Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts

Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts Box Art

Xbox One backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: March 7, 2006.

Average Overall Score:
9.12 / 10

One of video games more long-lasting and flat out fun franchises, Burnout, finds its way to the Xbox 360 with Burnout Revenge. The burnout series has done a fantastic job over the years in delivering a bigger, better, more exciting game with each new installment, not many franchise can claim that, let alone the sea of games that suffer from the sophomore jinx never to be heard from again. Burnout has always been full of excitement, and this time around two words come to mind every time I load up Burnout Revenge?"

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The sequel to 2004's racing game of the year, Burnout Revenge straps gamers into the fastest, most dangerous racer on the road. Fight dirty or go down in flames - the only rule is complete automotive anarchy. Built for unprecedented destruction, Burnout Revenge challenges gamers to exact their revenge on rush hour traffic, vindictive rival racers and anything else that gets between them and the finish line.


50 To Won!
Champion! Snagged by winning 50 races online!
Celebrity Status!
Online Superstar! Bagged by getting a Clip in the Top 20 Downloads!
Check it Out!
Lights! Camera! Destruction! Awarded for sharing up a Burnout Clip!
Complete Maniac!
Crazy! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Maniac rank!
Crack the Unsafe!
Fantastic! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Unsafe rank!
Crash Addict!
Crash Master! Picked up for winning 40 crash events online!
Crashes To Ashes!
Total Carnage! All Crash Intersections completed with Perfect ratings!
Dominate The Dominator!
Dominated! Awarded for scoring all Perfects in the Dominator rank!
Easily Offensive!
Brilliant! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Offensive rank!
Extremely Dangerous!
Awesome! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Dangerous rank!
Grudge O'War!
Grabbed for settling the Score over 100 times with the same rival! Why stop now?
Laying The Takedowns!
Mr Popularity! Bagged for getting 50 Takedowns online!
Most Wanted!
King of the Road! Awarded for getting ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby!
Not Harmless!
Cool! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Harmless Rank!
Opening a Can!
Brutal! Awarded for getting 5 in a row on one Revenge Rival!
Perfect Assassin!
Stunning! Awarded for scoring all Perfects in the Assassin rank!
Race Ace!
Cruisin'! All race events stormed with Perfect ratings!
Road Warrior!
Wow! Presented for racking up 1,000 Takedowns!
Run Burner, Run!
Nice Getaway! Picked up for winning 30 times for the Blue Team in online Road Rage!
Rush Hour Revenge!
Rush Hour Smashed! All Traffic Attacks completed with Perfect ratings!
Server Surfer!
Get stuck in! Awarded for competing in a Burnout Revenge event online!
Settle with Metal!
Revenge is Sweet! Awarded for settling a score online!
Should be Autographs!
Signed off! Awarded for completing all 24 Signature Takedowns!
Speeding Bullet!
Slick! All Burning Lap and Preview events completed with Perfect ratings!
Stack The Pack!
Boom! Awarded for blowing up 5 rivals at once! Total Payback!
Start Something Ugly!
It was them or you, right? Scored for taking someone down online!
Takedowns Galore!
Savage! Earned by chalking up 250 Takedowns!
The Crushinator!
Look Out Below! Awarded for getting 2 Vertical Takedowns in a race!
The Terminator!
Left for scrap! All Eliminator events smashed with Perfect ratings!
Totally Insane!
Psycho! Awarded for scoring all Perfects in the Insane rank!
Triple Trouble!
Smack! Gained by getting Revenge 3 times in 1 event! Knockout!
True Elite!
The Ultimate Burner! Awarded for nailing all Perfects on Burnout Revenge!
Truly Fearless!
Excellent! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Fearless rank!
World Rage!
Takedown Frenzy! All Road Rage events blitzed with Perfect ratings!
Wreck Reckless!
Amazing! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Reckless rank!
Your Opinion Counts!
Earned by spreading the word and recommending a Burnout Clip!

User Reviews

Score: 91
Overall User Average: 8.97 / 10 (91.2%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.97 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.10 / 10
Sound User Average: 9.50 / 10
Date reviewed: November 9, 2007.

