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Call of Duty: World At War

Overall: Call of Duty World at War returns us to the WW11 setting that some may consider to be overdone. However, this take of WW11 may be the best ever! The game itself is a marvel as was COD4 in all aspects of game creating. The graphics, the sound, the multiplayer, and the single player campaign are all stellar. It is successful despite the overpopulated FPS genre and it furthers the concept that in order for a game to be great it should have a multiplayer component. COD WaW instantly becomes a XBOX 360 must have.

Gameplay: If you've played COD4 then you've basically played this game. The single player is packed with intensity with an excellent surprise at the end otf the game. Yet the meat and potatoes of this game is in the multiplayer. The maps are excellent, the gameplay magnificient, and although the weapons are aged they function well and serve the purpose of killing your enemy efficiently. The best part of multiplayer is releasing the hounds after seven kills in a row! It is hilariously to watch as your enemy either runs, are is mauled by the relentless German shepherds. I don't think there is a better moment in all of FPS gaming. Of course, it's not so great when the hounds after your @!%#*!!

Graphics: The game is as nice to watch as COD4 and in a lot of repsects a bit more detailed. The maps especially are filled with nooks and crannies and well defined areas wher one kind easily go and set up head poppin shop. Add in the 1080p resolution and you get the visual sense that you are at war so it would be best to take cover ASAP!

Audio: The audio is also very well done. Imagine if you will you're camping in a sniper spot and you first hear the sound of a bullet shooting past your head. You stand up and start looking around panicked because you have been found. So you remember it's best to lay down. Then you hear the siren. That God awful sound of impending doom. Now you get down from your perch and start to run! As you try and find somewhere else to set up, you hear something off in the distance. It sounds like dogs? Then you hear the enemy announce, "let the dogs tear the flesh from our enemies!" Panic has set in and before you know it you hear the sickening sounds of someone being eaten, you look down and God help you, it's you! That's what the sound does in this game, it makes you appreciate the war and puts you in the center of the action.

Suggestions: The only suggestion I have is more maps. Keep making more maps. Everything else about the game is outstanding. However, after a time the maps become old and subsequently the game becomes old. The Ugly Truth: I easily put this game in the top ten XBOX 360 games of all times.

Overall Score: 9.7 / 10 Assassin's Creed

Overall: Simply put this is one of the best games I have ever played. This game is the kind of game where if you put the fun into it, then you will surely have fun playing it. What wows me about this game? The graphics, the gameplay, the story, the detail, and the time it must have took to put all of this together. If you like a little adventure in your gaming life, then this is definitely the game for you.

Gameplay: @!%#*!@!%#*!in's Creed introduces a new gameplay mechanic to video games. It's sort of like Prince Of Persia but better. You are an @!%#*!@!%#*!in back in the times of the crusades, well sort of, you are actually being held hostage and used to alter past events. At least that's what I get from it. One of your skills is the ability to climb, run, jump, any and everywhere. And you will need this skill because this game has no shame in sending hordes of blad weilding guards to dispatch of your @!%#*! -@!%#*!in ways. (Heehee) However, when they do catch up to you, you are more than equipped to handle your business. This is one of the joys of this game for me. I never get tired of chopping guards up like cabbage and leaving them in the street calling for their mommas as they begin that long walk into the light. Altair is an expert at carving up any fool that dare oppose or corner him. You will travel to various locales with plenty of side quests but your main missions are to @!%#*!@!%#*!inate. And God help them, but you are the best.

Graphics: When I put this game in I am awesturck by the detail that went into this game. I honestly feel like I am in that world at that time and it is mostly because of the immersive graphics. I mean from the buildings to the people, to the horses, and Altair himself, I cannot comprehend how this was accomplished. It is easily in the top 3 of the most beautiful games made for the Xbox 360. The only games I can see as good visually for the 360 are Gears Of War, and Call Of Duty 4.

Audio: Even the audio is great. Everything in the game sounds authentic. The people, the animals, the voiceovers are top notch, and the wails of the slowly dying make me giggle like a blushing schoolgirl. As with every other aspect of this game, some time was spent in this department also. Don't believe me. Go sit on a bench in Jerusalem and just listen to the activity and close your eyes. You will swear that the people in the game are alive.

Suggestions: I have but one suggestion, make more of a varied side mission. It does get kind of repetitive after awhile but for me it didn't take away from the fun. The Ugly Truth: I can think of only 3 games better than @!%#*!@!%#*!in's Creed for the 360.

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10 Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Overall: Guitar Hero 3 is the third iteration of the ever popular musical game. It is the better of the three with more songs to be enjoyed by not only the rock and roll or guitar enthusiasts but anyone who is a fan of music and video gaming. With the ability of being played in full surround sound and in 1080p it's well worth the price of admission. The game also comes with a wireless guitar which adds to the ease of which this game can be played. Overall, this is a great game and great fun for all in the family.

Gameplay: I am not going to insult the Addicts intelligence by explaining the gameplay. Unless, you just arrived from Mars yesterday you all should know what this game is about. There is a guitar, and then there are songs and you try your best to play the guitar to the song. You can also play online and get humiliated by some kid who has played this game since birth. I choose to ply in the comfort of my own home thank you. Those kids are ruthless.

Graphics: Amazingly, the game is beautiful in 1080p. The colors are vibrant and the rockers really rock. They may look a little like drug addicts fresh out of rehab but they rock nonetheless. The crowd looks great and they cheer and dance along with you as long as you're doing well. Other than that, there isn't much visually to see here.

Audio: I just happened to get a new tv with outstanding sound. And let me tell you this game puts it to work. Turn up that tv and you may forget that you're in your living room and really believe that you are at concert performing in front of thousands of cheering fans. Well, they could be booing depending on how well you play. The songs all sound great and there will be a song that eveyone is familiar with.

Suggestions: I would like to create my own rocker. I want him to have dreads and some 6 inch heels with Italian lace and well you get the idea. Throw in some songs that are not just rock and roll, you know what I mean? The Ugly Truth: Great fun for all.

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Overall: I've seen my colleagues reviews and I agree with them to a certain extent. Where do we disagree? The score. The only knock that I can think of for Call Of Duty 4 is the short single player experience. Other than that this game is as close to perfect as it gets. Since it hasn't been said yet I'll say it, yes, overall it's better than Halo 3. Calm down Halo 3 fans, Halo 3 is great but Call Of Duty 4 is greater. I have never had so much fun playing a video game in my life. The multiplayer alone is only surp@!%#*!ed in depth by Halo 3. The graphics are phenomenal and the sounds in the game are terrifyingly real. It is the best game for the 360 to date.

Gameplay: My fellow addicts already explained the gameplay so I'll only add that if this is war then call the police cause I'm going to jail! The hell that has broken lose in this game is unmatched in any game I've ever played and it never lets up. You literally feel like one false move and your squadmates will be calling the coroner for your carc@!%#*!. Again, the disappointment is the length of gameplay but it does not lack at all in quality. If you ever wondered what it is like to go to war then get this game and get ready to meet your maker.

Graphics: The best looking game on the 360 to date. The attention to detail is remarkable. There is not one single complaint in this area. Everything in this world is realistically created and mostly destructible. It is a visual masterpiece. It is the reason why I brought a 360.

Audio: Let me tell ya, I wouldn't last two minutes on the battlefield. The first time I heard a hot slug whiz by my forehead, I'm running the other way! This game gives you that feeling. It makes you leery of peeking out because if you look then you may see that AK bullet headed straight at you. In this game, you can hear the bombs and explosions going off all around you. You can hear the chatter of the other team with a certain perk and the sounds of every other thing in the game sounds incredible.

Suggestions: Do it again. The Ugly Truth: Best. Multiplayer. Ever.

Overall Score: 9.9 / 10 Madden NFL 08

Overall: Another year and another iteration of the perennial Madden football game is upon us. Since the next gen consoles have graced our homes with their presence Madden has been a disappointment. It seems as though somebody at EA heard our cries, or the fact that 2K was fixin to drop a football game on the public, that Madden has finally come to play some football. It is the best next gen Madden to date and can even compare to the best Madden of alltimes, Madden 2004. Yes 05 was not better than 04.

Gameplay: If you don't know how to play football you're either a Barbie lovin, hopscotch jumper or you haven't been born yet. Maddens gameplay however is great. The animations are running at you at 60 FPS and never stutter steps. There are new moves and some delicious new bone jarring hits evident in the game. I hit this receiver so hard one time I dropped the controller and hoped I didn't kill the guy! I would say that the gameplay has improved mightily over last years game.

Graphics: Visually there are some improvements but not much. I hate looking into the crowd, and when you play franchise mode if there is coach with no face you get this weird silverfaced freak to pace sideline. EA definitely took a shortcut there. I would like to see a 2K esque crowd where there is some realistic movement going on.

Audio: I could sum this up in 10 words are less but I have to have 50 so here goes, No Madden, no Michaels commentary, No Madden, no Michaels commentary, No Madden, no Michaels commentary. How many words is that? I mean seriously this radio guy is the worst and he is wrong too much. Please EA stop this madness. I let Madden pick my plays just to hear his voice that is how bad it is.

Suggestions: Get Madden and Michaels back. Fix the crowd, fix those coaches, and have the CPU offer up some trades. The Ugly Truth: Much better than last year, yet room for improvement.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 BioShock

Overall: Bioshock is the intense thriller that places the gamer in this huge and ambitious underwater world created by an alleged genius of a madman. It is a FPS with so many other elements going on that it can't just be put into one genre. It is probably the most original FPS to date and it will easily be considered for game of the year. Come with me and let's enter the world of Rapture.

Gameplay: This is an FPS with a twist or two. The weapons are plentiful and different from any other game in some instances. However there is a huge difference. The plasmids. These are so original and useful that I can only imagine that the person who thought of them is either a genius, crazy or both. There are plasmids that make the enemies fight each other. There are bee plasmids, electric plasmids, so many that the playability of the game increases a hundredfold because of so many ways you can handle those big bad... well I won't spoil it for ya. The goal is to solve the mystery and intrigue of Rapture and you will have a great time trying to figure it all out.

Graphics: Not the prettiest but certainly a great deal of work went into this game. The details to Rapture is beautiful and although some of the bad guys look generic that doesn't take away from the overall picture. I will tellya that the game has the best hands and water effects I have seen in a video game.

Audio: When you play a game and you hear a sound that makes the hair on your neck stand up and attempt to run away, that's when you know the sound in the game is outstanding. There is one sound that when you hear it you definitely wet your undies and duck and hide everytime you hear it. I won't spoil it for you only to say that you better sit on plastic when ypu play this one.

Suggestions: None you guys did an unbelieveable job. Thank you.

Overall Score: 9.7 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

Overall: It's the continuation of GRAW. It's a shoot em up, save the people type deal with an extensive multiplayer. It's the latest entry of a long line of Tom Clancy goodies. Does it have that Tom Clancy magic touch? Read on fellow gamers............

Gameplay: I hate this part. I mean you guys and gals know the gameplay right? It's a FPS nuff said? You shoot the bad guys who happen to be these terrorists dealing with nukes and kidnapping and such. The campaign is pretty short but it keeps moving never a dull moment. The multiplayer is where it's at. I have had some great matches online especially when I'm getting sniped from about 1 mile away.

Graphics: I think the graphics are good but not great. For some reason, I think there could be more done with the graphics. Don't get me wrong, theyre really good okay but I expect more.

Audio: Best part of the game. The voice acting was great, the bullets whizzing about your forehead and !&%$@#* is intense. The explosions make you shake when you hear them. Great sounding game.

Suggestions: Tighten up the graphics, give us more in the campaign. The Ugly Truth: a little short of greatness.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo 3

Overall: It is the alleged end of the trilogy. The Masterchief is back and here is back to close the show like the champion that he is. Oh and what a champion he is! Halo 3 does not in no way disappoint. In no way at all. In fact it has exceeded my expectations and has thusly ruined my life. I have missed 6 days of work and I haven't had !&%$@#* since the game released. That's how good it is, and believe me sex with my wife is good.

Gameplay: Do I need to describe Halo 3? We played the game before, we all know what Masterchief does. Who doesn't know that the man is here to save us all from the covenant, the brutes, the flood, and gravemind? Who doesn't know about the Prophet Of Truth and the 7 rings he wants to use for the destruction of us all? If you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about well, to be quite honest, stop reading this, I think you left your Dreamcast on.

Graphics: Great graphics, not as good as Gears, but better than anything else on the 360 thus far. The colors are beautiful, the details in some of the environments are awesome. And of course the masterchief never looked better.

Audio: Awesome. And the Halo music which has become legendary is the best in any game ever. Bar none.

Suggestions: One more time, please.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Crackdown

Overall: I'm back y'all! Yeah, y'all thought it was over but here I go again! Are those crickets I hear? So what I didn't miss you either! Anyway, Crackdown is why I have returned. I know most people bought this game for reasonsother than Crackdown and it's awesome concept of a game. So I will attempt to explain why you should keep Crackdown even after the Halo 3 beta is over. Crackdown is a great game in it's own right. It successfully utilizes an old genre and makes something new out of it. Trust me, you'll enjoy it as much as that time you first realized kissing a girl actually is possible.

