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Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO

Overall: Wow. this game totally surprised me. The value of this game is very high despite its somewhat 2d graphics. The whole concept seems to be really cool since it brings back the values of the good ol' fighting games. The street fighters series is vintage, and this game in no way regresses the high standard in the series.

Gameplay: The combo system and list of tricks you can use in this game are just wicked. Unlike DOA, its not just button mashing. This game requires skills. Its very fast paced, and delivers what the past street fighters game brought. There are different grooves you can use that benefit when your combo is done... ie. one groove (or mode) will allow you to use yoru super combo when you have powered up others will alow you to raise your combo bar faster when you're injured). There is also eo-ism an ac-ism... beginning players use eo-ism because the controls are easier, and ac-ism is for more l33t players.

Graphics: There are 3d backbroudn, but they arent that great. but this game isn't about graphics... its about bringing back what was good in a great way.

Audio: It has an only arcade-like sound. Sorta makes you feel like you're in an arcade. the characters also give offs their own distinct sounds. I think we all remember how Ryu's fireball sounds. Sound could use improvement... but its still decent for a fighting game.

Suggestions: sound... better backgrounds...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I got this game hoping that it would erase the upsets that mechassault, and uc brought to me, but it hasn't. It doesnt really innovate from the pc version and seems to just be a port. And the added trouble that it brought to me over xbl just got me more pissed. So they've fixed the problem? Well I havent played the game for a long time.

Gameplay: A very stretgive game that involves quick thinking and making the right decisions. Shots will kill you quickly, and you must use your troops properly, or your existence is not sustainable. The storyline is pretty sweet. Its aboot the USSR becoming reborn and taking over some country i cannot remember. The intro video will tel you... the intro video is really sweet. The game involves a slight learning curve to get use to the controls and type of patient combat .

Graphics: Basically... it was ported very poorly from pc to xbox. They couldn't even get Live to work for th first few months! The graphics of the environment aren't too great. At times, there's very little detail and bluriness. ie. the cars... The character models were done very well however. The trees moved to tje wind...

Audio: what sound could I ask for? Bullets made distincgt sounds... and characters voices were decent .

Suggestions: make your games perfect for release next time. xbl isn't made so you can release unfinished game and fix them later!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This game requires little skill, but it is very fun when you're playing over live. The leraning curve on this game is a few minutes, but the satisfaction of playing in a team over live is great. People seem to communicate more through this game than any other on live. The mechs in this game all have their own specialties, and they are big!

Gameplay: single player... multi player... live... those are basically youre three choices. When you have beaten Single player, you unlock a new character. the new character seems to be the most dominant on e in the game, and can be used unfairly over live... for some reason. each mech has their own weaknesses and strengths. Overall.. they all seem slow to me. Killing mechs also takes a long time. Some mechs can fly and other have heavier weight, but have stronger damage resistance. Be careful not to spam too much, because you can overheat your mech causing delay in attacking.

Graphics: I really wished this game were first person. This is the first ever mech game I've played thats third person. Its different, and it makes the game easier. the graphics are decent in relation to steel batallion.

Audio: music in the background... each weapon has their own distinct sound... explosions... what can I say about the sound?

Suggestions: first person... less hp for each mech... faster paced.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NBA Street Vol. 2

Overall: The first time I popped the disc into my XBox and watched the intro, I was really amazed. After watching all the and one videos so many times, and playing basketball myself, I found some of the tricks to be really sweet. Some of them old but some of them I had never seen before. This was my first street ball game anyway. After finishing NBA challenge, and half way finishing Be a Player mode, I'm sorta getting tired of it. For the amount of time I spent on the game, it was worth buying it though.

Gameplay: It's a very simple game. The learning curve is about 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, you're a pro at the game. the controls are very easy to learn. The three trubo combinations for tricks, and dunks is very cool. However, I wish each player had the ability to do different dunks. There are three different modes... NBA Challenge, Street School and Be a Legend. By finishing games in both NBA Challenge, and Be a Legend, you get points that go toward buyign awards. In NBA challenge, you take the role of your favourite nba team, and battle teams from every conference in 3 on 3 play. In Be a Legend, you create a player and battle to the highest ranks of the nation.

