TransWorld Surf (Original Xbox) by Atari

TransWorld Surf (Xbox) by Atari Box Art

Xbox 360 backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: November 15, 2001.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): No
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
7.60 / 10

Now, I stepped into this game thinking is was a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game on water, well, it?s not. Not that it makes this a bad thing?"

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Get serious with real pros, real gear and insane tricks when Infogrames launches the Transworld brand games. Players can choose from 13 surfing pros including Rochelle Ballard, Shawn Barron, Taj Burrow, Jason Collins, Tim Curran, Shane Dorian, Christian Fletcher, Andy Irons, Tylor Knox, Cory Lopez, Dan Malloy, Fred Pattachia, and Chris Ward. In total, there will be 10 real-world locations including Todo Santos (Baja California, Mexico), Huntington Beach (California), Pipeline and Backdoor (Hawaii), Hossegor (France), Kirra Point (Australia), Jeffries Bay (South Africa), Witches Rock (Costa Rica), Tavarua (Fiji), G-Land (East Java, Indonesia), Teahupoo (Tahiti) and a secret bonus location that has not been revealed yet.


Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Thursday, July 19, 2001
Sunday, July 15, 2001
Wednesday, June 6, 2001
Friday, May 18, 2001

Cheat Codes

      turn off the heads up display:
enter the following: BACK, UP,DOWN, LEFT,RIGHT,UP,RIGHT.

User Reviews

Score: 76
Overall User Average: 7.71 / 10 (76.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 7.64 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.71 / 10
Date reviewed: November 3, 2003.

Overall: At first I was in total awe of this game after seeing the cool waves. But pulling off some of the bigger scoring moves can become tedious and boring making it difficult to unlock the bigger waves or at least I think they are bigger since I haven't unlocked any of them yet.
Gameplay: The learning curve is a little on the steep side and like already stated I never unlocked any of the bigger waves and there aren't any cheats to unlock them. I would've scored this game higher if I could unlock the bigger waves just so I could play them in multiplayer games. As is the game starts off really cool but soon you find it just becomes tedious trying to pull off huge scoring moves that take a lot of skill to pull off.
Graphics: The waves and water are awesome with good bump mapping and realistic flow. The surfers are a little on the lame side but do have good animation. In four player split screen the game slows down dramatically to the point where in my opinion it isn't playable.
Sound: Average sound and good music. I'm giving it a 4 just for the fact that it supports user soundtracks which every sports title should.
Suggestions: Less difficult!

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: November 3, 2002.

Overall: This is the best surfing game i have ever played. way better than kally slater! it also has way better water affects than kally slater.
Gameplay: realy good gameplay it feels like you are realy on the wave yourself. could have done with afew more tricks though.
Graphics: The best water affects of any game. and the waves look realy cool when they form but are a bit gaggy.
Sound: Great sound. you can add your own music into the game witch is cool. the wave sounds are also very good.
Suggestions: great game could have done with a few more tricks though.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: July 29, 2002.

Overall: This game lacks the depth to be a winner. It's a nice diversion but not woth the sticker price.
Gameplay: Maybe it's just me, but I had a really hard time advancing levels. I was stuck on the little baby waves.
Graphics: It kind of refresheing to be out on the ocean but there wasn't much to look at.
Sound: The sound effects seemed to provide a good ambiance.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 90 %

Megaherz *RAGE*
Date reviewed: July 6, 2002.

Overall: I am ready for a a Tony Hawk Pro Skater on water. Oups ! It's not a Thps on water because its not the same gameplay but they got something in common : they are based on a trick game ! Ok it's problably the only game that i done nothing in the single player because it's was pretty tough. What i find that was hard ? Yes, the gameplay but not the trick as our Xbox addict official reviewer. In fact they are losing my times for doing trick with the choices of the waves but its his ok. Story ? You don't remember that we are in a trick game so the story is always absent here or it's look like Amped : Freestyle Snowboarding.
Gameplay: You know i was talking about the gameplay in the overall appeal and especially about losing our times in the choices of our waves. But it not finish, because i was the only one that was able to do more than 1000 points in that game, my firends are all telling me that was a boring game because it's was harder than a normal trick game like Ssx tricky, Amped : Freestyle Snowboarding, Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Dave Mira Pro Bmx.
But when you are able to do something good, you can give more points for the fun you got than someone that was unable to do trick well. Something that was cool is that you are always in a combo until you finish you wave, ok you can lose all you point if you fall but you can also have more point than a simple 2 minute of playing in tony hawk !
Graphics: Wawerace, what that mean for you ? Same thing as me i guess : the best wave i never saw. But this time is finish, Transworld Surf is making a new way into this type of game with an amazing engine for the wave and when i mean amazing trust me there are. Character and all those stuff are also great but the main attraction is totally the wave. It's a nice touch for Angel studio, continues to take the power of the x-box in your creation.
Sound: Everybody know the Tony Hawk soundtrack because they are taking some of the best punk group of all times. Angel studio is taking care of what we are loving in a soundtrack and put some another amazing group for our ear. Oh, the great news its that they take the custom soundtrack, so if you don't like what they put, you can absolutly change it.
Suggestions: It's too hard to find something, i am just excited about Transworld Snowboarding and other stuff from you guys. Nice work guys !

