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Overall: Nhl 2k3 was a very solid game. Realistic gameplay. This is the best hockey game of this year and to top it off it has xbox live support. The first hokcey game for live. Still the game had a couple of things that I wasn't to crazy about. They should of called this game espn hockey then nhl 2k3. Everywhere it says espn, even the title screen. The commentary is the worst i probally ever heard in a hockey game. They say just a few things and you hear it over and over again through out the whole game. The game didn't feel totaly complete, there wasn't to many extras or things to unlock. The fights are pathetic, i usally look foward to getting in to fights in hockey games but 2k3 isn't one to look foward to get in. Everything else is great. Its a real challenge to score, i like that, the goalies don't give up goals without a fight, could get a little annoying a times but at other times the puck will find it's way in easily. Another succesful sega sport game. If your looking for a hockey game for the xbox nhl 2k3 blows everything else out of the water, definatly the hockey game to pick over all of the others.

Gameplay: The controls were real easy to get used to. Smooth and solid. The players move just right and get around as excactly as you want them

Graphics: Graphics are decent but not amazing. Every thing looks good and well detailed up close but from a distance it doesn't look that clear. At least the graphics look good up close it is good in that way.

Audio: Another decent aspect of the game, the sound wasn't that great. Sometimes choppy and not that clear. At times the sound can be enjoyable the sound isn't that most important aspect in a hockey game but it being just a little clear could of made the sound more enjoyable.

Suggestions: Make it more of a sega game and not espn, if there wasn't the sega symbol on the case i would have no idea that it was a sega sports game. Hopefully Nhl 2k4 will have extras and feel more like a sega sport game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: Nba 2k3 was a very challenging basket ball game. You have to take the right shot at that right time. You just can't randomly shoot from anywhere and hope it will go in, nope this is the real deal unlike few other basketball games. The live support is also good but you have to be an almost expert at the game if you wanna win, many of the people on live are very good. The ppresentation of the game is very well done. For once the comentary is good. In sports games i usually can't stand it. But Nba 2k3 has comentary that you would acually want to listen to. I like all the features in the game the street basketball is fun and the fantasy. The create a player option has a lot of attributes in it, many fun things to put on your character such as tattos and arm bands and more. The Game might get a little frustrating at times, you would maybe say something like " why didn't he make that shot" or " he's right by by the net" but hey, it isn't easy took make a shot every single time. The game has a lot to offer but if you don't like basketball games that give you a challenge, that are easy and almost any shot goes in, go with nba inside drive 2003 the basketball game for beginners, go with nba 2k3 if your a pro and get the full nba experience.

Gameplay: The controls are very well done. Easy to navigate and everything is where they should be. I reallly liked them they were perfect. They should have this gameplay in every basketball game. A very strong feature...

Graphics: Same visual appeal with most of the sega sports games of this year. The players are clear and well detailed up close but from a distance or during gameplay they look plain. The courts have nice shins and reflections. The crowd looks like they have been run over by a huge truck. Stadiums are well made. overall the graphics are a little weak.

Audio: Great sound from the players feet sliding on the shin floor from the ball thrusting in the net the sound was clear and very enjoyable. The crowd is cheerful and the announcers come in clear and understandable. Great sound that gets you into the game!

Suggestions: Better graphics and anything this game didn't have. Update everything for 2k4.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Project Gotham Racing is a very impressive and exciting game. Many real cars to choose from. From Mini Coopers to Dodge Vipers and to Ferrari's this game has the best cars to date. I think they should of had some classic cars but the sequal will have some so thats cool. There are many custom objects you can create. Such as putting a word on your license plate. I really think that is one great thing you can do. You can also pick your own helmet for your racer. many other things to do that you will find in the options menu. The courses that you drive on are decent but many of them look the same. Just your in different towns and the roads have blockers, there isn't much free space to drive. The enviroments are very immpressive and well done. The courses can be god in a way it is racing not anything else. The only real point to the game is to collect as much kudos as you can. Its more of sliding around and doing tricks then acually racing. If you want the full racing effect you need to forget about the kudos and drive. Besides for these problems everything else in the game are as good as they could be. The radio have real songs and they sound like real radio. It has real radio stations which i thought was very cool. The graphics are amazing!! Such a great thing in the game. A very great racing game, best on the X-box could be the best racing game ever but few other games could be a little better. If you have an x-box Prject Gotham Racing is definatly the racing game to buy!!!

Gameplay: The gameplay is one of the most important things in a racing game. You always need tight and solid controls. it also depends on what car you choose to drive. Different cars have different handling. Very realistic gameplay, very impressive.