Graphics: Some courts are very nice and others are very dull. I liked the player models. Overall, the graphics weren't anything to brag about.

Audio: I totally wished they would have allowed the option for customizable music. It sorta gets annoying hearing nelly when you hate nelly. I liked the gamebreaker music though.

Suggestions: customizable music, better graphics, more tricks and dunks for each player.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: after watching 2 fast 2 furious, I had to get thsi game. I'm sorry everyone but I love this game. I believe its the ebst racing game on xbox. It truly brings the street onto the console. The environments are gargantuam, and the online capabilities add to the excitement.

Gameplay: In career mode, you race in massive cities like LA, and tokyo. You start off by flashing your headlights at another street racers car, and then you pursue several races and challenges against him or her. There are challenges where you have to pass through as many checkpoints as you can before your opponent does... you have to avoid police... you have to race the whole city. And racing in the city is wicked since there is a combination of freeway and neighbourhood streets. On Live, you can play capture the flag and ciruit. There is multiplayer play also. Oh did I mention, you can use N2O in this game. The speed burst is just amazing.

Graphics: The cars are made with massive detail. The screenshots don't resemble anything in game... The cities bring an extra element into play. There are civilians everywhere, and the locationing of the buildings and streets is just perfect. The cities look real! There are freeways and residential streets, and you'll never get tired of the surroundings.

Audio: No customizable music, but they do have some ok tracks. You can change the tracks while yyoure racing using your Dpad.

Suggestions: customizable music. Multiplayer on Live.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 House of the Dead 3

Overall: Why did I only play it for 2-56 hours? well it only lasted that long. It was nice that they also added HOTD2 in it, but the game was still abnormally short. for a shoting game, I sure wish it came with a gun... it wasn't too enjoyable with the controller, but i bet it would have been more enjoyable with the gun, but the length of the game is still contreversial.

Gameplay: SHORT. That's the story about the game. Its short. The story in the game is about a chic who's father goes mising, and you have to go find him. You're way in the future, and there are zombies everywhere. On your journey to finding your father, you encounter lots of zombies that pop out in front of you and you must kill. There is a time limit to kill all the zombies in front of you.

Graphics: wicked graphics! Its cel shading, but its done so well that the game looks even better. When you shoot a zombie, individual pieces fly off the zombie and thats sweet. nice environment, and everything is just about right.

Audio: all sega games seen to have corny music right? well this one sort of does too. The zombie sounds are cool, and I think it supports dolby digital, which is perfect for a game that has zombie coming from all angles.

Suggestions: improve length. make is compulury to come with a light gun, b/c i finished the gmae b4 i ever got a chacne to get one!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NHL 2K3

Overall: Hehe... When I gave this game its excitement rating, it was way before they announced that this game would be Xbox Live Compatible. After I learned it was, I just lost interest in NHL 2003 and became interested in 2k3. This game is fairly good. I mean, its amazing! Sega has made major changes their sports games to improve them, and Live compatibility it just one of them.

Gameplay: This is the first NHL game I've ever owned for console. I'm so used to playing it on PC, but getting use to it has been so easy. Left and Right triggers are deek, and thats brilliant. Its cool how you can push a guy onto the boards, and the ability to kick the puck while you're on the boards. The controls are pretty well laid out. I haven't really ventured far into this game except for playign it online and "quick game" with friends, but its already really fun.

Graphics: The graphics are nice, but I don't think they're as nice as the NHL 200* graphics. The goalie pads look nicer in this game and so does the audience. I think they should use more real goalie masks though. I'm not sure if all of them are generic, but a few of them are.

Audio: Announcers sound cool. But sometimes they can say the wrong things at the wrong time, but that can be expected of any sports game. Normal arena sounds... ESPN music in the background...