Gameplay: Crackdown takes you an agent on a quest to rid your city of some of the worse vermin known to mankind. At first the task seems impossible however as the game progresses you gain superhuman powers that enable you to take hundreds of villians and their bosses. Your vehicles even become more advanced able to do things only James Bonds cars could dream of doing. There are a great deal of side missions, races, acheivements, that add to the stellar gameplay. My only gripe is the car races that are a pain in the !&%$@#* as you try not to kill the innocents as you drive as fast as you can. Your goal? Take over your city and in the process become Master Agent. As am I.

Graphics: The cel shaded type visuals are nice although many may not like it. I think the design is artistic and makes good use of the 360 hardware.

Audio: Nothing new to report sadly. The repetitive "prepare to die" cry by !&%$@#* near all of the baddies gave me plenty the Excedrin moment. Kill them quick so you don't go stark raving mad.

Suggestions: Change the races, especially the cars, don't make the orbs so !&%$@#* hard to find, and for Gods' sakes give those guys something else to say. The Ugly Truth: it's more than just your ticket to Halo 3.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Gears of War

Overall: There are few games that truly reach legendary status. There are even fewer games that transcends even our extremely high expectations. Gears Of War has done both. It is the game of the year, the most fun I've had gaming since Halo 2, and Halo 1put together. It is gaming crack cocaine. I know grown men with families who have taken days off of work to just get one more kill in the multiplayer game. Okay that was me but damnit I got my kill!! Gears of War is gaming bliss, it is well worth the 60 bucks it costs to get one and the 400 bucks it will take to get a 360 if you don't already have one. If you don't have play this game in your lifetime consider yourself cheated.

Gameplay: It is a 3rd person shooter with a twist on some already used gameplay mechanics. It has taken the duck and cover system to astronomically new heights. It adds the brutal in brutality as far as gaming killing goes. And speaking of killing, killing is Marcus Fenix business and business is good. Is there a badder bad !&%$@#* in all of gaming? Marcus will plow you down with his lancer, or curb stomp your head smooth off of your shoulders. He will also, if you allow him to, chainsaw you into puppy chow. Simply put this is the best 3rd person shooter ever. And then there is the multiplayer. It has done what I thought would have been impossible to do until Halo 3 comes out and that's surplant Halo 2 as the best online game ever made for the Xbox. The joy of curb stomping a fool is unmatched by anything in gaming. The unbridled happiness when you torque bow an unfortunate and watch as they run fruitlessly to mincemeatville cannot be thoroughly described. The multiplayer is where it's at but please don't go there if you are faint of heart. I take that back. Please come if you are faint of heart, I remove that heart for ya.

Graphics: There is no need to describe this to you. Just go see it yourself. I don't care where you got to see it just go. And please see it in HD. You will not see a more gorgeous game. It has not been done.

Audio: Some say the games' protagonist sounds a little on the cheesy side. Well the truth is he does. So does everyone else. However, the sounds of the weapons in the game are beautiful. Some sounds are unmistakable like the dreaded sound of a frag being securely planted in your !&%$@#* like an explosive tattoo.

Suggestions: Make the storyline longer and more interesting. The ugly truth: best. game. evuh.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 07

Overall: Madden 07 needs no description. Not because it's that good but because it's the same offering as last year, with a few tweaks, adjustments, and attempts at adding something new. It's football and if you need me to describe football to you then I suggest you go back out with your sister and finish your hopscotch and double dutch marathon.

Gameplay: The gameplay is football of course. And it is not that bad on the 360. However, it's not that good either. It's not that the game sucks, it's just that it seems too slow, the offensive moves take too long, the defense is suspect to the deep ball, it's better than last year but is still lacking. The new animations are cool however you don't get to enjoy them much. The hit stick is unresponsive at times and the AI can do some very questionable things on the field. Simply put there is room for a lot of improvement here. Last but definitely not least is the minigames. I hate the 40, and the bench press. They have to do better than that. The best I ran in the forty was a 4.6. And I don't know how I did it. Please EA fix that.

Graphics: The game is gorgeous. It is even prettier than last years. My only complaint is the player faces all look the same. Eli does not look that hard EA.

Audio: The sounds are great except for one thing. No Madden during the game. That is straight butt. I use the Madden pick feature just to hear his voice. Terrible EA just terrible.

Suggestions: Tighten up the gameplay. Get Madden back in the game. Michaels too. The Ugly truth: the only reason I still have it is because my son likes it.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Saints Row

Overall: I wasn't going to wwrite this review. It's late, I'm tired, I was just going to shower and go to bed. Until I read the review by BigHarv. Damn fine review. However, I just want to add a little. This game is the absolute best game I have ever played on any video gaming console. Bar none. I haven't been staying up until 4 o'clock in the morning playing a game since Halo. I must own that town, I must kill, steal, and deal my way to the top. And no matter how long it takes me, I shall.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very similar to he GTA series. With a few advances that make it better. Especially in the gameplay. First off you get to create your own character to do your dirty work. That beats Rockstar already. And then you are rescued by a gang called the Saints. Ala GTA there are activities and the such that you go through to gain territory, respect and money. One thing I dig is that as you gain territory that territory makes money for you daily. The game itself is fairly simple but it is extremely fun. Aside from the risque stuff this game just lets you enjoy a world where the last man standing is the victor. Just a little note, I have not done online yet however I hear that is great also.

Graphics: Visually this game is splendid. There are some hiccups here and there like pop ups and the occasional where the f did that come from? Overall though it by a mile surpasses anything that Rockstar has done.

Audio: The voice acting is top notch. The gunfire is top notch. The pedestrians talking shat is top notch. The surround sound of the game is deafening on my DLP. The cars flying by sound great. No prblems in this area at all.

Suggestions: Kill the pop ups. Tighten up the seams. Kill GTA.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Overall: There are good games and then there are really good games. Of course, there are the select great games. Few truly fit into the latter category. I think it is safe to say that this game, affectionately known as GRAW, fits into the great category easily. I cannot find fault in this game. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I enjoy the multiplayer, I enjoyed everything. It is the best the 360 has out right now. BAR NONE.

Gameplay: GRAW is about outdoor combat at it's finest. It's realism is only surpassed by the graphics. I remember getting shot and actually feeling it in reality. I would duck behind cover because it really was the safe place to be. No run and gunning here, the AI will put twelve in your !&%$@#* quick! Throughout the game you get to really feel like a hero saving a whole country in the process. Flying overhead in your chopper and you get to see the awesome task at hand. It is a thing of legends, it is greatness personified.

Graphics: The game is the most impressive of the 360 offerings visually. The view of the city is awesome. Breathtaking, just breathtaking.

Audio: Very realistic, the bullets humming, the yells from the AI as they set up shop to flank, shoot, and murder you and your team.

Suggestions: None. The Ugly Truth: Best. 360. Game. Ever.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 07

Overall: I expected big things from EA regarding this game. I wasn't expecting perfection but I wanted a good solid football game. A game much better than last years Madden which blew hot sloppy chunks. Was I pleased? Well, read on, read on.........

Gameplay: It's football however it's not really football. I mean there's the tackling, the running, the throwing and the kicking and catching. However, none of it is done all too well. The juke moves are too slow, the throwing is awkward at times, the catching can be non existent, and all of my kickers suck worse than any Lifetime movie to a 18 year old boy. Yet there is fun to be had. Some of my better runs were stuff of legends. I completed a pass that I swear was Rice gettin a hot one from Young. It was that pretty! The animations at times show off what the 360 can do. It could have been better overall but it could have been worse.

Graphics: Up close it's gorgeous. From a distance, the stadiums are wonderfully done. So no matter the angle, the games visuals are something to behold.

Audio: The sound has been getting a bad rap only because it's missing that crowd noise element that would make the game and controller shake. I don't really miss it. The crowds are loud, extremely loud! It's music to my ears!

Suggestions: Just try harder. Use the power you have and do it! The ugly truth, it beats Madden 06 for the 360 last year and that's it.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fight Night Round 3

Overall: Simply put this is in the top 3 of all of the 360 games out. It depends on your taste whether it's numero uno, the ace in the place. As for me in my house, it's the king of the hill baby!! FN3 rocks buttocks in every way. It is an early must have in the short existence of the 360.

Gameplay: It's boxing at it's video game finest. It's not like your run of the mill button masher. If you try that trick you'll get the stank smacked out of you and how! You have to develop your skills. You have to train young champion or you'll be having canvas for dinner. I actually feel as though I can box after playing this one.

Graphics: It is graphically beautiful! It is amazing in detail! Somethimes I catch a hook or a uppercut because I'm busy looking at and trying to figure out the marvel that is FN3.

Audio: My only complaint is that the commentary is repetitious. The others like the sweet chin music the gloves make when they are performing a drummers beat on my opponents mug shot is a lovely sound indeed.

Suggestions: More venues, keep out the health meter, and announce the champion properly. Also let me choose my music I want to enter the ring to. The Ugly Truth, awesomeness, teh hotness. I holla!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Overall: I must admit that I wasn't expecting much from EA regarding this game. I mean EA is the king of recycling games and selling them as if they are brand new. Yet to my surprise, this recycled game is actually !&%$@#* good. It may be the best racer on the 360. Sorry PGR fans. Need For Speed: Most Wanted brings together NFS:Hot pursuit and Underground and creates the child named Most Wanted. And what a beautiful child they made

Gameplay: NFS: MW is all about street racing, eluding the police and moving up the black list to be the baddest mofo in all the land. The game is deep in it's gameplay and the ways you move up the blacklist including boss races which are challenging to say the least. Of course, there are customizations ala Underground. And they are aplenty. And 5-0 are in place to stop you from moving up that blacklist. And they are aplenty too. Everything about the gameplay is pure fun. From the street races to the the myriad of other challenges you can't go wrong if you're looking for a good time playing NFS:MW.

Graphics: The graphics here may be better than even PGR3. Sorry PGR3 fans. With the power of the 360, the graphics are stellar. The amazing draw distance is eye popping. The cars are a thing of beauty. Even the games cars that get your !&%$@#* way are decent.

Audio: The sound is magnificent. The cars sound authentic. The voice acting is outstanding, probably the best I have ever heard in a game.

Suggestions: Do it again. The ugly truth: best game in the series.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Xbox 360 Video Game System

Overall: I am a fan of the Xbox. Because Microsoft came out of nowhere to challenge the Great PS2 and Sony. I am a sucker for the underdog. However, that does not make me a fanboy. Because if the 360 sucked, I would drop it like a hot potato. With that out of the way let me say that the 360 is the best system, in every way, that I have had the privilege of playing. It is everything I would want in a game, hell mine even speaks to me. Okay that's too much but who knows what Bill has up his sleeve!

Suggestions: Let me enjoy this for 5 years before the next system.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Perfect Dark Zero

Overall: Have you ever had the experience of hearing about something so much for so long that the anticipation is almost unbearable? Perfect Dark Zero has been coming out forever it seems. It was supposed to be the kick !&%$@#* game of the year! It was supposed to challenge the almighty Halo for Xbox superiority! However, much like your first shot at sex, it was alright but it wasn't great. Or maybe that was just me? Anyway, PDZ just didn't do it for me. It seems to be missing that wow factor, that "oh shat!" thing. Decent game not a must have by any means.

Gameplay: Pretty standard fare here. Shoot people get shot at. Just another day in the life of an FPS. The one dynamic I liked was the duck for cover and come up shooting. The story was wait a minute was there a story? Anywho, the most fun to be had here is in multiplayer. Not the best with tons of lag when I played but that's where the fun is so get there you noobs!

Graphics: Graphically this game does not make your jaw hit the floor but it will sag politely to your collar. I know the 360 can and will do better.

Audio: Again nothing amazing here. Just guns blazing, bombs exploding stuff. This further proves my ho-hum attitude with this title. Nothing moved me.

Suggestions: Make the game stand out. Get a better story. The ugly truth: I should have waited until Blockbuster was putting out for rent.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Call of Duty 2

Overall: Oh yes, it's been along time but I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for some reason I'm number 60 on the review list when I shouldbe number 4 but that's besides the point. The point is Call Of Duty 2. My first 360 purchase. It was well worth it! What an amazing achievement! The game play is fierce, the graphics are fierce, the sounds are fierce, everything was fierce! Did I say how fierce this game is?

Gameplay: Has any of you ever served in the armed forces? Neither have I but if this is war I made a great decision when I chose not to register for the army! Yikes! The bullets whiz past your trembling ears, nose, and throat, making your panties drip with pee. You cower behind what used to be a shiny new automobile as you hear those !&%$@#* Germans scream for your head. You run like a slave from his master, when you hear GRENADE!!!! Young man, young woman, you are in the middle of a war, start crying like it.

Graphics: Awe-inspiring! Jaw-dropping! Hand clapping! It is why the 360 is a beast, and will soon represent all that is right in the video game industry. The best graphics of any game I have ever played, hands down, bar none.

Audio: Do you know that bullets can make you soil your Huggies even when they don't hit you? Play this game and see for yourself. Play it in surround sound and I guarantee you someone will walk in the room and find you under your chair saying your Hail Marys. Sound. Best. Ever.

