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World Series Baseball 2K3

Overall: I haven't bought a baseball game in a while and after purchsing this game I wonder what took me so long. This another Sega sport title that doesn't dissapoint.

Gameplay: I love how you change between curser batting, timed batting, and power batting. The only thing that needs work is the fielding, sometimes they get to balls they shouldn't have. The franchise mode is awsome.

Graphics: Graphically this probably is the best looking of all the other titles. The only thing that needs work is the accuracy of the faces of the players.

Audio: Sound appeal isn't really important to me, but I think the announcers for this game do a good job. Hearing the crack of the bat on replays is pretty cool.

Suggestions: Let us be able to decide if we want computer created managers or the real ones. For example, I like the Cubs and was upset that Dusty Baker couldn't manage the team. Also use a real money sysem instead of this BP crap. Other that no major complaints.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Overall: I loved the Dreamcast version and this title is the same with better graphics. So the subtle improvments are good enough for me. I really love this game and can't see myself ever getting bored of it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great I mean how could you not love pulling off all these wonderful combos. To me this is the best Capcom fighting game of all time.

Graphics: I love how they decided to use a 3-d background for the 2-d characters. Visually it is beautiful. I mean the vast amount of colors that rush to the screen when you do combos are tight.

Audio: The sound is fine with me, but I do wish they would of updated the music a little because it is kind of annoying, but you can't blame them for wanting to keep it old school.

Suggestions: I wish they would have added Xbox Live to it, but I know it was because of legal issues with the Marvel licensing. The sad thing is having live probably would have easily doubled it's sales, but now people might shy away from this great title.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: They game has a great concept which is defeat levels with as less force as possiible. They want you to beat the level as a shadow with really nobody noticing you. Cool concept, but I get bored easy so I often had to restart missions because I was too much of a risk factor lol.

Gameplay: Gameplay is cool, but it is slow paced to me. I don't like having to waite so long for scenes of action to get intense. I guess the gameplay just doesn't suit me.

Graphics: Graphically it is awesome, the use of shadows in the game are vital and look great. The charcters and background look great as well. No real complaints from me.

Audio: The voice acting is great, I loved the actor who played sam fISHER. Often games are ruined by bad voice acting, but in this case it helps the game.

Suggestions: I think you did a good job, everybody seems to like it. Just not my type of game I guess.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: I love this game, I believe this is a title that is over-looked by a lot of people. I personally thought this game was even better than Splinter Cell. This is my second favorite game on the Xbox. First being Halo of course.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, the action never gets boring or repetitive. You have to mix stealth like tactics with Maniac like killing sprees. I can't say enough about this game.

Graphics: The level designs are cool looking and places don't look the same, but the only little complaint I have is the faces of the characters. A lot of them all look the same, they could have spent more time on the faces.

Audio: The music gives a good feel to the game, the sounds blend well with the mood of your situation in the game. The biggest plus for me is the voice acting. A lot of times crappy voice acting can ruin a game, but in this game all the characters sound ligit and their lines are often funny and well written.

Suggestions: Just work on the face animations and you will be good to go. I sure hope there is a third installment to the Hitman series. Sweet A$$ Game!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This was the title that made me purchase the Xbox on launh day. My review is late, but better late than never. To me this is the greatest game of all time.

Gameplay: I have played this game so many times and never get tired of it. The controlls are good and the levels are so masive that you have to be aware of your surroundings so you don't get overwelmed by the Covenant.

Graphics: Graphically it's amazing, the colors and visuals you see when a plasma grenade explodes or you look at the Master Chief's shield flicker is pretty amazing. The levels are beautiful, the best example is the Silent Cartographer level. You can look at the beautiful Ocean in Halo and go by water falls. It is simply incredible.

Audio: The sound is great, the soundtrack to Halo is so well done that they actually released it as a music CD. Hearing Covenant scream when you attack is cool as well.

Suggestions: Just make Halo 2 as good as the original and I'll be happy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: Sega new that this year's effort probably would make or break there chance to finally overtake EA's football heavywieght. (Madden) On paper they certainly took the lead winning best inivation and football game improvement at E-3. But, talk is cheap and they seem to be able to bark as well as they bite. After playing the big three, (Madden, 2K3, and Fever) I would say it is the easiest to pick up and play. So I think it is very appealing to the hardcore football gamer or even just the casual gamer. Adding ESPN's license doesn't hurt either.

Gameplay: For those of you who were Madden lifers it may be hard to get used to the gameplay, but over time you will see what the hype is about. Amazingly this year's effort is a slower pace from previous years and certain problems have been fixed. Super dives don't occur as often, runningbacks don't break 6 or more tackles every carry, big boys like Alstott and Bettis will knock you on your ass, interceptions don't happen as frequently, and the one weak point this game has always had the franchise mode, has been revamped by the ESPN license and that may be one of there strengths now. The only thing that I don't like, but does not hurt the game in any major way is the quarterbacks ability to break tackles every time. If Warren Sapp or Michael Strahan get a clean hit on a quarterback they shouldn't be able to shrug that off. But it is only a minor problem and I'm sure it won't ruin your gaming experience. One complaint some have is dropped passes, I don't see this as a problem. You have to time your routes and don't expect lower tier recievrs to make the catch in tight coverage.

Graphics: This is the first time I have given this game a perfect score in this category. I have almost thought the player models have looked like monkeys or just to chunky every year, but I am pleasantly surprised at the visual upgrade. The stadiums look good as usual and the field looks bright on the xbox version. The best visual compliment is the Front office in your Franchise mode. You have things such as a computer, notebook, planner, office for contracts and trades, and even a palm pilot when you go to the nfl draft. Visually it speaks for itself. The coolest thing is the announcers will circle you on the tv monitor if you make a interception or a great play, also another great feature.

Audio: Sound is good and even better with good speakers obviously. The announcers are pretty good, but when has announcing in any football game been fantastic. The crowd will react to things such as your home team winning the coin toss and getting stupid penalties late in the game.

Suggestions: Just cut down on the quarterbacks ability to break away from sacks and there won't be nothing for me to complane about.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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