Graphics: THE GRAPHICS IN THIS GAME ARE ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE SEEN IN ANY RACING GAME!!! I think this game has the best graphics for any racing game that ever came out. All the locations are well detailed and clear. The reflections and weather effects are truly amazing part in this game. Great graphics, crisp and everthing else you would want in a game with a great visual appeal.

Audio: Sliding the wheels on the hot surface to speeding on a straight strip of road the sound is clear and so darn realistic. The music is also clear and enjoyable. The sound really gets you in the game and every sound is worth hearing.

Suggestions: Very great game, the next pgr looks to be the best racing game ever!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: Unreal Championship was a great fast paced first person shooter. Many different guns to choose from and many different characters you can pick with different abilities and looks. The only reason you would buy this game is really for the online muliplayer, or if you just want a multiplayer game and only for that this is the game for you. Unreal is a very fun game, great to trash talk to people while fighting them online. I problem in this game is that your opponents move choppy and it really gets annoying. I heard the xbox live will have an update and they will fix that problem. Talking about the live, you can also download new levels and plenty of other things when they are available. Overall, Unreal Championship made me very happy. Inspight of some of the problems in this game it really comes out as a great fast pace experiance.

Gameplay: Xbox first-person shooter for ya! Unreal was definalty released for the xbox because it has the best first person shooter controller for all the systems up to date. The controls are easy to execute and give you the full Unreal Championship experiance.

Graphics: the graphics in this game weren't that impressive. It had nice color and texture to it but images came out blurry and not well detailed. The graphics were one of the worst points in the game but still n a way they were good enough and well for the game.

Audio: Sound Appeal was great. Great explosion and gun sounds. Turn up the t.v. when playing this game to get the full experiance. I really like the sound and every time i play i look forward to the sound and never forget blasting the sound up. I was very impressed with the sound.

Suggestions: Fix graphics and some other problems if anothe unreal game for the xbox will be released.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: Bond is back and ready for yet another mission. This game took a big step up from agent under fire. Many new guns car missions and gadgets. I was very impressive with the cinemas and the story. The story in the game is really what happens in each bond game, stop the bad guy and save the world but they did that in a very good way. There was many car missions and they were very cool. Driving the V12 Vanquish was great and the weapons inside of it made it even a better ride. I was dissapointed that the game was short. Bond games are know for being short(except for Goldeneye, the longest and still the best bond game to date. Everyones voice acting was good but bond doesn't sound British at all. The graphics were great and everything was well designed. A lot of extras exspeacially for the multiplayer. I loved the multiplayer, its one of the best multiplayers in a first person shooter. The game has characters from the James Bond world. Such as Oddjob, Pussy Galore, Jaws, Goldfinger, and many other noticable characters. There are remote control vehicles and gun placements and also many different game modes which will make you and your friends playing this multiplayer many times, heck i even play it alone sometimes too. Its very good. In conclusion, James Bond NightFire was an immpressive bond game that is a great adventure but still lacks from a long game. I still think it is worth the 50, this game won't let you bored for a long time. James Bond will be back soon!

Gameplay: The controls are hard once you start the game. I set the controls to "moonraker" the controls are a lot easier to manage, those controls make the control a lot easier and solid. If you fix this problem your game play will be great, unless you like the one you already have or a different set of controls...

Graphics: Visual Appeal in this Bond adventure were awesome. Guns, cars, characters, gadgets, you name it the graphics for each item were great and well detailed. All thats left to say that the visual appeal was very impressive!

Audio: I loved the sound, it really gives you the full James Bond experience. From gun shots to massive explosions the sound is a incredible feature in this game. Ive played many first person shooters and NightFire has one of the best in sound appeal very impressive.

Suggestions: Great Bond mission! MAKE THE NEXT BOND GAME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: OddWorld Munch's Oddysee was a very fun and addictive in the beggining. Later on in the game it could get just a little repetitive but if you really like this idea and the story the will definatly be a problem for you. The fighting system isn't that balanced, only when you send out your teamates to fight. There isn't really isn't for you abe or munch to fight, just let your gang do it. You can drive a robot and use a cool claw machine. The graphics were very immpressive, the characters and the game itself is very funny. There is something called GameSpeak which ables you to talk to your fellow friends.The game gets even better when you play with abe and munch. They have different moves and abilites. These are one of those games if you beat it your done, you probaly won't play it again. In my opinion you should think about adding oddworld munchs oddysee because it will be an odd adventure that you will never forget!