Suggestions: Do it again. The ugly truth: with the exception of a few levels that were kind of tedious, great start for the 360!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: I can't believe I have yet to review this game. Excuse me, for my ignorance and denying the people what they want. I feel compelled to do this now because of the rash of bad rapping Halo 2 is getting. Simply put Halo 2 is the best game that has ever hit any console. There is no game in the vast history of gaming that has had such an impact on an already booming industry. There has been no game that gives you so much bang for your 50 bucks. Not one. Oh sure there have been others that made feeble attempts to mimic Halo but they have all fallen miserably short with a resounding "thud we suck". Halo2 is what every game should be. Fun, exciting, riveting, and good for almost anyone to enjoy. It is the greatest gaming experience bar none.

Gameplay: We all know the differences Halo2 has from it's predecessor. Dual wielding, higher jumps, death defying falls, and in the campaign you get to play as the bad guy. You also get to wield the sword, or as some call the sword, the noob stick. It has multiplayer via lan, co-op, and online play. It's online where this game has separated itself from the rest of the games ever made. The multiplayer will take up at least 1/100 of your lifespan. In total, you will spend the time it takes to do a 364 in the county playing this game. For those who don't know what that means ask any guy named Big Bubba. Multiplayer continues to add new gameplay, maps, and millions of people you would ordinarily wouldn't shake a stick at. In one word, the gameplay is excellent.

Graphics: Visually this game holds it's own with the best of them and even still continues to look !&%$@#* fine during online play. With the exception of some little issue when you get closer to objects they appear to get clearer, the game is beautifully done.

Audio: Halo 2 has the bet music I ever heard in a game. Period. And of course, that sound that introduces the game will stay in my mind and in my soul forever.

Suggestions: The only minor complaint in the story mode is, the conclusion. A little anti-climactic. Multiplayer has too many lucky shots and make the sword lose energy in multiplayer like it does in the campaign. And nowwwwwwwww, the Ugly Truth; Best. Game. Ever.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 06

Overall: NCAA is the little brother of Madden. NCAA is just as good as it's little brother and in some aspects it may even be better. The problem is it just hasn't matured as much as older brother to actually be better. NCAA is a great football. It tries desperately tog Ive the gamer the old college spirit. And do ya know what? It does! My only gripe is that the game is like having 2004, or 2005, with only a very few tweaks.

Gameplay: I am not going to insult the Xboxaddict with typical gameplay dribble about a football game. We all know by now what that entails. What I will give you is my opinion of all of the differences this new year has added. "Insert crickets here" C'mon EA, give us what we need! You have the foundations now build on it. The only thing that I notice is the juke stick. I love it. I mean we deserve more than that EA.

Graphics: The same as last year. Maybe a few more polys but that's it. And I mean that's it. Again this almost seems like this game was treated like the kid who is about to toss his cookies in your house, just please hurry up and get out, go, get out, go!

Audio: Same old same old. same commentary with a few additions, same football sounds. There's nothing to hear here people keep it moving!

Suggestions: EA you must do better than this. Stop it. See my suggestion for Madden. Don't test the consumer, you will eventually fail. The ugly truth: it's still a very good game, it just could be so much better.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Madden NFL 06

Overall: Madden is the perennial football game that has become as American as moms' apple pie. It is now the only pro football game in town, country, or universe this year. So now that EA has eliminated the overmatched competition what does that mean for us the consumer? It means that EA wants to still be known as the beast of game developing but save a pretty penny in the process. The results? Madden 2006. Oh it is a good game, it's just that for the hefty price tag of 50 bucks, it should be !&%$@#* near perfect now. There a few more bells and whistles this year as is the case every year but essentially it's the same game. It's like giving someone a Christmas gift that was in your house for a year. You find some new paper, a pretty bow and give to someone else as brand new. You can't fool me EA!

Gameplay: Madden has one very controversial addition. The all new passing system. For the real videogame football buffs some may see this passing system as something similar to what NFL Fever did in 2004. I actually enjoyed that system which was called the read and lead. In Madden's passing system, you have to lock your field of vision on to whatever receiver you want to throw to during the play. Some qbs have an extremely wide field of vision, while some have a very narrow field of vision. I reluctantly admit I love it. Please wait call of the dogs! Let me explain! In previous Maddens your qb could pass across the field, behind his back, getting tackled, and throw a perfect strike to the receiver all because you pressed the corresponding button in time. That passing was simply ridiculous. At least now you have to look and face the direction you want to throw, if not you will throw an errant pass and get picked like Eli in his rookie game. There are other additions like the back juke, the truck stick, which I love, and increased defensive awareness. All of these make this years Madden a more balanced and realistic football sim.

Graphics: The graphics have been touched up a bit especially in the area of the stadiums and fields. They also have made it more evident during the game when the time of day changes. I have yet to play in the snow or rain for some reason but I'm sure it's in there and it should look as good as the rest of the game. Player models have a few more polys but nothing significant.

Audio: Maybe it's me but I like to hear a little trash talk during a football game. All you hear is the inevitable qb calling the play or audible at the line. All of the other sounds are there and the commentary is still the best if not repetitive. I just wish that EA would give some of the other players a personality.

Suggestions: Give the other players voices. You have been doing Madden for over a decade, it should be perfect. Don't rest on your laurels, consumers are a fickled type. We'll leave shaking and shivering in the cold with your games in your hand, selling them on the street for food and clothes. The ugly truth: it's the only game in town, what choice do we have?

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Overall: Delta Force Black Hawk Down is the pc game turned console game about the tragic events in Somalia during the Clinton regime. The game has a story mode and is available for online play. Yet, I have yet to meet anyone playing online have you? It's a shooter, it's a war game, and it's not half bad. However, that means the other half is bad. Listen to my logic.........

Gameplay: The gameplay was as straightforward as it gets. Mission based events that simulate the happenings in Somalia. It turns out the game does a good job of depicting the feeling of war and being ambushed from anywhere and by anyone. I guess for me I felt as though I wasn't vested in the game at all. I had no attachment to a character. It was just shoot these guys Unknown soldier and if you die we'll get another to shoot them who looks just like you. I guess that what I was missing. In war it seems kinda personal that you're fighting for your life and killing people in the process. I wanted to feel some of that. I want to tell you about the online play but for the brief time that I played the game I didn't meet up with anyone. So you guys tell me.......

Graphics: This game is noticeably old. It is easy to tell that maybe back in the day it was hot stuff graphically but nowadays it's just blah! Everything looked lifeless, colorless, dusty if you will. Maybe that's how it was in Somalia I don't know but I didn't like it.

Audio: Now the game does well here. The sounds of the weaponry are remarkable. I worked a turret and man it was so loud it was frightening. I could just imagine hearing that racket and trying to run from the inevitable bullets headed straight for your hindparts! Sound check, 1,2,1,2 good.

Suggestions: None really as I'm sure they will not do this again. However, if they try to bring back a game from back in the day, touch it up a little bit more and add some character and you'll have a hit. The Ugly truth: rent for a break for Halo2, and return it on time.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fantastic Four

It seems as though the latest craze is making blockbuster movies about the superheroes we only used to read about in the comic books. I must admit that I love it. From Superman to Spiderman, from X-men to Batman, I always imagined what it would be like to put on those spandex suits and go out in public and declare myself a hero. Of course, I grew up. And now I realize that if I did that in today's society, I would have a tough time declaring myself sane. However, I still wonder what it must be like to be a superhero. That's why we love videogames. It allows us to imagine that we are something else. It gives us powers beyond belief. That's why I love videogames and that's why I am a sucker for a superhero videogame. Do you feel me? If you do then you know my frustration. Why, for the love of cosmic rays and humans that can set themselves on fire and survive, can't someone take these superheroes from the silver screen and transfer their greatness to my 36 inch T.V. screen? From what I understand Fantastic Four the movie is pretty good. However, Fantastic Four the videogame needs a dose of some cosmic rays to make it worth purchasing. For the uninformed, the Fantastic Four is a Marvel Comics created superhero team. The story goes that these four astronauts were on a mission in space and got hit with enough cosmic rays to turn them into super beings. Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards, is the leader. His power is to stretch his body into whatever he wants and almost how far he wants. Invisible Girl, Sue Richards, who is also Mr. Fantastic's wife, can turn invisible, duhhh, and can also use force fields at her leisure. The Human Torch, Johnny Storm, can turn himself into a flaming flying fiery torch at will, or at least when he says "Flame On!". Last but not least their is The Thing, Ben Grimm. He is the token strong man with one twist, he is made up of what looks like my little nephew's rock collection. Each one of these heroes can be in their own videogame and it would be a hit. Combine the four superpowers and it should be fantastic, pun intended, yes? Not quite. The game falls short where it is most important. The implementation of the superpowers of the Fantastic Four.

Once again, it is the gameplay that really hurts this game. It makes absolutely certain that the game is mediocre as opposed to great. The Fantastic Four have incredible powers. However, in this game you don't quite get that feeling. The game follows the plot of the movie but adds wave after wave of enemies to stretch it out. You will have the opportunity to play as all of the heroes and can switch between them by using the d-pad when given the choice to do so. In some parts of the game you will have the option of switching between all of the heroes. This is usually during boss battles. Each hero can perform upgradeable combos combined with your basic kick, punch and throw maneuvers. Sounds good, yes? Well, it was decent. It just didn't have that intuitiveness I hoped for in the game. What I mean is that in some parts of the game you can't use some of your more impressive powers when prompted to do it and even then the CPU takes over and does it for you. It takes away from the freedom that I was looking for in a videogame. These are the mini games that the game has in store for you. And I mean mini. There is nothing too challenging about the mini games, the puzzles or the game itself. This makes for a less than fantastic experience, again...pun intended.

Our beloved Xbox is capable of some amazing graphics. We all know that. My 4 year old son knows that for Heavens sake! I just don't understand why don't some of these game makers don't know that. Developer 7 Studios could have put a little more effort into making this game look as fantastic as the heroes it depicted. There is nothing about this game visually that stands out. Absolutely nothing. The backgrounds are bland, the heroes are blah, the average Joe could have done better with two graphics art classes under their belt. Visually, the game is just a step above PS1 game graphics.

The sounds in the game are as generic as they can possibly be. The voice acting in the game is horrible. The sound effects are dull at best. It seems as though this part of making the game was an afterthought. It's almost as if 7 studios said, "the game is done, uhh, wait a minute, did anyone do the sound I don't hear anything?" And then they took all of 5 minutes to add the sound. Once again with just a little time and concern for the consumer this aspect of the game could have been and should have been much better.

Suggestions: 7 Studios, listen to me, please. Take your time on a game. You had the Fantastic Four to work with. You should have been able to make four video games with these guys let alone one! For all that is holy, let the gamer have the freedom to do what they want in a game, to make choices, to figure out things for themselves. Please don't tell us exactly what to do, it makes us feel like idiots and trust me, we don't need any help with that. I'll end this review with Mattgame's "The Ugly Truth". Here it is, this game isn't even a rental. Only play it if you are a diehard Fantastic Four fan and your friend already blew his stash on it.

Overall Score: 4.8 / 10 Batman Begins

I'm back! Oh don't act you like you forgot! I reviewed games for this site for 2 years before I even knew there was an open forum. What's that you say? Okay, I'll shut up and get on with the review.
Imagine, if you will, a game that is part Splinter Cell, part Prince Of Persia, part Burnout, and the lead character is Batman. It all sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, that's because it is! Please don't misunderstand me. Batman Begins has all of those aforementioned elements. However, somehow it falls short in each category. Batman Begins is like Splinter Cell Lite. It's sort of like Prince Of Persia on Slimfast. You know what I mean? It's kind of like Burnout sans burn. Is that to say it's a terrible game only suitable for the bottom of your trash can? No, what it is saying is that it is a good game that could have been the best Superhero game ever made had EA gone the extra mile.

It is in the gameplay that some of Batman Begins' problems start. As a gamer, I rank myself, on a scale from 1 to 10 about a 6.2. I'm good yet I am no expert. Batman Begins made me feel like a 12! I actually considered going on a nationwide tour challenging all gamers who dare to cross my path! That's how easy Batman Begins gameplay was for me. All you have to do is follow the indicator the game provides for you and you will always know what to do. The game will tell you whether to use your Batarang, Flash Grenades or whatever gadget Batman has at his disposal. Unfortunately, you do not have the option to use which gadget you want to use during any given situation. For example, you may want to grapple hang and then flash grenade a bad guy. Wait what's this I can't get it out of my Bat utility belt? Holy Salmonaitor!! I can only use the Batarang because that is what the game says I should use! Despite this fact, the game manages to be fun albeit as linear as linear can get. Of course, it wouldn't be the Dark Knight unless he was able to do some detective work and dish out the occasional but violently pleasurable beat down. Batman has the ability to enter stealth mode. He can sneak up on an enemy and either grab him and interrogate him or sidewalk slam him on his back with a complimentary punch to the throat. Sounds cool, yes? It was. Yet it was all too easy to do. Batman's combat was also simple, but it does have a significant twist. Batman works on the fear factor. He likes to see his targets shaking like a naked man in a snowstorm. So Batman will employ any means necessary to scare you to within an inch of your life. If you accomplish this your enemies will be reduced to sniveling sissies, crying for their mommies and praying that the nightmare will end soon. I enjoyed this part and my only gripe is that I was told exactly how I was going to terrify my foes and when to do it. I would have rather figured it out on my own, you know being the expert gamer that I am.
All is not lost fans of the Batman. The game does have it's bright spots, well really it was dark, but, well, you know what I mean. Batman takes its' story directly from the movie. There are actual clips of the movie tied into the game that helps tell the story extremely well. Batman kicks plenty of bad guy booty and even though there aren't many combos to learn, Batman gets the job done. The driving in the game is also fun. It almost made me appreciate the new Bat mobile. The Bat mobile can also do some nice tricks. No, I am not telling you what they are. Play the game and find out! Some helpful hints, like you experts need it, do not try to fight a room full of armed baddies. They will shoot you and make your black suit look like cheesecloth. In any situation disarm the baddie with the gun first. Last tip, play the game on the hardest level to get any challenge from it at all.

