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Overall: This is a rather difficult review. This is a classic example of a game that is executed beiutifullly, however, it doesn't suit my preferences for what a good game is. In other words, I simply couldn't get into the idea of this futuristic sport. The graphics, the competitions, the sond everything was done rigyht, but the concept was just silly I thought. You gotta get this stupid ring through this !&%$@#* hoop, it just made little sincse. Anyway, I payed through it and instanly got sick of it. Exchanged it immediatly for Ghost Recon, ever thought I thought the game looke great.

Gameplay: The ctonrols were easy to grasp. Yet, It took me awhile to understand how to score goals. It's nice to be able to beat the crap out of your opponents, but at the same time it takes away from the actual gameplay when you maybe beating up on someone, th eother team could be scoring. I don't know, as Said, I couldn't really get into the concept, maybe I had to smoke befor or something to really get into it.

Graphics: The game looks and feels great. It's almost up to Halo standards, and the replay feature is !&%$@#* ing awesome. Best replay feature I've ever seen.

Audio: SOund was great. Everyone is cursing and it actually sounds authentic. I really would prefr to se emore grames with excessive cursing. We need that badly to reflect real life.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I liked this game, but I wasn't crazy about it for a number of reasons. First off, the graphics. I'm sure a number of people have nmentioned this but some aspects of the graphics are dispecable. Trees and explosions to anme one or two. THe explosion from the grenade looks like absolute tcrap, on top of that, the t4reees are two dimensional. However, if you can get over these shortcomings you'll be in store for a very fun game. Don't get me wrong, this isn't Halo or even close to it, this a very realistic Squad based shooter, that is much more like SIm than a blast through Medal of Honor type of game, However, I do indeed like that.

I haven't played it on LIVE yet, however, I think if I was to review it after playing it there It would have gotten higher scores, but for now, all based on single player missions.

Gameplay: Overall, not bad at all. Controls take minutes to get used to, however, opening doors on the left joystrick button is really strange I think. Controlling your squad is extremely confusing and I think this area conould of used a lot of improvements. the AI in the game suffers greatly, a people will see you crawling up to them from quiet far away. They also will not take covers like you but simply run at you shooting.

Graphics: I don't know man, hy can't you make this look like Halo, WTF. I mean I admit, there are very good aspects as well. For instance, When zoomed in on rifles you can see the trees moving from the wind in the distance, this game the enviornment a very realistic feel. BUt at the same time WTF is up with those explosions. Common man, we c could do better than that. You can do it!

Audio: Sound I thought is very nice. All the guns sound authentic, not that I Would know if they don't but it souns likke they sound real. Voices andd all that crap sounds good too. No complaints here.

Suggestions: Improve the graphics to HALO like standards, and make the AI smarter than my ass.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: I don't know man, all the bad things I heard about this game and for some godly reason I still want to get it. I rented itto play with smomeone and felt intially that the game sucks blue balls, however, after playing it for a little while I started to like it. Let's get one thing clear, I don't know how someone could give this game a 5 in this section because Halo is a 5, and not only because of the graphics. THis game has a really strange aiming system and the controls may take a long time to get used to, but overall I think it's not bad.

Gameplay: There is osmething about military games that I like. I mean the war with Iraq in the scope of all wars was probably not the most intense one but still enough to hring some excitement into the game. Killing people is fun in t heis ame and being able to switch among your players is a great idea. I haven't palyed Ghost Recon yet, but I guess that game will blow thisone away.

Graphics: I don't know, I thought the graphics weren't as bad as everyone says. I mean yes they could be much better but they are good enough for what they are intended for. I'm not sure I ike spending two or three clips on some due stnading out in the desert doing nothing though. And also, not sure how is it that all these arabs just appear right out of the desert, did they have houses under sand?

Audio: Can't really remember anything about the sound other than the guns sounded fine. I have to populate this space some more for this to get posted.

