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WWE WrestleMania 21

Overall: Holy Shit!! How the hell could someone make a wrestling game so crap! I am a long time wrstling fan and have a PS2, X-Box and Gamecube and i get every wrestling game as soon as it comes out. I really expected more from THQ this time, I shouldnt have got my hopes up.It was only slightly better than Raw 2. Which isnt saying much. Someone must have been on Crack when they made this game. Please dont buy this game!!!! I have already taken it back!

Gameplay: The gameplay on this Game was quite shocking. It was hard to have a match that went loger than 3 minuites. If you give your opponent 2 bodyslams you should be able to pin them, And thats when its on hard. The controls were almost impossible for this game, The buttons clashed and you find yourself doing something you didnt want to do, there isnt a very big selection of moves. Another thing that pisses me off in this game is that in exhibition they have a horrible selection of match types. No Elimination chamber, No elimenation matches, No First Blood Matches, No I quit matches and in the stipulations matches, you can only play one on one matches. For Example if you want to do a triple threat hardcore match; YOU CANT, If you ant to do a fatal four-way hell in a cell; YOU CANT, If you want to do a tag team ladder match; YOU CANT!!!! So basically when you finish season mode you have nothing to do! speaking of season mode, It is the only decent thing in this game while it lasted. I finished it in 2 days and i only played for a few hours each time. But it is fun, the voice overs are impressive and so are the graphics I will give it that. But over all gameplay is pretty BAD!

Graphics: Alright.... The graphics in this game are impressive. In one of the scenes in season mode that really blew me away was when Evolution beat the crap out of me, It was the best thing i had seen in a wrestling game for a while. BUT you dont buy a game for its graphics do you.

Audio: I hate the song in this game! i am so sick of them. They are the same songs from Dayof reckoning and Smackdown V.S Raw. They are some of the most irratating songs i have ever heard. But the voice overs are great. i really enjoyed hearing there voices but wait untill the wrestlers see what there voices were used for, This piece of crap.

Suggestions: Alright im guessing if you made this game you must be pretty freakin stupid so ill speak slowley. Please Could you just play other wrestling games for a while and get some ideas. Where were the cruiserweights? Where was the Elimination chamber? Why couldnt i play tag team matches with a stipulation. You have alot of work to do. So before you even think of making a Wrestlemania 22, Play Smackdown V.S Raw on PS2.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Voodoo Vince

Overall: One of the all time great adventure games.Gameplay is absolutely awesome with this game.Once you start you cant stop.There are some real challenges with this game which you can be stuck on for a while but arestill fun. You will really have alot of joy after finishing each action-packed level.All the villians are just sobreath taking not to mention voodo vince!

Gameplay: What more is there to say.I loved this game to death. But ofcourse you do get sick of it once youve played it, like all adventure games.But since it was one of my favourites i played it twice.I did actually think the game was a bit to short for my liking. But great story line that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Graphics: The visual was reasonable. Nothing special, nothing horrible.But i did enjoy watching the little characters move in which was very life like.

Audio: The sound was top notch, the best in the buisness. I was not expecting to hear that big manly voice from a little doll but it was funny. the backround music really suited the game and got you in the mood.

Suggestions: can you please make a sequal that goes for longer and make some levels harder.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Overall: This game is absolutely amazing for a simpsons game. It's Just like GTA only simpsonized. Once you've started playing you cant stop.You can play as Bart , Lisa , Homer, Marge and Apu.The missions and story lines are hilarious but you should be a regular simpsons watcher if you are going to buy this game.

Gameplay: The game play is good but not great. The cars should go a hell of a lot faster and the controls are a bit demented. Some of the missions are quite difficult which is hard to believe for a child's game. Even know this is directed to younger people it can go from 5-75. The way you can walk out of your car is great and sometimes hart to find on games , This really is an amazing game.

Graphics: I hate to say this but the visual is CRAP. I know this is a cartoon but did you have to make it look so crappy . Even the signs and buildings are a little blurry. Sorry but this was the games biggest flaw.

Audio: The sound is really funny because of all the voices you hear. They all have their catch phrases.{WARNING}Some people might find this annoying. it is understandable that they didn't have a real soundtrack as it is a cartoon.

Suggestions: could we please be able to pick up weapons to hit people with or something like that, Kicking isn't enough.Also please ,make cars go faster .

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: First I'd like to say that anyone who even compares this game to the WWE Smackdown! series is mad! This game is absolutely horrible, it looks bad, the season mode is crap, the game play is slow, the ref takes ten minutes to count to 3, the AI is stupid. If you want a good wrestling game go out and get yourself any of the WWE Smackdowns cause even the first installment was better than this.

Gameplay: Slow, Stupid, Repetitive, Boring.
You have a small array of moves, your opponents wont stop pinning when they get started, just to name a few faults......

Graphics: The wrestlers are barely recognizable. Most moves look pretty robot-like. There's no blood. The entrances are crap. No dramatic camera views, but i like the replays.

Audio: No sound in season and poor match sounds, the wrestlers themes are alright and i like how you can put a song from a Cd as your CAWs song.

Suggestions: Guys, just make it more like Smackdown!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: This game is my all time favorite game ever! all its levels are jam packed with fun and the most hilarious characters in the world. This game has everything you could ever want, outstanding graphics, interesting and funny story lines , great characters, vicious villains and plain out fun. In this game you can shoot, jump, zap, explode, control robots and possess people.THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!

Gameplay: The game play is just good old fashion fun all levels are great even know some are quite challenging I suggest that you should be 13 or over to play because you will get stuck. The controls are just perfect and the way that you can possess people is just amazing like if you possess someone with a gun you can the crap out of everything. No matter who you are you have got to buy this game.

Graphics: The visual is outstanding and something that really standard out to me was the way the water looked. All the levels are so detailed and every level is a master piece. You could buy this game for the visuals alone.

Audio: The sound is great, of course there is no back round music when you are playing because most adventure games don't. But the voices to the characters are so funny, even the things they say!

Suggestions: keep up the good work! but could you give Abe some sort of weapon please. Otherwise this game is the best game ever!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MX Superfly featuring Ricky Carmichael

Overall: This Game is a must buy, It has everything a good motocross game should have.Such as freestyle track editor, Freestyle and Race career modes, mini-games and outstanding tricks and tracks.

Gameplay: This game just has the best game play possible for a game of this kind. The controls are easy and very comfortable and the list of tricks you can do goes on and on from a rock solid to an experimental propeller this is an amazing game.

Graphics: the visual is quite good the people look pretty realistic but the way the people fall off their bikes is the only thing wrong with this game and there is no blood! But all the tracks are very well done and detailed.

Audio: The sound is actually very good, It has a great soundtrack with some great songs . There is nothing to complain about.

Suggestions: make the riders crash a lot better with blood and make it look gruesome.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: This game really is something out of the ordinary. It is a great party game with over 45 wonderful mini-games. It is what you would expect from a party game only better and best to play as multi player the only thing wrong is that the games are repetitive.

Gameplay: It has some very good games and some not very good for example Sumo is a very good and addictive game. All the controls are easy and all similar, It has great characters and fun tournaments.

Graphics: This game has surprisingly good visual, It is better than alto of other games!!!!

Audio: The sound is great with a good soundtrack and the voices of each characters are wonderful. They have done some great sounds with this game.

Suggestions: More arenas and different sort of games.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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