Gameplay: The gameplay in the game is alright, I think they could of done a better job on the gameplay. The camera angles could get very annoying because if you switch directions of where your going to it won't switch fast enough if you are in a battle. Abe and Munch could be contorlled in different ways. Munch is very annoying to control unless you have the wheel chair, it is easy to control him once you got that. Abe could jump and more movable then munch. The gameplay is navagational but could get comfortable with.

Graphics: For this type of game it had very immpressive graphics, I was very immpressive with it. The water is very well detailed just like majority of the Xbox games out there. Munch and Abe are also very well detailed as well as their enemies and friends. The scenery such as the trees, grass, sky, and just about everything else is great. Its all good...

Audio: I really liked the sound in this game. Good character vocies and well done. From the farts and the burps it will get you laughing. The music gets you in the mood, the music in the game was good to listen to while playing. The explostions have a crisp sound to them. The bouncing of Munch is fun to listen to for all of 3 seconds, that is really annoying. Get the wheelchair and that is somewhat better to listen to. Doesn't need way to much improvment maybe just a little.

Suggestions: Add another Oddworld game to the series.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: The highly hyped tom clancy hit is finally here and definatly lived up to its expectations. the game was well worked on and presented. Great voice work, great detailed items, and just about everthing in the enviroment can be differed. The Xbox Live feature lets you download more levels even after you complete all the ones that the game originaly give you. Great story, really is worth getting into. And the hero of the game Sam Fisher. A great charater to be added to the video game world. Amazing shadow light graphics, best graphics ive seen in a game for a while. There are some minor flaws in the game but arent to much to be discussed about. Definatly one of the best games on the Xbox and ive heard there is going to be a seqeul to the Splinter Cell series. This is definatly a mission you don't want to miss.

Gameplay: Splinter Cell was made for the xbox first, because you already know that the controls would be the best on the system. It was setup perfectly and well for the xbox. All the buttons were in the right area and just was setup perfectly. The only problem was choosing items out of your inventory that was a little getting used to but if you play the game for a period of time you will get comfortable with them.

Graphics: I think and as well as many other people that Splinter Cell has the best graphics for the xbox console. Great detailed items, the shadows and lighting in rooms and outside. Very immpressive graphics there isnt much else to say and i mean that in a good way, just everything about the graphics are simply breath-taking.

Audio: From the guns shooting and the foosteps from sam fisher walking the sounds are amazing. The music is also another get thing, gets you into the mood. the voices of the characters are well. throwing objects to the ground to make sounds is a another very cool thing. The sound can get just a little choppy at some times but majority of the time the sound is great.


Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: The long awaited mortal kombat game is finally here. This is hands the down the best mortal kombat game and maybe even one of the best fighting games to this date. Original Characters from the previous mortal kombat games and new and great new characters. The characters are different in their own ways and are well detailed. The story is great and interesting, the endings sre definatly worth watching on your favorite fighter. The levels are amazing and sensational backrounds. Combos are cool and is suggested that you use them, they also put on a great show. The weapons are also a useful tool. Some people can even impale their opponent and they slowy loose blood and eventually pass out. Speeking of blood that is a immpressive thing in the game. When ou punch your opponent or slash them with your weapon the blood will drip down there body and the ground will covered with blood. Now on to the well known FATALITES, they are so cool and gory just like every MK game, makes the game so much better and to finish off you opponent, brutaly. Now to the mode called konquest, it is very helpfull but could get repetitive and ridiculous, you will have to execute long combos that are hard to do, but this is worth because you get 2 great hidden fighters. The most amazing thing in this game is defiantly the krypt. It has over 600 extras and mortal kombat information, movies, pictures, and a heck of a lot of other stuff. I was so happy when i saw this under my christmas tree! This is definatly a game to add to your collection, keep this on your mind BUY IT!!

Gameplay: The game is best played with the small controller S. You can still use the big controller but it won't be as good. Now on to the gameplay in game, easy to do just about anything in the game. Changing fighting styles is a piece of cake, learning the moves and fatlities are easy to execute. Very immpressive controls, a very strong part in the game.

Graphics: Mortal kombat has finally grown up from the 2d graphics, and now 3D. The fighters and enviroments are defenaitly well detailed and amazing. The clothing on the fighters swing around and when the blood drips down it looks well. If you get beaten up enough you would start to get bruises and blood on your face, it looks well detailed and cool. Great graphics!

Audio: The sound is another great thing in the game, when you shoot out scorpions spear and sub-zero's freeze they both sound clear and well. When punching and cutting opponents the sound is accurate to real life. The fighters yells sound the same butt that isnt that important. Not much to say, the sound is a well done.