It's not the car the chicks dig about's the cape. I found myself double jumping just so I could see that liquid cape flowing behind Batman. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Ah, but I digress. Graphics are the game's strong point by far. There are some awesome scenes in the game. In one part of the game, I was on top of this skyscraper in Gotham City. On a steel girder! I actually could see the whole city from my vantage point including the cars passing me some hundreds of feet below me. It was an awe-inspiring view. The draw distance and scenery truly gave me the impression that Gotham City was a huge place and Batman had work to do to clean up this tremendous city. There are many other sites that you will visit and again. I will not spoil it for anyone. All I'm going to say is that EA did an excellent job of bringing all of Gotham City to life in this video game.
Batman looks better than he ever has in a video game. I understand now why grown criminals would wet their Huggies when The Batman comes a calling. To see Batman is to be afraid of Batman and EA made sure he looked the part. Although, not Splinter Cell or Doom III, visually the game is well done.

The voice acting in this game is the best I have heard in any game bar none. I suppose that is because the voices are those of the actors themselves. I also like to think that they took the game serious and performed on the game as they did in the movie. Even the no-named bad guys sound convincing in Batman Begins. There are also excellent sound effects as evidenced by the BRRRAKK, CRACK. and UNNGH sounds during the combat sequences. From the Batmobile screeching after his prey, to the gunfire, to the eerie background music designed to let you know it's about to go down, the sounds of Batman Begins are done very well indeed.

Suggestions: Batman Begins would have been the epitome of all superhero games ever made had it been more of what it was advertised to be. It was like having 5 out of 6 lottery numbers. It was so close but I don't win a million dollars being close. I just get 100 hundred dollars. Batman should be able to have options. He should have so many combat skills that it is almost impossible to learn them all. Batman is a challenging and somewhat complex man. Next time make the game fit the hero and you'll have made a lot of us comic book nerds happy. Especially this one.

Overall Score: 7.4 / 10 ESPN NFL 2K5

Overall: This is the new champion of video game football. Madden has been dethroned and there is nothing that can be done now. ESPN 2K5 is all that I want in a football game and then some. It is graphically beautiful, the sounds of the game are all there and customizable, gameplay sims real football eerily, and it is deep! Read on!!

Gameplay: It's football at it's most simtastic! I swear watching replays is like watching ESPN Sportscenter! Let me tell you about this one play I made, and only on ESPN. I did a toss play, the quarterback tossed the ball to the RB, he ran right for 2 steps before the DE was on him, I trucked him by pressing Y, but it slowed me down, enough so that the CB was on me, I gave him a stiffy to the helmet, right after him the LB grabbed for me to no avail, another stiffy, another defender down, now I'm headed down the sideline and the safety comes over, R trigger shake!, his ankles are broken, and I score a touchdown. My music plays, the crowd is going nuts, and I smile like a kid in a candy store. It's glorious!

Graphics: The only football game where the player looks like their real life counterparts. The crisp and clear visuals are amazing. It looks outstanding, animations and all.

Audio: As I said before, you can customize your soundtracks, during the game or at the Crib where you go and chill. You can hear everything going on in the game, and even the sideline chatter. C'mon people does it get any better?

Suggestions: Work on the lip synching at the end of the game. I holla!!!!!1

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Links 2004

Overall: Tiger Woods golf is for people who like the more arcadey side of golf. Meaning that if you wan to know the sensation of sinking a hole in one play Tiger you will do it and do it quite often. In Links if you luck up and get a hole in one, you will jump out of your seat and know that you just made a miracle shot. Just like in real life golfing. If you would rather have this sensation then you need to go out and get Links. Not only is it a great sim, it is a marvel to behold in all of it's green glory. I love Links.

Gameplay: This game requires you to have skill witht the analog stick. This is what you use to do everything and you must perfect your swing. There is no rapid tapping of buttons to have your shot go this way or that way, it is on you to hit the ball accordingly. I would suggest for the novice to employ the mulligan system. However, this need for reading the greens and the winds and determining what shot is best for you is what makes this game great. It becomes much easier once you get the hang of it and it is an enjoyable experience. The courses are nice and the ball physics are realistic enough. I really like the look of the flight of the ball when I nail a drive, it is an adrenaline rush.

Graphics: I always neglect this part of the review because I think it's obvious. It is on the xbox, it is beautiful. I get the feeling that I am on the course, on a beautiful summer day with Serg gettin' my golf on. The graphics really takes you there. I would say this is the best graphics on any of the XSN sports games.

Audio: It has custom soundtracks. I couldn't believe it. I golf to DMX, Prince, and Jay-Z. I love it. I know that some people won't like this but I think every game should consider having this as an option. Other sounds especially the club meeting ball sounds are extremely well done.

Suggestions: More courses. More golfers. I holla!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Here I go again.... NFS is a solid racer with tons of upgrades and hours of gameplay. There are some variations to gameplay which makes the game less monotonous as some racers can be. The graphics are okay but considering the xbox and it's abilities the graphics are not that impressive. The cars sound good though and if it wasn't for a few flaws in gameplay and overall execution of the game I would have scored it higher.

The gameplay is where most of the problems lie. EA seems to have this dynamic where AI bounces off other objects unrealistically. For example, if I hit a van at 200 mphs I get wrecked, flipped, and tossed up like a punk in prison. However, if one of the AI cars do the same they have the ability to just bounce off or literally go through the van
unscathed. This doesn't happen all of the time but it happens enough to take away from the gameplay. The races are all easy enough to eventually win but some races like the 6 lappers require a little patience as there is room for a lot of error. Also the omission of replays hurt. I know why there are no replays though. Then you could see all of the glitches in the game.

The xbox has a better looking racer as a matter of fact they have a few namely PGR2 and event he first PGR. The scenery is nice except that it never changes, it's always dark. I honestly think that the game looks better on the PS2. Of course, that's EA for ya. Those crazies.

The game sounds good especially if you have a little surround sound system. The cars sound great like when they're revving up to start that drag race.

Suggestions: Add more environments, do the xbox better, replays and online. I holla!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This one is for the idiot who gave this game a one. How the !&%$@#* do you rate a game? Do you base it on gameplay, sound, visuals, or do you rate a game on whether you can play the mother fucker or not? That was the most ignorant review I have read on this forum. The graphics on this game is great, the gameplay takes intelligence, but it is not too hard, and the sounds are as good as any other game that is on the market. Please, if English is your fifth language, if reading is an insurmontable chore, don't play this game and don't fuckin' review it!

Gameplay: The gameplay is outstanding. I don't need to explain the mechanics of it but it is innovative and fun. It requires some thought and strategizing but it can be done with very little effort. If a person finds this game too difficult then said moron should buy Monopoly Party and figure that out!!

Graphics: The Xbox version of this game is outshines the PS2 version in this category. As I have said before, it's the 'Box baby!!!!

Audio: I don't have Dolby Digital so I don't know the full capabilities of this game in this category. Yet, I like the sounds of this game as is.

Suggestions: There are no suggestions because I don't know the first thing about making one of these games. I know that the average fool couldn't do it. Therefore, for the 1 !&%$@#* that you rated this game, make one yourself so that we can rate it. If not take that 1 and twist ever so violently up your retarded ass!!! I HOLLA!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 World Series Baseball 2K3

IT'S SPRING TIME BABY AND THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!!! I finally got my game and without the usual it's been pushed back !&%$@#* !!! I love it. I love it. This game is truly the best basball game out there!!

The wall ball !&%$@#* it!! It's the wall ball!! The gameplay is smooth and rewarding. The first game I played saw me get picked off at first, hit a homerun, catch a diving line drive, and hit a triple. It was extremely exciting. The best.

I think that the game is crisp and clear. I love the way the game looks the only thing available that may be better is ASB2004.

The sounds of spring. The sickening thud of the catchers' glove catching that called strike three. The whizzing sound of that hot liner giving Jeter a buzzcut. The loud and terrifying noise that sweet chin music makes. Ahhhh, the sounds of spring.

Suggestions: Tighten up the controls. Great job!!!! I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: This is the sequel to the stellar racer that came out with the launch of the xbox. The first was very good. This one is great! It is without a doubt te best racer I have ever played. I can't put it down. It is better than NFSU, it is better than GT, Sega, you name it, this game beats it. The only thing it may lack in is the ability to customize your car. I personally don't get into all of that because I don't know jack about cars. However, I know an outstanding effort and this is one.

Gameplay: The gameplay is deep. Each race alone has 5 different medals to win and there tons of races. With hundreds of cars to chose from it is almost a can't lose situation. Almost. Those platinum races are hell. It requires perfection and then some. I love it though. It makes you learn the game and do it without cheating. I like the new speed camera. I am not sure but I wish I could save some of the photos. Overall, the gameplay is addictive and some of the sliding has been reduced although it still happens a little too easily.

Graphics: Gorgeous. Awe-inspiring. Those are two adjectives that come to mind when I look at this game. The detail is amazing. It's one of the xboxes finest looking games.

Audio: The cars sound like cars and the effects are realistic. With customizable soundtracks included you can't go wrong.

Suggestions: Ease up on the sliding just a tad. I holla.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

There are some games that have caught me so unaware that I become enthralled by them. I can't put them down. Resident Evil 2 got me like that. I would play for hours and hours on end. POP is the latest to have me awestruck. I can't put it down. It is a remarkable feat. It is a gorgeous game. It is hard no doubt but that's the beauty of it. When you complete a level in this one you get a sense of accomplishment. This may be the best game of the year.

The gameplay is fun and addictive. It is acrobatics and puzzle solving. It's combat with some amazing moves, and a story to go with it. It is the most incredible combat system I have seen for any game. It is hours and hours of gaming goodness.

It's on the ps2 but it looks better on the xbox. It looks like a disney cartoon it's so so amazing.

I love the voiceovers, I love when so get smoked and you want to retry the prince says something like wait a minute that's not how it happened. I think that is genius.

Suggestions: I can't think of anything to change. I holla.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2004

I am going to start this review with a little history of myself. I have played organized sports all of my life and I still do. So I want my games to emulate my experiences. I am pretty good at telling the difference between simulation and arcade in other words. NBA Inside Drive is the best basketball sim out there. Forget ESPN, Live 2004, this is as close to real basketball as it gets.

The gameplay is improved this year. The passing controls are wonderful. It is more than just press a button and that's it. For instance if you double click the pass button you get a perfect touch pass between your players excellent for the give and go. The movement and feel of the game is authentic. No one stands in one spot for too long ala ESPN and no one can fly up and down the court without feeling defended against ala Live 2004. It's a sim and it does it well.

Each year the visuals get better and better and this year is no exception. I can only enhance my picture with the S video input but even that enables the game to look so much better and brighter than in years past. The only gripe I have is that some of the player models are way off. Yikes!

The sounds are all there the crowd the trash talk, the commentators. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the commentators for this game are the best I have ever heard in a sports game. My only problem in this area is CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS! For God's sake, why not?

Suggestions: Custom soundtracks, make the ability to dive for the ball at any time, make the players look better. I holla.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Top Spin Tennis

Overall: I played Virtua Tennis and Segas tennis to death. I loved them. I didn't think it would be possible to duplicate their success. I was wrong. Topspin is the new tennis champion. It beats out those games in almost everyway except for in the minigame or training area. Other than that, Topspin will reign supreme for a long time to come. And it can only get better.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple yet involved. My fiance who really don't play games picked this up and almost beat me on the first shot. The only shortcoming was the minigames. Some were really easy but the serving games were kinda tough. It is fun though. I have already played a few doubles matches with friends and we are having a ball.

Graphics: Beautiful. It looks a lot better than anything you have ever seen in a tennis game. I like to see the dust kick up when you play on a clay court. I like the player models and the overall feel of the game.

Audio: All the sounds of tennis of there. I like the sounds of the crowd they seem to be right on time. Good job.

Suggestions: I love sports games. I love tennis. Add custom soundtracks. I holla.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: I have found something to do until Nov. 18th. It is Rainbow six. This is the absolute hotness. Graphics are beautiful. Gameplay is sweet. Sound is all that. This is the best Tom Clancy out there. It is the most realistic shooter I've played.

Gameplay: The single player is all I can talk about right now. The missions generally consist of go in eliminate the threats, save the hostages, diffuse the bomb, and move on. So far. The interace and controls are so simple they are genius. I must
get the head set to really immerse myself in an already immersive game.

Graphics: It is stunning. In some ways it looks better than Splinter Cell or !&%$@#* close. I love to watch the rounds leave my weapon of choice. It's a beautiful site.

Audio: All the sounds of blessed death are there. I love the sound of my sniper echoing in the brain of the last sounds of a terrorists life.

