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All-Star Baseball 2005

Overall: Major League Baseball game that allows Franchise modes to manage a pre-existing teams or allows you to creat your own expansion. The game itself is easy enough to play.The Manual is sparse at best, the announcers are annoying and often say the wrong things. For example the announcer was saying how great a out was the other team made while I just hit a homerun. I have to score it down with all the bugs that have reared their ugly head in it. Constant lock ups and Dirty disc errors.

Gameplay: The game play itself is pretty straight forward and easy to get use to. It also allows for you to change it to several differnt batting modes. It has several features to help even someone that has never played a console baseball game.

Graphics: The visuals are really decent and smooth. The players move smoothly with out any jerking around. The names on the jerseys are clear and easy to read. The Staduims look good and as with most sports game the audience is of course generic looking.

Audio: The sound is okay nothing I would say stood out, the fans say the same thing over and over again, and their cheering definitly sounds like it is on a sound loop.

Suggestions: Beta Test your products, of all the games I have this one and Morrowind are the only to I get errors from (though I get no where near the error from Morrowind as I do this one). It gets very annoying to have play games over and over again because of the game locking up.
Add some better sound and better tutoriles.
If you are going to use music in the game get more songs the three that are in it get very old after a bit.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: I love this game truly one of the best golfing games ever put out. I loved the dialog and they cut scenes.

Gameplay: The controls are a little tricky at first but once you get use to them it is no problem. Use the tutorial it is a big help.

Graphics: Graphics are good here. I love the action that goes on around you and they real time they keep it. The animations move fairly well to.

Audio: Commentary from they charaters are funny and fairly clear. You are able to hear and understand them easily.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: So far I have really enjoyed this game. I like the way it is making you earn money and still try to get info that you need. The chases I thought were fun with having to hit a certain button during it.

Gameplay: So far it has been very easy to control with the only problem that I ran into was using the d-pad intsead of the stick (though you can change to the stick in the options). Fighting controls are very easy to get use to and other challanges are not hard either.

Graphics: While I admit this will note win any
awards for it's graphics they are still good. I actually enjoy looking around at all the sites and signs.

Audio: Okay pretty good here with the sounds around you. FIghting sounds are solid as well. The only complaint I have here is the dialog that they have used. That could have been better.

Suggestions: Better dialog would be nice. More challanges in the game would be great. Oh and better part time jobs than the dang luck hit stands.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: This is one of the best golf games I have seen. It is easy to control and has alot to it. Challanging but not so much that you will not enjoy it.

Gameplay: So far the controls themselves are easy to use. The S-controler is the best controller to use here with the differnt placement of the black button. The only gripe I have with the game is the putting just seems off to me.

Graphics: Very nice looking game all around, the player on the game definitly look better than any other. But as to the backgrounds it is a hard one to judge as most golf games kinda look the same in this area.

Audio: The sounds are good, the addition that EA has started putting actually musicians and thier songs in is kinda cool. But the sounds on the links sound equally as well.

Suggestions: Not much it is a very solid title for Xbox. I am not a overly huge fan of EA sports but this title was done very well.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: I had read alot about this game and was really looking forward to getting it. I am very happy I did this game is just awesome.

Gameplay: So far I have found the controls easy to use and has a good learning curve to them. Which suprised me considering all that you can do in the game.

Graphics: So far I have not seen better with shadowing effects on consoles or computers. I was really impressed by the diffrent views that you can use. The IR and such. This game is definitly got the best graphics going for them.

Audio: The sound of this game is great. Which I like because of the amount of times that sound is a first warning. I think they did great hear as well.

Suggestions: Not much in the way they did the game I think this is probably one of the best games I have played on a console. Ubisoft deserves all the kudos they get for this game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: I rented this game and was very nicely suprised. The game play is very easy and great for a beginer. My fiance' pick up the controller and was playing compently with in 5 mintues. The game play has been very exciting and fun.I love the way the building explode and damage keeps getting worse with each shot. Or when you shot the trees the catch on fire. Overall this has been one of the best titles on XboX I have played.

Gameplay: The game play itself is very easy to get use to and straight forward. The set up is easy to get use to. Though I still like the computer game for being able to set up preset weapon groupings.

Graphics: Very nice grpaphics wise, I like the way you see electricty do small arcs and smoke the more you get damaged. I also have been enjoying the attention to detail of the enviroments.

Audio: The sound is great, I can tell each weapon group apart, the crunch of the mech on the ground changes to terrain. I also like the back ground music that is played.