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: This game was very immpressive. Much better then I thought it would be. Very fun,but the game could get a little repetitive but would take you a long time to get completely bored of it. Plenty of game modes and multiplayer options to choose from. There are many different teams to choose from such as the Romans, Gladiators, Aztechs and much others. The fighting is great and there is an instant reaplay feature that would let you see you crash into or fall off a cliff several times over and oer again. The characters are detailed and cool. A minor problem is that the people of this roman empire talk like it is in the present. They say stuff that only people from 2002 and the 90's would say. They should of mad it more realistic. Some things they say are enjoyable. The enviroments give you the roman empire time feeling. They did a great job on that. A surprisingly solid game that you should definatly check out for a unique chariot racing adventure.

Gameplay: The controls are perfect for this game and made perfectly well. Easy to drive the chariots and fighting on it also. Each chariot is equipped to ride in different ways. Each of the teams are different in many ways. If you have a heavy guy you won't bump around as much. If you have a strong warrior they will take a lot of damage off there opponent. Gameplay is 5.0 quality.

Graphics: Visual appeal doesn't show 100% of the xbox's capability of the graphics. The models of the people are slighty plain and not that well detailed. Some are but not all. The envuroments are plain at some parts but through the level they could inhance. When a rock or tree falls down it looks a little poorly done. Not enough pixels.

Audio: The cries of pain and the yells of defeat and the chariots and the burds cheerping is very solid and enjoyable. The music in the game gets you in to the BC feeling. Definatly fit for the game and all of the sounds and music in the game are excactly what the should be.

Suggestions: Make a sequal and improve the minor problems that have occured.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This was a very impressive and solid game. It is so realistic and accurate to what really happens in the war world. However, this isn't one of those game when you just run into a room and blow every one away. Well you can do that but you need to use a lot of strategy. The xbox live support is so amazing and fun. Huge levels to play in and cool guns to use. The biggest problem which i was surprised about was the graphics. Its very bad for an xbox title. Everything else works up for it though so it isn't that big of a problem. This should definatly be in your xbox collection, definatly if you have xbox live. This is gonna be an unforgetable experiance.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this one is very easy to get used to. Should take you 5 to 10 minutes to get totally familiar to. Everything is right at your fingertips. The buttons are where you would think they would be. When aiming your weapon the gun moves at a medium speed, which is very good for a first person shooter....

Graphics: The graphics in this game are one of the worst i have seen in a xbox game. It is a little odd to say about this great title because you woulsn't think there would be anything wrong but sadly there is. The designs of the objects in the game are poorly done. The best designed thing is the soilders and that is even poorly done. Good thing the game is good, it makes up for this mistake.

Audio: THE SOUND IN THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!! The guns and movements in this game are so realistic they make you get in to this game so darn much. Turn up the sound high when you play this impressive game for the full effect of the simply great sound.

Suggestions: If there is a ghost recon 2, definatly fix the graphics!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: Moto Gp is a hard yet very solid game. It will take you a while to get good at this game. Turning at corners is very difficult to execute. The game does succeed in its gerne by motorcycle racing. The Xbox Live support makes this game even more competing, you can race up to 16 people, this will make you play this game for months and months...... An enjoyable game but you have to spend a lot of time on this game to be a true rider.

Gameplay: The gameplay really depends on what rider you choose. They are good in all different sections. Majority of the riders are easy to control. You should practice a lot to get very good at this.

Graphics: Visual Appeal in this game is acceptible but is a little blurry. The people aren't that detailed and the bikes aren't that well ether. These are just minor problems, this should not draw you away from this game.

Audio: The sound in this game is one of the best i heard in a racing game. Exact sounds as the motorcycles and from the wheels sliding on the ground the sound in this game are enjoyable and accurate.

Suggestions: Good Job, think about another one. Make the graphics a little better. And more extras..

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: Usually no rules, no holds barred sports games are not as a much as a success as the real rules, but outlaw golf is better then most golf games out there. Its a funny and good idea for a game. This is the best golf game i have ever played. You should definatly give this game a try and tell your friends about it, if your a golf fan or not, you would enjoy this game ether way.

Gameplay: It current sports game today they have the pull control stick back and let it go. Its an creative feature but gets a little while to get used to and confortable. After that this game will be easy.

Graphics: The visual prospects to this game are impressive and clear. The characters in this game are well detailed and well when they are in motion. Great Job.

Audio: The sounds in this game are funny. Funny voices for the characters and sounds that happen. When the golf club hits the ball it sounds a little choppy but otherwise every other sound related feature is great and solid.

