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Overall: THis game is plainly amazing, the simulation is great. "Canucks 44" I can tell you're Canadian and don't follow basketball B. Reeves is no longer playing in an NBA team, in fact I think he retired. By the way... have you ever watched a game?, how many black guys did you see? probably 95%. Im sorry but you shouldn't comment on a sport you don't even know about. Go play hockey or somethin'.

Gameplay: The gameplay is an absolute simulation. I know it's kind of slow at times. But if you're a hardcore BBALL fan... you'll love it. The Franchise mode is incredibly deep.

Graphics: Graphics are good, nothing off the hook, but still very good. Player animations are great, best part of the graphics. The crowd is also very good. And let's not forget the courts... they are also very well done.

Audio: The sound is fine. I never get to say much about this. The menu has one tune playing over and over again (very annoying). But the commentators make up for it.

Suggestions: Great game, improve gameplay and menu music.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: This game is great in every way, of course it has some flaws, some major, some minor (more minor than major). The gameplay is very varied with Shadow (the dog), fist fighting, and the great and original way of unnnarming an enemy, by either breaking his neck or just plain old shooting him. The sound is awright, nothing special in this department. The visuals, I thought were good, they're not great like Max Payne's... but they get the job done.

Gameplay: The gameplay is just plainly great. Great fist fighting, great shooting (Max Payne style), great use of the dog. How about the human shield, that rocks as well. It does have a minor camera flaw, and a pretty crappy saving system. The game is saved in either the beggining or a midpoint checkpoint, Why in the hell don't they leave the saving for us to do, whenever and wherever we want to.

Graphics: The grphics are fine, their not bad, and their defenetly not great. A few glitches here and there, and jaggies as well. But... at the end you'll end up liking them.

Audio: The sound is fine as well, it's not bad, but it doesn't excell either. You wont be impressed by any of it. Gun shots sound like their supposed to.

Suggestions: If you ever go for DTR 2 try enhancing the visuals, the saving system, and the camera views.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: This game is great!!. The last guy that gave it a 3 doesn't know much about football (or it seems). This game has a great number of differences with madden 2002, you'll notice it in the field with the rushing system, which has been changed. You can also notice it with Al Michaels isn't he so much better than ol' Pat??, small.... but it is a change. Theres also a couple of new modes!! where would you ever find that in a different football series. And theres more...... Great gameplay, great sound, and an improved Franchise mode!. If that's not change I don't know what is.

Gameplay: The gameply is solid, just like last years game, the attack is fun and now runs a bit faster. The defence is clearly a lot more fun with different kinds of tackles and a few other new options.

Graphics: The visual is great but it's the only area where they failed to make a number of changes. Don't get me wrong the graphics are exellent, the only drop back is that I was able to find just a couple of improvemnts compared to 2002.

Audio: Finally the sound is decent!, with Pat gone and Al in, Madden seems like a real TV broadcast game. Soundtrack is pretty good too.

Suggestions: Just keep on producing this great Madden series.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Although I have played this game for about 6 hours, I can tell its a great one.First off.. this game is very hard if youre playing alone; since you can play from 1-4 I recommend 3 players(4 too easy, 1 too hard). Great addicting gameplay and great graphics.

Gameplay: The gameplay is sweat, many weapons, monsters, special magic and more. It gets very hard if youre playing it by two's. The hack and slash does not get any better. They really managed to make an entertaining game. The biggest problem is the saving points, there are huuuuge gaps between them.

Graphics: The graphics are great, blood is beautifully animated, weapons and models too. The levels have great textures. Somehow they also managed to keep the framerate at a perfect point(not too high, not low)

Audio: Sound is good but could of been better, the voice acting sucked. Believe me this does not lower the entertainment or the overall appeal of the game.

Suggestions: Great Game!! few mistakes.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Omen 2

Overall: Blood Omen is the kind of game that will be used until the single player is done with, after that it's just crap. This game is entertainment at it's best. Very fun to play, finally you play the role of a villain!!. Game is fluent and very very vicious.
Note: Iv'e only gone through the first two chapters.

Gameplay: The gameplay is one of the best parts. Some official (pro) reviewers say that the gameplay is slow paced. This is true in some ways, and just small sections of the game. People say that you get bored of the killing system.... well I can say that after 5hrs. Im still not bored of it, in fact I'm enjoying much more now than I used to at the start. The best part about the gameplay are the Dark Gifts, these are just plainly fantastic. The big problem with it is taht their not used often enough.

Graphics: The graphics are very good. Some may say this is a downside of the game... well I can tell you it's not. The graphics are not great, but get the job done. The enviorments are almost perfect!!. The really bad thing about the graphics are the character models. Kain has a good model though.

Audio: Great!, the best you can hope for. Eidos is by far the best sound production company, they proved it with Deus Ex and now with Blood Omen. When killing a victim you will love the way they squeal.