Suggestions: Fix up that !&%$@#* aiming system and polish up on those damn graphics.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Ok, well I've only played this game for a little while at my friend's house. I have rente dit and we played it for a few hours but I feel I am already in a position to review this game and oh yes, I will def get it and play through the whole thing. The game is simply amazing. The graphics are mindblowing, I've never seen anything like this for any console. Halo has it's good parts but I think when it comes to lighting and contrast this game has Halo beaten. Controls take a while to get used to but the number of things you are able to do in this game is simply amazing.

Gameplay: It may take a few minutes to get used to the control. It's a bit akward at first, at least I thought so. The movement takes getting used to as well as remembering all the buttons. Once you get used to this, the game is a breeze and pure joy to play. The game is extremely realistic and places you into real scenerios of a would be spy.

The only minor complaint that I had is the controls. I felt the controls could have been tweaked to reflect your movements better, I don't know if I'm the only one with this complaint but I'll deduct half a point for this.

Graphics: OUtstanding. As I said before, I've ntot seen graphics like this on any console yet. The only thing comparable is PC graphics but even so, It's tough to find games that compare.

Can't really comment on this since I wasn't really paying attnetion to muzic or th esounds, but as far as I know there were no complaints. So I'll give it a 5.

Suggestions: Make the next one already.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: Finally a game better than Halo! Ok just kidding but seriously this game can hold its own. If you're a WWII junky this game is definately for you. Everything is very authentic has a 1940s war feel. The level design is great although the graphics could be significantly better. The weapons are very nice, and have been selected from WWII. I just love those !&%$@#* weapons. AI in the game suffers although there are lapses when the germans actually are smart. I've seen a guy kick a grenade towards me with his foot and other times you will shoot a buddy and the guy next to him doesn't do a thing. Overall the game does well what it tries to achieve, give you an authentic WWII feel.

Gameplay: The controls on this game take a few minutes to get used to. There is a setup simular to HALO, however, it doesn't work as the aiming function is used too frequently and works differently than in halo where it's push and release and here it is hold. Also I love the fact that there is no crosschairs on the screen at all times, I think it's a nice touch of realism by the developers. You can put it on if you actually aim at which point you can't really move, just bend here and there, also a great touch of realism. I think this game does a great job achieving a level of realism that often is absent from FPS games.

Graphics: The graphics without a doubt could be better, however, I don't think they are as bad as everyone says. I think there is a wide range of graphics in this game, some being excellent and some not very good. For instance, in the first level, the taking of normandy beach when you look at the bunkers you see german shadows that stand still, this is an obvious example of bad graphics. Later on, in the village please direct your attention towards the smoke rising up in the air when you're up and above in the church, the graphics truly look spectacular. Overall they could def be better, but they're not nearly as bad as PS2 which I have played.

Audio: This is one section where I think the game excels beyond any other. I think the sound is outstanding, all the guns sound great, as do explosions. I was amazed with how well they were able to recreate war sounds from inside buildings as well as outside. The bomb droppings sound right on. I think the sound is flawless.

Suggestions: Definately make the AI better. Expand the levels, so they are not so linear. Allow more flexibility with movements. Allow driving vehicles and flying planes. Also allow to kill your own soldiers like in HALO.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Overall: The following review is coming from someone who's never purchased a tony Hawk game series before. I must admit this is a great game. As said, never having played Tony H before I wasn't sure of what to expect. I knew the games were rated highly consistently but I didn't know if I would like the genre.
The game starts off nicely with giving you little tasks and familirizes you with moves and enviornment. I feel that the game though assumes that the player is at least half way familiar with some moves, and I'm sure that 90% of the player are, however, it would be great to have some sort of real start up tutorial.
The biggest benefit of this game is that I can see myself playing it for months.