Suggestions: Great Idea, hopefully there is Outlaw Golf 2. And the upcoming game Outlaw VolleyBall.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Street Hoops

Overall: This was an entertaining basketball game, but wasn't that amazing. There a limited game modes and its very hard to play when you try to still the ball. Its hard to steal a ball, your only real chance is if a player misses a shot. Other then those problems the game is surprisingly very fun and the slam dunks are immpresive. Don't think about adding this game collection unless you want a diffrent type of basketball game than the professtionals.

Gameplay: For an arcade style basketball game its O.K. controls, takes a bit of time to get used to, the controls are limited to the things that you can do. Once you reconize the controls you will have a great game of b-ball.

Graphics: Horrible character anitmations, good close up but in gameplay the players out on the court are disturbing. The courts and areas you play in are also nothing to get excited about.

Audio: The music in this game is just right for it. Gets you in the mood for a great game of b-ball. The sounds out on the court are enjoyable and clear. Strongest point in this game, hands down.

Suggestions: Make more game modes, teams, and extras in the upcoming hoops game!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Overall: This was an average star wars game. I don't really like many games, (except for Shadows of the Empire that was the best) this game gets boring quickly. It did for me, you have to be a a star wars fan and combat spaceship fighting to like this one. The load times are so !&%$@#* long and get annoying. It had a star wars feeling to it though.

Gameplay: The gameplay is tight and solid. Easy to control your spaceship. Easy to control the blasters and turbo and missles. Not much more to say for gameplay, its a strong point and this game needs one.

Graphics: The graphics were blah and plain. there were blurry and weren't enjoyable. I was very dissapointed, i thought this game would of had better graphics.

Audio: The sound was the best part in the game. From the star wars classic music and spaceships blowing up the sound was immpressive and really got you into the game. The best thing in this game is definatly the sound

Suggestions: make the next one multiplayer and better! And thats if you make another/.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Batman Vengeance

Overall: I have to say this game isn't as bad as everyone say's it is. Yes, it was irratating and annoying at times but was a overall fun game. The gadgets that batman had where cool. When driving vehicles that was also fun. There were many bugs in this game. Many problems hopefully the upcoming Batman game "Dark Tommrow" can recover from its deep hole.

Gameplay: The controls in this game were horendess. It was very loose and irratating. Gadgets were hard to get out and use. Even getting confortable with these controls you won't be 100% with the gameplay.

Graphics: This game is based on the batman cartoon. The graphics could of had more detail to them and expression. Buildings, weapons, enimies, ect... all had no detail. The only thing in this game that looked good was yours truley, (Batman)

Audio: The sound was medicore. It did sound good at parts but at other parts it just didn't flow. The voices sounded clear and understandable. That is the best sound in this batman adventure.

Suggestions: Please make the next batman game good. I want to play a very good batman game for once..

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver

Overall: This game was a lot better than i thought it would be. It is fun and addicting. The missions i played where enjoyable and i played them several times over again. There arent that many missions in the game. There is also a multiplayer mode which makes it even more fun. The replay value and most of the things in this game are great but this is a game you would want to rent. Don't even think about poaying 50 bucks fr this one. This is worth 20 or less.

Gameplay: The controls are easy and difficult at the same time. If you are new to a driving game these controls can be a challenge for you, but if you played other x-box driving games this experiance will be a piece of cake.

Graphics: One of the strong points in this game is the graphics. I would of gave it a 5 but still there are some m9inor graphic problems in this game. Items and other objects on the road far away have no color to them but as you get closer to them they get more complex. Still, the graphics is a strong point.

Audio: Another strong point in this game but still has some problems. The engines of cars in this game are weak and don't sound enjoyable. At some parts they could be good but it really doesn't cooperate. All other sounds in this game are worth to hear.

Suggestions: Should of had more missions to do.....

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: This game is a good 3rd game for a series. The extreme taxi games are getting a little over used now. This game was fun and enjoyable to play. The only real add on's is that you can pick up more than one person in your taxi, and mini games and turbos on the cars. If you are a die hard fajn of the crazy taxi series this is a definate buy. If you want it only a little and not excited about it, don't waste your time buying it. Rent it, or get it for a cheap price.

Gameplay: The controls for a crazy taxi game on the X-box is very immpressive. They are easy to get used to and solid. If your a comfortable and enjoy the controls for dreamcast, the x-box isn't that different...

Graphics: The graphics are basically the same as the previous crazy taxi games so that is why the graphics are good, Still there is a minor problem with these graphics. At some times they can get blurry. That is really it.

Audio: This is the Best part of this game as for all of the other crazy taxi's, is the great sound. From the music blasting and crashing into cars and various other objects, the sound is grrreeeeaaaatttttt!!!