Overall: Intro:
The substance to Burnout is easy: Drive way too fast, drive dangerously against traffic, crash into everything, and take down your opponents any way possible. Criterion has proved that you can take a current-generation game and do more than the regular 360-coat-of-paint and call it a new game.

Improvements of features, additions of new ones, incredible high definition visuals, very detailed sound effects, a lengthy single player, and a very addicting online mode proves that it’s more than just a port. For those that have had the game already on Xbox or PS2, the question is: is it still worth buying again?

First: the new features that were given to the Xbox 360 version.

Previously in Crash modes at the starting line, you had a golf swing bar that you had to get perfectly if you wanted the best possible crashes, since it was what your starting boost speed was based upon. This usually led to many restarts and frustration, just to get that faster boost you need to rack up the crash values. This whole feature has been scrapped thankfully for the much easier racing start where you have max speed regardless. This allows you to focus more on your correct path to crash paradise and raking in the demolition.

After every event you finish in single player, it automatically goes into a full replay of your whole race. From here you can skip, fast-forward, and rewind to where the most action happened, and then record a 30 second clip of it. Think your explosion looked amazing, or that taken had to be seen to be believed? Xbox Live allows you to show the world your replay, which in turn can be voted and if it’s awesome enough, be showcased in the Top 20 clips for all to see. With that being one of the achievements as well, you better remember to record every awesome thing to prove it. Sadly, you don’t get much control over the camera, and sometimes the camera will change just as you want it to be facing somewhere else, missing some of the action. One interesting feature as well to this, is that when you do upload and share your clip, you can then send a message to a friend, or your whole friend list, which theoretically all of your friends would watch your clip and vote it for you. After 2 or 3 messages of “Check out my awesome Burnout Clip!” it gets old very fast, and there isn’t a simple 1-button way of viewing it either. You need to go to the main menu, then Clips, then View clips, then your friends list (which is a pain since it is done alphabetically, even if they don’t own the game), and then find it, view it, then save or recommend it.

The saving grace feature of this enhanced version of Burnout is easily the Live Revenge. It works simply and will have you up very late some nights trying to extract that sweet revenge on the player that somehow keeps taking you out every chance. Revenge is simple; you take someone out and you are then essentially a takedown up on them, take them out even more times and it keeps track of those too. In the lobby when you are waiting for the host to start the race or crash mode, it clearly shows you how many takedowns you are up or down with someone. If you are ahead on takedowns, there is a green yield-like icon with the number of times you have taken them out. If someone has taken you out, it will be red and show the embarr@!%#*!ing number instead, usually with the person har@!%#*!ing you about it, making revenge that much sweeter when you take them out.

At the start of an online race the camera will do a flyby of the points leader (World ranking or room depending on ranked or player matches), then if you have any, rivals will be pointed out as well so you know exactly who to gun for and try to take out. Red names above the cars means they have takedowns on you and you should try your best to make them crash to get your retaliation. If their name shows green, that means you have taken them out and they are going to do everything they can to make you eat wall, barriers, busses, or oncoming car hoods. Obviously, some of the achievements are based on this which vary from taking one person out 5 times in a row, all the way to making someone your arch rival by taking them out over 100 times! Needless to say, this adds a huge amount of replay since EA tracks everyone you’ve ever taken out or been taken out by; meaning that days or weeks later, someone may come into your lobby that you never got a chance to tangle with since they took you out, or vice versa.

While these features don’t look like much on their own, also include more Xbox 360 exclusive race tracks and crash junctions on top of the regular game. If you are new to the series, Burnout Revenge offers more than your regular racing game.

Rather than your standard race point A to point B, include rivals that are going to be trying to not only push you into traffic, but also slam you into walls and take you out by landing on top of your car. If you don’t drive against traffic, narrowly miss slamming head on, check same-way vehicles, drift corners at speeds more than 200mph, take jumps, and takedown your combatants, you will not get the boost required to finish in first place, making this a much more adrenaline based racer.