Gameplay: One word: Addictive. The game looks and feels great. First time I plugged it in I played for hours. Simply couldn't stop. The tasks are fun to do and just skating around doing stuff is fun as well. Exploring is great, of which I haven't done much yet. Most tasks are very nicely balanced in terms of difficulty. Myself, I wasn't able to complete any of them on the first try. Most of them are self explanatory but some I find I have no clue of what to do. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I'll figure it out later one.
OVerall extremely nice stuff though.

Graphics: The game looks great. I haven't seen any slowdowns, everything is highly detailed and skater falls looks incredibly realistic. No complaints here at all.

Audio: The soundtrack on this game I thnk is great. Good selection of songs, sound FX are very good, no complaints at all.

Suggestions: 1. Make the game explain allthe basic and ALL the moves at the beginning.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I'm wasn't going to review this game due to the excessive # of reviews already. I think this is a good resource for gamers to see how the game gets over with the players, however, as evidently has been displayed with HALO IT IS A DAMN GOOD GAME. I decided to review just so I could see how my score would tweak the current aggregate percentage.
Now, onto the review. I will go ahead and say that personally, I think it is the greatest first person shooter of all time. This game doesn't have any flaws as far as I'm concerned. From the moment you turn it on, you're simply amazed and astonished by the depth that this game carries. The possibility of the 2nd installment is endless because the base is there.

Gameplay: The moment you put this game in, you're drawn into it. The game very nicely takes you into the action, with no 'literal' training in place. It does show you the necessary things you need and you take it from there.
The controls couldn't possibly be better. It's almost as the controller for configured for this game (not sure it wasn't). It may take a few hours for you to get accurate at shooting, but the learning curve is ideally executed. The game progresses very nicely in terms of difficulty level. Every level has a suprise in a form of a new weapon, a vehicle, enemy, surrounding, etc.

Graphics: Visually the game is very impressive. I am a believer that XBOX can handle even better graphics but this being the first FPS for the system it did set a very high bar for subsequent shooters. The details are just simply mindblowing. Surfaces and textures on HDTV are as good as they are on computer games with state of the art monitors. Another thing you can do to convince yourself of amazing graphics is to come up onto the bridge in Assault on the control room and take a look down from the bridge when you're standing on the glass. It's amazing how precise everything looks from so high up. Incredible.

Audio: I have read some people complain about the sound and I can't say I agree with them. I found sound to be totally consistent with the game and suiting. Alien voices, marine voices, everything is authentic sounding. The only thing I didn't really get is how come grunts speak english to each other.

Suggestions: Make Halo 2 with an insane amount of weapons and vehicles.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: Ok, this is one of these games that by reading the reviews you get a feel this is either Love or Hate game. Has anyone noticed that people have either ranked this game very high (almost perfect in most cases) or very lost (worst possible scores)?
The bottom line it is a very good game. Anyone that ranks it at lowest levels has not given it a time of day. Yes, it's true, the controls are akward at first, so is the camera, but the game is not plagued by these problems. The innovation and stategy required to advance make this game great.

Gameplay: When I first started playing this, I couldn't help to notice the incredible resemblence this game carries to MAX Payne. This is a european developer as well as MAX payne. I'd be willing to bet something that MAX payne's code was used as a "skeleton" for this game. That's not to say that this is the same type of game. It is and it isn't. It's been said before, you will not going into a room of baddies and blasting them away in 10 seconds like you could in MAX payne. This game requires some form of stategy and formation. Some parts will be played over and over, until some strategy discovered works. The game is difficult. I would not recommend this to anyone who doesn't have at least 3 years of gaming experience under their belt.

The controls are very akward at first. I was scrambling for about 10 minutes, pressing the right trigger to shoot. It took me about 30 - 45 mins to get completely comfortable with the controls, although I can't say I don't miss Max Payne's targeting system. Anyway, I think this system works and just requires a bit of time to adjust.

Using the dog and taking people hostage is a great touch of innovation. Hopefully we can see more of this in the future. I thought the game needs a jumping button, but it's not that big of a deal.