Suggestions: If another crazy taxi is made, you have to come up with a lot more ideas and add a heck load of more things to make the next one worth buying.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: This is a great football franchise but madden 2003 on the X-box isnt that good. It is a lot better on ps2 i have got to say. It doesn't quite feel you have full control of the players. As i said, if you have a ps2, get it for that.

Gameplay: As i said before madden 2003 for the x-box doesnt feel like you have full control of the players on the field. It takes a while to get familiar with the controls.

Graphics: As for every madden game that was on the x-box the graphics are quite simply amazing! The graphics are clear and feel like you are watching a game.

Audio: Same for every madden game on the xbox, the sound is also simply amazing. Clear noises and you can hear what the anouncers are talking about. From helmits smashing into each other and players screaming, the sound is great.

Suggestions: Make even more extras in the next madden.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: I have got to say this is a very fun game. It was the best simpsons game of the next generation systems and i agree. This game is so !&%$@#* fun. Driving around in Springfield won't get old for a long time. There are a few slight problems but they could be ignored. This game has the acual character vocies of the people on the show. The story to this game is sort of a good idea but i think they could of came up with better. The mission mode is fairly easy. You can beat it easily in an hour or less if you know what you are doing. The missions in that mode aren't that creative. Most of them you just crash into 10 logs for example. I have to say i didn't enjoy the mission mode as much but it is still fun. This game you can interact with almost anything. Crash into a sign it breaks down, crash into a garbage can and it goes flying, and best of all crash into a member of springfield they go flying! The Road Rage mode will keep you going for days and days, and the head to head mode will make you go even longer. If you want to have a good time and have a lot of fun, Simpsons Road Rage is the game for you!

Gameplay: The controls in this game are a little getting used to. When you play this game for the first time you might play it like crazy taxiby pressing R to go and L to break, well its different. You can change it though. Once you get comfortable with these controls it will be easy and you be driving like a cool dude!

Graphics: These graphics were good for a simpson game. Any other game these graphics would be horrible. Lets start off with the people, htye are well noticeable and easy to figure out who everyonr is. The billboards and signs on the road are easy to read and funny. The only part are the cars, they look plain. Each car has its strong look to it but most of them are plain.

Audio: The sound in this game was a little hard to hear. You have to turn up the sound to understand for the beggining movie. As for in the game the sound is O.K. but not as good as the other strong points in this game. On the soon to come simpsons games they should make the sound a lot better on the games.


Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Blitz 2003

Overall: This was a very football game. I only had it for a few days and i already played it for about 10 hours. There is a lot of extra's in this game. Great graphics for a game like this. The commentary is game is bad, only a few comments by the midway man and teh other guy is funny, but this games commentary is lame. This is a game to buy if you are sick and tired of football rules, you can do anything you want in this game. You should think about this game, its great.

Gameplay: The controls are a little getting used to. Usually in football games you would press B or to dive and tackle. In this it is Y. That was just a little irratating to me. The great thing is after every play it is easy to beat up the players. HahHA!!

Graphics: I never knew blitz can get its graphics to be this clear and good. Everything in this game is well detailed and clear. The players look good, and the arena also does. The only thing is the football. It looks so blah, as for the other blitz games, but that should be somthing to worry about.

Audio: From bodies hitting the ground to yelling the sound is clear and enjoyable. One of the commentary guys talks low each time he talks. That is a little hard to hear. AS for hitting people and calling hike, the sound is a strong point in this game.

Suggestions: INTERNET PLAY!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: This game is one of the funnest shooter game ever to come out for a system. So much to do, so much to wear and kill. The missions are good and creative, some of them can sound like the last game but most of them are unique. There are a few minor problems in this game but i will definatly give this "killer" game a 5.

Gameplay: One of the problems in the game is the controls. The controls are great on x-box when shooting and walking around, but when looking in your inventory for a weapon while getting shot at can be a bit of a problem. You have to get good with these controls to great the real feel of hitman 2.

Graphics: An impressive thing in the game. The graphics are great. The guns and other weapons are well detailed, as well as the enviroments in the game. At some parts the graphics won't be as good as usual but it certaintly gets the job done.

Audio: BAM! BAM! BAM! ARGGG!! The sound in this game are great. Its clear and is very cool. All the moves and sounds that happen in this game are nice. Their is not much more to say but i will leave you with, the sound is amazing......


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: This game was one of those that could have been better in a lot of different ways. It was still a game worth to play. Another problem with the game that i really disliked was that the game was very short. There is only about 10 levels and you go through them fast. The multi-player in this game is not even close to being as good as goldeneye. This multi-player will have you playing for a little while or maybe even over and over. The big problem is how many hits to take to kill the !&%$@#* enemy. Overall, this game was very fun the first time through. The car levels where great. It brought me back a few times to play again. Hopefully Nightfire will be better. One more thing what is the deal with shooting the machine gun and its purple?? Play the game and shoot it and you will know what I am talking about.

