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Conker: Live and Reloaded

Overall: The N64 single player with an all new multiplayer which was done very nice. It's basically two games in one, the multiplayer is more than just a multiplayer...its got a story.

Gameplay: The single player is added with the ending with is nice. A GREAT platformer that will make you laugh..and a great new class multiplayer.

Graphics: The visual are top-notch for the xbox. Just look at Conkers tail for god-sakes...You can tell they worked a lot on the graphics.

Audio: The songs are intact, though beeped out still are hilarous. Overall great sound effects and funny noises..I really can't complain.

Suggestions: Should of left the old multiplayer..just to give more variety..should of had downloadable maps.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Perfect Dark Zero

Overall: This game was probably the most anticipated game for the past 5 years of all and probably the most in Rare's history of the game. The game's strong point is the have your traditional death match(team killcount, killcount, capture the flag,etc..more like halo) and you also have your more tactical deathmatches(more of like a tom clancy game). The weakness of the game is its sound and short story, I don't know how this is possible since Rare has been working on this game for 2001..I guess the platform changes had to change level designs according to what I have read.

Gameplay: Gameplay is amazing, I loved the roll and hiding behind walls. The gameplay makes this game. The mutiplayer is as good as it gets with all the options.

Graphics: Graphics are top notch for 1st generation! At first when I saw pictures of the cartoonish style mixed with the realism..I wasn't a real fan, but after playing the game. It's beautiful!

Audio: The acting is sometime not top notch, reminds me something of brute force. All the guns sound great and real. The rock songs are good and most the time the music is top notch, its just sometimes the music gets it gets an average score of 2.5.

Suggestions: Make Perfect Zero 2 and remake the orginal! I miss the alien guns! Make a longer game. combat simulator maybe?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kameo: Elements of Power

Overall: When orginally getting the xbox 360, I was thinking Perfect Dark Zero was going to be the key game for me, but Kameo came out to be my choice. Nice epic story, nice Variety of different warriors(which adds plenty to the longetivity of the game) compared to past games like Zelda,ect. The game has great graphics, sound that fits this epic adventure, and great gameplay(huge battles, variety of eneimies)

Gameplay: This is what I love most about the game above all. Great gameplay, great variety of elements and different techniques to use in battle. They didn't just put different elements just for the sake of putting them in.(meaning not one weak element you never want to be)

Graphics: Great beautiful worlds, from everything to the grass to the characters themselves. Definitely one of Xbox 360s top graphics for 1st generation.

Audio: I am glad this game has way better sound than perfect dark zero. It fits the game to a T. The sound throughout the game is very similar would be the only weakness.

Suggestions: Just make another interesting story with great battles, add a couple new elements = 100+ of fun!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Overall, this game easily surpasses the first one. I bet this game will never have a higher rating than the first since people's expectations are so high. Lets just say I won't be playing Halo 1...probably ever again...or maybe just for fun. This game is everything Halo was and then some. I could talk about all the good things, but i'm sure 20000 reviews can tell you that. The difference from this game and halo 1 is that all the weapons are not equal like in halo 1. The pistol does not have a scope and the assualt rifle..shoots a limited number of shots.

Gameplay: The game play is great. Nothing really changed...except characters..and you'll see what i mean by that later. Better than Halo 1.

Graphics: Compared to Most Xbox games, this game easily surpasses them. You will just be in "Awe" when you see it.

Audio: The sound is overall better than the first one. With a more wide range of voices, and different background sounds. Who needs custom?!

Suggestions: Maybe bots in Halo 3 please, as the option to ban certain weapons.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Overall this game beat my expectations. I'm not really a big star wars fan, but this game made me like it even more.

Gameplay: The gameplay is unique. The fighting is done automatically. Plenty of people to meet/do. Very nice side quests.

Graphics: The visuals on the game are pretty good..could be better, but they beat most games on the market pretty easily.

Audio: The sound is great for star wars. I thought this is the one expectation where they could of done 10/10 since it is Star Wars.

Suggestions: Maybe you can turn to the dark side. Maybe you can do the fighting yourself. Hard to give suggestions without dramitially changing the game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: I overall think this is ONE of the best games for the xbox. It's really hard to say. Notice the people below giving it really low reviews look like they haven't even played the game...or hated it from the begining with an exciment of 1. Just Rent this game if you don't believe me!

