Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360) by Ubi Soft Entertainment

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360) by Ubi Soft Entertainment Box Art

Xbox One backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: March 7, 2006.

Average Overall Score:
9.20 / 10


In 2013, the U.S. Army will implement the Integrated Warfighter System evolving what we know as the modern soldier. IWS combines advanced weapon systems, satellite communication devices and enhanced survivability into one fully integrated combat system. The IWS program has been developed to meet these new threats head on. Now, it can be tested on the battlefield.


Thursday, December 15, 2005
Monday, September 19, 2005
Sunday, May 29, 2005


Heavyweight (Multiplayer)
Get a total of 10,000 kills in multiplayer
Deadly (Multiplayer)
Get 4 kills in 4 seconds or less in multiplayer
Unyielding (Multiplayer)
Get 30 kills before being killed in multiplayer
Falcon (Multiplayer)
Shoot down 100 helicopters in multiplayer
Sniper (Multiplayer)
Get a career total of 500 head shots in multiplayer
Committed (Multiplayer)
Play for 8 hours straight in multiplayer
Perfect chapter 1 (Multiplayer)
Complete all primary and secondary objectives in chapter 1
World Champion (Multiplayer)
Climb to the top of the universal leaderboard
Solo champion (Multiplayer)
Climb to the top of the solo leaderboard
Team champion (Multiplayer)
Climb to the top of the team leaderboard
Master of Ceremonies
Host at least 1000 matches
Coop 1-1
Win missions in the cooperative campaign
Coop 1-2
Win missions in the cooperative campaign
Coop 1-3
Win missions in the cooperative campaign
Coop 1-4
Win missions in the cooperative campaign
Complete the training mission
Complete the training mission
Reach Ramirez (normal)
Reach Captain Ramirez’s position
Secure Ballantine (normal)
Secure the US president
Escort Ruiz-Pena (normal)
Escort the Mexican president to US Embassy
Neutralize rebel outpost (normal)
Neutralize a rebel outpost blocking the highway
Eliminate defenses (normal)
Eliminate Chapultepek castle defenses
Secure US tanks (normal)
Take control of 50 US tanks stolen by rebels
Protect US president (normal)
Locate and protect US president
Reach the Football (normal)
Reach the Football's location
Clear the way (normal)
Clear access to rebel HQ
Capture Ontiveros (normal)
Capture General Ontiveros alive
Locate the Football (normal)
Take the Football back from Carlos Ontiveros
Secure Ballantine (hard)
Secure the US president
Reach Ramirez (hard)
Reach Captain Ramirez’s position
Escort Ruiz-Pena (hard)
Escort the Mexican president to US Embassy
Neutralize rebel outpost (hard)
Neutralize a rebel outpost blocking the highway
Eliminate defenses (hard)
Eliminate Chapultepek castle defenses
Secure US tanks (hard)
Take control of 50 US tanks stolen by rebels
Protect US president (hard)
Locate and protect US president
Reach the Football (hard)
Reach the Football's location
Clear the way (hard)
Clear access to rebel HQ
Capture Ontiveros (hard)
Capture General Ontiveros alive
Locate the Football (hard)
Take the Football back from Carlos Ontiveros
Explorer (Multiplayer)
Win 5 Team or Solo matches on each original MP map with at least 5 different gamertags in the room
Victor (Multiplayer)
Win a public player match in all original game types with at least 5 different gamertags in the room
Team Player (Multiplayer)
Win 30 co-op matches with at least 6 gamertags in the room
Assassin (Multiplayer)
Find and kill an opponent who has the Assassin Achievement
Crack Shot (Multiplayer)
Kill 10 players with gunshots and at least 5 gamertags in the room without reloading or dying

User Reviews

Score: 92
Overall User Average: 9.20 / 10 (92.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.95 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.25 / 10
Sound User Average: 9.05 / 10
Date reviewed: September 17, 2006.

