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NBA Street Vol. 3

Overall: This game is extremely addictive and keeps with the tradition of former NBA Street games as being completely kickass. Everything about this game is fun.

Gameplay: The highlight of the game for me was the career type mode, You start out as a nobody playing with other nobodies and work your way up until your playing with the pros and legends. It's amazingly addicting and pretty long as well. You can learn new tricks and add stats to your player as well as change his/her appearance. The other modes such as Dunk Contests and One on Ones are fun as well.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. They're not the best I've ever seen, but they're certainly above average. The different dunks look amazing and are really the focal point of the game in my opinion.

Audio: I really enjoyed the soundtrack at first, but it started to get a little old after a while. It featured a lot of songs that I like, but I ended up getting kind of tired of a few of the songs. It was nothing too bad, but when sitting in a menu, the same old song can get pretty annoying. The commentator also got pretty old after a while.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Enter the Matrix is fun for about the first hour when you're still trying out the moves, but after that it gets repetitive and way too easy. Some of the levels seem to be made so that it's impossible to fail. After the fun wears off on the new moves then this is a pretty average game.

Gameplay: Like I said, at first it's really fun. You can do flips off walls, go in slow motion, or shoot while diving through the air. After a while of just screwing around with the moves, it starts to go downhill. The levels are very boring for the most part and everything just seems sloppy. Being able to play as two different characters is pretty cool though.

Graphics: THe graphics are pretty average. The character models look alright, but not great, and the cutscenes don't look spectacular either. Slow-mo action does look pretty sweet though.

Audio: I didn't notice anything too exceptional, but I didn't notice anything too bad. Using the actual voices of characters was definetly a plus though.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: I really didn't get into this as much as most people seem too. I guess I'm just not a big fan of the really realistic one or two shot kill games, but I didn't find this as exciting as a Halo or something like that.

Gameplay: The gameplay was fun, but it wasn't fun enough to really make me care too much about the game. I liked the different guns and other weapons, but it lacked something to make me really want to play.

Graphics: The graphics are nothing special. They're good, but they're definetly not spectacular. I'm not saying they're bad, but they're really pretty mediocre. Nothing jumps out at you and makes you say "Wow".

Audio: The sound effects for the guns and explosions are all very good. You really get a feel for how close the battle is to you and where all the action is taking place.

Suggestions: I just don't think this is my type of game.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Overall: This is one of the best single-player games I've ever played. I've said that about every GTA game so far, but they just keep getting better and expanding on the good things in the game. This game has so much replay value just because there's an endless ammount of things to do. This game will probably never get old to me.

Gameplay: Like I said earlier, the gameplay in GTA:SA is some of the best in any single player game I've ever played. The open-ended environments allow for you to do basically anything you can imagine in the game. The missions available for you to do are also very high in number and in fun factor. The only ones I didn't like were the races because I'm not a big racing fan, but there were so many good missions that I didn't really mind a few races. But really, you could play the game for hours on end without ever touching the missions because there's so much to do in this game.

Graphics: The GTA games aren't exactly known for pushing the graphical limits of the consoles they're on and this one is no different. The graphics aren't horrible, but they're not exactly great either. The character models aren't great and neither is the environment, but nothing in the game is really an eye-sore either.

Audio: Rockstar did a great job of gathering music from the 90's to use for this. They basically have any style of music you could want available to listen to while your in the car. The Hip-hop music chosen for the game was great IMO, and really helped set the mood for the gameplay. If, for some reason you can't find the music your looking for on the radio, you can always use a custom soundtrack from your Xbox hard drive.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 06

Overall: I've always loved the NCAA football games if not just for the fact that they let me play as college teams. The fact that the games are always top notch in terms of gameplay, graphics and every thing else also helps a lot too. THis year's version is no different. The gameplay is still great, the graphics are improved, and just about everything about this game is great.

Gameplay: The gameplay is, like usual, great. The new Race for the Heisman mode is a lot of fun, and the classic modes such as dynasty and regular games are just as fun as usual. THe new features seem to work well with the game. The only problem I found is that if you have a fast running back, he can completely dominate the game by running it to the outside. But overall, the gameplay gets an A+ without a doubt.

Graphics: The graphics are improved from last year's game (as they should be). The player models look very good, as does the field. Most of the stadiums that I played in looked pretty similar to their real-life counterparts, which was also a big plus.