Gameplay: The controls in this game was hard getting used to. In halo it was so easy to get it good but in bond it just can't do it as well. they should fix the controls around for the next bond game that is yet to come.

Graphics: The graphics in this game were crispy clean. The guns where well detailed as well as the faces of bond and his allies and enemies in this game. I was really impressed with this. They did a great job.

Audio: When there is many explosions and a lot of people shooting the sound could get choppy and fuzzy and hard to hear whats going on. The voices don't sound so clear also. As i sayed, they should fix all these mistakes in nightfire.

Suggestions: O.K. Game hopefully nightfire will be a hit.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Overall: The game is an overall impressive game. A cool feature is that every person that you talk to talks with voice not just subtitles it has both. The graphics are alright. They a little plain but close up to items the graphics are good. Great Story and you get to play as Frodo, Aragon, and Gandolf. I was immpressed with this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the weak part of this game. When you control a character it will be a little getting used to until you will get very comfortable with the controls.

Graphics: As I said earlier, the graphics are kind of plain from a distance but if it is a close up of items or people the graphics are smooth and well done.

Audio: The sound is a strong point is this game. They are clear and easy to know what is being used. They character voices are clear and could be under stood. When you are in battles the weapons have nice sounds when they strike an enemy. The music in the game in accurate to the movie and gets you in a Lord Of The Rings mood.

Suggestions: I can't wait for the later games. Two towers and return of the king. Good job on this one, make the next ones better.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Nascar Heat 2002

Overall: This is a very immpressive game. Many cool things that occur in it. Such as if you crash car parts will fly everywhere. Overall, it is a fun and solid game. Hardcore NASCAR fan will love it. Non fans will be bored on it in a month or so.

Gameplay: The controls takes a little while to get used to. Practice many times before you start racing. If you don't practice the first time you get this game, Most likely your car will be in a million pieces.

Graphics: The graphics are clear and good. Great Reflections on the car and cool. looking enviroments and courses. Still it seems the graphics can be just a little better.

Audio: Enjoy the show. It is like you are really at the race in the audience. Great sounds and engines and cars being wrecked. The sound is a strong part in this game.

Suggestions: Good Work, Put more extras in the next heat game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: I have got to say for a party game this really deserves a 5. It is so darn fun. Get some friends or family to play it with you and you will play it all day long. It has a lot of games that will keep you going for a long, long time.

Gameplay: With the gameplay it really depends what mini game you play. Most of them have really easy controls that you will get used to right away.

Graphics: The graphics are good. Somthimes stuff can get blury. The cartoon like graphics really gets you in the mood to play some multiplayer action!

Audio: The sound is so-so. They could somethimes not sound that good as you would think. Don't get turned down by this, because the sound isn't that bad. Just some parts are but not that many


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: I have got to say this was the worst tony hawk game. I know it has 2 games in one but there was just somthing to it that didn't flow.

Gameplay: The controls were ok. It is the second best controller. I think ps2 has better controls for the tony hawk series but these are still good.

Graphics: The graphics is probally the best thing in the game. There are still some poorly done images but they arent that bad.

Audio: The sound to the game was good. The music sounded very clear and enjoyable. The skating also had a nice sound.

Suggestions: Good Idea for a game, but do a better job if you do it again.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: This game is very fun and has an action like feeling. The controls allow you to do bullet "matrix moves" that makes you take down many enemies at once. A huge selection of guns and gernades. This is an immpressive game. Just short.

Gameplay: The controls are half easy and half hard. The controls for this game were the best for the computer i have got to say, but the x-box isn't that far behind because the controls are still good in this game.

Graphics: Blood, Guns, and more a lot of things in this game look great. You can see Max's angry face while killing his enemies. Very good graphics.

Audio: The sound is very alright. When you shoot the gun that is fine, but the footsteps sound odd and other things that occur in this game. This doesn't really change anything.

Suggestions: Please make another Max Payne game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: This game is fun. The only problem is that there are to many of the same moves you do. The dunks are cool. This game doesn't have a lot to offer. It doesn't have create a player or any of that stuff. Its just really season and a quick game. Still, this game is great and you should get it.

Gameplay: The gameplay was good and easy. Very easy to get used to and great with multiplayer. The left thumbsitck gets you around and the other buttons are pass, shoot, ect. These are good controls

Graphics: The games on tonight! These are great graphics. Its like you are watching the gmae on tv and you can control all the nba superstars.

