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Overall: Demolition car games are always a huge hit with a very large percentile of gamers merely because the game revolves around mass destruction and the crippling of automobiles. Rage did a fantastic job in making this game and although left out some key aspects still prevailed and delivered a solid wreck and drive game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is mediocre, they made it so that you have the use of 3 things in the game: Drive, Reverse, and the NOS feature....pretty simplistic and that does not mean it is bad. The controls are simple and the objectives for each game are acceptable and not impossible to accomplish on any difficulty. The cars don't handle like I would have wanted and seem to be exaggerated a bit but other than that the game offers alot of fun and some really extensive damage that are shown off in this title.

Graphics: The car models are crisp and very shiny....something that as any demolition car fan knows is not the case......demolition cars are real junkers to begin with. But putting that aside the models for the cars are well done and the damage each incurs is pleasing to the eye.

Audio: you hear it all in this game, the breaking glass.....the twisting and mutilation of the car bodies. The game also features the custom soundtracks so you are not forced to listen to the same songs over and over again that the game features so that is always a strong plus in a car title.

Suggestions: Need to work on damage and how it effects the car. Make it a bit more like Destruction Derby in terms of protecting a cars radiator and so forth.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: This is THE football title to own, this is the most in-depth title that would put any football fanatic in high heaven. The game is golden, this year features more than football title on the market.......with the new ESPN license and a very deep franchise mode you'll be glued to the Television for hours on'lkl actually swear you're watching a football broadcast when the replays pop up. The franchise is deep and covers all the bases when you take you team on multiple trips to acquire the Superbowl trophy. Each week has Weekly Wrap-Ups, at the end of the year you can scout up and coming players, and before preseason you can draft these players onto your team in an attemt to build the most dominant force on the grid iron.

Gameplay: The gameplay is so real and true to life and allows anyone to pick up and go and offers a good enough challenge to veteran gamers. The controls are solid and very responsive and the play calling is easy with easy audibles and flyroutes to call up. Each player has specific stats that pan out in a game, so therefor a running back with adequate speed and very good ability to break tackles will run the ball drastically down the field as the defense tries to tackle you into the ground. Awesome gameplay that will bring back gamers again and again for another road to the Superbowl.

Graphics: Graphics are superb, player models showboat and impressive amount of detail along with the progressive scans of player faces which move and show emotion of the field. The graphics are kicked up from the previous version offering some high quality players and stadiums and even benefit the replay reels as ytou watch you impressive run again and again when you opt to save it to the HDD.

Audio: The sound is top knotch, you hear the taunts on the feild before the snap of the ball. You'll clearly hear the crowd rally behind the home team and scream their heads off with each touchdown. The sound of the crunching and hitting with each tackle sounds dead on and offers for a more enjoyable football experience.

Suggestions: This game is mint, they say there is always room for improvement but this game is so solid I don't have a complaint.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: This is what many of racing gamers have been anticipating and were hoping for a sort of GT3 clone to say the least on the Xbox. While the game does not delve into as much as say GT3 did on the Playstation 2 it still does the job to satisfy many gamers alike. There is a wide selection of makes and vehicles to choose from (whether you buy or win them). The controls on the vehicles is tight and responds accordingly, while totally avoiding some sloppy handling as what was seen in Sega GT on the Dreamcast. The game is pretty solid overall, custom soundtracks add to the title allowing people to listen to the music of their choise while revving their engines at the start line.

Gameplay: The gameplay is something that is solid. The cars are easy to drive and the handling is very good. The use of the Damage meter is kinda dumb since the game allows for no visable damage to incur to the vehicle (not the fault of SEGA.....the car makers made it this way). So to have something like a damage meter and make the player pay for damages is kind of dumb because the car looks ggod as new. Another thing is when you damage out in a race the car does not really handle any different as it should.

Graphics: The car models are very good, alot of detail went into each and every one to make them look as realistic as possible. The reflections beeming off the vehicles is great, real time reflections make the vehicles seem very lifelike. One thing when playing was the background environments, the trees and everything else looks poor in my standards and I think they could have freshened up the environments a little more to avoid the "bland" aspect.

Audio: Cars sound like their counterparts all due to the good sound bytes used for the cars. Car sounds will change as new parts are installed and the car becomes more and more powerful (ex. The Charger sounds ordinary when you first aquire it but once you install the big turbos it sounds like a jet engine). Music is used from the xbox and adds more value to the title whereas you can keep up-to-date music on your game and listen to what you enjoy most.