Suggestions: More diverse missions. I holla!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: Maybe it's just me but I didn't like this game. Don't get me wrong though I like the concept, I just didn't like the execution. I think the graphics are PS1 quality the gameplay is simple and at other times close to impossible, as the computer tends to cheat a little. Average game for an average system(PS2).

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty good the cars handle well, the playability is tight. This might be the best part of the game itself. However, it got old quick for me. It was times when I had the race won and one of the AI cars came out of nowhere and blindsided me, that truly sucked. Once you get the hang of how it's all gonna go down it's not that bad. I just didn't think it was that exciting.

Graphics: The wide open space of the city was cool, it was just the cars were so bland and plain. It looked like a PS1 game. Disappointing to say the least.

Audio: Garbage, complete garbage. I don't think that cars whine like bitches being poked in the keyster a little rough and raw, do you?

Suggestions: This game is ass. I holla!!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

First off let me start off by saying that I'm just your average joe. I think that my tastes are pretty normal as far as gaming goes. With the exception of a few morons that gave Halo a score of 1, I agree with the perception of the people on this site. Even before some of the so-called professional magazines. Such as the God awful Game Informer. That PS2 mag gave this game a terrible score. Basically they said the game sucks. Well for the great PS2 !&%$@#* kissers at GI here's my ass for you to kiss!! This game is great. It is fun, it is playable, it is graphically wonderful, and it sounds great. What else do you need to make a game great? GI is full of what they write, Sugar, Honey, Iced, Tea.

I have said before I am not in to describing gameplay because I am sure you have all played it. It is like a cross between Wreckless, and MC2. The only thing is it is better!!!

XBOX at is glorious best. This game does Paris and D.C. well. The cars could have been better but I like it nonetheless.

The game supports your own soundtracks. It is all that needs to be said. The voiceovers and the like could have been a tad better but that's alright I forgive the developers. At least it's not MC2.

Suggestions: Change the voices, more cities, and allow the pedestrians toget what they deserve. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2004

It's baaaAAaack!!! It's better than last year, it's the shizzell, it's a must have!! The game is well done may not be better than Madden but it is well done.

I like the changes that were made. The tackles are intense and wicked. The only gripe I have is with the sometimes erratic passing. Damnit, I am better that that!!

The graphics are pretty much the same as last year. Nothing to write to Momma about. Not to say they're not good just not all that different.

The sounds of football are there in spades. I was running down the sidelines once and the crowd got amped as I was sprinting towards my goal. It was sweet!!!

Suggestions: Utilize the Xbox power and make the graphics better!! I holla!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Freedom Fighters

Overall: Good game. I have been having a ball with this one. It is better than Brute Force. It could stand a little tweaking here and there but otherwise this is a good game.

Gameplay: The gameplay was surprisingly addictive for me. I really enjoyed trying to save New York from the Russkies. And I love raising the old red, white, and blue after I take over a place.

Graphics: Visually the game is nice but of course we all know that the Xbox could do better. I like the character models and the way the city looks.

Audio: I really like the gunplay in this one. I like the way the controller vibrates as if I am actually letting off a machine gun. That has nothing to do with sound does it? Oh well, I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Suggestions: Utilize the Xbox graphical powers. I holla!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: Now this is a wrestling game! I know I am pro xbox and it is hard for me to rate some games without prejudice but believe me on this one, this game is so much better than the first offering it is just a little shy of a miracle. Everything is better and it is so deep it's crazy. Somebody put the screws to THQ and said do it right this time or else and they did it. I only put this game down to sleep. I'm in my second season, I won King of the Ring and a royal rumble. Which means you have to work to get where you want to go in the WWE and the game compels you to do try and make it to the top. It is quite addictive.

Gameplay: The gameplay is better than before because it is easier to manage. The controls are more responsive. There are way more matches and the season mode is crazy. I have only gotten 6 hours sleep in two days trying to be the WWE champion. I am almost there though, my popularity is 99. I could write about this for days but I will just say go get it. It almost has an RPG feel to it, that's how deep it is.

Graphics: This is one of the weak points. I think the graphics could have been better. I think it is just marginally better than the PS2 version of wrestling. Good job though I just thought it could be better.

Audio: Custom soundtracks. My guy comes out to MOP'S COLD AS ICE. It's the true hotness. I guess the other sounds are good but nothing that really stands out.

Suggestions: Tighten up the graphics. I holla!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

This is the best fighting game I have ever played. It's better than MK, it's better than DOA, it's better than VF, and it's better than Tekken. It is the best point blank! It is not perfect, I have yet to see a perfect fighter, maybe Soul Calibur 2 will be good. However, the poor reviews this game got is not an indication of how good this title is and will be in the future.

Fight. Swing off of poles, flip off of the wall and kick or punch a joker in one swift, deft, motion. What other game does this? I read one review where the reviewer thought the special aspects of the game were gimmicks. He lied. They work every time I try to use them. I have a problem with the blocking but other than that it works fine.

Oh joy to the world! This has the breast graphics,excuse me, best graphics of any fighter out there. I can't believe that graphics can be this good.

This is the weakest point of the game. I hate the voice acting. A little too phony for me. I like the sounds of the crashing bodies up against the glass cases, or the sizzling of the asses on the hot coals.

Suggestions: Change the blocking scheme. Give it a better story, make the acting believable.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: This game is not usually the type of gamr I would purchase. I checked it out though and I liked it. I haven't finished the game yet and I may not but it is a fun little adventure. I like everything about the game even the puzzles although some of them took a little figuring out.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fun and once you start a round you will play two. The movement of the game is good, it has sort of flow to it once you get started. It is not like RTCW, but it is a good game.

Graphics: The visuals are very well done in this game. I think it is xbox caliber I just think that it could be better if someone just applied themselves to it.

Audio: Excellent sounds. You can hear everything, even the voice acting is decent in this game. I don't see any problems in this area.

Suggestions: Challenge the xbox graphically like splinter cell did. I holla!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Football 2K4

This is the second best game on the Xbox this year. Okay maybe not the second best but it's not the best. Let me explain. All of the current football games have something that is makes it special. I think it depends on what your preference is what will determine what game you like. ESPN is a great game. FPF is a great innovation. Does this make this a great football game?

The gameplay is well done. It plays like football. It is as good as Madden in this department. It has some bugs in it. I hate that when you get hit hard your chances of dropping the ball increases significantly. The running looks a little awkward at times. The controls are better than Madden. So in some ways the gameplay especially FPF is outstanding and in others it could use a little refinement.

Visually impressive. Just as good as any other football game. I think that in this area Fever is the winner. ESPN is good.

Sounds like football. Therefore, the sounds don't impress me. The commentary is good though. Madden gets the nod in this area.

Suggestions: Better luck next year. I holla!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: Okay, okay, this is the best fighting game on the Xbox to date. I haven't had this much fun on a fighting game since Tekken 3. Excellent game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple and also can be complex. I love the Spawn character. He is wicked. You will play this game for a while to come.

Graphics: The graphics are crisp and clear. At times though, it looks like the Sega comes out in the graphics, but overall it is good to watch.

Audio: I think the sounds of the game are well done. The trash talk is good although a bit repetitive.

Suggestions: Get rid of that ridiculous water splash. I holla!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2004

This is the real deal football game. It is better than Madden, it is better than ESPN, and all the rest. I recommend this game for people who really want to know what it feels like to be a quarterback in the NFL.

The read and lead passing is whats up. The gameplay is the best part of the game. The players move like football players, the players react fooball players react. It is so good that I finished a season in one day. I went to 2 and 6, then came back to win the super bowl! I thank you.

Absolutely beautiful! I read some where that someone said the graphics are fuzzy. Their t.v. must be fuzzy. These graphics made Madden look PS1ish.

My only knock is KC the commentator. I am used to him doing basketball, you know, Inside Drive? I would rather hear football experts, like Simms or something. The other sounds of the game like the trash talking ont he field is pretty good.

Suggestions: New commentators, get deeper, and take Madden out. I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hulk

Overall: Let me first say that the mixed reviews kept me from getting this game. I wasn't a fan of cell shading, and I wasn't a fan of the Hulk. That has all changed. I have been playing this game for the last three days and I love it. It can be a little, okay a lot repetitive but it has been a blast. It is perfect in it's design to mimic the comic books and the diverse gameplay was pretty well integrated. Overall, this is the best superhero game in recent memory.

Gameplay: Hulk smash, Bruce sneaks. That's it. It is what the Hulk does so what else can be expected. I am surprised that Hulk smash so much of the environment. Even the stealth missions are decent, hell Bruce even gets to choke a few people himself. My favorite Hulk technique is the double body slam. That has got to hurt!

Graphics: I think this is the strength of the title. It is a beautiful game, and the detsruction that the Hulk leaves is remarkably depicted. Every stomp is evident, every smash is shown when something is destroyed, you can tell something has been destroyed. Good job.

Audio: The sounds of the game are outstanding. It sounds like the Hulk in every way. Again I look for if the sound is realistic enough to make me feel the game.I say thee yes.

Suggestions: More intricate gameplay, more smashing options. I holla!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2004

There has been a problem with Madden this year that has dampened my spirit with the whole franchise. I even got Crazy Cougar angry enough to threaten me with because of my profanity laced tyraid about the faux pas that has messed this game up. However, I won't go into it. What I will do is try the rate the game without prejudice. Madden has improved in some areas. The Owner mode being the biggest. Graphics are better, but the play is too erratic for me. For instance, in pro football a dropped pass is an anamoly, it doesn't happen much. In Madden it occurs about twice every series of downs. I had one game where I created a team and the quarterback runs a 4.2. I scrambled on one play and was caught by a defensive lineman from behind. I went to the replay to figure this out. It showed once I started to scramble the D- lineman took this huge first step towards me, I mean that first step looked like three steps. He closed the gap off of that one step and caught me. No good. I think I'll be checking out other football titles this year.

I already described the gameplay but please allow me to elaborate. I like the playmaker control. It is pretty cool but it can be better. I would like to see it be perfected to the point where I can have more control over who the playmaker is going to be. I like that the AI is tougher to deal with. I just have a problem with so many dropped passes. Oh yeah and the D-backs are garbage. I went through a four game stretch where my D-backs didn't even bat the ball down. I want to play a football game where if I'm in position I want the pick. Madden is not the one.

The graphics are better. However, EA and other developers refuse to test the Xbox. It's all about money, why pay money to make the game it's best when an inferior product can make the same money.

I think the added chatter was a good thing. I think that Al and John sound good together. I would like to have heard more in this department but it is not that important.

Suggestions: Don't mess up again. The Xbox is the future, wake up and smell the pigskin. I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Outlaw Volleyball

This is a volleyball sim with a twisted side to it. I have to admit that although I rented this as a goof, I ended up wanting to own it. This game held me hostage for 8 hours the first night I played it. I may have to cop this one.

The gameplay is simple if you have any idea how to play volleyball. If not there are some minigames that are fun and serve as a tutorial at the same time. Once you learn the ropes or nets it's time to spike or die! The game starts of fun and somewhat challenging and continues to be that way throughout thus far.

I think that the graphics are done superbly. I don't know of too many games where the graphics are that good. I'm talking about the way the hair moves in the wind or with body movement. I was impressed.

This is where my only gripe is; shut up!!!! The players end up saying the same thing over and over and over. This repetitiveness is also given by the commentator. Lucky for me there is the option to customize the soundtracks.

Suggestions: Good job next time add a little more in the sound department. I Holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Street Vol. 2

This game is the hotness!!! It is off the heezy for sheezy!!! I wasn't a fan of this genre until I actually played this willy!!!! Oh my word!!! I have not slept a wink dreaming of running the streets ballin' like a madman!!! I am sorry, I digress. Check out the rest of this review.

It's just about the !&%$@#* streets baby!!!! I know that it's not really basketball but it is really street ball!! The gameplay is exciting, it never gets boring. Never.

I read in one of those PS2 favored magazines that the Box was out done in this area by the aforementioned console. That's bull !&%$@#* !! The game is beautiful!! I feel like I am at the court chilling in the hood breaking fools down!! Fuck the !&%$@#* s who keep trying to pump their PS2!!!

I would have liked to have heard a little more chatter from the actual players. All I heard was this loud !&%$@#* commentator over the players. Well maybe I can fix that but that would be my only complaint. The court sounds like the court, the chains sing like chains, it is the real people.

Suggestions: I will never get tired of this game keep up the good work. I HOLLA!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Brute Force

The wait is over, the game is here. As usual there will be mixed opinions about this one. Some joker gave Halo a 1. However, you can rest assured that if you read a review from me it is an objective opinion. Having said all of that. Was this game worth the wait? Yes, yes, yes!! I have played every Xbox game to date and ther is only one better and that is the almighty Halo. I dreamt about this game after the first night I played it. I dreamt I was the sniper Flint, running and picking cats off while in motion. Pinpoint accuracy. I was deadly. That's the effect this game had on me. It is what gaming should be about. Challenging but not impossible. It should be fun and wonderful to behold. This will force other developers to step up their game if they want to compete.