Graphics: Visually this game is like a slightly polished up MAx Payne. The camera takes time to get used to. The best thing to do is to position the camera to look towars the front with the left trigger. That's when there's no enemies on the screen. Yes, there are problems with the camera. Ocassional that is. I fell more time should have been spent here. Visually, anyone that said it should be a Sega title is out of their minds. PS2 couldn't possible pull off this type of graphics, although, by no means are they amazing. Let's put it this way, they are good enough for what they are intended. The character design is much better than in Max Payne, but not by much. Oh yeah, the stripper scene is very weak.

Audio: Sound I thought is very much standard. Probably very Max paynish. Custom melody rumbles throughout the game, the SFX are very good, as they should be.

Suggestions: Put some innocent people around so they can be shot for no particular reason.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Tough to summarize this game into this little box. When I got it I heard quiet a bit about it, mostly how good it was. When I initially plugged it in, I must say I was very dissapointed. I mean geez, you have basically one button that you use. Not sure if anyone else went through this but if you sit for an hour and play this thing, you'll realize how incredible this game really is.

Gameplay: Initial dissapoinment followed by wow this game is so addictive. Really great in every aspect. Fun to play, doesn't require a whole lot of strategy, however, someone did say that it's a button smasher and I can't say I disagree, but it does require some form of strategy or you'll be vampire meat very quickly.

Graphics: Visually the game is very impressive I thought. Surfaces look incredible, detail on zombies could perhaps be slightly better but still no complaints. The camera work works nicely, I really don't know who complained about zombies attacking you from off screen.

Audio: Sound isn't bad. Music could be better, during boss or instense battles you'll have a change of pace, but overall the music I thought could be improved.

Suggestions: More levels with more bosses with more weapons.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I thought I must throw my 2 cents into the pile. I'm not a huge racing game player, in fact, this is the first racer I have on Xbox.
The game is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are amazing. The first thought that actually came to my mind is making a First person shooter with graphics and surroundings like in this game. That would be unbelieveble, Halo in this surrounding, just imagine.

Gameplay: The gameplay may take a bit of getting used to. I think the physics are pretty much right on. The turns may take a long time to get used to, sliding isn't easy, however, once you get it you'll kick ass. The game becomes very difficult quickly, at least I thought so and it also becomes unforgiving, meaning if you make even one mistake in the later tracks on normal difficulty you have no chance of finishing above 4th placement. Overall, the game i think is pretty difficult.

Graphics: Not much to say here that hasn't been said already. It's stunning, incredible, fantastic, etc. I hope they'll make more games with this type of graphics.

Audio: Sound is just Ok i thought. Music, honestly writing this I can't even remember any muzic. The driver's voice I thought could be better, I mean here's a guy who's sitting with you, realistic game and he's telling you what to do. I'd like to see him say other things, like scream when you're driving too fast or falling off a cliff. There's a lot to explore there.

Suggestions: 1. Improve sound.
2. Adjust difficulty. I think now that normal is too hard, what will i think of Hard.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Short and sweet and to the point as always. Great game is all I have to say. I was able to sit down and master the controls within minutes. Anyone that says the controls are confusing should get their IQ measured. The game is very unique and fast really just a lot of fun.

Gameplay: There's really not much to say. I think this is one of these games that you may like it or hate it but you still have to give respect to the developers. The product is quality regardless of your feelings towards the game. This game is just fun, it's not incredibly deep and not the type that takes weeks to master, it's just a FUN game.

Graphics: I know there is a lot of opinions about this game's visual performance and yet I think this game looks incredible. I haven't seen any game with this type of graphics, the whole game looks like a cartoon but yet runs incredibly smoothly. Shadows and lighting is done beituflly. People constantly want realism from these games, weather you like this game's graphics or not, the intention of the develops was 100% accomplished to make this game look the way they imagined it.