Suggestions: Backgrounds could be spruced up a bit instead of coming off as BLAND.

More car modifications would have been a nice touch(ex: Rims, Spoilers, Tint, Decals, and so forth)

Where is the selection of Tracks!? Would it have been so difficult to add about 15 total and than apply the Track variations to those to offer gamers a wider array of courses to challenge ourselves on.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: This game is beautiful. Maybe it seems more appealing to the fans of the John Carpenter version of THE THING which became a big cult movie.But the game is very faithful to what was depicted in the movie. It picks up basically where the movie left off and it's up to you to finish off the story. Great gameplay and the Fear/Trust aspect of the title makes it even more enjoyable for the gamer.

Gameplay: Gameplay is solid, everything is where it should be and I have not had any problems as of yet. I know that many great titles have some things about the gameplay that people gripe about but I have yet to find any. Quality gameplay in this title keeps the stopry rolling along and the surprises pop up on and on.

Graphics: Not harnessing the full capabilities of the Xbox hardware isn't a real big issue with this title but in some aspects the hardware was utilized to give the game a better appearance than the version appearing on the Playstation 2. The graphics are good, not bad but also not top of the line. The atmosphere the game fringes on is enough to make gamers overlook the average graphics applied to this game.

Audio: Sound really varies depending on the gamer themselves. If you have the Xbox connected to a regular television it is ok to say the best but like many of us (myself included) we partake in the enjoyment of a surround system that really makes games sound their best. The game has noises coming from all directions so I think it best to enjoy this title with the use of a sound system....they range in price and can be afforded by pretty much anyone to say the least. Sound is great, the sound is another aspect of the game that that really adds to the overall appearance of the title.

Suggestions: well, the Blood Testing kits were not ustilized to their full extent. I mean to say in one instance you test a member of the group and they are Negative while within the following minute or so they change into the THING. You needed to resolve this problem slightly but other than that the game was great.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: The game is great, it is a nice change from the Smackdown engine that many have grown to know. True the game is awkward in the beginning but you get the hang of it gradually. The use of one arena and no backstage fighting doesn't bother me, cause when it comes down to it you are only fighting right. The CAW feature is pretty weak, something that should have been concentrated on alot while in development. The "Attack an opponent during enterance" is a great feature but it loses it's appeal over time and you'll find yourself playing with the feature off.

Gameplay: The gameplay is something that needs time for one to grow accustomed to.The brand spankin' new engine found in this title is great, and the developers offer a "How to Play" section in the game to let gamers see how things are done. Game play is alot slower than and focuses more on simulation than an arcade feel. You also have to please the crowd while playing, using striking moves over and over again will have the crowd rooting for your opponent. Use a weapon too long and you'll find the same outcome, trying different moves usually gets the best results.

Graphics: The graphics are great, the best seen yet in a wrestling game. some of the character models are top knotch while on the other hand others look like utter crap. Let's take....hmmmmm....HHH as an example. Could they make him look any uglier?? But seriously the Wrestler models are great, the fans on the other hand are just cardboard cut-outs that tend to make it a point to block the camera with their signs(grrrrr).

Audio: the sound is another strong point, grunting and hit sounds are done nicely in this title. The enterance music for the Wrestlers is clear.

Suggestions: First attempt at a WWF title, it was a good try. CAW feature needs alot of work, maybe throw in some extra is called variety! Please, Burn any trace of HHH character model and start is down right insulting-I am surprised HHH hasn't made death threats to you guys. Tweek the engine a little more, and possibly re-do some moves/finishers so they look better and more like in the WWF shows(The Rock Bottom is pretty weak looking).

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: The game is mediocre, nothing ground breaking here. The game has no extras added from when it was on the Playstation 2. Worth the rental at best, don't bother buying this title.Multiplayer has no Bots and is pretty ordinary, I found it a little fun when playing against a friend.

Gameplay: The gameplay was satisfactory,again...nothing ground breaking. The game takes only a little time to adjust to.

Graphics: The graphics are ok, nothing to cause drool to seep from you mouth and your eyes to appear all glassy.

Audio: Sound, do people even care that much about it. I mean, as long as there is sound that should be something that people should be grateful for. The sound is nothing special, the guns all sound like guns and the voices are understandable.

Suggestions: Bring back elements that were in GoldenEye, I mean sure there is a Golden Eye but I think that would draw a big crowd and improve sales on the Bond Title.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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