Suggestions: I would add more mechs, more multi player maps. Customizing a Mech is always a good point to have as well. Other wise great game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: Well I have been looking for something to replace GT. I am glad I got this game. It gives me enough to replace GT, and still is a impressive game. Though I wish you could customize the cars a little more over all I love it.

Gameplay: Game controls are smooth and well thought out. It alos gives several diffrent selection of game controls to choose from.

Graphics: Really great looking cars, and the scenery is very nice as well. To me I think it would have been a tad better with some damage put on the cars as you went through the race but other than that very impressive.

Audio: I love the sounds of the cars here. Each on sounds differnt. My Charge can definitly be told apart from my Honda. Great job there.

Suggestions: I would give more selections on being able to customize your cars. Damage meter is a great idea but let us see damage as well. More Tracks

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: So far this game has been fun, I would not put it on the same level as Halo as 3d shooters go. But over all the game is a fun game. I also really like the weapon selection in the game.

Gameplay: Not much in the way of real concentration outside of blow away of everything that you come across. The biggest plus so far has been the flying in the game. The biggest minus is the jungles are annoying at times with all the 2d plants you can get.

Graphics: Graphics here fall into two catagories. Dinosuars and Other, the Dinosuars (like T Rex and Stegos) are decent graphics. The rest is not what todays standards are. 2d plannts dominiate your vision, water graphincs are not the best either. Decent Graphics but nothing spectacular.

Audio: The sounds are decent to really cool (mainly for the weapon effects, so far that I have ran into noting stands out but nothing is bad either.

Suggestions: If they make another Turok they need to take advantage of all the Game Systems Graphics. The Graphics I have seen on this I was playing on my P2 400 megahertz machine.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I used to never play racing games until the original Grand Turismo. So I saw this one and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did it will soon be bought and added to my collection.

Gameplay: I thought that the controls were very straight forward and easy to use. As far as the cars handling I loved it. Side braking seemed to be very easy to preform (a little to easy as I did at times I should not have.) Challaging courses but not to bad.

Graphics: The visuals here were awesome. I loved how it would show damage from my wreck, get dirty while I was driving. The scenery was well done and fit nicely.

Audio: Sound was fairly good. Though if there was a weakness it would be in this area. To me nothing was amazing about it. But still it was solid.

Suggestions: I think the only suggestion I would give this game is make the caree mode more customizable. Allow the player to buy a car and build it up to thier liking. Other than that great job.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: I thought that this title was going to be a better version of Max Payne. But I rented it first as usually do with games and I am glad I did. I would have given it a 1 but I got to shot clowns in a grave yard so I though that was worth a point.

Gameplay: One of the biggest problems I had with this game was the camera. It was very annoying frustrating. I did like some of the controls to the games, such as disarming and the body shield but not much more than that.

Graphics: Nothing really special here. The bullet time was no where near as good visually as Max Paynes in my opinion. Just all around average visuals.

Audio: Lots of gun fire, but at least they did that well. Outside of that nothing spectacular. Seems liked that was all they concentrated on.

Suggestions: Needs better story line, Better AI, Better sound. For me this title was a huge disappointment.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: I like this game, it has a great story line that keeps you in constant plt twist and rooting for the main character.

Gameplay: The controls were really standard and easy to use. I was impressed by the camera here as it was easy to alway keep my bearings even in the dream sequences.

Graphics: Graphics could have take advantage of the xboxs power a little more. But they were not that bad either.

Audio: The sound effects for the guns were great. I could tell what a person was shooting just from the sound in most cases. At times the dialog was a little soft but still understandable. Who ever did the sound here needs to go over to Bloodwake and talk to them

Suggestions: Little cleaner graphics (though not at the expense of game play) and make a sequel you left us hanging at the end of the game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: I was really hyped from the commercials when I saw this game. So I got my Xbox and bought Halo and Blood Wake. I played Halo first, that was probably my mistake. Blood wake just seemed so dull compared, The story line is kinda shallow compared to the other. It was still fun but with out a deep story line it really lacked what was needed to keep my intrest.

Gameplay: The game does not have what it needs to keep you playing it. The controls are fairly simple but you are pretty much locked down to what boat you have to what you can do.

Graphics: This to me was the one saving grace of the game. The effects of the water was good and the movements were good. But I think they could have worked a little more on how the boats looked.

Audio: This was very annoying at times, with choppy sounds of the boats and generic gun sounds I was not impressed.

Suggestions: Work on the boat graphincs, make the boats more customisable. Also put real cut scenes into the game and not just the drawings.
The story line needs to be put together alot better to draw us in.
Oh and get a new sound guy.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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