Audio: Sound is just incredible. The tracks are phat and very upbeat. The suit the game very nicely.
The only addition I would make if possible is to make all dialogs soundable rather than readable. But this might have been done to conserve space on CD for muzik in that case it's fine.

Suggestions: Make the game even crazier. Ridiculously long grindes, crazy !&%$@#* jumps , just make it even more chaotic.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: What can I say, not being a big fan of EA - a very solid game in deed. I always felt EA simply does not push the envelop far enough when it comes to games development. They just add a bit something here and a little something there onto the previous version and let it go. This game is that, however, it's soli enough to stand on it's own. Undoubtably, you're getting realism with this game. Something that's tough to find in socce Genre.

Gameplay: Controls are easy. You can jump right in and be playing within minutes. I have not played too much yet, but I've noticed that scoring goals is very difficult. As it should be. Most of the times the shot will over kick the goal. I suppose it takes practice. What I like about this game is the # of things you can do with so few buttons in use. If you're a soccer player, you will realize just how much of the game you control here. Passing is cruicial and this game gives you enormous flexibility when it comes to passes. As said before you control every aspect of the game, and love every second of it.

The conquest mode is nice. If you're a socer freak you will enjoy things like the date that you will get for your match and the stadium's reaction.

Graphics: The game looks very impressive. I suppose it could look slightly better with players on the field. I can definately see the next version being better looking but it's still nice as is. As I said before the game is incredibly reaslistic, from the plays to the reactions. However, EA either forgot or didn't think about one thing. Player's reaction after a goal. Sometimes they show them celebrating, but most of the time they don't. You get a goal, which is hard to come by and then it's a kick off. You need the rward the player by showing various celebrations.

Audio: Sound is incredible. On the field you hear players screaming things to each other in other languages. The crowd reacts nicely to different situations and the commentary is solid as well. Overall no complaints on the sound.

Suggestions: 1. Make players celebrate their goals.
2. Make shots on goal easier to control.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: What can I say. This game is an art work any way you look at it. Whether you're a fan of this genre or not, this game is a masterpiesce. Everything from controls to graphics, from sound to replay value, it's all there.

Gameplay: The game is incredibly easy to pick right up and play. I have had people come by and play this game at above amatuer level within minutes of picking up the controller. The game has a dark feel all throughout, something most games lack, feel that is. Yes feel. That's what this game has plenty of, feel. It feels dark. The choices are weapons are perfect I think. Each weapon is utilized best in certain situations, it takes strategy to figure out what weapons are used best. I have heard a number of people complain about the game's length all I have to say is that they probably should simply count up the !&%$@#* ulative number of hours it took them to beat it on easy (without using strategy guide), then on Hard, and then on Time mode. If you're an average player, who plays an hour a day or so, you're taking about probably 20+ hours of gaming. This is the type of game that you will beat on easy and can start playing on hard right away without getting borred.

Graphics: I have not seen this game on PC so I have nothing to compare it to, however, I think the graphics are outstanding. Everything from details suck as smoke from cigarettes, to TVs when they are on, it's all simply amazing. The missionaries all have different faces and the bullet time is simply amazing. I'm still suprised that the developers were able to get this feature so dead on. I can't think of having this any better than on Max Payned.

Audio: Sound is simply astonishing. The game carries thorough itself the same melody in different beats and tones. This is another thing that many games lack, a melody. The music is consistent with the feel of the game. The voices and conversations that you hear are very nice as well. They sound somewhat cheesy at times but you can't complain.