Audio: Good sound overall, not great, but good. Some of the commentating got very repetitive, which always seems to be the problem with sports games. The commentators were good though, which is, of course, a good thing.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deception

Overall: I'm usually not a huge fan of fighting games, but MK:D was actually remarkably fun. It had been years since I played my last MK game, and I had forgotten how much fun it was. This is a great game for when you have a few friends over and feel like having a good time.

Gameplay: A very fun game for just playing with your friends. The Story mode is pretty fun, but it got old to me after a while. The controls for the game a pretty good in my opinion, though some of the fatalities were hard for me to get (but when you get them, they are, of course, kickass). I kind of felt that some of the characters' special moves could be abused a little bit, but nothing too bad. Also, some of the levels made it so that the first level you fell off of, you died. The maps were just too small for that, most of the maps, however, allowed you to be knocked off the top level and onto one lower, which was better in my opinion.

Graphics: The graphics are alright, I wasm't amazed by them, but they weren't terrible either. The fatalities were, as I said earlier, great. The animations for the different moves looked good, and the special moves also looked very nice.

Audio: This was actually the most annoying part of the game for me. Whoever did the voice acting for the main character (Shujinko) was horrible. I don't usually notice this kind of thing, but this was that bad. Other than that, I didn't notice anything wrong with the sound.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: It didn't quite live up to expectations, but it is by no means a bad game. It's much different than Halo:CE, which take a while getting used to, but if you actually look at it as an individual game instead of comparing it to Halo:CE, then it is very good.

Gameplay: Good gameplay, some things I would fix such as the sword, rocket lock-on, and plasma pistol, but still a very fun game to play. Like I said earlier, the gameplay is much different than Halo:CE, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

Graphics: Very good graphics, definetly one of the better looking Xbox games out there. You can see a lot of detail on the characters as well as on the environment.

Audio: There was a good choice of music for the campaign IMO, and the game sounds are also very good. I don't really notice anything bad with the sound, but I'm no expert.

Suggestions: Denoobify the game

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Overall: Just like all the other games in the Splinter Cell series, this is another great game. Co-op online is rediculously fun, and the oonline Versus mode is a lot of fun too.

Gameplay: The gameplay in SC:CT is amazingly fun, there is so much stuff that you can make Sam do to complete your mission, and the online co-op mode adds even more moves and strategies to Sam's asenal. There are tons of gadgets at your disposal and each has it's own unique purpose.

Graphics: Great visuals, just like every other Splinter Cell game. Chaos Theory is another step up in the graphics department when compared to it's predecessors. CHaos Theory is one of the best looking Xbox games out there.

Audio: Very good sound, you can hear what direction the enemy is in which adds even more strategy to the already complex game. Nothing to complain about in the sound department from me.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack

Overall: There are a few maps that I really like on this like Gemini and ELongation, and there are a few that I don't really like all that much such as Terminal and Relic. Overall I thought it was worth the money for the amount of maps/content you get.

Gameplay: Like I said earlier, I really like some of the maps a lot (Gemini, Elonation) and then there are some that I'm not a big fan of (Terminal - too big, Relic - too wide open and boring). But I really think that the good maps outway the bad ones.

Graphics: Graphics look good, just as I would expect them to. The only problem I have is Backwash and the fact that apparently grenades wouldn't work with it because it slowed the framerate down so much. Other than that the visuals are great.

Audio: Umm... good, I guess, I'm not a real audiophile, so I really didn't notice anything wrong with the sound. But once again, I'm no audiophile, so this may or may not be real accurate.

Suggestions: More maps like Gemini and less maps like Relic.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: Soul Calibur 2 is an awesome fighting game. It's really fun to play the Weapon Master mode, and multiplayer is great too.

Gameplay: There is so much to do in Soul Calibur 2 that it's amazing. The weapon master mode is what i had the most fun with, and it took a VERY long time to beat. There are also tons of other fun things to do.

Graphics: The graphics are quite good. the only thing that wasn't very good was the environments, which were about average.

Audio: Soul Calibur 2 has Amazing sound. It sounds extremely realistic when you hit an opponent with a weapon. the announcer is very annoying though.

Suggestions: Better voice acting

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Project Gotham Racing is a really fun game that you can either just pick up and play, or actually try to play through the game. Either way, it's addicting.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very fun, and can be extremely addicting. I love the kudos system, and it's fun to have competitions between your friends.

