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Overall: I have to say i was hesitant on this game, but after playing this game i enjoy it. The game feels like a little of KOTOR mixed in with a highly enjoyable platformer which blends into Sudeki.

Gameplay: Thier are 2 worlds that have been split by good and evil and it is up to 4 characters who weave in and out of the story to save thier world. The cast consists 4 characters who as the player can control them and during battles get to use thier powers on the evil that they are trying to defeat. Thier are also missions which only 2 characters are playable, sometime its harder becouse thiers usally a lower skilled character along with you. Overall the gameplay is fast paced, fun, actionpacked and very enjoyable.

Graphics: The whole massive worlds ar colorful and detailed to thier extent, the magic spells that are cast are elaberate and look spectacular, the characters are modeled in awsome detail. Overall visually stunning which makes the game enjoyable.

Audio: I have surround sound and i admit that thier are better games out thier on the xbox that use the sound better but this is still ok in sound.

Suggestions: This is a awesome game, also you do add a little RPG in a way of building up character and letting us choose how to make the character more advanced, so that was also cool but also letting the player fight in real time was cool. The next game should be online though, i see it easily being able to be played online using the massive worlds.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Driv3r

Overall: The first Driver in 1999 was a tight game, it was the first to include damage phisics and it was fun to play, the missions were tense and one thing i didnt like was the graphics and you couldnt walk around. But wait! part 2 came out, you got to walk around this time but nothing more, it felt lackluster. NOW part 3 comes out, and i have to say this is one fine looking game. The car models are done good as well as the scenery, guns, people, and water boats, EVERYTHING. You also can go on foot and shoot everything, Tanner has a home now, one in each country, and he is living good! Oh yea he can swim.

Gameplay: You are Tanner, you need to stop criminals on foot and in the car. These car chases are extreme. Thier is this one car chase in Nice were you are in back of a van shooting out cars that are trying to destroy you, the visuals are stunning, everything is modeled exactly the way it should be. And you can choose to save the replay so later you can add speacial touches to it, like add some blur effects, slow the camera down or just have added camers to get the better effect of an action movie, and after you finish your mini movie, as i like to call it, you can upload it to xbox live were people can view it and vote on it.

Graphics: Overall an A+++++...I remember back in 1999 when i said if only this game looked as good as it plays, and i got my wish, its all that and more. Its on par with the look of Midtown Madness and Wreckless yet is far more supior in driving, handling and fun factor.

Audio: Sound is what makes the game i think, and with surround sound the game takes advantage of it, you hear bullets fly everywere and explosions sound crisp to the ear. Overall an excellent voice acting cast with enjoyable effects.

Suggestions: Dri4er, xbox live game modes, fix the on foot missions, the gun and control scheme.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Carve

Overall: I played this game thinking, oh its not going to be that great, but becouse the title was inexpensive ill pick it up. I brought it home and played it, I got to say this game was awsome. The multiplayer online aspect is also cool, but thier needs to be more people on xbox live playing this game.

Gameplay: This is an extreme watercraft game. Thier is a team of two who you pick to win races. Thier are tons of different levels, and as the levels progress the dificulty increases. Thier are different tricks you can pull off to gain points which adds to the speed of the watercraft.The trick system is insane!Its a cool arcade style game which can be played online, so go pick it up!!

Graphics: Wow, the water was done with great acuracy, when you bounce around in the watercraft the water sprays onto the tv screen. The character models are all smooth and done well, along with the design of the watercraft. Overall the graphics are done well, like Riddick graphics in a water game.

Audio: Water sounds, watercraft sounds, characters yelling at eachother, all sounds that can be heard in the game and they are done well.

Suggestions: This game has alot of replay value becouse of the online play, thanks. The game is good...I wonder why alot of people arent playing it? I hope Carve 2 is in the works.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: Great game all around. Riddick seems to be a new franchise in a game series that i see to only improve for the better on. Vin's voice acting along with all the other characters are surpurb. Nothing was left out, graphics were top notch as well as the sound. This game is very addicting to finish, be it very short, but non the less a good overall game that emerses the player in a game that plays like a true movie.

Gameplay: Riddick is a criminal sent to a prison and you have to get him out. Through out the whole game you as the player always feel like you are Riddick, so throughout the game you feel you need to escape. Its fun to use guns, snap heads, crawl with bodys, throw them around, take out lights, and just be a badass in the game.

Graphics: As you may have heard...It has the best graphics, the lighting and textures the games gives off is truly amazing. I can go on all day to describe how well they did the game but i think its better if you go and play it for yourself.