Overall: There are good games and then there are really good games. Of course, there are the select great games. Few truly fit into the latter category. I think it is safe to say that this game, affectionately known as GRAW, fits into the great category easily. I cannot find fault in this game. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I enjoy the multiplayer, I enjoyed everything. It is the best the 360 has out right now. BAR NONE.
Gameplay: GRAW is about outdoor combat at it's finest. It's realism is only surpassed by the graphics. I remember getting shot and actually feeling it in reality. I would duck behind cover because it really was the safe place to be. No run and gunning here, the AI will put twelve in your !&%$@#* quick! Throughout the game you get to really feel like a hero saving a whole country in the process. Flying overhead in your chopper and you get to see the awesome task at hand. It is a thing of legends, it is greatness personified.
Graphics: The game is the most impressive of the 360 offerings visually. The view of the city is awesome. Breathtaking, just breathtaking.
Sound: Very realistic, the bullets humming, the yells from the AI as they set up shop to flank, shoot, and murder you and your team.
Suggestions: None. The Ugly Truth: Best. 360. Game. Ever.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: September 4, 2006.

Overall: Purely excellent
Gameplay: tactical shooter where battle is in outdoor and a few urban enviorments
Graphics: very good graphics some of the best currently out
Sound: major upgrade from previous GR games, the guns actually sound realistic
Suggestions: don't really see any point in limiting the weapon choice so much. Many of my favorites have been cut. I would like to have seen a Springfield Socom 2(modern and compact M14 assualt rifle), since that is what I heard the military is going back to since the 5*56 round just doesn't cut it in killing power. Needs more guns, possibly some submachine guns and tactical shotguns(spec op and reg army use them anyway why not the ghosts) and change the infrared beergoggles to actual night vision goggles.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: July 6, 2006.

Overall: Very good action game. Will be great for single player and multiplayer. I've had alot of fun with this game.
Gameplay: The squad combat is handled very well. Once you get into this game, you're completely immersed. Very good.
Graphics: Very lifelike. Environments are great. Character models are great. Very next-gen. perferct.
Sound: Get a surround sound system and prepare to be amazed. The music is great. The exploseions are AMAZING. Beyond immersive.
Suggestions: Get some more games out on the 360.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: April 27, 2006.

Overall: GRAW is another winner for Ubisoft. This is one of the best FPS?s available.
Gameplay: The addition of the Cross-Com adds so much to the gameplay, makes the game so much more fun. The controls are spot on and really gives you all the tools you need to get the job done.
Graphics: GRAW is very good looking, the environments are very detailed and big. The soldiers are very good looking as well as the weapons and vehicles.

Sound: The voice-overs are very good and the in-game sound is amazing, really immerses you into the game. The weapons and explosion sounds are very realistic.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

l Maximus l
Date reviewed: March 24, 2006.

Overall: Finally! It's here! After the failure of the anticipated November 2005 launch, it was announced in February 2006 that we can expect to get our hands on this gem the following March. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter or G.R.A.W., as it is almost more well-known as, is the latest from Ubisoft and the third installment of the Ghost Recon series. From the graphics to the game play, G.R.A.W. has ?next-gen? written all over it and is, arguably, the best strategy shooter... offers an extensive Campaign and a multi-player mode with a plethora of configurations to tailor the game to your liking. Featured on XBox Live, G.R.A.W. offers both unranked and ranked games fully customizable should you decide to host the game from 2-16 soldiers. It's notable to mention that this is the first game that allows for 16-player Co-op and playing through the Mission mode setting against enemy A.I. Of course, included are the favorite Ghost Recon classics such as Team Elimination and Siege, as well as other modes to keep the longevity going for months to come.

How about the story? Taken place in the enormous Mexico City, Mexico, G.R.A.W. has us taking on the command of Captain Scott Mitchell including a squad of three other ghosts. Without giving up too much of the story, let's just say that the President and Vice-President of Mexico are missing and the Prime Minister of Canada was assassinated! Obviously, this is a job for the Ghosts! Fortunately, Mitchell's resources don't just limit him to three other squad members, but rather, include sophisticated combat gear, an arsenal of weapons to choose from, and communications gear that allow you to give commands to ghosts that are in tanks and helicopters.