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: June 2, 2002.

Overall: Graphics are just plain great! I am a person that has never surfed, however I am taking my first lesson in Oahu later this year. As stated before, this genre is rather light and may not appeal to most. Due to my age, surfing is more appealing than skating.
Gameplay: Make no bones about it - this game is tough at first. It took me about 10 hours of play before I was smoothly carving and completing sessions for rewards and advancement. If you do not have patience, skip this game. If you lack skill, skip this game. If you love the challange and reward of completing something tough - get this game. I give it a high rating due to the challange factor.
Graphics: Absolutly stunning. I never thought water could look this good on a console and NTSC TV format - I was wrong.
Sound: There are a couple of really great tunes on the disc. I want to extract them and load 'em up on my MP3 player!
Suggestions: Need Chix in Bikini's strollin' around on the beach and in the water!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: April 1, 2002.

Overall: A good game, with a few flaws. I feel this game is trying to bring surfing to the majority. But doesn't do this too well.
Gameplay: The gameplay is not bad. The controlls take a while to get used too, but once you got them sorted its just you and the Well I think they have tried to make this accesible for non-surfin dudes, by making a few arcades chalenges to it, i mean since when have you seen any surfer dude on TV trying to rescue dolphins, or scare birds. This would be good, yet there are still areas which make it hard for non surfers to grasp... terminology.. some of the chalenges dont make any sence to most people. But if you like surfing then you will love this game, even getting to be your fave surfer.
Graphics: The visual appeal is quite varied. The sea is perfect, being able to see below the water is quite cool. The surfers and back drops really let the game down though. These graphics are no-where near as special as the water effects.
Sound: The sound in the game is ok, but if you like too songs, and they are in different catagorys, you cant listen to them bothy without chaging soundtrack. Bummer. The custom soundtrack is good however!
Suggestions: Jus polish up this game, and you got a winner.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: January 2, 2002.

Overall: I should have known what i was getting when i bought this game. Transworld surf has great graphics and water effects but the action is repetitive and theres only a short amount of tricks you can pull off. You can surf to your own soundtrack but the action is kinda boring , i was into this game for about 4 days and i haven't played it since.Whats with all the Xbox games that have no real gameplay . I bought about 4 games i've had to trade in already because they sucked overall.Yeah good graphics but very boring gameplay. on a 1-5 on the funfactor i'd give it a 1.5 :(
Gameplay: i found it tough to land the tricks sometimes if your board is not aligned with the wave properly.Expect your friends to tell you to throw in another game because transworld requires some patience to begin to master.
Graphics: Everything is great , the water looks real but i've seen better water in waverace64 for nintendo. transworld doesn't exactly break the mold in water effects in fact it looks like it lacks personality some , it sorta looks like plastic :( but its not all that bad.
Sound: the sound is cool , it really sounds like the ocean and you can hear buey's and seaguls , the reef Girl gets kind of annoying.And the anouncer sounds like a jackass.Its no wonder there arn't many surf games. The sound is cool but not revolutionary or anything special.
Suggestions: Add more tricks and maybe a tutorial for begginers ,let me see myself being toe'd from the reef girl instead of a quick flash, add more water capabilities , it just seems that transworld could have been more and this was just a forced release to have something on store shelves.This sucks , i've traded in more games for the Xbox than i should have , i'm being realy careful now about purchasing most XBox games. I recomend renting the xbox titles at least untill this first wave of their low gameplay games is over.

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: December 9, 2001.