Audio: All the sounds are done well. from the shooting of the guns, to the walking and all body movements to punching, everything, the voice acting is done well like if they were making a true movie.

Suggestions: Next one make longer, have Xbox Live support. Overall great game that was truley enjoyable.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Red Dead Revolver

Overall: You are a head hunter back in western times. You have alot of weapons to choose from. The backdrops are well rendered all in 3 demension. The grainy old fashion movie effect is also there, and it is done right, it gives it a great feeling like you are in a real western movie.

Gameplay: Fun!!!The camera angles were perfect, the free range of shooting was done perfect, All i can say this game is perfect and you better go out and play it for yourself becouse thier isnt any game out their like this one.

Graphics: Amazing!!The old time movie effect, PERFECT!!!!!This game has done it right, makes the player feel they are in a movie. The characters are done well, it was made by Rockstar so it does have the esence of GTA, but this game stands on its own.

Audio: If you like the Kill Bill movies, and like the music that goes on in the action scences then you will love this game. This game has a terrific soundtrack which gives the game a great effect when in shootouts and when thiers a draw. Good Job Rockstar, this game is tighhhht!

Suggestions: ONLINE, what were you thinking to leave out this aspect. I know more people would have bought this game if it had online support. Hey thats what got Splinter Cell 2 to sell, thier online mode....come on we all know the offline mode isnt as good... Red Dead Revolver is a great game and an online mode would have made it a best seller, but even though this game still is great.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: WOW...what else can i say...i base this review on the online play scince i havnt played the offline mode that much. This game is perfection, the online addition to the game is great....come on playing as a spy or a mercinary was the right step for online play, that was geniouse of them to make this new online play possible.

Gameplay: The offline mode is the same as the first but upgraded and with a diffent story, but the online mode is were the game is suppose to be played. The guns in the game are true to life and the sound the gun and the gadgets made are good as well. This game gets you into it fast, online it has a learning curve and when you master it you want to play forever. Thier are 4 people 2v2 online and in the many maps that are available the goal is to infiltrate some canisters if you are a spy but the mercenarys are in first person view and they got the powerful guns and lights and nifty gadgets to use against you but you also have some good gadgets and tazer guns which lets you sneak behind them and take them out wile talking trash to them for that moment, this game seemd to have great mids going into making the online becouse everythin is perfectly dealt with.

Graphics: The lighting is THE BEST THING OUT THERE. The lighting makes the game feel closer to being real becouse of how the light reflects off of evreyobject gives it a depth perspective. The new moves the character does also is detaled well, just overall good game that is detailed to the max...they did it again...good job UBISOFT

Audio: The sound is perfection like Rainboy Six 3, all the gun shots and gadget sounds are there along with footsteps and echos.

Suggestions: Just keep updating the Download Content with extra levels online...other then that keep giving us xbox owners good games like this.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: I have never played any of the previose ninja gaiden games before so this is a view from someone who is soley basing the game for what it is. It has good graphics, nice moves and combos, bad camera angles, very very hard boses, and unchallenging ninja foes.

Gameplay: You are a ninja, has a sword and can pick up other weapons along the way like a bow and arrow which is hard to manuver becouse by the time it takes you to change views the enemy is puting thier weapon in your back.

Graphics: WHAT DO U THINK, this game was made by the same people who brought you Dead or Alive, and it shows...the graphics are the same, and when you go into first person view some things that are close up look fake, but most of the game your in 3rd person shotty camera angle persepective, and in that mode you can tell that the game is shiney, vibrant and clean.

Audio: I can care less on the sounds in any game, but in this game the sound of the Ninjas weapons and bow and arrows flying through the air and hitting the object whether an enemy or a tree it makes the sound come to life.

Suggestions: Make it playable online, it would be a good move to the game to fight Ninjas all over the country in real time, or even a Co-Op mode would have made this game a for sure buy, but due to its only online being of stats and other i would only concider this a rental.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Unreal 2: The Awakening

Overall: I think this game deserves more credit then it is getting. I just read the review it got from one of the staff members and they killed the game. I say to all those people yet to play this game...Rent this game first and if you like it buy it. I actullay bought the game the first day it came out...i played and at first only liking the single player mode but then after playing the online mode and getting use to it it got really fun, just like other people have descirbed below me the online game can get really fun, using gun turets and choosing what class you want to be, and Atari has anounced more level and game modes for download. So for me personally who has Halo and love the game i recomend this game due to the intense single and online play.