Suggestions: I heard NHL 2003 had "matrix-like" slow motion replays... think n2k3 should add some of that. The faces could also be worked on a bit.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: I'm going to be brave enough to come out and say this game isn't as good as everyone says it is. There is little skill involved in playing the game cept for knowing how to use your adrenaline (which is cheap to being with) and how to aim. It has nice graphics... but it has a lot of slow down which takes away from the gameplay.

Gameplay: Aim.. Shoot... Aim... Shoot. What really disappoints me about this game is the fact that this game can have so little strategy. If you compare this to games like Halo, or TS2, this game is just plain simple to master. You just gotta know how to aim and know the map you're playing in. What really annoys me in the adrenaline. The adrenaline is a very cheap tactic. The second someone can get killed with only one shot, is the moment the game just sucks. People are always running around with shock rifles and easily killing everyone. And its not even a hard thing to do. This game lacks a good simgle player mode... not that anyone buys it for SP.

Graphics: The framerate drops are really annoying. This game has beautiful graphics, but the FPS is just awful. usually ranges between 17-30 FPS in single player TDM. And in multiplayer, its worse.

Audio: I guess its the right type of music for this type of games. I can't say much about the music. All the weapons make distinct sounds...

Suggestions: Leave all the unreal games onPC.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: Beautiful concept, but a disappointment to the horror genre. The ideas were there but they couldn't put them together right. This game is pretty fun if you're bored and don't mind slightly bad controls. Lots of strategy required in this game.

Gameplay: This game was like Survivor in Antarctica. You and your team are stuck in Antarctica. You're looking for what happened to the previous crew. Appearantly... there's this "thing" that ate them all up and can mutate into humans. So all your teammates are paranoid. You have to keep their trust by giving them a weapon... The spin in this game is taht you don't know if you're partner is a "thing" or not. keeps you on your toes sorta. I didn't like the controls... and it wasn't too scary of a game. More of just an action/adventure.

Graphics: Not the best graphics... and definitely not the type of graphics a horror game should have. Whenever I think horror game, I think of a very well drawn out game. Ie. Resident evil, DOOM III, and silent hill. The blood should feels ticky and the corpses should seem realistic. They did to a certain extent... but naa...nice bathroom tiles :)

Audio: yeah... anyway... i guess the music went well with the game and so did the voices. The music chaned according to the mood of the game. Could have worked a bit on the speech though.

Suggestions: fix controls... fix the whole giving/receivnig weapons thing, change the graphics, and have better movies.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: BEST SINGLE PLAYER MODE I've EVER PLAYED! Wow... I got really hyped up about this game and it totally lived up to my expectations. The graphics weren't too nice, but the gameplay was just brilliant. I, being a huge fan of Kung Fu movies, appreciated all the wicked moves jack Slate Could pull in order to kill someone instantly. The use of mini games added to the amazingness of the game.

Gameplay: Simply brilliant. Use "bullet time" to get off lots of shots in matters of milliseconds... use human sheilds, snap necks, and shoot prostitues. Wow. What made this game fun was how hard it was, but it didn't have a limit to the amount of lives you had so you just couldn't take your hand off the controller. And after every failure... you would learn more.

Graphics: I don't know what to say... the graphics were brilliant! NOT!!!!
Ugliest graphics ever. I think the graphics got worse as I progressed throught the game. But the movies had very good animations/graphics.

Audio: Not the best music, but yeah... the sounds of the bullets were unique i suppose. What more can I say to take up space here?

Suggestions: Better graphics... more killing moves... more senseless violence... better acting by jack slate in thsoe movies.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: Wow! This football game is amazing. I didn't ever think that a football game would ever simulate the game better than Madden. Boy was I wrong. There are a lot of strong aspects of this game, but there are also some minor problems with this that could be addressed in the future versions. I'd have to say that after playing this game, I don't think I'll ever go back to Madden.

