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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Just another of those games where you can pick up hookers and do whatever you want from Killing cops to being one...Oh wait theres only two of those

Gameplay: Great gameplay, you steal cars,ran over people,drive boats,motorcycles & the fast & furious GOLF CARS!! and get nailed by a gay guy in skates, ok lets get serious with the review.

Your main goal in the game is to take over Vice City, you'll start off with only a sentinel & a crappy apartment, then by completing missions you'll get money wich you can use to buy houses,strip club,bars,Guns. You can do whatever you want from freelancing to doing car & motorcycle tricks.

Graphics: Well the graphics themself are ugly, worse than GTA3, I've never seen such an ugly hooker in my life(well the Cubans chicks in florida are ugly and they do resemble those of VC but yesh)
When youre driving around you'll see building that havent evenmaterialized yet, sometimes when you're driving to the Paint & Spray you'll see an unsolid wall blocking the entrance. The character are a pleasure to look at either.

Audio: The sound is great from Tommy cursing from the Radio Stations music, plus in here you can make costums soundtracks and add them to the game as if it where a Radio Station(sort off). They should atleast include hand radios tough(even tough they wherent released until th 90s) it gets booring walking around without any music.

Suggestions: Inprove the graphics & put online play, the PC has it why cant the best online do?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Overall: A hack & slach where you can team up to 4 people, you fight thousands of monsters while collecting Orbs,Runestones & Mirror Shards from bosses

Gameplay: Hack & slash through thousands of monsters. LV up,buy items,Activate a switch or two rinse and repeat. You'll get new costumes every 10 LVs. Tough is pretty found, but if you want to see all of the costumes you'll have to spend an eternity seeing that you'll have to clear the game with EVERY CHARACTER

Graphics: UGLY, possibly one of the worst graphics I have seen on a PS2 game, they are the same as those of the N64 all blocky and !&%$@#* y. On the other hand the framerate is solid, It has never shown signs of slowdown wich is pretty goo counting on all the monsters on screen.

Audio: The sound is pretty good. The music is the same as the one from the PS0 but some of them are Remixed versions. The voice is horrible tough its like the speakers of your TV are broken.

Suggestions: Make new dungeons! for Godssake those are the same from all the previous Gautlet games exept they have been

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: The Elder Scrolls has been one of the best RPG's to date. The GOTY edition includes the expansions Tribunal & Bloodmoon plus the original game.

Morrowind is the original game. You are released from slavery for an unknown reason or purpose and droped in Vvandefell, from there on you start your quest...

Tribunal is the first expansion, it takes place in Mournhold the capital of Morrowind. Where a relentless new king has taken the throne of Morrowind, your journey will lead you to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, to massive epic-sized dungeons. You'll encounter new enemies such as goblins, lich lords, and the mysterious Fabricants, You'll also get to meet the two other God Kings,Almalexia and Sotha Sil, while discovering why the Dark Brotherhood is after you, stalking you on every turn.

Bloodmoon is the second expansion it takes place in Solstheim, an icy region north of Vvandefell. In the wilderness of Solstheim you'll experience snow, blizzards, and new creatures. You have have a choice of main stories to follow and have the opportunity to defend a colony, take control over how the colony is built up, and defend it from the werewolves Or, you can decide you become one of them by catching the disease.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, you have the freedom to go anywhere anytime, you'll encounter hundreds of Dungeon's,Tombs & things to buy. You can steal,float,turned invisible,make spells,swords & jump hundred's of feet into the air just to name a few. The battle system is pretty good but gets a little repetitive over time, is based on that of D&D hit or miss, the more fatigue & skill of that weapon you have,the less likely you're going to miss the target. If you get caught stealing, you'll either be dragged to Jail,pay the fine or resist arrest and become an outlaw, the more crimes you do the bigger the bounty will be, for example if you kill a guard you'll raise your bounty by 1,000 and every single guard will be after you until either you are killed or pay the fine, but if you kill too many people you'll get a death sentence which will make every single guard on the game will try to kill you without giving it a second tough, you will also find that some houses have been locked and some people are afraid of you know. The game has over 500 quests to do from the main story to factions and errands. You can also become a vampire or a werewolf by acquiring a disease and slaughter people.

Graphics: The graphics are awesome from the raging blizzards of Solstheim to the calm water Vvandefell. You can either play in FPS or 3rd person camera. The only problems are that the framerate droops and some of the animation is sloppy, but overall this game has some of the best graphics on the system.

Audio: The worst parts of the game the music, the game has only 3 themes of music while the rest are remixed versions, I have heard them hundreds of times but they still don't seem to bother me, you may think so otherwise. Another thing is the !&%$@#* footsteps which get extremely annoying, each race has their own voice for the gender and different for the Race, the characters of the same race seem to be too stupid to know other conversation, even if you choose another gender they'll always say the same thing. But overall is not as bad as I make it sound, you'll just have to hear it yourself to judge.

Suggestions: Make use of the Xbox harddrive and add the construction set to it, even a cheap one will do, not only will it include hundreds of new faces,skins,weapons etc, but it will also enable you to do new missions,play as cool diferent races(link or smog) or make the game from scratch if you want to.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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