While starting each mission, Captain Scott Mitchell patiently squats down while manning a turret inside the open wall of a flying Blackhawk helicopter. It's noteworthy to mention that while he is flying, he is overlooking a fantastic view of the beautifully detailed Mexico City where smoke billows from gun fighting, buildings burning, and vehicles exploding. An even nicer touch is that the scenes are hardly cut-scenes because Mitchell and his trio of ghosts jump right into the action keeping the same integrity of the graphical detail. It just never gets old...

Gameplay: So, what is your forte? Are you a Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Marksman, or a Grenadier? You'll be able to get a feel very quickly and decide which weaponry to use on certain maps and certain situations. Accompanied with your primary weaponry includes a sophisticated helmet and visor that boasts a Cross-Com and Nar-Com video and audio system. The Cross-Com, specifically, is a very key component in that it allows you, Mitchell, to view through the, almost literal, eyes of your squad members and other members of your task force in tanks or helicopters. There is also a UAV Cypher, which is a video camera that you can control and hover over different parts of a map and will help you identify enemies even if they are on the other side of buildings, rocks, or other's quite literally like having a half dozen more eyes! Enemies will appear as a red diamond symbol or a red outline if your cross-hairs are focused anywhere on their body. The viewing area for the Cross-Com is on the top left of your screen. The Nar-Com system represents an occasional video and audio message that will show up on the top right of your screen which often dictates Mitchell's next objective or receiving a news briefing.

Like previous Ghost Recon games, you are able to control your squad quite nicely and they come in quite handy during those "Holy ****!" moments. They can be commanded to be aggressive or passive and they do a very nice job in assisting you without taking away any of the well-deserved leadership Mitchell gets as Captain.

While playing, you'll have a choice whether to play in a traditional first-person view or in an "over the shoulder" view which allows you to see Mitchell while maintaining the integrity of first-person playability. The "over the shoulder" view, in my opinion, is more preferable because you can see your placement as you lean up against walls (simply walk up to the wall), ducking (press down on the left analog stick), or on your stomach (hold down the left analog stick) much easier. For any first-person traditionalist, the "over the shoulder" view should be an extremely easy transition since it still maintains the same feel as a normal FPS.

Using the B button allows you to switch between your primary weapon to your secondary weapon or grenades. By holding it down, it allows you to choose the specific weapon by scrolling through them for a quick selection. Grenades include an intensity meter for a lesser or further throwing distance.

You will enjoy a dozen missions with a variety of objectives. I have already played the game all the way through on Normal mode and it took me approximately 10 incredible hours to complete. Never did it feel redundant since the objectives were diverse enough. There are a couple instances where you, as Mitchell, perch down at the gun turret in the Blackhawk helicopter and spray enemy soldiers and vehicles for a wild ride of absolute and utter carnage. Be careful not to keep the trigger locked down the entire time; otherwise your turret will overheat and will bog down like a Ford Pinto climbing a mountain road.

Graphics: Not only does G.R.A.W. set a new benchmark for squad-based shooters, it sets a new benchmark in the graphical department and has "next-gen" written all over it. If you're fortunate enough to be playing in hi-definition, the game looks incredible in 720p and 1080i. The level of detail regarding soldier uniforms is remarkable with every crease. The details of the landscape almost trick your eyes since it is rendered with superb realism. Glass and any other type of reflective objects do exactly that, they reflect...and very appropriately as well. The lighting effects are incredible providing some of the most advanced lighting effects in a single game that I have ever seen. Since Mexico City is a very hot place, the lighting is obviously kept in mind with the current setting and you can almost feel your clothes getting warm as you're playing the game. It's truly fantastic and something to behold.
Sound: While the sounds of footsteps change, whether in sand, wood, concrete, or on wet surfaces, this amazing detail is almost forgotten when the sound struggles through messages specifically coming from your Nar-Com system. Again, this is the system in which you receive video and audio for objectives and news briefings. Often times, the sound is drowned out by the in-game music or other sound effects such as a Blackhawk cruising over the city or on the ground. The storyline takes a minor dip since it's a struggle to hear what is being said while moving the story along. Admittingly, it's not all of the time, but rather, in certain situations of other sounds happening at the same time. This is truly the only shortcoming of the game, in my opinion, but included are some well-thought sound effects that give the game a natural feel.