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. You can do so many things and there's so many missions and different types of guns which makes. The computer plays like people...even Better than Halo in which the computer just won't kneel down behind something and fire..the computer uses different tatics.

Graphics: Breath-taking visuals. Makes this game really fun to play. For being a third player game, there are NO moments where you can't see or have a bad view...which is great.

Audio: I have never played a game that sounds so real with the birds chirping and everything. I even looked outside at first while I was playing it thinking the birds were chirping quite loud.

Suggestions: In mult, should of had computers to play against. That should be a standard. Plus xbox live mult. would have been fun.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: This game is AWESOME. The graphics are stunning. This game is 100% orginal. The sound is wonderful with the add of custom. The cussing and flipping people off is great. TONS Of areas to play at, cheats, level of difficulties, teams, do i need to go on. RENT IT IF NOT BUY IT IF YOU DON"T BELIEVE ME!!!

Gameplay: 5/5 - Very Addictive, Very easy to learn after 30 mins, but hard to master and become and expert since the cpu adapts to your playing style!

Graphics: You will now see why this fighting-sports game is an xbox exclusive..with the detailed blood and facial expressions. This game utilizes the xbox to the max.

Audio: The sound is great with it's own soundtrack. The taunts are hilarous and funny. The guys have a good 15 things at least that they say and it depends on what teams. Plus you can always customize with your own soundtrack!

Suggestions: You should of made it LIVE!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Overall: I was excited about this game, but man did I change my mind about it after playing it. It's a 90s game that was never updated.

Gameplay: This is one of those games that sucked, but the multiplayer sucked even more than the single player tell me how often that happens. Just rent this game to see what I mean. lol

Graphics: The Graphics are ok, some scences are good, others make me think I am playing the N64 or PS1. This game looks like a 90s game graphics wise.

Audio: The sound is what you expect. Nice sound.

Suggestions: Better design for the controls, better modes for mutliplayer, better graphics, and online mode wouldn't hurt, but I think you guys got a lot of work to do.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: You had to understand, I am not a big fan of wrestling, but this game went under my expectations for a wrestling game. It seems like it was rushed just to get a wrestling game out on the xbox or all systems. I've played it on the gamecube..this is a tad better on the xbox.

Gameplay: This is the total fun factor of the game. Wow I can move. The game should of had some game modes that we all expect from wrestling games.

Graphics: There ok, not anywhere ...where they could be. But Hey whatever works. Faces are kind of like who is that on some of them again, but whatever.

Audio: Definitely the best part compared to actual gameplay and graphics. This is what you would expect though for sure.

Suggestions: More Modes, better graphics!

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: This game surpised my expectations, expessially in the graphics area and actually game play. Not so much story line which is good.

Gameplay: The game works up to a good difficulty. The game will get you addicted to it as you go along. Plus there are a great deal of multiplayer modes and secrets to keep me playing this game for a long time.

Graphics: The graphics are stunning. This game changed my idea of celshaded games. Now I believe a very few games can be done properly celshaded.

Audio: The sound is great if you like techno or hiphop, but i don't like neither of the two genres. But surprisingly they weren't that bad and I actually liked the music for the most part.

Suggestions: Just make another exclusive with the xbox with just more stuff and secrets. Sega did a great job!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: It's a GREAT game for the people who like MarioKart sort of. Great Graphics & sound, Gameplay is easy to get use to for a beginner and an expert wouldn't have much leverage over it makes it fun for everyone. I only recommend this game if you like those fighting vecicale type games. Otherwise it's a GOOD rent.

Gameplay: Great variety of weapons, great variety of characters to fit drivers certain needs (speed,acceleration,tht), and many options of fun for multiplayer(up to 4 people)

Graphics: Thew graphics are stunning. The game looks just like a real cartoon, you can tell a lot of time was spent here.

Audio: I love the sound for the most part. Expecially the creepy sound in the Transylvania level, it kind of sounds like something from link. Plus Foul Mouth is funny. The only slag is there isn't a customize my music option.

