car dynamics are so easy. Aside from driving mechanics, the menu system is HORRIBLE. It's ugly, !&%$@#* bersome, and SLOW (come on, this is an XBOX, why is there loading time while navigating through the disgusting looking menu??). If that wasn't enough already, the tracks are all small and claustrophobic, there aren't enough tracks, the 2-player mode is so limited that you can only play through a few tracks and can't earn any more, the sense of speed is very slow, saving the game will not save the option settings, the damage system is a bad addition (which gets very annoying because the AI isn't smart enough to stay away from you, even though you are supposed to avoid them), car tuning takes no brains just money (all cars are tuned the same way and the tuning options are exteremly limited), you can only buy ONE of each car (what if u want to tune them differently? too bad, you can't!), there aren't enough cars that people like (especially from europe), too many cars that no one cares about (some weird car that has a chinese name -- and i'm chinese by the way)...and that's about all the flaws i can think about at the moment.

Graphics: I gave it a 1.0 NOT because the graphics are not good. I love lots of games that aren't graphically breathtaking (Gungrave, Street Hoops, Dynasty Warriors, etc). I gave a 1.0 because the graphics aren't anywhere NEAR what can be done with the xbox. They aren't close to Rallisport. They aren't even that much better than GT3!! The trees/people are flat pixels, the and overall ambience and color of the tracks is horribly dull. The car models are average, but NOT as good as GT3. Yes, there are more reflections, but does that make a more accurate looking car? No. Many cars tend to have too wide tires, are too high, or too skinny/fat. The details are hard to see. A Toyota AE86 Trueno has wider tires than the 350Z! What is going on? They went overboard on the reflections, and they cover up much of the car details. Yes, there are some improvements compared to GT3 (anti-aliasing, and resolution) -- but remember, this is XBOX. They could have at least done as good as Rallisport in terms of visuals. Oh, one more thing - a glitch - for cars with twin exhaust pipes, the misfiring system doesn't show up.

Audio: The sound in this game is about the only good aspect. The car sounds are realistic, and you can hear cars around you, behind you, and driving by. A mustang sounds like a mustang, and a civic sounds like a civic. The soundtrack is customizable.

Suggestions: LOOK at gt3. The game is right in front of you. Look at it, play it, and make Sega GT better. Or at the very least, comparable. And this is Xbox, not dreamcast -- so take advantage of waht is available.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: i felt it was a waste of money. the only thing good about it was the visuals. also, some of the in-game crashes and damage was nicely done. the single player mode is annoying and sometimes difficult. there is no multiplayer so you run out of things to do. i wished they wouldve given you more freedom like gta3. time limit really limited you in what you could do.

Gameplay: the cars are easy enough to drive. but the missions are annoying. messing up just a little bit costs you a lot.

Graphics: the best looking game i've ever seen. on par with rallisport challenge, and i think the lighting is even better. too bad graphics is all it has going for it.

Audio: sound effects are good. music is minimal and not really noticed. should have let you create your own soundtrack.

Suggestions: if you were to make a sequel to wreckless, please include a multiplayer mode. single player missions get old really fast. also, it would be good to have more freedom. time limits restrict what you can do in the game. gta3 is an excellent example of freedom. the visuals are great, keep it up.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10

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