I never feel as though I should describe the gameplay. I will say whether I liked it or I didn't and I will point out why. Follow me here, I was a comic book fanatic growing up. I knew that one day these superheroes will be put on the big screen one day and become mega hits. I always used to draw my favorite heroes in battle but I wanted to know what it would feel like to put my drawings in motion. This game satisfies a dream of a lifetime. It's like playing the ultimate hero game. I control all of the heroes, they each have their own abilities, they each have their own characters and personalities. They each can kick ass! I love the gameplay, I simply love it.

I defy anyone to show me bettter graphics in a game. Anyone!! For third person, the graphics are amazing! Stunning! A new precedence has been set people!!!

My only knock is in this area. More theme music, less cheesy talking. Other than that, the gunplay is good enough. I like the fact that when one of your teammates are in trouble they will verbally let you know.

Suggestions: This game is a dream come true. I Holla!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MotoGP 2

This game is the hotness!!! It's all that and a bag of cheese doodles!!! I loved the first Moto GP which was sort of a sleeper but this incarnation is even better!!! This is a must have for all racing fans!!!

The gameplay is the same with a little more detail. For instance the bikes handle differently in the rain as opposed to on dry road. It is easier to control the bike overall. The races are magnificent and challenging. Overall, excellent job in this area.

Stunning!!! The replays are a sight to behold in all of their different views and the slow motion replay of your bike on one wheel is remarkable!!! It doesn't get much better than this.

I don't know for sure what one of these machines sound like in reality however, I would gather that the sound in this game is pretty close to the real deal.

Suggestions: None. I HOLLA!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: This game is the shizzell my nizzell!!! It's great in it's simplicity but brilliantly schemed in overall gameplay. This game will keep you glued to your t.v. for hours like a game is supposed to do. Go out and cop this one for fun!!!

Gameplay: The gameplay is the hottest part of this game. It feels as though you are playing the movie. I think this game is the best game out right now. The gameplay is all action all the time that's what's up!!!

Graphics: I like the visuals. I think the character models were outstanding and the other aspects such as the new shine on the floors, the real leather look of Niobe's coat, and the bump mapping to name a few are outstanding. There was effort made here people.

Audio: I defy anyone to put a game up a against this one in this department. I thought I was in the theatre. When a joker gets punched, wheel kicked, or shot it sounds just like it in reality!!!

Suggestions: Not many, include everyone next time. Good Job!!! I holla!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: RTCW is one of those games that the XBOX needed to begin to put pressure on the other consoles out there. It's a FPS that sorta gives the same feel of a military Resident Evil would give. It is a pick up and play sort of game that will keep a gamer occupied for hours.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fast and exciting. It has puzzles like where is the goodies stash and shoot em' up aspects. The flow of the game is great with the occasiional framerate hiccups. No problem though. Everything can't be Halo!!

Graphics: Only a few problems with the visuals. The first problem I had was with that kick from that crippled leg. What is that about???!!! Also I feel like a midget when I approach a door or something. Everything looks so much bigger than me. Not the best visually but certainly not the worst.

Audio: The sounds are decent enough. I enjoy the crisp sounds of gunplay!! I really need to get surround sound!! Everything sounds pretty realistic, like doors creaking, walls caving in, or something breaking out of them. Good job!

Suggestions: Get rid of the leg!!! Tighten up the graphics and visuals. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 X-Men: Next Dimension

Maybe my comic book bias will come into play here but I don't think so. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I like fighting games, and some of the games that I like others don't. Thank God for free will. Anyway, I rank this fighter up there with DOA as far as gameplay and graphics. Hold on now!!! I am not saying it's better than DOA but it's closer than MK to me anyway. Cop this one if you like fighting games.

I was kicking !&%$@#* with Cyclops. I kicked the Beast ass so bad that I optic blast his ass out of window, into the building across the street, down to the hard asphalt below. Owwwwww!!!! That'll learn him!!! The only gripe is the collision detection is sometimes off. However, there are plenty of moves and fighting techniques that can be employed in this game. It becomes a whole lot more than simple button mashing. This is what I like about this fighter as opposed to other fighters. I could advance pretty far on MK just by pressing the right buttons and not knowing what the hell I just did.

It's the XBOX baby!!! I can't believe the graphics and this is by not even trying. I wish that some of these guys who make the game put a little more elbow grease into these games.

I think the sounds of the game are decent. Some of the voices are a little cheesy but nothing ear taxing or nauseating. Could have been better.

Suggestions: Work on the collision, add more of the X -men, use the power that the 'box gives you. I holla!!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

First of all, I am starting to lose respect for this site. There are inexcusable idoits on this site. The adjective moron canot begin to describe the stupid, illiterate, m.f.ers that give classics like Halo a 4. STAY OFF OF THE SITE GODDAMNIT!!!! As for Unreal, that is what it is unreal!! A great game, beautiful graphics, and highly addictive. It is not a 3 or 3.5, it is a 4.5 easy. For the other folks out there who may visit this site, take the advice of people who can spell simple things like their own names, go out and cop this one!!!

The gameplay is excellent!!! It's smooth and requires little thought at all. I really enjoyed capture the flag. The best FPS out right now.

Again, for the visually impaired, the graphics are outstanding. There are games on the Box that can beat it in this category but not many and not by much.

Trash talk aplenty!!!! This is my house!!!! I love it!!! The curdling sounds of choking on ones own guts is well represented.

Suggestions: give it a story, give the characters an edge, a reason. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

I have played all of the fighting games made for XBOX with the exception of Kakuto Chojin. I loved DOA hear me now, so it would take a lot for me to consider to play another fighting game on the Box. MK is good but it's not that good. I loved this game on the Genesis, but that was then this is now baby!!! Mk just didn't do it for me.

The gameplay is cool. The blood that is spilled across the floor like a 1 year old with a glass of red Kool-Aid is plentiful. The fighting is cool in that you can change styles easily and quickly. I guess I got used to kicking asses off of buildings and the like. I wanted some of that in this game. It's just not DOA.

It's the box punks!!!! The visuals are gonna be tight as virgin Kootchie. And they are especially tight here. I really dig the scenes where the fighter kicks the camera back and the camera has to regain focus. I think this is the best aspect of the game.

The sounds of the game brought back fond memories of fighting bliss. I would have liked to have heard screams indicative of being sliced and diced like salad fixings but it sufficed.

Suggestions: Nice try but DOA has this !&%$@#* thing sown up!!! I HOLLA!!!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 MechAssault

I never played a mech game until I played Gunmetal. I didn't care for Gunmetal that much. I was turned off. Nonetheless, I gave Mechassault a try. One of the best decisions I ever made. It's right up there with wearing condoms, a great choice!!! I got on and couldn't get off!!! Madden is my favorite game. Halo is next and now Mechassault. Excellent graphics, excellent sound, excellent gameplay!!! Go cop this one ASAP there is not many left. It's spreading like the fire burning on that building I brought down last night!!!

This is a pick up and play kinda game. The controls are easy to learn, the flow of the game is great. I think that it is faster than Halo as far as action is concerned. I am a gamer but I don't like the steep learning curves of some games. No worries mate!! A bonafide moron can do this one.

Visually the game is beautiful. Again I reiterate, It's the !&%$@#* in, Xbox what else do you expect!!!! The eye candy of buildings crumbling, the fire, oh my God, the fire looks like a news cast of a burning demolition ridden project housing that's being torn down. Graphically it is up there with Halo.

The sounds are what you would expect when you are destroying someones entire camp. How about there is the sound of the idiot infantrymen being stomped deep into the terrain. OUCH!! There is also the thunderous sound of the Mech walking or running. The best sounds of any game out right now.

Suggestions: Make the missions a little more diverse. I Holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2003

This basketball game is up there with NBA 2K3. No I'm serious. 2K3 is the shizzell my nizzell. However, ID3 is just as good. Maybe not better but just as good. Check it.

The gameplay is realistic and fun. It is the same as last year in some ways. Some of the animations are different and flashy. I guess I wish the makers would have made more changes.

This is where I think the game out does 2K3. The player models are very well done, each player looks like there human counterpart. The stadiums have become lighter, and the players movements are graceful and athletic just like in real life. Box fans all agree that the graphics can be even better if they only apply themselves.

I love the trash talking in this game. The bumping and grinding of basketball is well represented also. The sound of the court is alive and kicking in ID3.

Suggestions: Just a little deeper as far as player movements. I holla!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Excellent golf game. See, I don't get into that bogus golf crap i.e., hot shot golf,or outlaw golf. C'mon dog, Tiger has become golf accept no imitation. This game looks great and plays better. It is a must buy. It's a keeper.

Game and golf fans will love the gameplay on this one. It utilizes the X- box controller perfectly. The golf swing feels natural. The read of the greens is well done and the putting as it is in real golf is difficult but possible. The gameplay is perfect.

Visually beautiful. Stunning. Better than the PS2 anyday. It's the box baby!!!! What else do you except.

The heartbeats, the crowd oohs, and aahs. The passion. Good job on the sounds. Ther is about as much sound as can be expected at a golf game.

Suggestions: None except add more golfers. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

How in the !&%$@#* did they do it? I hated this game last year. I liked ID2002 better. So I really took a chance on buying this game. I like it. It's a great basketball game. The games controls are little difficult but a little pratcie and you'll be ballin' in no time.

The gameplay is hot. I can see that I can get addicted to the street ball part of the game. I think that the controls can be too much to remember but I will adjust eventually. Most importantly it feels like a real basketball game.

I heard that the character models were dead on but I disagree. There is room for improvement. Other than that, I think the game looks good.

Sounds like basketball. The sneaker squeaking, the trash talking, the body to body contact. It's all there.

Suggestions: Work on the controls. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

I am racing game guru!! Hear me!!! I love racing games. I look for the game to have speed, nice cars, speed, good tracks, SPEED, and then I look for SPEED!!!!!!! THIS GAME HAS IT. I love it. This is one of those games that if I get started I won't get off. I have to America I am one the !&%$@#* ed that has to work for a living!!!!!

The gameplay is outstanding!!! The control of the car is as realistic as Sega GT. It's easy as hell to get into this game and stay there. It may even be too easy but I like easy in such a hard world. The pyramid tree is brilliant and when the po - pos get on your !&%$@#* they get on it!! COP THIS DOG!!!!

I saw both the PS2 and the XBOX version. The XBOX just simply does it better. It baffles me why people can't see the difference but it's clear as the skiddies in you PS2 lovers Huggies. The tracks and the background is beautiful.

I put my own music to the game. Therefore, the sounds of the game is hot to death. You jokers sucking the PS2 dick need to understand there is nothing better than downloading your own soundtrack to a game. Feel me!!!

Suggestions: Yeah, make more. Pimp the box for their power next time!!!! I HOLLA!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The game is kinda hard for me. The stealth part is difficult. However, the game is hot. I think the graphics and gameplay are excellent. I love the story and the AI is sharp. Some things about the game I wish were different but I like it.

The stealth part of the game is difficult. I can sneak up on someone, R trigger to put 'em to sleep and miss for some inexplicable reason. The targeting system is off a little. And I don't like the fact that when you get busted on there is no way to regain your health. The concept is good though.

I like the visuals. It is a very attractive game. Of course I'm gonna say it again the XBOX has the sharpest visuals of any system out. I can't wait until someone uses the XBOX properly.

The dialogue is good, the music is great. The acting is better. I can feel this game when I play it due to the sound.

Suggestions: Tighten up the gameplay. Good job. I HOLLA!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Ilike the game. I didn't like it as much as WSB, nonetheless it is cool. I think that the it is just a little to involved control wise but the gameplay, visuals, and other features are well done.

The baseball purist will love the speed of the pitching. It's straight up wicked. It is practically dead on to the real deal. The fielding is good but the angles seem to be all wrong at times. Like the cross body throws look a little awkward. The outfielders seem to be in position to make the catch and then don't as you watch dazed, helpless and confused. These are just a few of my gripes with the gameplay.

Stunning. Outstanding. Xbox. The only thing I noticed was the size of the players. For some strange reason all of the games seem to have this problem. The player models are not accurate in a lot of cases. The players look short and thickalmost like EA sports bull !&%$@#* game.

I liked the commentary, the crack of the bat, and other sound effects. Damn good job. Other than that I believe that there is not much you can do with a baseball game.

Suggestions: Play ball like the pros play ball. It can be done. I HOLLA!!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

I happen to love racing games. I am also a licensed driver at times. Therefore, I know driving and I know driving illegal, such as what it feels like to speed and attepmt to turn a sharp corner. I know what it feels like to fishtail, to hydroplane, to make that perfect eight or donut. I know cars, I know speed. This game is the closest to real racing, to real driving as I've experienced. PGR was good. Damned good. However, the feel of the game was sometimes slow. Not to say this is better than PGR but it's !&%$@#* ed close.

The gameplay is realistic. Ilike the GT3 options that are done over well in this game. I like the pay for damage deal. The races are challenging at first but then it gets to be kinda easy. And I love the snapshots that you can take during the replay. Excellent idea!!!

Xbox does it again. I can't wait until someone uses the awesome power of the Xbox to it's fullest.

The game can support your own soundtrack. This is always a plus for me. The cars sound good enough could have been a little better though.

Suggestions: No suggestions. I holla!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Thing

A true gamer will appreciate this game. It's concept, the action, and it's gameplay is exhilarating. The fear factor, the trust factor, the fact that your own team can turn on you if your not atteentive is cool. I love this game. I never saw the movie, but now I will.