Suggestions: The game needs online support, and maybe options to change the length someone has to live after beating the game. Just more levels,

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: I was kind of wondering if I should buy 007: Agent Under Fire. I'm glad I's actually pretty fun game with high replay value one player(i haven't beaten it yet). Multiplayer was good too and the storyline is even better. Compared to other bond games I've played for the first time(so it might be years back)'s way better than WINE, and a little less than Goldeneye on how much it impressed me and all. If your not a real fan of fps or bond or are not too sure about this game. It's worth renting.

Gameplay: The gameplay was great. The storyline was wonderful and levels get more difficult and longer as you go along which was neat.

Graphics: The graphics were excellent for the xbox. I think they could of curved more and smoothed the graphics on people to perfection. Plus I wish they would of done something with the background. You were limit to where you could go, even if you think you could of jumped over something. The background was impressive though, but things closer to you(like pictures and papers) could of been perfected.

Audio: The sound was great. It's not action pack-killer sound, but it wasn't annoying tunes either. The guns and everything sounded good like they should.

Suggestions: You should of been able to play it on the net. I don't want PS2 hand-me downs even though there are some nice extras on this game (such as AI in multiplayer and harder AI);p

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: Overall, it was a ok game exspecially
on this the hell out of the other systems it's on. The gameplay was fun racing against someone in taxi two player, but if one person has experience and the other doesn't. It's imppossible to play and loses fun fast. I think there should of been more than one customer to pick up or a mode to how many customers at one time instead of fighting over the same one.

Gameplay: I wanted to play the game. One player was fun, but 2 player was even better. Though it lacks that you can't play the game 2 player co-op.

Graphics: Great graphics for the game. It could of been done a little more less repetive graphics as I can see in the enivorment they had.

Audio: The Sound was good at first but GOT OLD QUICK with the same voice responses to when people got in. I was dissappointed by how many things a customer would say or even repeat the 2nd round. Partly why I think it gets old one player. It gets average rating for this.

Suggestions: I think there should of been more than one customer to pick up or a mode to how many customers at one time instead of fighting over the same one and More Character voices or have a setting to turn it off.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: The gameoverall is GREAT. Definitly have to rent this game. The one player mode has a great story line and it was fun to beat. I think the replay value is not very high. The reason you could not do multiplayer is because when you go in slow-mo in the air..the other person could easily kill you because they would still moving fast. It would be imppossible to do. This game reminded me of Die Hard with being able to do things from the Matrix.

Gameplay: The gameplay was great because the storymode was so great. There was a great variety of guns which made the game wonderful. The Slow-Mo in the air is great...just like the movies.
I can definitely see the Matrix compying this game.

Graphics: The graphic were great. I think they could of added more stuff through the game to make it more fun. Flushing the toilet, beating up the masterbators, and breaking the coke machines got old after a wild. But don't worry there is much more than that.

Audio: Great sound effects. This game has wonderful soundeffects for the guns and people talking. It's great to hear the bad guys talk and they put up good long conversations if your willing to wait and not kill them first. It's funny.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: It's a big dissappointment to me with the Story Mode absolutly sucking and you can beat the whole game with each character in less than 15mins, but at least their is multiplay which has a Lot higher replay value. The graphics are amazing though and the sound is just as good. I wouldn't recommend buying this game(definitely renting), unless you are a Big fighting genre fan or dead or alive fan.

Gameplay: There might be a nice amount of modes, but there is nothing to paly for. I am just glad it doesn't take up hardly any space on the xbox. Medium to High replay value for multiplayer though.

Graphics: Graphics are amazing. Absolutely stunning. You might hate the Dead or Alive series, but you have to admit the graphics are stellar performance.

Audio: The Sound is just as good almost. It never got annoying which is a plus unlike a lot of games I buy or rent.

Suggestions: BETTER STORYMODE PLEASE!(!()!(!@((@)!
More cheats, cloths, Cooler moves.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: The overall appeal is great. After you beat the game, you just want there multiplayer which is great because it's places you have never played before.

Gameplay: Great game with one of the best multiplayer gameplay I have ever played. I hope all the future xbox games come out like this.

Graphics: Great visuals. Things seem perfect. The only thing I can think of that they could of done better is the water, but overall great.

Audio: The music background was great. It got me motivated when the flood game. Plus the soundeffects of each gun are great.

Suggestions: Halo 2 with more multiplayer places, new guns, new aliens, mabey even a four player mode to play one player like a team thing

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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