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Ninja Gaiden

Overall: This is my first review in a couple of years... and the only reason I'm writing it is because I think it's necessary. This game needs to be in the top 10, bottom line. I'm not going to give a summary of the game as I'm pretty sure that's a given. Ninjas. What more do you want.

Gameplay: Most fluid game you'll play in years. You really get a sense of controlling Ryu and a definite sense of domination. You run around as a Ninja cutting apart bad guys. If you've never been to, you have to go if you don't beleive me how awesome ninjas are.

Graphics: The standard on Xbox. Regularly compared against in reviews in the graphics category. Only matched so far by Doom3 (released... several days ago.) I dreamed one day of playing a game looking like this. 60 FPS to boot.

Audio: Good score (musical score), very nice... slicing sounds, hitting different textures with your sword produdces different sounds, and even good voice acting.

Suggestions: Back when it was released in March, many were mad because of no Live play. So what. They release the Ninja Tournament expansion packs, and that is amazing. For FREE even. Just amazing replay value there with loads of stuff in each pack. Similar almost to a retail expansion. Only suggestion besides making a sequal (which I'm sure had been said) and Live play, I'd like the custom soundtrack option. Playing Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting while running around being a ninja would dominate.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kung Fu Chaos

Overall: Daaaaang. I decided to wait to review this game after i had unlocked most, if not all of it. I came into this game thinking that there wouldnt be much to do and id be done with it in a few days and id only have fun with it only when i have friends over

Gameplay: This is really the prime of this game. After seeing the GC release smashbrothers, i really wanted a decent party game that i could play with a group of kids (including girls who actually turn out to not like halo. whoda thunkit?). This game fit that description perfectly and filled in the gap that fusion frenzy left behind. Soo good. As i said before i thought this game was guna go by fast. It doesnt. I thought there would only be levels and characters to unlock. Those are the EASY unlockables. Theres so much more to it! So much gameplay and so many options to play with. You will not get tired of this game soon, especially if theres a few kids in your family. By the way, its absolutely hilarious. Shao ting is awsome. and i like Xui tan Sour's taunt (YOU too Fat!) I could go on... but...

Graphics: Although this game does not push the xbox graphics to the limit, i still give it a 5, because this game would be terribly laggy and have a sloooow framerate if the graphics were halo status. But the graphics really fit the game perfectly. The nice touches are thrown in wherever they need to be (ie. Water, Dinosaurs, Special moves, backrounds). Perfect for this type of game. People talk about it getting to crowded on the screen, I have seen nothing of this.

Audio: Custom soundtrack will automaticly get a 5 on sound in my book. But besides that, the taunts are great, shao ting is great, and the soundtrack that comes with the game is great. Punches and kicks sound like they should and I especially love the sound when u dont execute a taunt properly (a donkey noise. its hilarious).

Suggestions: X X BBBB OOO X X


(ya see i took all day to make that!)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: People like david00##whatever really tend to make me mad. They have no idea what they are talking about. read on to see why...

Gameplay: This game is THE best stealth game EVER. its redicerusly realistic. David thinks that alarms RANDOMLY go off. Well if he'd care to read his OPSAT, it will tell you why they went off. Such reasons are "A BODY WAS FOUND" and, "A computer player saw you and soundeed it". or something like that. But seriously this game is awesome. I didnt stop playing it untill the embassy level because i didnt like it when i couldnt kill anyone. Im past that now though. If i were to compare this to halo as many are... i wouldnt say either is better. You cannot compare these two titles. They are both unique in that: Halo is an FPS shoot em up. Splintercell emphasises not using your gun often and sneaking around.

Graphics: This game is really rediculous. I mean seriuosly. Its just friking crazy. at times i just stand still, and look at the shadows of fans etc. I also just stare at sam (im not gay, stop thinking that) because of the detail in him. Its just such a good looking game. I could go on,.....