Gameplay: You are a something or another, a typical gunner who has to save the world, but the best thing about the game is the levels, there are some levels that are good in graphics and have that scary feeling when your in a walk way through the ship and big ugly spiders jumping everywere and even when thier not around they make creepy noises, those little touches are what makes the game. Online is were this game also is great, like i said above you have to play it a couple of times and then the game gets going.

Graphics: Ehhh wasnt the best but in some parts it had its great moments when you wouldnt take your eyes off the tv.

Audio: the sounds was ok, everything that is needed in the game is all there, im not to aware of sounds or i just dont remeber it but with my surround sound on it sounds good either way.

Suggestions: Ok Atari why do you back up some many awful games and you Developers of Tantalus take more time with your game, this game seemed to rushed, you are in luck im not taking this game back, for some reasion this game has something, it has something that wants me to keep coming back to finish, and in the online mode i keep wanting to come back to the team based gameplay which isnt the same everytime its played. This game is not close to perfect though, given in mind that Halo has set a standard and it seems hard to come to level with i dont demand much like some people on this site. although i do think the enemy characters do need more of a polishing to look 3d and get more maps and different online modes and i would be happy, i wont buy part 3 though, ehh only if it gets a major face lift and maybe some botox.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT Online

Overall: This is the same as Sega GT 2002 but with more added bonuses including online play. Overall the game delivers in every aspect of online play dispite the little problem of a glitch when you see the other players car go fly by you but its not a big deal becouse the trading, betting, and selling aspect of the online version...this online trading and betting and selling aspect that sega came up with was a ground breaker, and i know other car games will now come out with thier versions of online trading but we all know that sega gt online led the pack.

Gameplay: The game like i said was the same as the older version but it also has added better tracks and cars...the cars are now even more better and the player can fix them up with more parts. when online thier are rooms that describes the types ofgame rooms they are, for instance the trading room lets other people who are in the room to trade anything with the other person, or bet thier car in the race, or bet for money, or some are class of cars only, and some are trading cars and some rooms are having a garage sale, also the online aspect lets you upload your race times and put them as ghosts so other players can see your race time and try to beat them, thier are also competitions sega online has and if you are in the top of the bunch after a wile you will get the ability to download more cars are prizes such as parts which is a added bonus that has replay value for a long time. offline it has many different levels onjoyment as well incuding a garage band section that has songs and videos YES videos of bands so you can listen and view at your leiser. thier is a section that also lets you do time trials to put online.

Graphics: the grahics are good in the aspect of the shiny cars to the detailed roads but i wish they could of added damage effect.

Audio: You can listen to your tunes what more do you want, the car sounds and pavement screeches are all thier no problems on that.

Suggestions: you should have named in sega gt online 2004 becouse with all this added stuff to the game it is a step up from 2002, also the glitches in the game like the cars not stable wile playing other people online they are jumpy sort of like how the moto gp online demo was, im not going to say its lagg becouse some link lagg to a slow down of play but the cars still run smoothly wile playing yea work on that glitch problem.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: This is a good action game that has touches of other games in it. It has a main cop character who tries to solve crime in a city that has enough problems as it is. Very good story and acting. This game from what i read has gotten alot of slack, im here to say the truth about this game for what it is, not like all the people who had too high expectations for this game.

Gameplay: At first the controls can get a bit getting use to, but once you have the hang of it the game gets really good. Driving is very realistic from the streets to the shiny car windows to the running over people (dont do if you need good cop status, i learned the hard way) tearing down trees, thier are really good car chases between the bad guys and you, intense shootouts....very well done. You also get to fight hand to hand combat which also needs getting use to but after you get a hold of it you feel like your actually fighting the other person. I think this game takes on a new level of realism, it makes the player practice at EVERYTHING, but its well worth it due to making the player feel involved within the whole city. AND THE CITY IS HUGE it has the main citys of LA, like i said just the main not the so called other la cities as i seen that were left out. I read before that some say it doesnt have harddrive music capabilities, well to you ,,,your wrong dude, it has a customizable list which you can set your own music to cruising music fast pace music or slow music, i used all my music form the harddrive becouse some of the in game music i wasnt into.

Graphics: It is ok, bearable, nice relections from the glass on cars and in buildings, thier is usual town settings, well animated people, nice care models, this game is normal, not too extravagent graphics but its ok. This means on thier next game it should do the graphics better. The in game cut scenes are done well including the story and voice acting which all added to this good game.