The intrigue of this game is to investigate this thing. This Thing that can infect your own team. It has moments where you are frightened, jumping out of your seat. It can cause grown !&%$@#* men to panic like a white girl in a scary movie. You will love the gameplay if you are a serious gamer such as myself.

Damnit it's cold out there, and Lord knows it looks like it on this game!!! I can sense the wind chill factor from the constant snow storm. Beautiful game to look at.

I love the dialogue in this game. This game is not for your latter day christian! The music is great. This is a great game sound wise too.

Suggestions: None. Keep 'em shakin' I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nascar Thunder 2003

Oh my God!!!! This game is hot to death. Nascar Thunder is better than ever. Everything is hotter than last years version. I can't put it down. I don't know what the deal is but someone should have had this one reviewed before me!! Go get this one!!!

Go left young man. Of course is Nascar racing. Yet, the speed at which you go is amazing. It's a chair rollin, finger cramping experience navigating those turns, drafting, passing, crashing. More tracks, more options. Go get it!!!!

Awe - inspiring graphics!! EA is beginning to understand the power of the 'box. Go Get It!!!!!!!!!!

The cars sound wonderful, the music in the game is good and you can download your own music and cut out the game music altogether.

Suggestions: None. Go Get It!!!!! I holla!!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Gun Metal

The concept of this game is exciting and compelling. The game itself was a joy to play for a while and then it kinda got old. It began to be challenging and then not so challenging. I guess I am partial to sport games.

The gameplay has it's appeal. Then again it doesn't. Let me explain. The transforming part of the game is cool. It just gets a little boring.

I liked it visually. I think it could have been a little sharper. I know X- box is capable of so much more.

I hated that voice. You know the one that tells you where to go and what to do. It sounded like a Japanese sub-titled movie.

Suggestions: Try harder. You have all of this power at your hands in the X-box !&%$@#* it use it!!! I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

I didn't like it. I am not into role playing games. I don't think that it is a bad game at all, it's just not my cup of tea.

The gameplay is okay I guess. It is not all that exciting or whatever. I like the fact that the play is so open whereas you dictate the outcome of the gameplay. Other than that, I didn't like it like that.

I think visually the game is beautiful. I know the power of the Xbox and it shows in this game. I wish I could have enjoyed it more.

I got turned off by the voice overs in this one. I think that these game makers should make more of an effort in this department.

Suggestions: None because I am not partial to this type of game. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Enclave

Like AZ !&%$@#* it I'm back!!!! LET'S START WITH THIS GAME, ENCLAVE!!! It was okay but it just isn't my type of game. It would be good for those who appreciate this genre.

For the little time that I played it, the game played well. The camera was suspect at times but it was exciting none the less.

Visually stunning as usual. The graphics were Xbox caliber. The environments were convincing if not always a part of the game.

I liked the music in this game. I liked the constant sounds of something is coming and it's gonna be bad. Good job.

Suggestions: I can't give suggestions on this one because I don't like the genre. It wouldn't be fair. I HOLLA!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

So I go to Funcoland to cop a new game, and the clerk tells me to get DEAD TO RIGHTS it is going to be hot!!! So I got it. I haven't slept in two days!! I need help. I can't stop shooting and disarming jokers. I can't stop punching and kicking punks in the mouth. I have tried like hell to not use criminals as human shields but I can't !&%$@#* it, I can't. It's a keeper.

The only knock I have is in this department. I don't like the camera system too much. It's too often that you find yourself in a bad spot because of the camera. Otherwise, the gameplay is better than Max Payne if not similar in some ways. The firepower is there and the ability to whupp !&%$@#* is there. I just wish that I could jump.

I think this game is better than Max Payne visually. However, it's on the 'box baby!!! What else needs to be said?

Ilike the sounds, this game probably has the best background music of any game in this genre. The gunshots, punches and kicks all sound good. Even Shadow sounds good!

Suggestions: Change the camera system. Let us jump. I holla!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

First of all, it's all of that and then some. I'm not going to attempt to explain a !&%$@#* thing!!! Overall appeal is it's the !&%$@#* in' best, end of story!!!!!

As I have already stated !&%$@#* it, it's over, Madden has this damn thing sown up!!! This football game is more than a football game it's everything to do with football. Shut up all of you haters don't review this game and "F" up the score!!! It's a five plus 1!!!!!


DID YOU HEAR THAT?!! Those sounds you hear you know shift, shift, that's coming from the !&%$@#* field!! Oh my damn!!! Madden did it again!!!

Suggestions: Don't spoil us anymore. This is a sho'nuff keeper. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Test Drive

Test Drive is a good game for those who like the movie The Fast and The Furious. If you didn't like the movie don't cop this one. Get Project Gotham or something. It's fun though. It's not much to it but it's fun.

In this game you race for slips. You can win cars, money, and respect. It's has a storyline although it's kinda simple - minded. The racing in this game is a mixture of too hard and at times too easy. What I'm saying it's hard as hell to pass another car but when you do you usually win the race. The physics of the game are okay they're not on the caliber of Gotham though. The cars are decent but I think they could have been better.

Of course, this game looks better on the 'box. The background graphics are weak. I have one question; how is it that I can hit a light pole and run it over without skipping a beat but if I hit a little pole off on the sidewalk I come to a dead stop? I don't know if that's visual but I know I hate to see when this happens.

The ability to download your own music is cool. The cars sound fair to midland. The repetitive little comments from the other racers are annoying.

Suggestions: Make the graphics a little tighter, add on to the story, kill the comments, and improve the gameplay. This is a renter. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Burnout

This is a great racer! I played this game on the ps2 and loved it and it looks and feels even better on the XBOX.

I like the gameplay of Burnout. It is the fast and the furious times 2. The controls are good and the framerate is dead - on. It's an overall fun game to play.

As I have said before every thing looks better on the 'box. This game is no exception. Although the cars are kinda plain looking, it reflects better and shines better.

The sounds are very well done. I wish I could afford Dolby Digital 5.1, I would really have a ball. Alas, I can't.

Suggestions: Burnout 2, new cars, more of a storyline. I HOLLA!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Knockout Kings 2002

I go through so much grief that I need a relief. This game with it's furious, fast, and damaging punches provides the exact outlet I need. I love punching Joe Frazier until he !&%$@#* near does a backwards somersault out of the ring. I whupped Roberto Duran so bad that he cried out "MOMMY, I'M SLEEPY" and then went on to curl up in the fetal position as he lay twitching on the canvas. This game is better than the last and although it needs work Snooda Booda says it's a keeper.

The gameplay takes some getting used to. The movement of the fighter is awkward. The speed of the punching is faster than realistic and the inability to dodge is frustrating. The blocking mechanism is a tad off too. I find myself able to block every punch but the controls don't cooperate. However, it is fun. Muhammad Ali is ridiculous!!! He can jab at the speed of sound!! Just take your time to get used to it. I also thought the career mode was decent except that the points system is stingy as hell!! I liked the old game which was more liberal when it came to this. I also thought that more of the top boxers and different weight classes should be included. Otherwise, the gameplay can become addictive, especially when you win!!

The game looks way better on the 'box than on the PS2. The boxers glisten from the sweat thats created when one is running for their life. You can see the muscle tone in all of the boxers even the obese few. My only complaint that some times you can see where the punch didn't actually connect. Even this is a marked improvement from all of the phantom punches on the PS2.

The punch sound effects are great. Especially during the replay when the rapid punch replay really sounds off! I wish the boxers sounded off from the punch. You know a little scream, a grunt, a high pitched squeal. However, the sound is pretty good.

Suggestions: Let the boxers sound off more, change the point system and work on the controls. I HOLLA!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

I liked this game. I think it could have been a little more detailed. I like the action part of it and feeling like James himself. I guess this isn't the game for me. Snooda Booda said send it back.

Gameplay was a little awkward. It was a little something funny about the movement and the control. After awhile, you get used to it and Bond is his old never gets killed-have a gadget for everything self.

Visually, the game looks better on the 'box than on the PS2 or Gamecube. It could have been better with some more effort.

I liked the sound of Bond in this game. The cars sound good on the game also. I think the explosions could have been more effective but good enough.

Suggestions: More effort, more sounds, better controls. Rent it. I Holla!!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NBA 2K2

This is the worst basketball game on the !&%$@#* in' market!!!! Ren37 is a complete illiterate but he called this one right!!! 2K2 is garbage!!! What are people looking at?? First of all, despite what you heard, all basketball player butts don't stick out like that and their butts are not two inches from their shoulders. Okay maybe P.J. Brown has HIGH ASS SYNDROME but not everyone of one them. In real basketball, you can actually drive to the lane. On this game there is no way to drive the lane like they can on you. I hate the free throw shooting system. Overall, this game is not the game it's hyped up to be.

The gameplay is horrible. It's booty, it's ass. Some of the moves are nice but it's not realistic. It's trash. Some people don't have the ability to make decisions on there own, they believe the hype they follow the leader. Inside Drive is the best game out and if it was on PS2, it would shatter the myth of 2k2 because people don't give the 'box credit.

Looks good though. Nothing special. The players are either way off or further off. D. Fisher looks like Curious George with a headband.

What sounds are in the game? The commentary is ordinary the player sounds are ordinary. This game is ordinary.

Suggestions: Give up the title dog!!! It's over. Inside Drive 2003 is going to take over the title this season. I HOLLA!!!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Legends of Wrestling

I don't like it. I liked the players models, but, other than that I don't like it. I guess I'm used to RAW. I didn't like the stiff animations, or anything about this game other than thew wrestlers looked similar to their human counterparts.

The gameplay is too stiff. It's kinda hard for me to describe except to say that it's not RAW. It's looks clean on the'box and that is it.

I think that the makers of this game put some effort into this game and the wrestlers. It was good to see some of my all time favorites back in the squared circle. Other than that this game was nothing spectacular.

The corniest sounds of any game around. I couldn't stand to listen to that music. The sounds of the match was realistic enough but that's all.

Suggestions: Leave it alone. We'll just wait for WWE RAW IS WAR. Thank you. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

This is a fun game. I really didn't give it much of chance because it's not the type of game I enjoy. I played with Definition, and Sir Earl and we enjoyed ourselves for a while and then it was like " put Halo back in." Good game though, maybe this is for the younger generation.

If you like a bunch of innovative mini-games this is the game for you. If not then don't cop this one.

Amazing graphics. I can't hate too much about that. 3D at it's finest. It's the 'box though young'un what do you exoect!!!

I don't recall much about the sounds. So I guess that means it was nothing overwhelming. Let's just say it had sound.

Suggestions: I don't have any suggestions except make the characters in the game something or someone you care about. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Wow!!! The best racing game ever made for any system!! The graphics, the physics, the cars, the kudos, the everything. It's the best game of the year!!!!! Okay, maybe it's not the best but that's only because of a game with a spaceman and some grunts or something.

I can't accurately describe how much fun this game is except to say that it far outshines that PS2 racing game. Blazing through the streets of Tokyo, San Fran, New York, London, is off the chains!! I like racing games and I even like the PS2 game but Project Gotham tears it out the frame.

Please. I challenge any of the PS2 junkies to show me how any of there weak !&%$@#* racers look better than Project Gotham. C'mon, I dare you!!! I need not say more.

The sounds are pretty good. The cars could have made more of a sound when they get wrecked. The fact that I can download my own tunes helped a great deal in this area.

Suggestions: Make the crashes sound better. Other than that can you do it again? I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL 2002

I'm not really a fan of hockey. As a matter of fact I have no idea about the rules of the game or anything pertaining to the game. However, I know a good game when I play one. This is a good game. It's fast paced, it's fun, and it's exciting. I love scoring that goal to break the tie as the clock is ticking. It's a keeper!!!

Hockey fans should love it. Non - hockey fans should appreciate it.The gameplay is fast and furious. The fights are exciting and the fan excitement is felt!!

Visually I had a slight problem with his version. I thought it was a little dull looking. The player models are well done, and the arenas look good. It was just a little foggy or something.

The sounds are indicative of what you would expect to hear when someone gets dashed against the boards at speeds in excess of what seems like a hundred miles an hour!!! It sounds bone - jarring. I also like the commentary. These guys are pretty witty.

Suggestions: Sharpen it up just a little. I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

It's on and poppin' baby!!!! EA did a great job and made many necessary improvements on this title. The passing system is better. The defense is better. The graphics are clean and clear. The game feels like a real live college game. The controls and the many different plays and schemes are improved and appreciated. Overall, it was a great 4 hours of gameplay(I had to go to sleep I actually work for a living). I can't wait to go home to get back on it!!!

The first thing I checked for is the passing system. The 2and2 version would pass so erractic it took away from the gameplay. However, EA has corrected this problem, in a great way. A joy to play and another little nuance I liked was the ability to flip the play at the line of scrimmage!! Yes!!!!! Now that's football baby!! I have actually played the game and this was always an option during the game and I'm glad that it has been incorporated into the game. Good job EA!!!!

I love the look of this game. The awesome power of the 'box is incredible!! NCAA football looks as close to real as you can get in a game.

All the sounds of a football game that should be there from the hits to the mascot, to the cheerleaders, and to the brilliant commentary the sounds are spectacular. The commentary was so dead on I thought Corso was in the room with me!!!

