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World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions

Overall: overall somewhat dissapointing. was hoping for more content. if you have xbox live, i would suggest then to get the live texas hold'em game.

Gameplay: the game play is very slow on the normal setting, however you can adjust the speed in the options. controlls are very easy to use and there are a few nice features that you can unlock like a chart showing you what "outs" you have left in the deck, and anohter one that shows how strong your starting hand is.

Graphics: graphics are poor. its either an overhead camera which is a mile away from the table, or a cheesey first person camera. also there are really bad cut scenes with horrible lip synching.

Audio: a few words with chris ferguson and thats about it. he talks somewhat thru the game with tips etc..

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Over G Fighters

Overall: very boring too easy. its says shoot you hit athe A button and the guy dies. its also very slow, if you have played blazing aces or whatever the other plane game is for 360 this one is 10 times slower in feel and speed

Gameplay: very slow for jets, i don't feel like i'm in a jet. gameplay is for 6 year olds. there are no dog fights, you see a plane coming, its says shoot and thats it..

Graphics: graphics are just slightly better than xbox quality. there is not much for detail on the planes or the backgrounds.

Audio: there is crappy music! this game should be played on mute and with the tv turned off it sucks soo bad.

Suggestions: give up and fold your company ubi soft.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Table Tennis

Overall: these guys here don't know how to review games. at first it was cool. now its just boring. there is no character building. ooohhh i beat a guy with a backspin.. i just unlocked a yellow shirt for my guy. he looks so good now...

Gameplay: the ball physics are good, however, many times you will be in the middle of a heated rally and you will wind up on the far side of the table, and when the ball is returned to you many times the character will not move over. its almost like a delay and when this happens (quit frequently) you just lost a point. online play is ok, sometimes you will hit the ball to a far corner and your opponent won't move so you sit there waiting for the ball to come back, and all of a sudden it just returns itself withouth the other guy moving to hit it and it messes you all up losing the point.

Graphics: graphics??? theres nothing here, sure the player faces look good, but there is no background, nothing, its just 2 people with the view of the table. thats its... 40$ for that???

Audio: can you say ping.... pong... thats it...the only plus i have to say is that once you get over like 15 vollies in a row some techno music starts pumping which isn't bad..

Suggestions: this would be an awesome xbox 360 arcade game for like 5 - 10 bucks. there is no depth to it, it gets rediculasly hard to play if your doing offline circuit play. don't bother making a second one!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The

Overall: this game is huge!, i have been playing it for 85 hours, and still have probably another 30 hours to go. i wish there was more monsters, theres like 25 of them.. for this size of a game and area there should be 200.

Gameplay: game play is easy. it only takes about 1 hour to really get a hold of things. one bad thing that i have encountered is about 10 game freeze ups..

Graphics: graphics are ok. nothing to flip out over. one bad thing is that there are about 500 npcs and main characters, and out of that 500 or so there are about 30 unique looking people. meaning that everyone looks the same.

Audio: music is good sounds kind of like pirates of the carribean movie music. one other problem is that like above with the graphical comments all the npcs sound the same. its the same 15 people throughout the game.

Suggestions: it would take forever to add my comments here, but its a good game, usually i can whip thru rpg's in 20-30 hours or less, but this is definatley worth the 60$. just wish it was better.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Overall: my first impressions were WOW!!. Now that i beat the game in less that 8 hours its BLAH!!!.. Very cool moves, and combos, fatalities are very weak i.e, not very original, basically the same fatalities as in previous versions of MK games. like there is an arm rip off that liu kang does, which also jax does too in earlier MKs.

Gameplay: game play is pretty good, very smooth feel, and no load times. sometimes though there are places were its a bad camera angle and swithcing between camera modes won't help, or you can't switch to a new camera mode at all.

Graphics: graphics are standard xbox, except for opening movie, which is excellet, ninja gaiden quality. and the cut scenes are not too shabby.

Audio: good old MK sounds are back TOASTY!!!, music os ok, but nothing really new same old sword sounds and uppercuts.

Suggestions: make the game longer, more involved. sure theres a ton of secret koins to get, but thats not why i play the game, i want to play more of the MK RPG type stuff, who cares about the art pictures to unlock!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 World Series of Poker

Overall: i was highly anticipating this game... however upon playing it for 10 minutes i came to realize that it sucks. also when betting and people are putting chips on the table, the chips don't pile up like on tv etc.. the chips get bigger like 100 x's bigger than the chip should be, its like they are throwing pancakes on the table.

Gameplay: game play is either too fast or too slow at certain portions of the game. there is a fast forward button, however it sometimes doesn't fast forward when a pc player is "thinking".., other times for instance when a pc player goes in on 4th street and you call him it skips over showing the 5th card on the board and it directly goes to the summary of the hand. and that is where you see what 5th street card was. also there is only 1 w.s.o.p tournament. there are other smaller tourneys however.