Gameplay: Let me start off by saying this game is simply amazing. The graphics and physics of this game are perfect. The tackling in the game beats any other football game to date. Runners can dodge hits really well if the tackler doesn't make a really good hit. In Madden 2002, it seemed as if every hit was either a sure tackle or miss. In NFL 2k3, a tackle may be made, and slow the runner down, but not strong enough to bring the runner down. Very realistic in relatio to the NFL. The franchise mode is very comprhensive. Another really cool part of this game is the ESPN license. The intro video was the best intro video of ANY game I've ever seen. The layout of all the menus is laid out well :). The play picking in NFL 2k3 is superior to that of Madden as well.

Graphics: The jerseys of the players are bumpmapped to hell, and their faces are done very well. There were minor problems with the graphics. One would be the weak grass. They should make the grass look more realistic. The fingers of the quarterbacks could also be fix so they move a bit more and look more real. The leather on the football should look a but more like leather. Also... I have had players run in to each other frequently and get stuck. Another problem is when the character go through eachother (I wouldn't mind maybe an arm or a leg going through another player, but the whole bodies go through sometimes in tackles.). Otherwise.. the pros definitely outweight the cons.

Audio: Great sounds. Especially in the intro video. When I first put the game in, it went to a Sportscenter intro. That was just sweet. The announcing is very concrete also. They mention what college some of the players are from in the commentary. The sounds of hits are very real.

Suggestions: There were minor problems with the graphics. One would be the weak grass. They should make the grass look more realistic. The fingers of the quarterbacks could also be fix so they move a bit more and look more real. The leather on the football should look a but more like leather. Also... I have had players run in to each other frequently and get stuck. Another problem is when the character go through eachother (I wouldn't mind maybe an arm or a leg going through another player, but the whole bodies go through sometimes in tackles.). Otherwise.. the pros definitely outweight the cons. There should be a tutorial (like in madden 2003). Also... I had some problems adjusting to the game at first. There should be some game pointers when you first start (like how to hide your play from other players in play selection screen).

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: I never realized I never wrote a review on this game, event hough I owned this piece of junk. I'd have to say that this game is way too overrated. It's not that fun at all. The thing I hate the most about this game is how it is so unrealistic. The DEFENSIVE AI sucks and the passing is even worse.

Gameplay: Yuck. This is the worst football game i've ever played in my life. I hate it even more since it's so overrrated. PASSING: what's up with the ball floating? If the ball floated that long in a real NFL game, it would be intercepted. What makes it even more annoying is that there isn't one defender near by to cover you WR. Awful. Then the overrated "Dynasty mode"... 5 minute quarters?? yeah... right.. only one option there. I don't get how anyone could say the commentary for MAdden is dumb after listeningt his this crock of sh**.

Graphics: Sure the graphics are better than Madden's, but not by much. This game may have the most realistic crowds... but thats as far as it goes. Everything else is pretty equal. I hate how the characters are made. They look so bluky. Even the QBs. Give me a break.

Audio: I think that listening to a toilet flush is a lot more appealing than listening to the stupid commentary in this game. Otherwise, everything is average among the three nfl 2002 titles.

Suggestions: no more floating passes, better defensive AI, longer quarters options in dynasty mode, fix commentary. PASSING!! FIX IT!!

I know you haven't because fever 2003 came out. I don't intend on getting that game after playing this.

Oh and another suggestion, take a look at Madden and NFL 2k3... you could learn something.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Very boring but INNOVATIVE! I bought this game hoping that the innovation would perhaps make it fun, but meh. I don't really have a liking for single player games. I thought this would be an exception, but I was wrong. I can understand how some people could like this game considering the vast maps, lucious graphics and endless quests and storyline, but not me. I'll give this gamea 4/5 because I really haven't explored most of the game (not that I really intend too), but maybe it's because of this that I have given it such a low score. Perhaps I missed what other people saw.. so i'm giving it a 4/5 so I don't get embarassed. I can see why people like it, but I don't that much.