Audio: From the feet sqeaking on the floor and the ball thrusting through the net the sound is great with a special crisp to them.

Suggestions: Put a lot more extras inthe next game. This one doesn't have a lot to offer.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: The best first person shooter out their and the best game for the x-box. Every thing is greate about this game. The multiplayer the missions the co-op mission and every thing else the game has to offer. This game is unbelievable, magnificent, and any other good word you can say!

Gameplay: The X-box has the best controls for first person shooters and the controls in this game are very easy and you will get used to them about 5 or 10 minutes or play. Just about every move is at your finger tips.

Graphics: ply Breathtaking. They are so detailed. The explostions, cars guns, every thing in this game is so clear and great.

Audio: Its a war!!!! The sound is so real and the war is going on and you, master cheif is going to save the day. In other words the sound is the best yet.


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Fun Game. This has a lot of stuff to come back more for. Some of the part of the game was accurate to the movie, and some weren't even close. They had the voice from the movie for the green goblin and spider man himself. The game is kind of short, if you play this non stop for a few hours or less this game is completed. Their are a lot of extras to this game to keep you coming back for some spidey action!

Gameplay: The controls were o.k. It was 0nly good when you are outside. When you are in buildings it is annoying. And you can see your self and it gets fustrating. The real fun to this game is outside, not out.

Graphics: The grapics to this game are immpressive. It is all well detailed and clear. If you move up close enough to spideys eyes you can see reflections. It is really cool!

Audio: The sound is great. It is very good for this game. From websling to beating up bad guys, the sound is great.

Suggestions: Make the second one longer and better.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: Repetitive. The missions are very fun but in just about all of them you have to blow down buildings boats ect. It is very fun I have to say. The story is very good for this type of game. I enjoyed it. The multiplayer is only good for 2 people. With 4 or 3 it gets confusing.

Gameplay: They controls were hard a small bit, but were great controls for a boat. The guns were easy to aim and get your target.

Graphics: Awesome. These were great graphics with crystal clear water. The water was the most impressive object in this game. You really need a towel to play this game.

Audio: Nothing spectacular to the sound of this game. Could have been a little better. At parts they were very good

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: This game is alright. it gets way to repetitive. Its usally the same thing for every mission. Crash in to other stuff and damage it and you win the game. Its kind of lame if you ask me. This game was fun at the beggining. It was a lot of fun crashing into stuff.

Gameplay: The controls were tight and easy. They were fit pertfect for this game and i enjoyed them a lot. To make it short, easy controls.

Graphics: THESE GRAPHICS ARE GREAT!!! One of the best I seen on xbox yet. They fit great for the game and made me fell like I was there.

Audio: The sound is good. Not great. If to many things is happening at once they sound will slow down and will be a little choppy. Overall it is good.

Suggestions: Should of made the game with a lot more missions and different things to do. I expected more from this game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: This was a very impressive game. I loved the story to this game and it gave a scary feeling. Their were still some minor problems and the multiplayer did get get annoying by sharing the whole screen with your friends. Hopefully they make a seqeul and fix these minor problems. Otherwise this a great gun blasing game!

Gameplay: If you get good at the controls this game should be easy. They are set up perfectly to take down your enimies. I give this a 5 beacause if you get familiar with these controls you got this game in your hands.

Graphics: The graphics are great for this gerne in a game. They are nice and clear and shows how much power the xbox really has.

Audio: The sound in this game are great. The small problem is that they sound great but you hear the same sound over and over again. The zombies make the same moaning sound as for all the other monsters in this game.

Suggestions: This game is great, please make a another one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: This is a very good game. Im not really sure what i like better madden or fever. They are both very goosd games. Overall get this game if you didnt get nfl fever 2002

Gameplay: They game play is great and solid. Remeber the color of the buttons when you are on offense and you should be a great player.

Graphics: The graphics are the best out of all the football games out there this year. If graphics is the most important thing to you, this is definatly your game.

Audio: The sound is good but not great. It gets choppy if you skip the announcers talking or replays. If you let everything go as timed, its great

Suggestions: Good Work, but next year make this game different form Nfl fever 2002 and 2003.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: This was a great and long game. The only problem is the fustration level. But, i didn't get angry at the game. Everything is good.

Gameplay: That game play was well set up. the auto aim for the gun was perfect. I think the fighting is the only thing that needs a little work.

Graphics: For an xbox game these graphics are not that good. The good thing is that the graphics in some way where great for the game. But they could have been better.

Audio: They sound is one of the best i have here in a 3rd person shooter game. Accurate sounds to the guns and it feels like you are there with Jack Slate

Suggestions: 2 words...... GREAT GAME!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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