There is a nice variety of sounds for the variety of weapons, kick !&%$@#* explosion sounds that are louder if you are closer and fainter if you are further away. Ricochet sounds are in full effect which gives the game a very nice military feel as if you're standing on the battlefield.

Suggestions: With all of the advanced video and audio technology available to the ghosts, could you hook the brother up with a volume control for the Nar-Com?

Everything else is fantastic and I highly recommend any fan of shooters to pick this game up, if you haven't already. Don't rent...just go!

Overall: 96 %
Gameplay: 96 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 84 %

Date reviewed: March 14, 2006.

Overall: Take the Lead as Captain Scott Mitchell and lead your Ghosts in Mexico to recover the VIPs, Run and gun and blow stuff up, Oh My!
Gameplay: Button layout is worked well. Customizing the controls is nice and presetting online characters is good. I cant give this a 5 and for one reason, my AI is a bunch of IDIOTS!. If I tell them to stay and hide, HIDE, dont cut infront of me and get shot.
Graphics: AWESOME! HDTV is the way to go. I popped it in and I was amazed, although I didnt get much time to drool because I got hit up with 5 requests to play online. When I went to the single campaign I was amazed. I was thinking the pre-rendered videos wouldnt be close, but I was wrong. The use of lighting, the sun on the game and how it moves and changes the environment is cool. The "Predator" type night vision is not a good idea, IMO.
Sound: The dolby digital surround is awesome!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: March 12, 2006.

Overall: The lastest game from Tom Clancy raises the bar for the 360.
A combination of fantastic gameplay and amazing visuals create one of the best games created......ever!
Gameplay: Some of the smoothest gameplay ive seen.
Easy to use controls and fluid action all contribute.
You not only control your own actions , but also that of your 4-man squad.
The easiest to control squad-based shooter ive played.
Graphics: Fantastic.
The character models and locations are all perfectly put together.
Possibly the best visuals on the 360 as of yet......
Sound: The audio in this great is simply amazing.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter News

America’s Army Invades Xbox 360
Red Storm, the team behind Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, is set to bring America’s Army: True Soldiers exclusively to Xbox 360 this September.

Naruto Rises to the Challenge
This year, Xbox 360 owners will be given a taste of Naruto for the first time. Developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 by Ubisoft Montreal, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja will allow gamers to experience Naruto’s epic tale from the series’ beginning.

GRAW Producer Says Gears A ‘Short Thrill’
Olivier Dauba, content producer of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, says rival Xbox 360 shooter Gears of Wear is only worth playing for ten minutes.

GRAW Picks Up Top Award
Ubi title gets Best Game and Technical Achievement trophies.

Ghost Recon AW Chapter 2 Content Available Now
Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announced that Chapter 2, the highly anticipated downloadable content (DLC) package for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™ for Xbox 360™

E3: New Advanced Warfighter Content
Ubisoft has some cool downloadable content in the pipeline. Expect full details soon.

Ghost Recon Deployment Set
Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy title gets official release dates...

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Developer Chat
The Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter developers will be online on February 2 for a chat about the Xbox 360 version of the game.

New Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Screens
3 new in-game images of the Xbox 360 version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter are available for your viewing pleasure. Who is this mysterious character? There will be more to learn as the story unfolds.

New 360 Game Play trailer!!
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™ – Official Website Updated / Brand New Gameplay Trailer Revealed!!!

Ghost Recon 3 Has Been Named
Finally, we know what to call Ghost Recon 3. Frankly, I was sick and tired of calling it "Game Doe". Weren't you?

Ghost Recon 3 Screenshots
Once again, we grace you with more Xbox 360 goodness, enjoy!

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