Gameplay: Walking around with no direct quests to do can leave you confused. along with the vast map... it could leave you totally confused to the point where you just don't give a !&%$@#* aboot the game. There are tonnes of items to find and tonnes of personalities to choose from. thief... magic... warriors. I chose warrior and there really is no incentive to play until you get really wicked armor/weapons. You have to read a lot, and that also wasn't a good idea. I would rather prefer sounds and voices, but none (or very few) :(.

Graphics: The maps are very detailed. i ddin't realy like the fps slowdowns and the distance you could view was very small. You could only see for such a distance. The rain also sorta sucked, but the water was nice!

Audio: Not much speaking and the only music was made with instruments and sounded very medievil. what can I say?

Suggestions: i though the nonlinear aspect would be good but I dont like it. I would like to see for a longer distance and less slowdowns please.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: If there's one reason to buy this game, it's for the graphics. They're totally awesome! If there were a second reason to buy this game, it would be for its beautiful cars, and tracks. This game is laid out methodically and allows the gamer to play non stop hours without getting tired! This racing game is a must buy for fans of the racing genre

Gameplay: Like every other racing game, its simply a racing game. Automatic and manual shifiting are both options. There are countless levels to choose from and points to acheive for placing in top positions. The points for towards newer, more advanced cars. As you beat levels, you get more levels! The one thing that seperates this game from other racing games (except pgr) is that it incorporates the left/right trigger acceleration controls. I prefer to use manual shifting so I mainly use only the right trigger and the x and b buttons to accelerate and slow down. It adds an ease to controls and provides an effective way to race.

Graphics: This game is definitely eye candy. The race course are very detailed. To even add more excitement, a lot of textures are used. There is great bump mapping and the ground is very 3d. Grass looks real, and so does ice! You won't believe how real the ice looks!! ok.. enough about the ice. The acrs are made with a lot of details... from the spokes.. to the logos embedded on the side of the cars. Every single detail is made perfectly!

Audio: There really isn't much sound except for crashing, accelrating, braking, and menu screen music. There is no music while racing. The sounds are every 3d however. If this game were to be played using surround sound, you would feel in the game. However... no music while racing. I can understand why they wouldnt use music... since this is rally racing rather than street racing, but I would prefer music in any game I play.

Suggestions: music... allow the user to upgrade their car parts. Beautiful women.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: Wow! This game was everything I hoped for and more. This game was beign bashed for its difficult controls, but just like every other game, I got use to them within and hour or so. The storyline is very cool and you get to fight insects (not small ones, but big Starship Troopers ones). The graphics are out of this world, and obliterate those of Halo. The jet pack adds an extra dimension of fun to the game along with the abundance of enemies/levels to take on.

Gameplay: Yes, the controls are difficult to understand at first, but there is a good tutorial to learn from while playing the game. The game involves jumping and jet pack dashing. You can perform stunts while in the air to boost your GV fuel gauge. Your GV fuel allows you to perform major attacks. There are many weapons to choose from, and as you venture on into the game, you earn points that can help you buy improved gear. What makes this game fun is the abundance of enemies that you can take on at one time. They come at you in every direction and this forces you to try and stay up in the air longer. Staying up in the air for more than 3 seconds is also something that one must master if they want to get good at this game. This game is sort of arcadish. There is only auto-aim, and you may choose up to three weapons to use in your inventory.

Graphics: If I could give this game 6 out of 5, I would. This game would probably be one of the first games to utilize most of the Geforce 3's potential. The graphics are just stunning. The levels are made with a lot of detail. While in some parts of the levels, they can begin to look realistic. The ground is made with a lot of texture. It actually feels like there are bumps and marks on the ground. The characters are also made with a lot of precision. Their body shape changes when you move from one direction to another. The graphics in this game totally obliterate those of Halo. In fact, Halo's graphics aren't that great if you look at some computer game (but I won't get into that argument). Unlike Halo, the antialiasing is much better in this game. Smooth and a baby's butt. There is no slowdown ever, and the FPS rate is also better than Halo's.