Audio: All the sounds are thier form a city, good voice acting and from some well known actors. This game seems to be more of a movie that just so happened to be a game, and with more titles to work on in the future i see as only getting better.

Suggestions: You done a good job barrowing from some of the well known games, like midtown madness for the car shapes and feel, gta for the endless feel of the game, max payne for the story line, dead to rights for the fighting shooting aspect, all these games you borrowed from were good, but with this next game put different music ganres becouse people in LA dont only listen to Rap, we also listen to other types like ROCK! also in the next game revamp your good cop bad cop thing, becouse its very hard to be good due to the people you arrest are always resiting and they seem to always need to be shot down...but then i get bad cop status???/ REDO THAT, but other then that good job.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Corvette

Overall: I only got this game becouse i like racing cars online, i thought for a bugdet title it was be half good, and its not that bad, but if u are going to buy a game for 20 bucks dont bother on this one.

Gameplay: you drive different corvetts from 1953 to 2003, its a great selling point but thats all, the way they made the game seemed too rushed, the cars seem to be detailed good but when you drive it it seems unstable. thier really isnt i feeling when you play this game that your acomplishing anything, its just a waste of time.

Graphics: like i said it modeled the cars well, but the scenery is awfull, the way the cars hit eachother isnt done right, it has wierd sparks coming out of the side, its really not done well at all.

Audio: awful music, and it didnt even have customizable sound, how awful is that...thier is nothing good with the sound at all within this game.

Suggestions: dont make racing games, play sega gt or project gothem and get some hints on how to make racing game becouse the cars look good but dont drive good at all, the controls sucked and you didnt even put a control that lets to see the sides of the car, this game blows!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: PoP is a great platform game, great gameplay, great big levels, good graphics which makes the game addicting.

Gameplay: Fun levels with different puzzles to solve, and if it gets hard you can have visions to see what you can do to solve the level. The enemys can get to hard to beat but when you acomplished it you get a cool feeling like you really were in the game and acompolished it. Cool game!!

Graphics: A Ubisoft game, so yea its good in the graphic department, very great detailed levels that sometimes make u stop to look at the levels in more detail.

Audio: This is were the game shines,the sound in the game is great, the part were he drinks from the water fall to get his life back and you hear him slurp, it sounds very true to life.

Suggestions: Great Game!! Make Another

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: This game is a great arcade driven racer. Very enjoyable in the sigle player mode as well in the Xbox Live mode.

Gameplay: Thier are different medals to earn ranging from really newbie to really advanced from bronze to gold etc. the races are challenging and very addicting, you earn kudos for slides and with that u can buy better cars which are set in different categories such as muscle cars, sports cars, suv, ultimate cars and so on, thier are over 100 cars in this game.

Graphics: The graphics are good but not perfect, i think the car relefctions were better in the first game then this game, in this game the cars seem to look arcade and not that much realistic, and the camera that is always on your butt of the car isnt fun either. But overall it does look good.

Audio: The cars sound perfect and the music in game is ok, but i dont listen to it, i listen to my hard drive music which you might as well end up doing.

Suggestions: Great job

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This game is what defined the xbox. It has won many awards and is coming out with a highly anticipated sequeal. I had this game for 2 years which its aniversery is today, and i havnt stoped playing it scince. Halo is a great shooter, it has a great sci-fi theme. And the bonus is being able to fly alien planes and controll different guns.

Gameplay: Great pick up and shoot game, shoot aliens and watch thier blood burst everywere, run them over, frag them, steal thier aircraft and shoot them down. Endless possiblities in this game to have fun.

Graphics: This game set the bar for the best graphics, now when anybody reviews a games graphics people always say, ITS NO HALO!!!

Audio: Great sound, everything has its own perticular sound, they took thier time and it shows, Good job Bungie!!!

Suggestions: Part 2!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: This game is great...speaking from a person that has never played Grand Theft Auto 3 or Vice City Before. This game has cool graphics, great story modes, and good voice acting.

Gameplay: A pick up and play game, the controls are easy to use,the intense story makes the gamer feel they are involved with the character, which never have i played a game that came so close to letting the player feel this involved, the one game that i think was close to this game was the original Driver game, so if you liked Driver then youll like GTA.

Graphics: For not playing the PS2 versions i am only going to comment on what i seen with the xbox version. The graphics are good, the lighting effects on cars the poles falling down , the weather effects, the damage effects, the building designs are all done well, the only thing that i did not like was the way the characters looked who were walking the streets.