Audio: Great sound. Although it makes me mad whenever i hear "BUM BUM!" That is the worste sound EVER. U hear that quite frequently when gaurds turn around when they "Think they heard something!" Lol. But that sound just freaks me out cuz i know something bad is gunna happen. Other then that, great orchestral work for the backround music. AND MOST OF ALL: The bullet ricochet sounds are so awesome. You can shoot a pop bottle and hear a nice "PING" and then a wooden board and hear "THUD". Im serious, you can actually make a song out of shooting different things. Its just so awesome!

Suggestions: Make a sequal and TONS of extra content for XBL. I want it now. And maybe even team up with bungie and amke a cross between halo and splintercell. That would surly be the best game.....ever.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2003

Overall: This game is awesome. Its better then the first. and a lot harder hitting. And the mini games are fun.

Gameplay: This game keeps u occupied, in that u play ur friends, u beat ur friends, ur friends attempt to hurt you, u fight them off, they challenge u to a rematch, and u beat the living crap out of them a second time. and so on. Some of the mini games are fun too, while others are not.

Graphics: This is great. The replays are awesoome. u can actually see the players faces at times in replays and they all look nice. My only problem with this, is that, alhtough the crowd is fully 3d, they are all waying jeans and blue or brown baseball hats. strange.

Audio: bones crushing, sirens for goals, fists smacking, stick checking, body checking, checking thru the glass. all awesome.

Suggestions: more mini games that involve violence. hehehe. like the checking only mini game. that kept me ocupied wit friends for like an hour.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: This game is good. If u care to notice everyone elses reviewes, they all plpayed it for 6-10 or 10-20 hrs. I CAN SEE WHY. THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE. i played it for maybe 2 hrs at my friends house last nite. I want to go over there now and play more.

Gameplay: Very addictive. We played thru the GIANT first mission. The beginning sucked a lot. We had no idea what we were doing. I guess i ended up slitting like all 3 of my partners throats on accident? lol. AFter maybe 2 treies on the level tho, me and my 2 other friends got it down. The auto aim has its flaws, like aimng to low often, but it gets the job done.

Graphics: the grafix are... like delta force grafix. LOTS of fog. cmon. this is xbox game. get higher pixel counts and such. MY favorite part about vis. were the death animations! WOW. Those are so cool! i like pumped sum dude full of lead in the right arm, right leg, and the right side of head and he did all this cartweel crap. awesome. I also noticed that there is a GINORMOUS ammount of blood in this game for a tean game. i like this. It pleases me. It is cool because u can see where u shoot ur opponents, or where ur frinends have been shot because they have blood all over them where they were shot.

Audio: It has the ability to put in ur own soundtrack. Thats awesome. I dont have a game that can do that and id like to try that. It also has cool "OW" and "OOO" sounds like when u get shot. good gun sounds too. pretty authentic i think. like the mp5navy. awesome gun. (its in counter strike and they sound alike).

Suggestions: amp up the grafix! fog sux! try to make controls a bit more Haloish. the zooming system is difficult to get used to. fix that too.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: Great game! keeps u playing thru those caRAyZAY speeds! Once again a microsoft game seems to do good for the xbox. theyve yet to let me down.

Gameplay: The game is awesome. Im not normally a fan of racing games, but this... its just cool. It keeps uplayin ccuz there are unlockable characters and levels. Upgrading ur ship with weps could be a little more.... costumizable though.

Graphics: awesome. 60fps is really nice for a console. Although my countrer strike gets 100. :). This games graphix stay good even at the amazing speeds. although multiplayer on a small screen defidently is very hard.

Audio: awesome voice acting. Cool music i spose. BEST PART IS is that u can put ur soudntrack into it. the ships sound cool too.

Suggestions: try not to make it so repetative.. racing... racing... and racing. Add like a death match or something. thatd be awesome. but then again... i spose im to actiony as it is.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Blitz 2002

Overall: This game is as hilariously good fun as the others. Me and my brother were waiting for years for the next blitz game to come out. Now it has. Its lots more mayhem and lots of laughing.