Audio: Yuck. Maybe some people would appreciate this sound, but I don't. It sounds too arcadish with repetitive tunes. However, I did like how the jet pack made a very distinctive sound. This game supports Dolby Digital 5.1 and reallyu takes advantage of that technology with its amazing jet pack sounds. The running and shooting also make an original sound.

Suggestions: I thought that without multiplaer that this game wouldn't have its fun last for that long, but I was wrong. The game is unique and everyone should try it before they make opinions. The sound is quite annoying (to me), and I think they should change it into a Haloish soundtrack. Oh, BTW... get rid of the RED ORCA WHALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: Wow!! I never thought that this game could be better than SSX. Sure SSX is snowboarding and THPS3 is skateboarding, but they both packed a lot of excitement. The only difference is: THPS3 requires more skill and precision. It still delivers action-packed fun, but its not just pushing any button you wantt o perform a 20000 point trick. Tony Hawk 3 focusses more on railing and less on tricks. Balance is essential, but so are many other skills. There are objectives that must be met, and tournaments that must be won. This game is playable only on gamespy and will not be available when the launch of XBOX broadband comes around. The good thing is, no matter how bad the othr palyers connection... no lag is experienced. I have played with pings as high as 200 ms on gamespy, and there is no lag.

Gameplay: Hmmm. where do I start. Well, this game focuses a lot more on railing than just doing tricks. You get lots moer point for doing tricks while railing, so that is incentive to rail more. There are specials that each character possesses and fun objectives to meet. This game starts you off as a rookie, and the objectives get a lot harder as you pass the levels. The multiplayer is also fun. Modes include King of the Hill, grafitti, horse, trick attack, slap and free skate. There are planty of characters to choose from as well as maps. This game is loaded with a lot of extras such as an extra lvl (not on ps2) and soundtrack.

Graphics: The graphics are outstanding. I think that thte full screen anti aliasing is what makes this PS2 port so much more different than the PS2 version. The resolution is also better. Bood appears every time your skater falls too hard, and the maps are made with a lot of detail. There are also many human obstacles that were made with a lot of consideration.

Audio: You can play your own music while you are playing the game!! Just upload it onto your hardrive and select the soundtrack you wish to play while boarding. This game also comes with a soundtrack of its own that is loaded with a lot of good songs. The sound fx and human obstacles are well done.

Suggestions: the only problem that I have yet to see in the game is the loading time it takes to change characters/appearance. The loading time for the game is ok, but hwne you wish to change characters, it wake about 1.5-2 seconds per switch. that can be annoying. But dont let that discourage you.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: This game is very fun if you are a real snowboarder, but I may not seem as fun if you don't snowboard at all (like me). It focuses more on realism rather than the "extreme" part of snowboarding. Unlike SSX, this game uses real moves that can be performed by lots of famous snowboarders (rather than impossible uber tricks). So, basically, whether or not you like this game depends on how you want it to be.

Gameplay: The gameplay lacks the extreme part of snowboarding games. Multiplayer is played at seperate times, so you won't be directly dueling you friend at the same time. You gotta wait for them to finish their turn first. That akes a bit of fun out of it. But the major championship ranking is quite a feat to perfect on. You will be challenged by m any AI's to try to earn more point to boost your ranking. Its this mode that will grasp your interest for a longer period of time.

Graphics: Some people like these graphics a lot, while some disagree. I feel that SSX graphics are a lot better, but it is arguable. The snow looks real, however the boarders are missing some details. The mountains are made with a lot of detail and the snow trails are too :)

Audio: I like the "you can play your own music" aspect of this game. That's right, you can upload your own music from your hardrive to play while you are boarding. It gives a lot of variety. The music that comes with it is sorta dull, but that doesn't matter. I think this also supports Dolby Digital 5.1. Its a nice addon. So remember "play your own music!!!"