Graphics: Project gotham Racing has very very good graphics for the time it was released, and the graphics are still good by today's standards.

Audio: I didn't notice the sound too much in PGR, so it wasn't really great, or really bad. I do know that the car sounds were pretty well done though

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Overall: Max Payne 2 is an awesome game. It might not be real long, but the gameplay is awesome. Bullet Tim 2.0 is even better than in the first MP.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. This is the coolest part of the game. You can go up against tons of enemies, and still have a chance. Bullet Tim is awesome just like the first one, but this time it helps you be more of an offensive player, rather then a defensive player. It's seriously cool when you have the bullet time bar yellow, and your in bullet time, but your going at a near normal speed, while your opponents are moving like slugs.

Graphics: The graphics aren't great, but the most noticeable difference in the graphics is Max's face. He isn't nearly as constipated as before, and that is a very good thing.

Audio: The sound is very good. It's very cool in bullet time, when your enemies shoot, it sounds faint, and far away, but when your not in bullet time, it sounds like they're right next to you (which they usually are)

Suggestions: Make the game longer!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tony Hawk's Underground

Overall: It's definetly a very cool game, and it's way different than previous Tony Hawk games. The ability to walk adds a lot to the game.

Gameplay: The skateboarding part is pretty much the same as it has been on all the other THPS games. What really makes it different is the ability to get off your skateboard and walk around and clikmb things. It adds a whole new level to the game, and allows for new types of missions, and new places to be found. The Create-A-trick feature is awesome, and very addicting too.

Graphics: Not great, but the graphics are still pretty good. They're basically what you would expect from the average Xbox game.

Audio: Amazing. The soundtrack is huge, and you won't hear the same song twice. The voiceovers are done fairly well, and the skateboard sounds are done well also.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Probably the best pick up and play game I have ever played. The story's cool, but the best part about the game is the ability just to come in, sit down, boot the game, and mess around.

Gameplay: Very good. The missions are very fun, but if you don't want to worry about those, you can just mess around killing people and stealing cars, boats, and helicopters.

Graphics: It's better than it was on Playstation 2, but it's nothing to call home and tell Mom about. Let's just say that you won't find yourself staring at the beauty of the game.

Audio: Pretty good sound. It's especially fun to hear people yelling at you, and screaming when you shoot them. The added custom soundtrack feature is also a big plus.

Suggestions: Improve the graphics

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: An amazing game! I love this game a lot, but it's real strength is in it's online play. Me and my friends play this game online a lot and it's fun.

Gameplay: Great gameplay online and offline, but as I said before it's offline gameplay isn't it's strongest point.

Graphics: Good but not great graphics. They don't exactly show off the Xbox's graphical capabilities, but it isn't embarassingly bad either.

Audio: Good sound, online it's good to be able to communicate with teammates, and offline the sounds are pretty good too.

Suggestions: The only thing I don't like is that you have to press the white button to talk to teammates online, other than that, great game!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Football 2K4

Overall: Great game, I loved the gameplay of it, especially the first person football. Definetly the most realistic football game to date.

Gameplay: The gameplay in ESPN Football 2k4 is great, I especially loved the first person football and the crib. The crib is cool because you can look at the trophies you won, and play some mini games, as well as watch videos you unlock. You can also get bobbleheads and more. First Person football is extremely fun and adds a whole new aspet to the game. The only bad thing is that it is extremely easy to run the ball and break tackles.

Graphics: The graphics in 2k4 are amazing. While they ren't the best graphics in the world, they are still very good, and among the tops for any game.

Audio: I didn't really notice it being bad or good. It wasn't annoying, but it wasn't awe inspiring either. It did make a nice noise when you pop someone though ;)

Suggestions: Not really, except make it a little harder to break tackles in FPF

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

Overall: I love this game! I didn't think I would like it too much because I had never liked the Madden games too much, but this is great.

Gameplay: Great gameplay, It's really adictive. I keep renting it over and over again because I've got a whole bunch of free rental coupons.

Graphics: The graphics are ok, but not great. It is basically just a PS2 port. I wish EA had put a little more work into the graphics.

Audio: Great sound, I love hearing the players being hit on the field. I think the announcers are pretty good, but I wish there would be some announcers on games that aren't televised. They could have different lines, so it sounds like it is on the radio.

Suggestions: Make the player entrances more realistic (not just eleven guys coming onto the field). Commentators on non-televised games. Make it a little harder to pass.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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