I would give it a 5, but my brother hacked the game. For those of u people who dont know what Hacking is, its cheating. i was just playing it with him and i was winning in overtime. Then I intercepted his pass, then i fumbled it and he recovered. Next i got the ball back when he scored and i threw a pass. He intercepted it. EVERY TIME I GOT THE BALL HE INTERCEPTED IT. 6 TIMES IN A ROW. it made me mad. very very mad. Cuz id be like "OK OK so uve intercepted my last 3 passes. big deal. not gunna happen again." and sure enuff, it does.

Gameplay: If u have a friend or sibling in the house, this game is awesome to play. Its so much fun to play right next to them and make fun of them when u intercept the ball. I had a lot of fun making a character, a penguin. It was hilarious watching that little fat guy waddle down the feild and get smacked down. Creating caracters is a lot of fun. That realy added to the game.

Graphics: This game looks awesome. Its hard to tell really with all the action happening so fast. but u can get a close look eventually and it looks awesome for a blitz game. Looks like a NFL Fever on crack.

Audio: Good ol' grunting and such. They also have new disses and stuff when u get tackeled. A guy mite come up and say some thing. Nice little addition. The announcers sound nice too. Havnt gotten to repetative yet. looks good so far.

Suggestions: keep up the good work. Doesnt appeal to most hardcoor realistic football guys, but it will appeal to anyone who likes demolishing their friends.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: The game was very innovative. A nice turn on RPGs. It gave u a ton of freedom. The game gave to much freedom i think though. Not a good level system, badly designed inventory, no awesome xbox graphics either.

Gameplay: I dunno but i think the game gave you to much freeedom. I like the idea of steal anything, but man i dunno. I mean you can kill gaurds at lvl 1 if ur rich. It just doesnt seem right to me. Maybe its because i used to play EQ and EQ has more of a system to it.

Graphics: Great graphix. Really strong there except for a few things. The peoples mouths were very "Puppety" when talking. I dont know about u but that just was bad. Its Xbox. Make the mouths move somewhat with the voices. It looked like a japanese movie. The water though was great. loved it. The game really lacks interesting stuff though. The towns become very boring for lack of color and spice.

Audio: The sound was OK. The voice acting was good but when ud fall off of stuff or get stabbed or whatever, the grunting was pretty stupid. No sound in the towns to give them life either. Just nothing. My suggestion: Needs MORE sound.

Suggestions: make the game have a system of some sort. It just kinda plops u into a world and u just run around trying to do stuff like pick pocket. Add more exciting things to the towns and stuff.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: The game was alot of fun at first. I never was a fan of the Rez evil series or such, but this game was different with the team play. It was fun at first but then got very monotonous with the constant, bang bang bang, slash slash gargle. hehehe. Maybe it was because i never had many people to play with, but the game got really hard about 10 levels into it. And it had an escort mission saving the little girl. Of all things i hate escort missions. The AI always takes me down. The AI was nice though and she managed to live.

Gameplay: The game got repetitive. There was only so much you could do to have any fun after getting stuck on a level for so long late in the game. The gameplay is what really takes away from the game. At first its awesome. But it looses its appeal after a while.

Graphics: Zombie bashing=fun.
Zombie bashing awesome looking zombies with awesome looking blood effects= frikin awesome. The game looked awesome. That added to the the replay value for me. It is one of the best looking titles on the xbox even though it is a far out view constantly. The camera angle is what i didnt like. It was annoying not being able to see anything that wasnt in a 10ft radious of you. But that was just a minor problem.

Audio: nothing wrong here. was awesome taking ur sword and ramming it into a zombie and hearing the sound effects. awesome. Sound was great with everyone.

Suggestions: Add more characters to add to the replay value. I got bored with the 4. Add some spice or something so its not as repetative.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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