Suggestions: Make this game more extreme.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: I had never played a dead or alive game until now. This fighting game is amazing and I think its better than PS2's tekken tag tournament. But lets not talk aboot PS2. This game offers many modes to play with and a method to change you XBOX name!! And yes.. the girls do kick higher. The graphcis are smooth and the blood is cool!

Gameplay: Since its a fighting game, the single player gets boring after a while but the multiplayer can never get boring. the drunken boxing is amazingly hilarious. Tech TV can describe what I can't: "The counterattack and throwing system has advanced to become more versatile and playable. Novice gamers can learn to play easily, while advanced brawlers can do things like counter throws and even foil the other player's counterattack moves." ..... There are many attacks and characters that will suit any individual.

Graphics: The gaphics are amazing. A lot of textures were put into making their clothing and basically every aspect of the character. Lots of polygons. And no slowdown at all. "The girls kick higher". The settings ar all unique and provides "personality".

Audio: this game offers great sound. the characters make distinct sounds when they are attacking or hitting that aren't repetitive at all. They should use english rather than english subtitles. But the ability to use dolby digital surround sound is always a plus!

Suggestions: use english dialogue. more cleavage. less clothing. More jiggly.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: let me tell you, before playing this game, I was quite a critic of this game. I criticized every single element fo this game. "The graphics are crap, the characters look dumb, etc.". However, after playing this game, I realize why it is so amazing. The settings are all unique and the graphics are not bad.

Gameplay: Single player, multiplayer.. its a gaem for everyone. Just like SSX tricky, the single player never gets tiring. You are exposed to different maps and are given a variety of characters to play with. In multiplayer: Dualing it out with your friends to acheive the highest score. This game is loads of fun and i recommend this game to any critic. It has been praise by many reviewers.

Graphics: The graphics are outstanding and is among one of the most impressive for xbox to date. It is quite effective at the cel shading it uses. Citizens and pedestrians round the street, and they are all made with precision. The characters may not be as 3d as one would hope, but this is what makes the game so unique. The settings are very 3d however and incorporate a lot of detail.

Audio: There are a variety of different songs made by different artists. They are all explosive! They add a lot of effect to the game and give it that beat that other extreme sprots game are missing. Quite "upbeat" and "hip".

Suggestions: Allow the player to play his own soundtracks while playing the game. thats about all I ask for. I could ask for more maps and characters, but then I'd be greedy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This game is quite a revolutionary first person shooter. the graphics is futuristic and the gameplay is outstanding. The addition of broadband multiplayer makes this one of the first games to have this capability on console. The graphics are very crisp with addition the the amazing sound fx. the videos are great to watch and helps the user understand the amazing storyline more vividly.

Gameplay: The campaign mode (single player) is very, very fun to start off with, but it tend to get a bit repetitive during the mid point of the game. Other than the repetitiveness, the campaign mode offered something other FPS's didn't offer... I can't quite put my finger on it, but its unique. maybe its the crisp graphics, intelligent AI, or the way the light from your gun shines on metal :)

Graphics: This game is one of the most visually appealing games ever made. It ranks up there with Tribes 2 and the upcoming Unreal 2.There is amazing antialiasing, and this game undoubtebly uses the geforce 3 ti card within the XBOX to its maximum extent. There are some points of slow down, but they are short lived and forgettable.

Audio: A lot of effort was made to perfect the sounds of the enemies. They make certain sounds for certain situations. the other marines also apeak. They sound very life like (since the sound was made using real ppl).

Suggestions: no more repetition. More vehicle maps. Thats ot. this game was superbly made and deserves to be praised by everyone!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 SSX Tricky

Overall: Wow!! I managed to play more than 20 hours in three evenings!! The game was very exciting. This is one of the few games I would ever consider playing just single player on. The single player was fanastic and included many unique things. It made you want to play more a perfect your skills. The multiplayer was also a blast. This game is great for get togethers. It brings out a lot of emotion and effort. The tricks arent to difficult to do and aren't too easy.

