Def Jam: Fight For NY (Original Xbox) by Electronic Arts

Def Jam: Fight For NY (Xbox) by Electronic Arts Box Art



North Amercian Release Date: September 21, 2004.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
8.67 / 10


The ultimate hip-hop fueled fighting game, Def Jam Fight For NY challenges players to step into the shoes of a ruthless street fighter battling for control of New York’s hip-hop underground. The game features an all-new fighting engine including weapons, interactive environments, and five unique fighting styles that can be combined to form dozens of customized hybrid styles for the ultimate edge on the streets. Def Jam Fight For NY stars more than 40 of the most well-known artists and personalities in hip-hop today, including Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Lil’ Kim, Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, Sean Paul, Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, and many more.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

User Reviews

Score: 87
Overall User Average: 8.67 / 10 (86.7%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.83 / 10
Date reviewed: March 6, 2005.

Overall: Good game, solid story, and nice fighting engine. The only problem I had with the game is that it wasn't long enough to suit certain features in the game such as the respect and side plots...maybe next time
Gameplay: Gameplay was great. I had no qualms what-so-ever about how this game played....Its by AKI so of course it was on point
Graphics: Visuals were good, I liked him but could have varied away from fred flinstone lookin mo-fos. I wish I could have seen more variation
Sound: In a hip-hop game the music is key. Of course it was mainly def jam music so it was iight. if they put in Outkast, why couldn't they get other non def jam artists on the soundtrack...
Suggestions: More characters....bigger, longer plot, more music...CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS!!

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: December 8, 2004.

Overall: This game features an enthralling storyline and keeps the players interested by bouncing in new keys every once and a while. Stars such as Trejo, Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Carmen Electra not only make the game interesting but the voice acting makes it believable.
Gameplay: You have the option of chosing 5 different fighting options 3 times in this game. The options range between Wrestling, Kickboxing, streetfighting, martial arts and something else. As your player gains recognition and fighting skills, he is able to use his big moves quicker and more powerfully. It is awesome!
Graphics: The UI is very effective to streets of New York. The fighters and cinematics look nearly identical which allows for a very realistic impression and less division in vidual effects.
Sound: Def Jam, a recording industry, makes themselves proud by going all out in the audio and sound of this sequal. There has to be no game with greater voice overs and music and sound effects.
Suggestions: XBOX LIVE! and more Gameplay after you beat everything... random fight generator (with points enabled?)

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 1, 2004.

Overall: i was new to the series... but i have toi say ... i was impressed, carreer mode is great... and multiplayer is amazingly fun!! this game is well worth a look.
Gameplay: gameplay is spot on... easy enough to get used to... but tricky to master... tutorials are good, and cover the basics, but you get better ad start to learn as you go on. as i said, multiplayer is great, and had it been online I would have given it 4.5!
Graphics: visually lovely & shader quality is very good... contrast between light and dark give def jam a very unique look... and that unique look is looking good!!
Sound: songs and tracks are great, and effects in every part of the game seem spot on... the audio is just one more part that def-jam has mastered
Suggestions: online live play

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 23, 2004.

Overall: Overall the game is fun to play espcially for the first time... the linear story mode makes for boring play after a while and for some people may turn them off. The gameplay is great, the sounds are good, but the story could have been alot better. if the user had been able to make choices throughout story, or even more cut scenes perhapes.. the game might of been more enjoyable.
Gameplay: When i first played the game i noticed it is alot different from its previous release (vendetta) and to say the least bit it is very good. They did a fantastic job intergrating the different fighting styles together to create one hell of a fighting game. The ability to use weapons is a nice touch, but i really like being able to interact with the crowds and your environments, being able to turn the table on your foe with help from a baseball bat, or smashing his face into a brick wall really adds to the fun factor.

Now that what i like is out of the way, i can get to the story. When i first poped the game in and start story mode and say the first cut scene i smiled and said to myself this will be a pretty neat game... the cut scene involves D-Mob ( the boss from vendetta ) getting arresting in a club and being taken to jail. As he is being transported in the cop car, another car rams the police car and d-mobs escapes. After this you are asked to look at some pictures of suspects (your fighter), or if you dont wanna choose any of those you can do a sketch and make your own character. Although being able to pick from alot of options, you can do alot of different things and come up with similar looking guys, but overal its a nice touch, and fun way to replay the story mode.