Overall: Transworld Surf is the best surfing game out there (the only one on the Xbox)and its not just for surfing fans, even Joe NoSurf will love it.
Surfing fans will truly be stoked though, for there are a ton of extra surfing movies, trialers, commercials
rider interviews, and other surf-related videos. Highly reccomended for the die hard surfing fan and anyone with even a passing intrest in surfing or who is tired of skateboarding and snowboarding games and wants to try something new.
Gameplay: Transworld surf mixies it up with a variety of different trick types but it has hardly enough actual tricks in their respected catagories. There are few tricks, but the designers made up for this by creating a smooth combo system where its not about what tricks you do its about how you link them. The combo system is very forgiving and if your good you can keep up a string of tricks untill the wave dies out. There are 3 different wave types for your surfing pleasure: normal, hazardous, and difficult. They add some vaiety to the mix but they really dont have that much influence on what you're doing (unless its hazardous - solid objects can have lots of influence on the path of a surfer...). You can paddle around to each of the 3 wave types, which is realistic, but wouldn't you rather hitch a ride with a mysterious jet ski riding reef girl who moves at the speed of light - a nice move by the game designers which makes the paddling stat totally useless when selecting a surfer or a board (one can only wonder why it was included
- "Hey friend look my surfer paddles good!" - friend whizzes by being towed by hot reef girl moving at the speed of light). Multiplayer is pretty basic, the only standout is King of the Wave where you do tricks to gain speed and knock your friends of of the wave. Gameplay is pretty deep overall, with a sweet combo system to master so you can unlock some nice videos for each rider and level and beat up on your friends in multiplayer.

Graphics: The graphics are nice but they could be so much better. The Surfer models are low polygon and blocky while the wave motion is clunky and the spray from your board and the waves is lame. The water textures look amazing, though, and the levels are populated with a nice varity of sea life, boats, and other surfers. Another cool thing is that you are not surfing out in the middle of nowhere, there are islands and cites with high rises in the background and you can surf under brigdes and piers, through sunken bunkers, and a ton of other cool places. Throughout the whole game the frame rate stays really high, in fact I never experiencied a drop in frame rate. Then again Transworld Surf doesn't make full use off the Xbox's power.
Sound: Sound is pretty basic with your asortment of surfer grunts and wave splashes. The reef girl's comments ("I don't mid picking you up, you're hot") are a nice touch. The music is pretty much surfer punk stuff, you either like it or you don't, and there is a good assortment of it from
about 20 differnt bands.
Suggestions: Some added tricks and work on the graphics and sound along with a create your own rider feature would have made for a higher score. It also could have used some dynamic waves instead of just the 3 set types. Hopefully there will be a sequel.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: November 25, 2001.

Overall: Hello? this game rocks! just about everthing is amazing. the gameplay is really fun and it doesnt get boring at any time
Gameplay: lets see. the gameplay is pretty awesome. pulling of tricks is fairly simple and it is a lot of fun. plus, the controls make the game really comfortble
Graphics: this, i think, is the games only flaw, if any. the graphics are amazing but they dont seem to be the best of xbox. at some points, the game didnt really look very smooth but it was still pretty amazing
Sound: they sound is amazing. You can hear everthing from wiping out to carving the wave. the soundtrack for this game is also awesome. if your into punk rock, you will love it
Suggestions: clean up the graphics a little bit. try to make the polygons a little smoother. and, come out with a sequel! this game rocked

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 19, 2001.

Overall: The best surfing game since Summer Games for 8-bit Nintendo. The game did crash on me twice already...hasn't happened with any other xbox games I've played. 2 crashes in 3 hours seems a bit much...
Gameplay: Being a surfer, I was really looking forward to this title. The thing is, most surfing games really suck. This one is pretty good though. There are some weird things though...for example, you can paddle your board to catch a wave but it doesn't matter where on the wave you are. In fact you don't even need to paddle, you can just stand up and start surfing. Besides that, you can just call a chick on a jetski to tow you into the wave which makes the act of paddling a waste of time. Overall though this has been a fun game so far. I wish there were more tricks though....
Graphics: Graphics are quite good. The best water effects I've seen. Characters are decently rendered. Good lighting effects.
Sound: Lots and lots of bands are featured in this game. Looks like a lot of indy bands and some surf stuff too.
Suggestions: How about a longboard or too on the next version? I'd like to be able to walk the nose etc...

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

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