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Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: Except for a few glitches and some poor quality cut-scenes, this game was rather fun. It had long, complex and challenging levels rather than mindless hacking and slashing. One of the principle components of the Star Wars universe was that the great heroes had to outsmart the villians. It was also nice to have a game where your character grows and learns, and must overcome his mistakes, that's called LIFE, and it is something we should all remember.

The gameplay was decent, even though the controls took some getting used to. The graphics were incredible in both 1st person and 3rd person modes, and like I said, with the exception of the cut-scenes, I was very impressed visually,, especially with the actions of the weapons.

All in all, I loved this game and will most likely buy it.

Gameplay: As I said above, once I got used to the controls, it was relatively smooth sailing. I do admit however, that changing Force Powers in the heat of battle was rather tough, and it would have been nice to combine some of them, but that's petty whining on my part.

If I had my way though, I'd rather have the Force Power menu on a different key then my inventory, just a suggestion.

The multiplayer mode looks great as well, no changes there.

Graphics: Amazing graphics during gameplay!...I don't really know how else to say it. The lighting, the movements, the environments, all of which were very impressive. All except for the movies, the faces of everyone but Jan looked rather lame. Especially the female Rebel leader. All other parts were just fine, from the Force Lightning, to the detail on weapons, to the droids, all were amazing.

Audio: Blasters, droids, light saber action, even the voices were nice, and having the actual Star Wars music was a nice touch. It was nice to have an official LucasFilm Arts game rather than some knockoff.

Suggestions: Just fix the cut-scenes, and make another one. Mindless games are for morons. Real gamers with real intelligence play REAL games!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Wow!!!! This is a great game. It has all of the elements of Halo as a great shooter, but also the elements of what games should try to be: strategy, stealth, and the requirement of BRAINPOWER! Unlike some other games that are just run and shoot, this game requires skill, from aiming and firing your weapon, to watching your ammo, to running, hiding, sneaking around, grabbing characters from behind and even missions where you are not allowed to kill!!!! This is a difficult game, not a weekend rental, but it is definately worth it, you have to give mad respect to the programmers, they put time and work into this game!

The graphics are great, the sound is magnificent, the controls are exclusively X-Box and the premise of the game is wonderful! This game delivers on everything promised, Platinum Series, 5+, get it!

Gameplay: Sweeeeeeeeet! Once you get used to them, the controls feel just right....although I will admit that it can be tricky when you get used to pulling the right trigger to turn around and start pulling the left when you need to use non-lethals. Other than that, I have no complaints.

The sticks are perfect for creeping and precision aiming, and the need for both is essential to this game, another plus in my book. Unlike Halo which benefits from straffing, this is a 'Pop n' Run' game, a mimic of real covert ops. As I said above, the premise of the game is excellent, and I see nothing to complain about. Those who do complain about this game just don't get it. True games challenge the user, that is the purpose, to make us think.....Splinter Cell not be fooled by those fools, get this game!

Graphics: Stunning graphics, great use of shadows, I love the night vision, the thermo, the lights, and the effects of when they are shot out. Even not being able to see in the rain was great! The graphics are crisp and wonderful in every way, characters, settings, weapons (right down to the reloading). The only thing I didn't like was when you grabbed goodies off of the table, it looked as if motion capture technology was used, but the hand motion was not as crisp.....however, this alone is not enough to put a damper on my rating, but someone needs to explain to me how you can hide in the shadows with a guy looking right at you....having 3 lights on your head and he still can't see can even see the individual stubble on Fisher's face! 5+, best graphics ever seen.

Audio: your step, don't step on the glass, gravel, etc.....don't run too fast for too long, you'll start panting and the bad guys will hear you.....God, this was great stuff. you could even hear the other guys talking clearly, or muffled depending on cir !&%$@#* stances. They hear you if you move wrong and you are alerted with music.....great!

Suggestions: SEQUEL!!! Also, it would be nice if you could skip some of the videos, and if someone explained to you the significance of hiding the bodies in certain levels.....taking out everyone, all the cameras, etc....and then still having a random alarm goes off is not clear

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Ok, in multiplayer mode for about the first hour, this game was interesting, but it got lame REALLY fast. In single player mode it was worse. (and this is coming from someone who is a huge fan of WhiteWolf and the entire Vampire genre). I like to kill monsters as much as the next guy, but it gets old after a while. No strategy, no interaction, and no way to change the camera view. I would not buy this game if it were for $10.00, let alone $50.00! Still, I tried to give it a chance, and played, and played and played, trying to beat it. I didn't die, and after 5000 kills I still wasn't done, can you say boring?

Gameplay: As many have said before, "ow, my trigger finger feels like it is going to fall off", whether in melee or gun mode, there wasnt much more to do than hack, slash and shoot, it might as well have been an old Atari game, because all you needed was the oldschool joystick with the button to play this game (ok, I'm exagerating, but so what?) Kill the monsters, pick up the weapons and powerups, go to the symbol.....oh and maybe rescue some stupid people who got in your way (or find a lame skeleton)....woohoo, this is a high-brow game worthy of my attention. At least they gave me different guns to play with along the way, perhaps the game's only saving grace. And what was up with that level where I had to protect the little girl while running through the graveyard? That was lame. Still, the lamest was those mutant monsters in the hospital? Vampires and zombies don't shoot acid out of their disfigured arms or blow up when they hit you. Did White Wolf endorse this?