While there may only be half a dozen or so tracks, that does not include the small variants of each, and the forwards or reverse on them as well. Different paths and shortcuts change completely if you are doing a course forwards or reverse and feels very different from the others as shortcuts are what you need to learn if you want to stay ahead of the competition. One flaw that isn’t apparent at first until you put numerous hours into the same tracks over reputedly is that tracks have a preset traffic pattern. This means that the more you learn the bends and curves of a race; you will also learn that the same bus that you keep crashing into on that one hairpin turn is there every single time. While you don’t notice it all too much, as usually other things are on your mind, like the person rubbing your rear bumper trying to take you out, or concentrating on the upcoming corners to keep your place, it does seem like a large oversight to not have random traffic patterns.

Other racing variants include Road Rage which pits 2 teams against each other. Essentially a cat and mouse game where one team chases and tries to take them out, while the other has a set amount of distance needed to cross while not being taken out by the opposing team that usually has permanent boost to even things up. This mode can get very entertaining and white knuckled, especially when you accidentally take out a fellow teammate.

One of the new features that Burnout Revenge brought us was Traffic Checking which allows you to now hit traffic going the same way as you as long as they are not busses and large vans, and then using those like bullets to send opponents crashing or into the pileup ahead that you caused. The single player mode of this is called Traffic Attack in where you need to basically hit enough cars and do an adequate amount of damage to meet goal. Causing large pileups, getting crash combos, and even trick shots across other lanes help you reach your goal, but generally it’s somewhat boring and not challenging at all.

The crash modes are the most unique events that Criterion brings to the table in this series. You are given an overview flyby of the intersection or overp@!%#*! that you will be hurling yourself towards, usually showing just a hint of where the biggest crashes need to take place, or what jumps to hit to meet your goals. You pick your vehicle of destruction, and every car, truck and van has rating of Speed, Force, and Weight for you to decide whether you need to quickly crash into something to stop the flow of traffic, or get there slower but cause more destruction with a heavier vehicle. As mayhem occurs with automobiles piling up, your crash breaker meter slowly fills up and when it is at 100% full, you have to hit the B button as fast as possible to explode your car, which in turn sets in motion more carnage and the possibility of filling the meter again. Online crash junctions don’t give you a fly-over preview like single player, so if you don’t know the tracks by name, or can’t react quickly enough your score will be lacking compared to others. The other new crash mode that was added to Revenge was Crash Battle, that pits you and up to 5 others online all heading for the same intersection at the same time from different roads or angles for some truly huge devastation.

Usually when a racing game has the “rubber-band effect” included that makes it impossible to keep a distinct lead, its not welcomed very well, though in Burnout it would not be the same game without it. The game is designed so that you are constantly battling for your position with racers trying to take you out any chance possible. As the game progresses, the AI does become more aggressive and will infuriate you more, but they are still no match for playing on Xbox Live against real competitors.

EA has done a wonderful job of making you want to go to your favorite retailer with your memory card as well when you pick up their game. If you have an Xbox 360 memory card and the retailer has the proper demo disk in the interactive system, you can download an Xbox 360 car to race in your game as well as a theme for your dashboard. Unfortunately at this time, EA has noted that the downloaded car does not work at the moment, but Burnout Revenge will be patched shortly in the future to allow it to be unlocked.

A high definition TV with 720p is what’s needed to really see the difference between this version and the Xbox or PS2. Much crisper colors, more sparks, and more debris on the tracks really are shown off in its glory. Surprisingly for an ample boost in the graphics, the loading time does not suffer all that much more than the Xbox version. Burnout emphasizes on great frame rate and impression of speed, but lacks neither.

Region specific damage is just another feature that has been added to immerse you in the experience. Always rub the walls on a single side of your car and only that side will look like it’s been thrashed, leaving the other perfectly fine. While by itself doesn’t seem like that much, also make note that much more detail has been given to the whole car designs, such as being able to see the treads on tires as well.

Your surroundings have also been looked into with much more detail. Much sharper textures, great effects when making contact with others vehicles and simple debris littering the track adds much more than the previous versions. As you crash, and you will, your car will deform much more and more spare parts will be flung around the track as well. When using a crash breaker, it simply just looks and feels more mean and explosive with car parts being considerably blasted apart with the screen shaking to further emphasize its m@!%#*!iveness.