Suggestions: Make the fans come out and tear the goalposts down after the big win!! DEFINITION, L.T., AND SNOODA BOODA says it's a no-brainer!! Go out and cop this!! I holla!!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MotoGP

I never played a motorcycle racer or game before this one so I can't compare this one to other ones however, I know this one is great! The graphics are out of this world, the gameplay is tight, even if it takes getting used to, and the fun factor is there. Moto GP has me wishing I rode motorcycles!

The gameplay does take some getting used to. It's rough hanging those tight turns at speeds and angles that are perilous to say the least. It is possible to earn bonus points to be added to your racers ability and this does help tremendously. Once you get used to the gameplay it is great fun!

Spectacular, moving, glorious, and 'BOX at it's finest!!!! The best part is when you get to your top speed and you get the blur going it is a thing of beauty to behold.

The whine of the bike as it reached 160 mph is the sound of bliss. It is incredible. The crashes could have a little more sound effect to them but other than that the sound is good.

Suggestions: Make the crashes sound a little better. Moto GP2. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Initially, I was excited about playing this game. It looked like it could be a good game. However, after about 2 hours of gameplay I got bored quick, fast, and in a hurry. AC4 is a much better game. It's a shame because there is no reason why a game made for the 'BOX couldn't be better.

Fly and shoot. The concept is the same of other games of this genre but somehow it lacks. Maybe the storyline could have said more or had more to offer I don't know but I found it to be terribly boring.

The game looked good visually. However, with the 'BOX behind it I think it could have been even sharper.

Weak sounds. I don't think any effort was put into this game at all. I want to hear explosions that sound like explosions and stuff like that. The makers of this game could have done so much better.

Suggestions: Revamp the entire package!!!! Don't insult us or the 'BOX with this weak and tired effort again. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: There are fighting games, and then there are fighting games that are legendary. DOA3 falls in the latter category. Fight fans will love this adventure, this perfection. I am a fight fan. I've played Tekken, and VF4 and I think that DOA3 is the best by far!

Gameplay: First of all the moves are alittle difficult but learnable. The fact that the environment plays a role in the battle is a great addition. For instance, plastering someones !&%$@#* against the wall feels good!!! Also for the guy who thinks that DOA3 was the first at this (check Tekken Tag) you play as a tag team with moves that incorporate both players. This just enhances the overall outstanding gameplay. Oh yeah, you can also kick or punch someone of a cliff, a building, or whatever! I love it!!!

Graphics: DOA3 is arguably the best looking game on the 'BOX. There isn't much more to say except the graphics jump off the screen at you.

Audio: I actually like the oriental sounds that are heard during this game. As opposed to the annoying sounds of Bloodwake.

Suggestions: None. The best doesn't need any suggestions from lowly game-heads like us. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

I love it!! I think the game is best played in the multi - player mode but it is a good overall experience.

The gameplay is fair to midland. What I mean is it can become difficult being so restricted at times. Especially in the multi player mode when an individual has to be told " wait !&%$@#* it go this way!!! However, to hack and slash, smack and blast the hell out of these various creatures of the night is fun.

Visually wonderful. The graphics are among the best on the X-BOX. Great detail and the best part to me is the opening cut scene. It's cinematic and exciting.

The sounds are not the best I've heard. The gun sounds and all of the other weapons are real enough. Other than that there really isn't much to it besides the music which is pretty good.

Suggestions: Release me dog!! Let me move!!! I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Wreckless was a fun experience for me. It's was a well made game with excellent visuals, controls, and replay value. I could play the same level different ways going in different directions, smashing into different things. Until one day I realized I am tired of this game! It's fun and initially my review team at home Definition, L.T., and Snooda Booda decided that this game was a keeper as opposed to a renter. I guess it just gets old fast.

Gameplay is somewhat similar on each level for either team I play with. Smash into things, cars, people, buildings, tables, this part is fun. The controls are simple enough and the cars drive well. This game has decent appeal but not enough for the long ride.

Visually spectacular!!!! It's the 'BOX baby what do you expect? The replays are beautifully done also.

The sounds are good in this game. I just don't like the voices of the characters in the game. The cars sound good, the crashes sound like cars meeting movable or sometimes immovable objects. It's just something about those voices...

Suggestions: Let the title rest. Don't make a Wreckless 2 or something like that. I HOLLA!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: There is an escaped mental patient from the insane asylum on this web site. It's true, it's !&%$@#* true!! This idiot rates Spider-man higher than Halo, which happens to be the game of the year. LTM360 YOU ARE A FOOL!!! LTM must stand for lost. total. mental. Spider-man is good but nowhere near Halo son!! Graphics are outstanding, it's fun to be Spidey swinging from building to building. It's cool but it's not Halo.

Gameplay: Anyone would enjoy the abilities that Spidey is given. The levels are not hard to master but kind of gets boring. As I said before the best part of the game is web swinging. Playing as different characters is okay but the game is so linear that it really doesn't matter who I play as. Gameplay should include the option of playing in the air or on the ground. This would add to the adventure of the game. The camera system is too frustrating.

Graphics: Visually this game is amazing!! Spidey looks best on the 'Box for sheezy!! The detail given to Spidey and the surrounding areas are remarkable. This is the best part of the game. Change the camera system.

Audio: The sounds of Spidey are pretty good. I like to hear the little sarcasm that we've grown to expect from Spidey. I also like to hear the sounds of the people in the street saying things to Spidey. All of the villians sound good also. Especially the Green Goblin. Very convincing.

Suggestions: Change the camera system. Let Spidey live a little and enjoy all the freedoms of someone blessed with his ability should enjoy. I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 WWF Raw

I love wrestling. I think it is the most entertaining sport on television. Therefore, I would be hard to impress when it comes to a wrestling game. Having said that, WWF Raw is a great game. It far exceeds that joke of a game Smackdown. Needs more flavor but still tastes good.

The gameplay is good. It's a little difficult at first but once a gamer gets used to the controls it's a joy. I think the control system is much better than the other wrestling games. The graphics are beautiful. The players look similar to their human counterparts with the exception of Triple H. I mean he's hideous but !&%$@#* THQ have mercy!!!

The entrances are magnificent. I couldn't tell the game from the real thing initially. The arenas could have been varied but it looked good also. Visually this game does it's !&%$@#* thing!!

I was hugely disappointed by the omission of the ability to enter with your own music. The fact that a gamer can ut together hius own music to enter the ring is cool but I wanted to come out to DMX!!! All other sound effects are great.

Suggestions: Have more matches, let us download our own music, don't make Triple H that !&%$@#* ugly, and put in all of the current wrestlers in the WWE. Do you feel me? I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I saw this game during the Christmas holidays being played by a young man on the system set by the store. I was impressed. I was even more impressed by the young man. He played that game for at least two hours refusing to let anyone else check it out. He had a look on his face like " I will play until the store closes and don't ask me to move." I bought my XBOX on the strength of this game. Halo is a miracle. It is the best game of all times. No disrespect to MGS which is also very good but, Halo smokes that game like a cigarette smoker down to his last butt.

Gameplay: The gameplay is phenomenal. All aspects of the gameplay is crucial. There is nothing left to say except that Halo raises the bar for all other games that come after it.

Graphics: XBOX!!!!! That's it!!! I was astounded amazed by the sheer magnificance of the environments, the graphics, the attention to detail and the characters. XBOX at it's finest!!!

Audio: I love to hear the sounds of the grunts beg for mercy!!!! The whine of the warthog and the firing of all of the weapons add to glorious sounds of this heavenly game.

Suggestions: None. Give us some more. Halo the prequel maybe. Excellent job on this game. I HOLLA!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: I saw the advertisements and I thought this will be the game that makes me put Halo down. Oh Lord, how wrong I was! I did not like this game at all. The graphics were good. The sound is terrible. The premise of the game is good. The gameplay is horrible. It could have been so much more with a little more effort.

Gameplay: There is nothing fun about this game. The gameplay is drive a boat shoot a boat. Simple. Trash. Sunk.

Graphics: The game is nice visually but what game isn't with the power of the Box pumping it up! The water graphics are spectacular.

Audio: Sounds terrible, sounds more terrible, sounds worse!!! What an outlandish disappointment. I could have done better with the sound as a deaf mute for Gods' sake!!

Suggestions: Don't insult us anymore with booty games like this one ever, ever-ever, ever-ever-ever, again!! If I could curse on this review and have be seen I would!!! FUCK IT BLODDWAKE IS ASS, I SHOULD SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF THE FUCKER WHO CREATED THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!! I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Let's cut to the chase. ID 2002 is the best basketball game on the market right now. I know, I know, 2k2 is supposedly the cream of the crop. The reality is 2k2 is straight garbage!!! This game feels like playing real basketball. The players look like those spoiled millionaires we have grown to love and hate. 2k2 players look like they were born in the jungle, and swing from trees!! XBOX haters beware their there is a new sheriff in town. ID 2002 is here to stay!!!!!

The game play is excellent!!! I actually play basketball and this game comes closest to the real game. XBOX does a good job of controls relative to gameplay, except calling a timeout feels a little awkward. The players flow on the court like silk, they run and jump like gazelle on the screen. The athleticism of basketball players are portrayed better than any game out.(U 2 2K2).

This game is visually spectacular. At times it may appear to be a little dark in the arena but that is overshadowed by the incredible player models. Iverson is Iverson, Garnett is Garnett, and Kobe is Kobe. As opposed to 2k2 where all of the player models resemble something Darwin conjured up!

These are the best announcers I have ever heard on any sports game. They actually have a sense of humor!!! It's the best. The crowd noise goes along perfectly with the game and the game situation. I hope that the new ID keeps these announcers!!!!

Suggestions: Keep the announcers for the next go round. Lighten it up in the arena a little, and shake rattle and roll take 2k2s' gold!!!!!!!!!!! I holla!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Honestly, I heard of Rally racing but never paid much attention to it until now. Rallisport is an outstanding game with terrific replay ability. I enjoy sliding and hydroplaning across the sand and ice. It is a challenging and rewarding racer. Well worth the 50 dollars.

This game is not for the laid back press the gas, tap the brake gamer. It's for the need to be challenged gamer. I have this need. I thoroughly like this game for that reason. If you have any idea how to drive a car you will be handle this one.

Stunning graphics. The surrounding areas are awe - inspiring. The car models are nice, maybe they could have been a little sharper, but nice nonetheless. Yet, you will never tire of watching the pure power of the X-BOX.

The cars whining are somewhat annoying but don't panic there is hope. You can download your own soundtracks to be played as you attempt to survive the rough terrains of rally racing. The game music is okay but my suggestion is to use your own.

Suggestions: Make the car sounds a little less nerve - racking. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 World Series Baseball (Sega)

I have played all of the baseball games that are on the shelf for all of the big 3 systems. WSB ouplays them all in every category. Period. ASB too hard, HH too easy, Triple Play ridiculous, Slugfest a jokefest. WSB is the baseball game of the year. It has smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, and is oh so deep! I have almost played a full season and I just don't know where all of the games went. If you enjoy baseball and maybe even played a real game or two then you will appreciate WSB.

The gameplay is a step above anything I have seen. I have made diving catches similar to the great Graig Nettles. My swing of the bat is sweet and powerful like Reggie Jackson. I run with the wind like Lou Brock. I have a cannon for an arm like Ichiro. I throw straight gas like Dwight, and Roger and junk like Maddux. I love the gameplay!!! (can u tell?) I only wish that I could jump and snare a few of those heading out of the yard. Other than that this game plays like the pros play.

The stadiums are re - created in a splendid fashion. Uniforms are perfect even the old school unies look good! Helmets are a little too shiny though and some of the faces are far less than accurate. Mo Vaughn has never been so fit in his life!!! Yet the lights and the sunshine and the fields are gorgeous.

Turn the announcers off A.S.A.P. Annoying joy suckers. Those guys aside the crack of the bat, the smack of the glove is realistic enough to tone out the fly - in - my - !&%$@#* - ear announcers. Good sound though.

Suggestions: Get better announcers. Please let me jump and snatch some of those !&%$@#* wall jumpers back down. Thank you. I holla!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: This is an outstanding game!!! Bruce really comes alive especially vocally!!! It's like a resurrection!! I became a Bruce Lee fan all over again!! This is a must buy for all true gamers!!

Gameplay: Gameplay is excellent. All of the moves are well created and Bruce moves fluidly. The bad is Bruce should be allowed to roam more. I guess this keeps one from punking out and running from a brawl. Gameplay can be reduced to button mashing but, kicking a multitude of hindparts all at once is a beautiful thing!

Graphics: Beautifully done. Of course it is an X-Box game. The scenery is lovely. It is not Halo level or Hunter however, it's !&%$@#* close. Could you imagine DOA graphics on this game ?

Audio: WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! AYYYAHHHHHHHHH!!! WUTAHHHHH!!!! Get it! It's Bruce baby!!! The sound is all the way live and exact! The music is pretty good too but nothing out does the joyful moans of wiping someones jaw with your foot and fist( not necessarily in that order) Add on the 5.1 and it's almost indescribable.

Suggestions: The only suggestion I have is let him roam a little more. Sometimes it's frustrating to be restricted to a specific area. Other than that keep it Bruce!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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