Tenchu Z (Xbox 360) by Activision

Tenchu Z (Xbox 360) by Activision Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: June 12, 2007.

Average Overall Score:
6.50 / 10


Become the ultimate ninja assassin in Tenchu Z. Eliminate unsuspecting guards using stealth kills or your favorite ninja weaponry, or even go straight for the big boss! Use sound, sight, and scent detection as you search out your opponents and unlock deadly new moves and weapons.


Complete 5 Missions
Completed 5 missions!
Complete 10 Missions
Completed 10 missions!
Complete 20 Missions
Completed 20 missions!
Complete 30 Missions
Completed 30 missions!
Complete 40 Missions
Completed 40 missions!
Complete 50 Missions
Completed 50 missions!
20 Stealth Kills
20 Stealth Kills achieved!
50 Stealth Kills
50 Stealth Kills achieved!
100 Stealth Kills
100 Stealth Kills achieved!
300 Stealth Kills
300 Stealth Kills achieved!
500 Stealth Kills
500 Stealth Kills achieved!
700 Stealth Kills
700 Stealth Kills achieved!
1000 Stealth Kills
1000 Stealth Kills achieved!
10 Ninja 5 ranks
Achieved 10 Ninja 5 Ranks!
30 Ninja 5 ranks
Achieved 30 Ninja 5 Ranks!
50 Ninja 5 ranks
Achieved 50 Ninja 5 Ranks!
Ninja 5 All Easy Missions
Achieved Ninja 5 rank on every mission with difficulty: Easy!
Ninja 5 All Normal Missions
Achieved Ninja 5 rank on every mission with difficulty: Normal!
Ninja 5 All Hard Missions
Achieved Ninja 5 rank on every mission with difficulty: Hard!
Complete the game story
Complete the game story!
Completed 1 Secret Mission (Secret Achievement)
Completed 1 Secret Mission!
Completed 2 Secret Mission (Secret Achievement)
Completed 2 Secret Missions!
Completed 3 Secret Mission (Secret Achievement)
Completed 3 Secret Missions!
Completed 4 Secret Mission (Secret Achievement)
Completed 4 Secret Missions!
Completed 5 Secret Mission (Secret Achievement)
Completed 5 Secret Missions!
Killed 5 Tomikichi (Secret Achievement)
Killed 5 Tomikichi!
Killed 10 Tomikichi (Secret Achievement)
Killed 10 Tomikichi!
Killed 20 Tomikichi (Secret Achievement)
Killed 20 Tomikichi!
Killed 30 Tomikichi! (Secret Achievement)
Killed 30 Tomikichi!
Killed 40 Tomikichi (Secret Achievement)
Killed 40 Tomikichi!
Killed 50 Tomikichi (Secret Achievement)
Killed 50 Tomikichi!

User Reviews

Score: 65
Overall User Average: 6.50 / 10 (65.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 6.50 / 10
Graphics User Average: 7.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 7.00 / 10
Date reviewed: July 16, 2007.

Overall: It is a fun game, I've played it for over 30 hours, and I've only got it about 33% complete - I need to go back and play all the levels again on harder difficulty I'm assuming to complete a larger pe you run around with a sword, a grappling hook (all you really need when you're sneaky like me) and try to stay out of the view of the enemy (the grappling hook helps out immensely - get on rooftops with it). When they turn their back to you, you jump down and get a stealth kill (one hit kill basically).

It does have it's disappointments though - when will they get far more creative with the stealth kills - I'll elaborate more on that with my suggestion to the developer...
Gameplay: As I mentioned earlier, you are armed with a sword and a grappling hook. You can take other items with you on missions. You can finish missions very early with out killing every one - if you know where to go to kill your target, obtain your item (secret documents, spy report etc...) whatever you gotta do to beat the mission... I usually observe each bad guy (out of his sight of course) on his patrol for a couple times - sometimes from more than one area to make sure someone else isn't gonna hear/see me take him/her out - decide the best place to take him out, and where I can hide his body - then bye bye bad guy. if you get blood on you/fall into a dung-trap, the bad guys can smell it and will be alarmed for a while. stealth-kills can not be performed on alerted bad guys.
Graphics: The graphics are noticeably better than any other Tenchu game - this game is a success from the point of view that this game is fun without needing eye candy - none of the games in the series have ever been known for their graphics, but this one definitely does have the best graphics of any in the series.
Sound: I don't really pay much attention to the sound, but I did notice that when bad guys are after you, the music changes.

It's adequate I guess - it doesn't quite complement the game like the first Tenchu's music did.

Why can't we use our grappling hook rope to make a noose to lower over a bad guy's neck and hang him?

Why can't we try to intercept some food/drink/refreshment that is on it's way to the bad guy and either poison it, or disguise our ninja as the servant that's gonna serve it to him, and then let the ninja do his thing?

Why can't we have a spear on a rope to throw down from the rooftop that we can impale a bad guy with and then recover it (and possibly the corpse too, or something?)

Why can't we cling to cielings for ever if we're near a corner?

Also, make the ninja more responsive and more like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden - Ninjas are supposed to be bad-@$$es in hand to hand combat too aren't they?

Make missions where you can't be spotted once - being detected = mission failure.

Make a variety of poisons that you have to eventually make yourself immuned to - maybe make it possible to coat your fingers with a skin absorbent poison that you're immuned to so you simply have to touch your enemy's bare skin to kill him, or damage his health/paralyze him

Make missions where you gotta steal something from someone's person with or without killing them.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 70 %

Tenchu Z News

Tenchu Z Demo Available on XBL Marketplace
European and US gamers can now sample the first next-gen outing from the Tenchu franchise, with the playable demo of Tenchu Z.

Tenchu Z: Achievements
There are 31 achievements worth 1000 points (11 are secret)

Tenchu Z for Xbox 360 Goes Gold
Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 exclusive “Tenchu Z” has gone gold and will sneak onto store shelves across the nation on June 12. Rated “M” for Mature.

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