While the cars may not be licensed, many of them you can tell what they are supposed to be, and the ones that aren’t, you wish were real cars simply due to how cool they appear.

With surround sound, you will hear the slightest bumps from your opponent on all directions and the roaring engine of you shifting gears while your tires squeal from that obscenely long sliding drift you took around the bend between two busses that are honking their horns at you. As your turbo boost kicks in, it sounds very distinct, almost like a jet taking off, and with a great sub you will feel it as well.

As you use your Crash Breaker, you can hear the subtle intake hiss, like it’s charging up, before the huge rumbling explosion. As parts of cars and vans fall from the sky, you will hear them fall to the pavement as well as the other vehicles screeching their brakes to avoid the inevitable collision.

The music is along the same lines as Burnout 3’s genre of music and is quite catchy. While there isn’t much for genre variety, I didn’t find many songs that I was constantly skipping past, though loading your own play list is always preferred as usual.

Closing Comments:
With more features than other games ported to the Xbox 360, it’s refreshing to see that more content was added other than the usual graphic overhaul and addition of achievements.

Live Revenge doesn’t make Burnout a completely new game, but the enjoyment you will get from taking out ‘that annoying kid’ we all loathe on Xbox Live will be more satisfying than any achievement you could accomplish otherwise.

If you have already played Burnout Revenge on the Xbox or PS2 and are contemplating to get it for the 360, you will want it if: you never got around to completing it, now have the TV and sound system to showcase the added features, are addicted to achievements, solely buy games for their online components, or love Burnout A LOT. If you never have played Burnout, you need this version to see what a true arcade racer with exciting online action is all about.

While it’s still a hard sell to recommend the purchase if you already own it for the Xbox or PS2, with the new features, you will be up to the wee hours of the morning trying to extract your revenge or move your World Rank up even higher. Kudos to Criterion for making a truly excellent port of a current generation game to the Xbox 360 by raising the bar others may not have done.

Overall 8.9
Gameplay: 8.9
Visual: 8.3
Sound: 9.5

Overall: 89 %
Gameplay: 89 %
Graphics: 83 %
Sound: 95 %

Date reviewed: August 28, 2006.

Overall: Ultra high speed racing that focuses on insane stunts and crashes rather that realism.
No Licienced vehicles, so no problems with showing car damage. Easily the fastest racing game ever made
Gameplay: Extemely fast cars make for extremely sensitive controls. Not bad but takes so getting used to if you have never played any of the other Burnout games, or if you a hard core Forza fan
Graphics: Amazing, the motion blur on the cars give you a true sense of speed and the damage on the cars is a realistic as it could be in an arcade racer. The only thing preventing me from giving it a 5 is that the cars are a little bland in design.
Sound: Car sounds are very good. Soundtrack is the typical EA music where you either love it or you don't. Personally I hook up my iPod and listen to that instead. Can't really take that away from the game as its just musical taste.
Suggestions: Try to make the cars a little more exciting, and more original. Also, don't port the next Burnout...please. Just make a next gen one all on its own

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: April 26, 2006.

Overall: Nice and fun game! But I wouldnt buy it cuz I am more of racing fan. This is wrecking game taking others out to get points.
Gameplay: Great driving play man. Likes the way it handle! Wish this is a racing game instead of battle! Man!
Graphics: Cool graphics man! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sound: I am deaf. I think the game is great and I dont see anyone speaking in the game sooooo. I give it a 5 ;o)
Suggestions: This is good for those wrecking fan but could you make another title for racing fan? I know you cant use Nascar series becuz stupid EA bought Nascar rights. But you can do something about it such as them. points and seasons and leagues etc. Would be cool to open a league online. Make laps lead and pit stop etc.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

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Burnout Revenge Demo Crashes Onto Live
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Burnout Revenge Goes Gold For Xbox 360
The next-generation debut of the Burnout racing-game series is one step closer to hitting stores, with Burnout Revenge having gone gold today for the Xbox 360.

Burnout Bumped Up A Week
You know, when a game gets delayed, all we hear is whining and complaining. Now, someone is actually releasing a game ahead of schedule. Do you think we’ll be deluged with mail praising this turn of events?

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