Suggestions: Upgrade the graphics. Make more use of the Dark gifts.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002

Overall: This game is one hell of a soccer simulation. Everything is in there. Better than any other EA release in the past ten years. This game uses the Winning Eleven engine, the people that have played winning eleven and liked it, will really enjoy this one. The only problem with the game is that the only licensed teams are 10 MLS teams, the 60+ other teams are not licensed. But don't worry it's still very good.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the best about this game. It's a complete winning eleven copy, you won't find anything different about Winning Eleven and MLS 2002. The feel for the game is so much better than the Fifa series. I used to be a hardcore fifa fan since the 94' game. When I played Winning Eleven for PS my likings changed completely. So... if you have played Winning Eleven and enjoyed it BUY THIS NOW!. If you're a Fifa fan you might find it extremely different, and maybe just maybe... you won't like it. But if you're a soccer fan I find it impossible for you not to like it.

Graphics: The graphics are OK. Their probably below EAsports Fifa series. But believe this is not the downside of the game. The polygons are polished and ready to go for the Xbox capability. Believe me though... there wont be much difference between this game and the Gamecube version. Anyways the graphics are not the thing you should notice. But don't get me wrong, the game has pretty good visuals. The menus are beatifully presented by ESPN. You'll notice the similar ESPN feel.

Audio: Great sound, the commentaries blow away Fifa's John Motson. There's also a choice for a Spanish commentary. The music is acceptable but repetitive. But it's still up to standard. Belive me... do not wait for FIFA.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work!!. I hope Konami Japan come up with a Xbox version of Winning Eleven.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: This game has an overall ok appeal. When I bought it I didnt expect to get what I got. The first person shooter levels are pretty crappy and are diserving of a 3. But when you take a look at the car levels, theres a lot more in the game.

Gameplay: The first person shooter levels are bad. Actually they suck compared to other fps. But when you play the levels with the cars, shooting over people with rockets and machine guns, theres a lot more to enjoy. The second factor is that the game has an Ok multiplayer.

Graphics: The graphics are Ok too. Nothing special. Of course it is a Ps2 port and that kills it. Although the cars look fantastic. It has an overall good graphical aspect though.

Audio: The sound is Ok, nothing special but the typical stuff. The machine guns and pistols sound really good when their fired, and mostly just overall common stuff like that. The acting speeches are also very clear.

Suggestions: You need to stop doing this as a port from ps2 or Xbox owners (like myself) will stop buying your crap! (EA). And I'm not only talking about this game but also about Nba live, Madden etc.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Knockout Kings 2002

Overall: First of all, when you buy this game you have to understand thi is a an EA Sports game. Personally I love EA games. This game kicks in right from the start with an amazing 5 star rating, it's so fun you'll never want to stop playing this game. The graphics are clearly a PS2 port but look exceptionally good either way. Finally the weakest point of the game is the depth which is pretty short and missing some content.

Gameplay: The gameplay is just stunning. Is the kind of boxing game that has 2 jab styles. Hooks, special moves even dirty moves!. The games highest point is the gameplay which excells far over any of the KK series. If you don't like this.... you are a very strange person (or not a boxing fan).

Graphics: The graphics are very good. You can see saliva coming out of the boxers mouth after a big hook punch, or even sweat after a long fight. When the boxers get tired there is noticable sweat shining on their backs. But there is always the PS2 curse... the graphics are still a little jaggy and lack the finishing touch of the Xbox hardware.

Audio: The sound is really not a weak point of the game but is not great either. The punches sound good, the crowd sounds OK and the rest is just plain average but not bad at all.

Suggestions: Just keep developing this series, next time add up some more depth to the carrer mode.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Graphics very good but not as impressive as I expected. Gameplay almost perfect until the end of game were it gets a bit crowded, lack of team battling at the end of game. Sound simply amazing, convenant voices and yells are as reallistic as anything you've ever expirienced. And finally the lastin appeal and fun factor; it simply will keep you busy for about a 1.5 month, and let you craving for more.

Gameplay: Perfect gameplay with a few minor mistakes (only my opinion), lack of team batlles at the mid point of the game, chapters 7-9. It turns from a team battle game to a plane first person shooter just like many invented before. First impressioon of the game is absolutly amazing. Lasting appeal falls a bit short (merely of my expectations. The use of areal and ground attack is just what the game needed to be revolutionary, amazing stuff!.

Graphics: Sorry but I just can't find anything wrong with it. Sometimes some of the alien architecture (indoor), gets repetitive. Just perfectly designed!.

Audio: The sounds are as perfect as real life. Convenant voices, screams and even conversations are just PERFECT!!. Sound is the most complete part, but then again is the easiest to accomplish.

Suggestions: Please start developing HALO 2!!, and another thing never design it for the PS2!. Maybe add more team battles. Besides that everythings just perfect.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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