Graphics: Graphics were decent, environments were not bad looking either (I liked that you could break glass and stuff). The characters also looked human, excentric, but human, far better than the cubic graphics of some other games out there, their motions were better as well. Still, some of the monsters were laughable at best (especially the shotgun toting guards at the prison). Still, I have to give credit, 70,000+ manhours to create this game, it looked good, that was about it though.

Audio: Slash, growl, grunt, bang, burn, explode, scream, oooh, I'm impressed. Ok, so there was some dialogue too, by that freaky looking guy who enjoyed cursing in the church and the different complaints there, but how about some diversity? I know that a zombie isn't supposed to talk or feel pain, hence he is shot, his head falls off and he keeps coming, but how about some more sound FX? I guess when you are making a 1-dimensional game, you don't worry too much about the little things.

Suggestions: More characters, better attributes (edges), more interaction/strategy, the ability to change camera angles, choose which skills to upgrade with xp. And definately fix the situation in multiplayer where if a character dies and his buddy beats the level, the other player must start from scratch. That is total BS.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: What needs to be said about this game that has not already been said? This is the best first person shooter ever made, combining shooting, driving and to some extent, directing of other troops (OK, so they are AI, but get in the vehicle and they join you). The graphics are tight, the controls are sweet (aim, zoom, strafe, etc). The different weapons including the grenades also rock, especially when you go into melee mode, nothing lik pistol whipping a baddie as he is scurrying across the screen. I did not play the multiplayer version, but I would have loved to try it. Bottom line, this game rules and I can't wait to play Halo II.

Gameplay: Once I figured out what I was doing, this game felt very natural, I have to give credit to the designers, they did an excellent job in every way. Switching weapons was easy and killing either en mass or mano-a-mano felt natural. I felt like I was actually in the game, unlike other shooters that were less personal.

Graphics: Stunning, Amazing, Wow in every way. The Chief looked great, Cortana ruled, the other Marines liked realistic (the way they held their weapons, spoke, moved, was very accurate....Perhaps the actual Corps will use it for training the troops....heheehehe.

From swamps to the bowels of a ship, it all looked real, especially the swamp, complete with the mist to hide in. When you blew up the baddies and they squirted all over the place, that was also pretty cool, far better than Hunter: The Reckoning. I would never get tired of this game and would love to try it out on multiplayer.

Audio: The voices and dialogue ruled....Cortana and Fourhammer were sweet and the Chief reminded me of a Hardcore Marine. Even the other Marines sounded great, even getting shot at they sounded like Jarheads and Leaternecks. Their killer chiches were the best.

I could not help but laugh at the &q or glowing blue orb that lead me through the one section of the game. Also, I never got tired of listening to the little baddies scurrying across the screen "he's here, he's here...." The weapons sounded great, phasers, lasers, needles, rockets and bullets....very realistic. I did not like the sound fx of the jeep though, compared to the Alien crafts, it sounded weak.....the tank was more impressive

Suggestions: Can't wait for Halo II....the greatest complement that you can get is that there are very few used copies of this game out there, once you buy it, you never get rid of it. I guess that means I will have to drop $40.00 to get my own copy. Keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: I am a huge bond fan, so I had to check this game out. However, while I expected a powered-up version of Goldeneye (still the best Bond game), I was disappointed, greatly disappointed. Graphicwise, I expected more from X-box, and I expected Bond to look like Bond (Pierce or Sean, but not a combo of both). Controlwise it was alright, but nothing special. The story was bogus and the sound was lame. For the "X"'s first Bond title it was a decent start, but left much to be desired. I am not a huge gamer and I was able to rent this game for 24 hours and beat it on the easiest level. After Goldeneye, I expected a longer game, granted, I did not have a chance to test out the multiplayer feature which I would assume would be redeaming.

Gameplay: Once I got the controls down, I found it easy to make Bond do what I wanted in first person mode. However, the driving sequences threw me for a loop as I was used to the GT series from PSX, don't get me wrong, shooting things and using Q gadgets while driving around the city was cool and reminded me of the old days of the original Spyhunter (Bond obviously was better). Perhaps my favorite ability was to sneak around in the airvents in one of the levels, cutting the lock with my laser (should have been a watch though as in Nightfire) and pop the bad guys with the ppk while hiding, this reminded me of the covert sniping missions in Goldeneye; I could spend hours picking off endless baddies in Siberia. The "Bond moves" were nice too, a definate improvement over past Bonds, and so signature of the world's most 'pimp' secret agent, in fact, one of my favorite moves was when he caught the girl getting dressed and he used his charm....PIMP.

Graphics: Some parts were nice. The game's environmental settings (scenery) were not bad and the weapons were nice, but the cinematics were lame and as I said, Bond did not look like Bond. I also expected some crisper graphics when it came down to the characters, along the lines of Spider-Man or Halo.

Audio: For 40 years Bond, James Bond has been a signature, the voiceover in this game belittled the greatness of Connery, Moore and Brosnen. "R", whether or not he was supposed to be John Clease's character from the two most recent movies was not impressive in any way. The gunfire was not bad, but the voices of the bad guys did not impress me either. 'M' however did sound like Judy Dench, so I have to give the designers credit there.

Suggestions: Go back to the roots, Goldeneye was a great model, build on it. Driving sequences are good, but you need to add more interaction (like in Max Payne). The game also needed more levels and better graphics. Also, if you are going to make a Bond game, make Bond look like Bond, do the actors justice (I realize this may be a legal problem, but if it could be done in Spider-Man....)

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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