Gameplay: The gameplay was amazing. Sure this game isn't as realistic as Amped, but that is the whole reason why teh game felt so fun. Performing tricks you know you could never do in real life brings out thrill. This game is about perfecting your character, and that is an objective that is fun to do. There are races and trick competitions. Both the race and trick compeitions aer both equally as fun. Race requires quick instinct and tricks are always welcomed. During the trick competitions, you battle to get the highest score while doing mind-boggling mistys and jaw quenching uber tricks.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing. There is a bit of slowdown, but it is so little that it really doesnt affect the gameplay, and is slightly unnoticable. The characters are all made with a lot of detail and the antialiasing is fanatastic.

Audio: A lot of effort was put into the sound. The music is comprised of mixes and Reza doing funky sounds. The competitors also all have voices that were performed by other famous stars. I can't remember who they were, but they all did a great job. This game also incorporates dolby digital surround, so thats also a plus!!

Suggestions: It would be great if you could play your own music during the game like in amped, but the music and sound fx they provided was already great. There's not much more I would ask for!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Well.. this game is much better on computer, however, it is still a bunch of fun on the XBOX. If you have a very good computer (1 GHz+ /w 64 MB GPU), i would recommend you buy [or d/l ;) it].

Gameplay: The gameplay is very fun. The only problem is that they focus more on strategy to get to the next part, rather than skill to shoot the enemies. It is really hard to lock on to an enemies, and having to use a little thumbstick doesn't help in shooting. That is why I think that the PC version is much better. With the XBOX version, you almost have to use autp aim, which I am not a big fan of. The movies are very funt o listen to and make the story line easier to follow and more fun. As I said, the only problem with gameplay is the lack of ability to lock onto enemies (when shooting) while playing without autoaim on.

Graphics: This game has amazing graphics. I don't really need to say much here. Very crisp graphics with nice effects.

Audio: Good sound. The sound goes great with the movies theya re in. The sound of all the weapons being fired are also unique. I can't argue much with the sound. The only problem is that maybe they should of added some light music.

Suggestions: Enable the player to lock onto enemies more easily when fighting... like in Halo. Not to the point where its totally auto aim. Its hard to explain :).....

I hate using auto aim!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan


Single player gets boring fast. This is the main reason why this game sucks.

Only fun for a gang get-together 1 on 1 fight.

Gameplay: I could play multiplayer for a while, but the single player gets boring after an hour. The objectives are good (sometimes) but the lack of weapon choices makes it crappy. ((((Imagine yourself swinging a shiny bat at your enemies for more than 20 hours)))))

Graphics: AMAZING GRAPHICS. I would say this game has one of the best graphics for XBOX. Very smooth.

Maybe it was my XBOX, but this game froze on me. >> The game also freezes intermittently. But since I dont know if its my XBOX or the game, I will give it a 4

Audio: not much sound. There is music but it is unrecognizable. It doesnt seem to change when you get into mroe exciting scenes.

lightsabre effects are still there.

Suggestions: MORE WEAPONS... MORE SHIPS.... I'm getting into HALO details!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: WHOA!!!!!!! THESE INSTANT REPLAYS MAKE ME ACTuALLY WANT TO WATCH THEM. So far, I have never played two whole seasons with a football game, until now.

Gameplay: Audibles arent that great... but otherwise this game is amazing. The gameplay with this game kicks fever's ass.

Graphics: NICE GRAPHICS.... the graphix are better on fever, but it really doesnt matter. The gameplay is better on this game..... and the graphics are already advanced enough.

Audio: The hits are bone crunching. The hits are one of the most exciting sounds of this game. The commentary isnt too repetitive (unlike the n64 version)

Suggestions: tackling could look better in some cases. parts of the boddy will overlap when there is a pile up.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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