As i got going i noticed i got messages and voice mails on a pager telling me about up comming fights, messages to come to the gym, voice mails about new outfits comming into the store.. first impression was pretty good. But after a bit of playing, it gets a lil repetitive, the voice mails and message's are all scripted, they are the same no matter what you do, who you fight never changes. The storyline is always the same and sometimes you have to fight 5 - 6 fighters in a row to get to a cut scene, making it rather boring play at times. You do rank up points and you train at the gym.. making your guy better, faster, stronger, buying new special moves (there are alot of them). When you complete the game playing the story mode its gets old real quick, and rather being able to complete it farley quickly.. i finished the game in about 7 hours.. Was disapointed but i still find myself playing it off and on, especially when buddies stop by...
Graphics: The visuals in this game are much improved from vendetta, the level of detail in all the fighers, esspecially the faces are perfect. The "bling" you can get from purchasing plantium chains, and diamond rings sparkle and show off there dazzle while you fight... of course its not cheap ;). The arena's you fight in are well done, some offer different ways of KO'ing your opponent.. throwing your oppenent in front of a incomming subway train or out of a 3 story window never gets old ;). Lastly the ability to add and buy new cloths along with getting tatto's allows you to do something with some of the money you make during fights. You can get your guy looking pretty stylin' with some of the outfits they have.
Sound: The audio/sfx in this game is great, presented in Dobly 5.1, you can bump to many of its hot songs from its hip hop soundtrack. The gameplay and environment sounds are well done, although some are brought over from vendetta', they are spot on. The crowd noises and annoucners i liked.. the way the crowd would get really hyped up if you were whoopin on someone or how quiet and pissed they would get if you were just dancing around. The sound is very well done and the nice size soundtrack it packs makes for no dissapointments.. at least for me.
Suggestions: Make the replay value of the game just a little bit better. Try and add a more in-depth story line, allowing the user to interact and change outcomes of the game... Broaden the storyline more and you will have a for sure keeper.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: September 29, 2004.

Overall: You become one of 40 Hip-Hop artists in a no holds bar free for all match. Nothing is really out of bounds and watch out for the sick "Blazin" moves. Pick one of 5 different fighting styles and make your way through the ranks of the underground fights. Most of the men are fighters, but add a couple hotties for a different spin.
Different modes of fighting, Storyline, Battles-Single, Double, Triple, Quads. You can Co-op with a friend . Also has a create a fighter with a pretty good feature to customize your own fighter.
Gameplay: Not a button masher, thats what I like. Frame rate at times is a little slow, but the games flows nicely. This has got to be one of the best fighting games out there. Blazin freeze frames are unbelievable. Button combos arent too bad.
Graphics: I play on 55 in HD and it looks good. Not 480p, but it still looks good. Backgrounds are designed nicely, interactive backgrounds work well.
Sound: 5.1 LOUD! AWESOME! Great sound tracks for the game. Unlockable tracks available. Background sounds blend well into the game.
Suggestions: My complaints are few, either make the next one 480 or 720p, Hell if you can make 1080I I'll take it. I wish there was online play inorder to take you skills out of the box, but all in all if you like fighting games you'll love this game. Alot of sick moves that make you laugh or make you cringe. Make another one, just not for a year or so, need that kind of time to unlock what I have and fully enjoy this game.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Def Jam: Fight For NY News

Def Jam: Fight For NY Available Tomorrow
The battle is about to begin. Def Jam Fight For NY is set to hit store shelves tomorrow.

Def Jam: Fight For NY Goes Gold
EA has announced today that Def Jam: Fight for NY has gone gold and will ship on September 20th.

Def Jam: In Game Soundtrack Revealed
EA today announced the offical in game soundtrack titles for their up coming Def Jam: Fight For NY title.

Def Jam: Fight For NY Preorder Offer
EA has announced they will be giving out a free music track from Joe Budden’s new album with all preorders of Def Jam: Fight for NY.

Def Jam: Fight For NY Site Launched
EA has launched the official website for Def Jam: Fight for NY, the site includes screens, movies, game info and more.

No Online Play For Def Jam 2
It has been confirmed by EA that Def Jam: Fight for NY will not support online play for PS2 or Xbox, no official reason why.

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