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Halo 2

Overall: This game is awesome. The single player is a challenge, and leaves liitle to be desired (an ending would be nice =P)

Gameplay: Everything from the original has been tweaked a bit, dual weapons is pretty cool. Multiplayer option are quite a welcome addition, which rules btw.

Graphics: I think the saying don't fix what isn't broke, kinda applies. The original engine was near perfection, now we have popin in cinemas and low textures on what used to be high textured items (shotgun ammo boxes are terrible looking) Its a great looking game though, animations are sweat as ever some things improved, but at the expense of a few other things.

Audio: I haven't turned down my sub since I got this game, it is awesome. The things you hear are hilarious at times, and the music... omg does it ever rock. Kinda N.I.N. at times then kinda Enya it works great.

Suggestions: Time management, this game seemed more rushed at the end than the original, seems to keep the game from the perfection it deserves.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: This is the best stealth/shooter ever. The mood of this game is very distinct, dark, very dark. One of my favorite games.

Gameplay: I enjoyed just about everything in this game, from wrestling a guys gun into his face and pulling the trigger, or going toe to toe with a burley convict. The first person combat is excellent, the weapons are good, and characters are fun to interact with. Along with the unlockable extras by finding packs of smokes with some hilarious warnings.

Graphics: Blood spray is wicked, and lighting is excellent.The characters have great detail also. One of the best looking games ever.

Audio: The is something disheartening about everyone you meet calling you a Mother F***** at some point, unless your playing a game, and one that takes place in a prison. Overall the sound is great, and very moody, which goes well with the rest of the game.

Suggestions: Reduce load times, more levels, and obviously a multiplayer, but you knew the last one was coming.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Is best game ever a description? Its a shame no other FPS can compete with its quality. It is a bit short, and doesn't allow for many options in MP though. Still its fun and excellently designed. A work of art.

Gameplay: Battling aliens has never been this fun. Running them over in a jeep, or blowing them 50 feet into the air with a few grenades, or dropping one from hundreds of yards away with a sniper rifle, this is stuff dreams are made of, mine anyway.

Graphics: Visual description: EXCELLENT
Textures are great, and bump-mapping boggles the mind. I love draw distances, and hence I love Halo. Sure it isn't photo-realistic, but its really nice anyway.

Audio: I love hearing explosions, automatic gunfire, and little aliens scream like pigs as I lay waste to them. The theme music is some of the best in any game.

Suggestions: It sounds like the sequel will have everything I could ask for. More is definitely better.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: If you have a life, and you like it, DONT get this game! It will consume hours at a time, I played it 12 hours straight a few times.

Gameplay: Quest you say? Ya there are more quest than I can count. Forgeting about ones youv'e started are way to easy, and forgeting where to go when youv'e done them is almost as easy. The battling is a bit weak, and if you play it smart, you have an unbeatable god-like character in about a week.

Graphics: Overall good, not great anywhere, draw distace is descent, characters are a bit blocky, textures realy good at times, animations ok, atmospheric affects are also good.

Audio: I like the score. The little that is said during the game gets repetaive, but descent non the less.

Suggestions: Making combat less 'dice' related would be nice. Journal is a pain since it records way to much useless info! Journal also needs to show map locations not discription! Bugs on a console? C'mon, dont you have testers?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Addicting. Lots of freedom and variety. I loved GTAIII, but Vice City was a big letdown, it had the flaws/glitches of III, with too much pink and bland colors.

Gameplay: The games defining feature. Do what you want, carjack old ladies, smacking a ho, or driving at high speed on the sidewalk. You know, fun stuff!

Graphics: Ewe... ok its not that bad. GTA III has a great style, but Vice City uses bland colors (pink and baby-blue ewe) I hate its style.
Draw distace is the worst Iv'e seen on the Xbox. Animations are jerky, models are low, but there is alot to see.

Audio: Included radio stations are awesome, but I want a walkman! I hate geting out of a car and not being able to hear music.

Suggestions: A walkman! music all the time. Improve draw Distace. Camera is TERRIBLE at times I run in 30 circles after going throgh some doors. AI, animation, and targeting could also use major tweaking. Fix these and you have a near perfect game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: Holy Crap this game is hard, but fun, but frustrating, but still fun.
This one of the best examples of how an old school game should be recreated. Its all good from; levels, weapons, combos, the enemies(bosses rock), and those cutsceens are gorgeous.

Gameplay: Good: Fast, bloody, and full of things to smash and kill. What else do you need in a game? OH YA! Some hot chicks! Got those too!
(Rachel = Heather Graham?)

Bad: There is alot of backtracking, and situations where you forgot to save(because saving involed alot of backtracking!) and then you get stuck, or die. Some of the enemies frustrate the crap out of you when they grab you with a pimp-slap, and spank most the life out of you.

Still the Overall gameplay is near perfect.

Graphics: The environments, weapons, textures, and menu, are all done well. The enemies are designed perfectly, and the Cutsceens!!! They deserve freakin' award.

Audio: The sound is nice too. Alot of reviews have kind of nocked the English dubbing, but I think its fine, and still alot better than most video games.

Suggestions: For sequel, the save locations need better access without backtracking.
Camera was a little difficult, but good overall. And make more Ninja Gaiden!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: This game had alot of hype, and not alot of polish. There were alot of shotcomings, and why the 3rd person? It would have been alot better in first. Its not terrable, but so many things should have been fixed before this game was released.

Gameplay: Wow, the A.I. is HORRIBLE! And the weapons, WHY DOESNT THE ROCKET LAUNCHER HURT ANYTHING! Most of the guns are mediocre at best, and far to similar. Your "squad' is useless suicidal proned. Shooting was realy weak, and repetative, with controls that didnt allow for any real accuracy. Back to the A.I., why can the enemy ALWAYS know where I am? And shoot me when their back is turned?

Graphics: The games best quality, yet also flawed. (go to level with the pyramid and look behind you when you start at the crashed ship in the water form the side and you'll see its engines aren't attached.)
Shadows are blocky and explosions are weak.

Audio: It's there, and I'm too lazy to actually type anything interesting or constructive about it. Sorry.

Suggestions: Don't take code from HALO and ruin it. And if you allow all the hype, put-up or shut-up. this game wasn't even close to what it claimed to be.
The entire point of a rocket launcher is to BLOW THINGS UP! not to go *poof* and fizzle enemies to a slow death.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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