Audio: TIIIIIIIIGHT!!! The music in this game is cool, riding around with different music doing your missions adds an added fun factor to the game, and also the xbox hardrive music capability is an added bonus. And all the in game sound was done well also, no problems with sound.

Suggestions: Bring out GTA4 for the xbox!!and make it online!!!the way you can make it online is by giving each person thier own identity and throw them in the online town and thier could be different groups of online people who get along or sont and they would be able to do missions together or own a club to gether or just do whatever they wanted in the crime world of GTA!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Yet another shooter game that sets you into a world with natzis but wait thier are also zombies and other wierd crap.

Gameplay: when i first got this game i liked it...but couple of months later i feel i dont play it that much, scince Rainbox Six 3 came out i feel i was jipped when i got this game...the graphics are awful compared to rainbow six 3, and the game also sucks...i dont know how people like the online aspect of it are in this map just thrown in, usually no one is cooperating to play the game, its just messed if you are choosing between this and rainbow six 3... GET RS3!!!!

Graphics: AHAHAHAH, i use to think the graphics wer good, your guns design is stupid looking and the grenades are stupid looking, it seemes to me the creaters didnt take much time researching the way the guns and perhiperial is suppose to look and it shows big time...i do give them the background scenics of the maps are good and some great points of good lighting.

Audio: hah
ehh, enough said, nothing to get you involved in the game whats so ever... dont bother getting this game, get it when it comes out for 20 bucks.

Suggestions: after having your game for awile i see how other games in your ganre can be sooo much better...try looking at rainbox six for example, get some ideas from them then come back and make a game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: Great graphics great gameplay great xbl addition great sound...its an overall xbox classic in line with halo and splinter cell and cut its way through soilder of fortune wolfenstien.

Gameplay: You contral a group of elites who take down terrorsits and defuse bombs and rescue hostages. With XBL you do the same but with real humans who will most likely mess up and leave you in a mission to defend for yourself! oh, back to the game...its great! and the xbl is also!!!

Graphics: The graphics are top notch along with halo and splinter cell, but splinter cell is still better, but its ok Ubi..i still like your game.

Audio: The sounds when you walk into a cafeteria with the music playing are realistic and when your using XBL and thier are people with you playing you all get freaked out but the voices coming from the back , or in a distant room, so when you throw a gas grenade to clear them out u hear thier footsteps and hear them yelling for help. The usual gunshot sounds are thier. Great job!

Suggestions: crank out new maps, and detail the characters better, come on you cant have great map detail with so so character designs!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: This game is what racing should be!! its fun fun fun, you get to drive around realistic maps like LA, London, and Tokyo and the maps are HUGE.

Gameplay: FUN FUN FUN, THIS GAME is fun to play, once you start the game its hard to put down the controller.The cars are not licensed but i dont care it still has great car designs and the online play is fun, theirs nothing like racing someone across the country and talking smack.

Graphics: the graphics are ok, thier not Halo standards but its ok because the game play makes up the game, then second you will look at the graphics, and you will enjoy them because they look true to life, not all kiddy like in the Midtown Madness crap.

Audio: The sound is awesome, you hear the engines , the people in the street getting run over, the light poles falling, the cops who chase in the distance, everything is awesome and then some.

Suggestions: Make the 3rd one with licensed cars and make it have soundtrack availability, maybe some more map download content, but other then that good work, what do u expect from someone who made GTA3? pure greatness.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: This game is awsome, its an indepth game that has endless playability. its has a good storyline, great graphics and great voice acting.

Gameplay: they start you off with a short tutorial so you can get to know how to play, i have to admit that it was horrible trying to learn becouse thier was soo much to listen to and you have to pick the right buttons and know all kinds of stuff but once u pass this level you will get the hang of it all.

Graphics: well i havnt passed alot of levels yet becouse the game takes a wile to pass, but the levels im at are not suppose to be all nice, the sewers have a dark gloomy feel right now, but hopefully the other levels will get more colorfull, but the graphics are ok not great, im giving it a 5.0 becouse they make up for the graphics in gameplay so it doesnt matter how the graphics are.

Audio: surround sound is awsome with this game, the voices carry when you move away from the character or if they move away from you. The fighting sounds from the guns and swords are crisp and clear also.

Suggestions: MAKE IT LIVE, not just downloadable content make it like PSO, were the characters are real people out and about. COME ON, you have the capability for it!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dino Crisis 3

Overall: This game has great graphics, its a basic shooter with puzzles etc. its like resident evil but with Dino's, get the picture.