Graphics: graphics are below average... there is only one camera view which is an overhead one, i havn't seen anymore views, however in the games defense i have not read the manual yet to see if there is more thant one view. i've tried all the buttons except for back, so maybe thats the one, but i doubt it.

Audio: boring!!!, the people keep saying the same stupid things over and over again. sound effects are ok.

Suggestions: better camera angles. more consistant play. more tournaments.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Fable

Overall: at first, i was in awe. now its ok, was hoping for too much i guess before it came out on shelves. ..

Gameplay: game play was fairly easy once you got used to the 8 different directional pad combintaions for quick or short cuts for potions, or magic. etc.. i beat the game in less than 15 hours.... that sucks!@

Graphics: graphics were good, especially how you progress and you see a close up of your face all scarred up..

Audio: dolby digital surround sound, very good.. but i don't really pay attention to the music when i play, however the voices are pretty funny, saying chicken chaser at the begining of the game.

Suggestions: yeah make it longer like add 50 more quests so i won't beat it in less than 15 hours..

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Sudeki

Overall: overall very fun at first, gets to be repetative, (not in a bad way). very linear game play, although there is plenty of time to explore.

not many quests at all, probably about 10 game quests and 6 side quests. it took me 18 hours to beat the game. i was waiting and wainting for a good rpg to come out for xbox, however this one wasn't it. it was more of a mario 64 type game.. as for the rpg part about it is yes you can build characters up but there is only 4 things to build up, HP, essence (magic), power, skill. it has some cool characters though. a scientist type guy, he's got a jetpack that yo can use at certain points, a warrior, and magic chick, and a cat like woman that can climb walls with her claw like knifes. the game is worth buying but don't expect much rpg out of it.

Gameplay: very easy to play, you can customize the AI for the other people in your party, (you controll 4 like in brute force), to attack, defend, or retreat

Graphics: grpahics are slightly above average (comparing them to ninja gaiden being the best graphically). movies are pretty decent

Audio: hack / slash / BOOM, birds chirp, people talk. nothing to write home about, however!, the opening and closing credit music is pretty good

Suggestions: make it a more rpg!, more quests, more land, more, More, MORE of everything. this is a 1/4 rpg, 3/4 adventure.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Spider-Man 2

Overall: a huge jump over the first spiderman... amazing graphics, virtually no load times, go in and out of building with NO load time.

Gameplay: gmaeplay is easy, takes a little while to get the proper swing technique, (unless you are using easy swing) and angle you want to travel in. fighting is as easy as tapping 1 button or using combos of 3 - 4 buttons.

Graphics: graphics are very good..., almost ninja gaiden quality. thousands of skyscrapers and apartments litter the sky with great detail.

Audio: sound is good, i do like the fact that the actual movie stars are doing the voices instead of cheap voice over actors.....

Suggestions: i won't say make a 3rd one, becuase i'm sure its in the works right now with the 3rd spiderman movie.. just have it ready for XB2

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: I have been waiting years for the sequal. I LOVED the original pc game and thought it couldn't get any better, and it didn't.

Gameplay: Game play is decent. I personally didn't like the HUD as it sometimes hid objects. Overall the HUD didn't do a hellova lot for you or the game.

Graphics: Graphics were good nothing ground breaking, but not lousy. The in game movie scenes were short, especially the 3 different ending movies.

Audio: Sounds were pretty good, especially the AI saying things like "what was that" when you made a loud enough noise.

Suggestions: The game was good. It was way too short and very linear. For the most part, now matter which group you were helping they kept offering more missions. I really missed the lock picks from the original pc version. What happened to the wide open areas as in the first where you could snipe from a distance. Most of this game was inside some kind of close quarters building. Make a 3rd one a beef it up.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: wow, wow, wow, i now have no life, this game rules, this is the BEST game EVER. if you don't have this game get it now....

Gameplay: everything is perfect. camera is great no funky angles, levels get progressivly harder from a.i. graphics, moves, sounds, everything is just perfect.

Graphics: nothing can touch the grpahics here, i cant wait for it to come out on pc and check it out with my ati 9700 pro card.

Audio: sounds are great sooo realistic, walking over glass, creaking of wood, sounds of walking on the stell staircases incredible

Suggestions: none just keep em comming

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nightcaster: Defeat The Darkness

Overall: first glimpse looked horrible, but after playing first level i got hooked, game overall is pretty good

Gameplay: sometimes the camera gets off your guy, but overall not too bad, best view is overhead rather than a 1st person

Graphics: graphics are ok, not like splinter cell or halo, but good enought to buy it for 10$ at gamestop used. HOWEVER the graphics for the various spells are incredible. ...

Audio: sound blah, nothing great hear (did you catch that pun.........................

Suggestions: i cant wait for nc2 to come out... o its commin

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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