Suggestions: A few suggestions I suppose for the next installment.
1. Better AI, I'd love to see the enemy utilize the surroundings better. They actually do use boxes to hide on hard, but It could be better, sorta like HALO where enemies cover themselves up entirely behind trees and rocks.
2. A few more machine guns would be nice. I suppose this is a stupid suggestion since there is plenty of weapons. It would be nice to see a knife in the game so you could slash a few people here and there.
3. More bystanders and innocent peeps around. Say if you shoot innocent person in a crowd of mobsters, the cops come after you. SOmething nice to see. Also give you a chance to shoot up some innocent folks.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: I'm going to try and make this review short and sweet and to the point. Wreckless is a good game. Bottom line is it's a good game that is simply too short. Don't get me wrong, unless you're a freak, you will not be able to beat this game the first time you sit down with it. But 3rd or 4th time around you'll be done with all the missions. Some missions are a sheet joke, while others can be challenging. The game's contains everything to be a classic, except longevity and challenge. I really hope they come out with Wreckless 2 and adress this issue.

Gameplay: Game play is very nice. From the moment you start you are impressed by the game. It's addictive and the reward of getting new vehicles is nice. There are a few bugs in the game and some things that I didn't like such as vehicles dissaperence once you hit them. If you're trying to make a realistic game, this is a big no no. They should have made it like GTA 3 where the vehicle stands there for a minute or two at least. The bottom line and I suppose it is a cliche by now is this game is an ideal rental. A buy for $50 I don't think so.

Graphics: Very very impressive. I have not seen a game like this yet. Anyone that compares this to GTA 3 should get their head examined. Put GTA 3 against this and you will want to puke. I'm not talking about the gameplay, i'm only talking about Graphics. Lighting effects are amazing at times and overall the visuals are just stunning. It would be nice if you could run over people though.

Audio: Sound is very crappy. The voices are dispicable, there is some sort of techno during races. I guess mediocre is the best way to sum this up.

Suggestions: Where do I start. The developers have a gem on their hands and they don't even know it. This game has the potential to be fantastic. Here's just a few suggestions. If any developer from this game wants more from an avg gamer please email me.
1. Ability to run over people
2. Vehicles do not dissapear once hit.
3. More thoughtful physics
4. Have missions where some vehicles are better than others (more of this)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 RedCard Soccer 20-03

Overall: The game is alright. It's what I call a not too good and not too bad, but pretty good game. It hangs between an over the top BLITZ/JAM type of game and a real sim like FIFA.

Gameplay: The controls are somewhat confusion I thought. Takes a bit of practice to get used to them. For example, there are instances when you have to hold down both triggers and it's really annoying. One is turbo and the other is a special move activation, I wish this game didn't have special moves and was simply a soccer like FIFA. I haven't played FIFA yet on XBOX but scoring is way too easy (as expected at over the top) but it's stupid easy. Sometimes you will score from 20 yards away and the goalie won't move until the ball is already above him. What happens is vows from your opponent that your goalie should have had that. If this game was 5 on 5 BLITZ type with double digit scoring that type of goal would be justifiable, but as the game is 11 with referee on the field this simply shouldn't be happening. After you start the Conquest mode, the first time you play is Penguins. This is a real bummer. A team like that you should play at the very end or at be a supplement cheat that unlocks them. They should not be a team in the tournament. Again, the game fails to identify itself. You expect a Brazil vs France instead you get Brazil vs Dolphins (the Mammals).

The controls are okay. Nothing spectecular. There is no replay mode, there is one auto replay after each goal. There is a slow time (Bullet time sorta) that you could pull of using your special move. This is really silly looking kick that almost all the time (if you're close enough) will guarantee you a goal.

Graphics: Visually the game is impressive. Player models looks very realistic. The field, the shading, lighting all very nicely done.

Audio: I've ready some previous review and I think the sound is pretty crappy. First off, your player does a drop kick and get the ball and you have a commentater with his british accent say "marvelous steal". When you do a drop kick or an elbow drop you want to hear something else. Default game settting suck terribly, the crowd and the effects overlap the commentators so you need to go into setting right away and change it. All in all i suppose the sound itself isn't bad.

Suggestions: Please, please for the next installments of this game make it a game that has a personality and is unique. If you want to do over the top soccer game, I'm all for it, but do it right. If it's a sim then do so and allow more control over plays and get rid of the silliness within the game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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