Gameplay: u get a gun, and shoot, thats it, basic...the camera angles are not good at all, but i got use to it, its not a big thing,its the same as the first two but better in graphics.

Graphics: Their not bad, not bad at all, the game does reflections well, speacial lightings good, and the jet pack that shoots out the gas exhaust is very detailed. Everything is detailed, its up their with Halo.

Audio: the music score is top notch, when their are more Dino's around the music gets louder and more intense making the player get creeped out, a well added touch to the game.

Suggestions: THE DAM CAMERA

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Overall: This game is set in the Simpsons town. You are homer, marge, apu, lisa, bart in diff. levels and race around town solving insane problems...WHICH IS PURE FUN!!!

Gameplay: Gameplay is like crazy taxi, the cars drive really well, i wasn't expecting that for a Simpson game, and the other good part of the game is that you also can get out of the car and explore the towns, its like Driver 2 were u can get out of your car and go into someone else's.

Graphics: their great...all the characters are rendered in 3d to the best xbox standards, some drawbacks are different character gliches but does not mess up the game at all.

Audio: the sound of birds and other town stuff is good also the car sound is good, and the music in the background gets the player into the game.

Suggestions: Online somehow would be cool.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Outlaw Volleyball

Overall: This game is addicting, the controls are ez because their are only 3 buttons to choose from to hit the ball over to the other side, the graphics are clear and clean, the characters are detailed as well, their are many different characters to choose from but they only give the player 4 to start from then they the other characters have to be won. Overall a great summer game!

Gameplay: pick up and play, their are 2 people on each side, you control one and the rest are CPU's, the CPU on your side will almost always get the ball as well as the other side, which makes this game kind of hard, if you want to be good in this game you have to practice, alot. and if your going online make sure your character is good enough to play because their is competition out there.

Graphics: the game graphics are great, their smoothe and well formed, even the ladies in the game, really nice t and a action, coo bikinis, the characters hair sways around, the sand blown in the wind when steped on etc etc.

Audio: the good thing is soundtrack capabilities, even when you play online, the voice acting is also great, with funny yet sometimes annoying voice anouncer.

Suggestions: when playing online when u set up a game for armatures u should have a capabilities for only armatures to play each other or only pros to play together because it seems anyone can join a game, other then that the game is an awsome summer pick and play game thats even more fun online.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: This game has all the good graphics but as they say beauty is only skin deep but as in this case the great looks of this game only can go so far, long story short this game needed more edge, it seemed like i was playing a kiddy gamecube game, if u want a more edgy arcade racer go get Midnight Club 2

Gameplay: The control styles are good, other then that i liked playing the game for an hour then after that i wasn't really interested in the game, it really got boring, even with xbox live, whats the challenge in playing xbox live if everyone gets the same cars, at least in midnight club 2 we work for our cars, which gave the game more depth

Graphics: wow the graphics are great, the trees sway the weather is well made, the reflections on windows of the buildings shine with the sun glare, but it doesn't make up for a boring game.

Audio: great sound, they have all the sounds that are in a city, and sound that goes along to the cars. but the one thing that is messed up is yes they let us use our own music from the xbox but its buggy only playing the one song over and over.

Suggestions: make it have some edge factor, yes we can have our own music from our hardrive but fix the bugg that has it only playing the one song OVER AND OVER.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 BloodRayne

Overall: The game is tiiiiiight....overall the main appeal is that u can kik !&%$@#* with style, and suk thier bloooooooooooooood.

Gameplay: Whats cool about this game is that you have to use your noggin, some levels require thinking which is good and bad, some people are dumb, so for the dumb ones out thier dont get ths game, nah im playin, for the dumb ones u can look at the sweet movements that the lady charactors make, when running, bouncy bouncy, overall the gameplay is solid.....

Graphics: Good graphics, veryyyyyyy detailed on the main character, hair swaying, bullets going into walls, the slashes of her knife on the walls, outside atomospheric weather changes, oh yea and the developers seemed to take very precise interest on the breast movements when they run, verrrryyyy niiiice. LOL, but i think they could have done better on the water graphic and the zombie like creatures as well needed more texture.

Audio: ehhh, the sounds ok. the lightning sounded cool in 5.1 surround sound, kinda creepy erie music which is just in time for the scary Halloween feeling.

Suggestions: make the water more detailed, other then that its an ok game, seems like Dino Crisis meets Resident Evil, overall cool game, but if u ever make a second one, take in mind that the atmospheric levels could be detailed better.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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