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Kabuki Warriors

Overall: Just by looking at this game, i wanted to sue all the creators of this game. Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.

Gameplay: Just by looking at this game, i dont wanna play it. Makes me puke almost.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.

Graphics: Just by looking at this game, i wanna get the disc and crack it in half.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.

Audio: Just by looking at this game, i wanna sue all the creators for making such a piece of crap on the beloved Xbox console.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.

Suggestions: You developers go fishing or sumthin cuz makin games aint your thing.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This is a very unique game overall. At first, I thought it was boring and slow and tedious. But, after I played, it got more better and more fun and now, it's one of my favorite game right now. The single player missions are good and could be challenging when played on hardest difficulty, elite. And even when you beat the game, there are 50 quests for you to complete for replay value. When completing these quests, you could earn new players, new weapons, cheats, and new multiplayer modes. This game is another great Tom Clancy game. The gameplay is there, sound is there, graphics aren't quite up to date, and most importantly, the fun factor is there.

Gameplay: The game play is the best part of this game. However, this game isnt for everyone. People who love games like Unreal Championship might not like this game since its not as fast and more of a slower paced game. But, for other gamers, this game is absolutely wonderful. At first, it was boring to me, but after a while, I started liking it. The campaign mode is great. The story is great and the ability to upgrade or customize your players (as well as 'level' them up) is excellent. You could even play the campaign mode cooperatively with a friend. And after you beat the single player missions, there are 50 quests for you to complete; which adds a lot of replay value to it. Now, the multiplayer... the multiplayer is what makes this game shine. The multiplayer supports split screen, where you and up to 3 others can play vs each other or 2 players play coop, system link, 1-16 players play one of various modes, and best of all, Xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE makes this game superior than its ports on the PC and PS2 and Gamecube. It is very fun however some things from the servers and rooms could be fixed. Overall, the gameplay of this game is what makes it unique.Its a slow style of gameplay, very realistic, and very true (the guns are all from the real world). Oh and also, in this game, it only takes from 1-3 shots until you die.

Graphics: The graphics of this game is far from excellent. It is FAR from Splinter Cell, its other Tom Clancy 'brother' released around the same time. The trees look flat, grass doesnt move, and similar things. However, the character models are at least decent, not great, but decent. The graphics of this game could of been so much better if they tried a little harder than just leave the graphics the same. To simply describe the graphics, they're PS2 quality. Not Xbox quality.

Audio: The sound in this game is great. Winds blow, winds howl, gunshots go with appropriate sound, people cry out when hit, teammates talk through radios, rockets firing sound is there, explosions are there, footsteps are there, breathing when running is there... the sound of this game is simply good. The voice communicator on Xbox Live could of been better if you didnt have to hold the button to talk but it also could of been annoying if they didnt have that option so i guess thats a win-lose situation. Anyway, the sound in Ghost Recon is good.

Suggestions: Improve graphics, show gun, tweak the gameplay a bit (don't make it worst), and fix Xbox LIVE bugs and problems. Other than that, this is a great game overall.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: This is game is pretty fun. Main purpose of it is run-n-gun type of gameplay. You keep going and shooting, its repetitive. This game is worth a rental and to a small amount of gamers, a purchase. The graphics are not great, and not bad. The sound is pretty good even with all the things that are happening on screen at one time. For hardcore fast paced shooter fans, this game should not be missed.

Gameplay: The gameplay can get boring extremely fast for some gamers. All you do basically is keep running and shooting everything in sight. There is a single player campaign, a deathmatch multiplayer mode, and a co-operative multiplayer mode where you and a partner can team up to go through the single player campaign. There are many, many different kinds of monsters in this game and also many different kinds of guns. But, even with all that variety, the gameplay still is repetitive. Serious Sam's gameplay is more of a faster pace than regular FPS's. The monsters keep coming at you and you hardly have time to stop for a long breather. Overall, the gameplay isnt that bad, but isnt great either.

Graphics: The visuals seem kind of out of date. It looks kinda like Giants: Citizen Kabuto for PC. The characters are cartoonish but reasonably rendered. THe environments are nice up to certain borders where the rest are 2d graphics. The guns are also reasonably detailed and also the aliens. The graphics cannot compare with Splinter Cell, cannot compare to Halo, but can be compared to games like Giants and Serious Sam on PC or games with mediocre graphics on the Xbox.

Audio: The sound is ok in this game. Aliens scream, bullets fly out of the gun with sound accordingly, aliens cry out, doors open with sounds, footstep sounds, and some comments by Sam make the sound not too bad. I haven't really paid attention to the music so I don't really know if they even have music. Overall, the sound is acceptable in this game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: This is an excellent overall game. It definitely lives up to the hype and is a must-buy for any Xbox owner. The stealth genre is truly redefined in this game and there are many many moves in this game. I still cant understand why Gamespot gave this game a 8.6 as it deserves a 9.0 at the least. This game IS very linear, but the gameplay, GRAPHICS, and everything else makes up for it. Truly an amazing game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, Sam Fisher(the main character) has many moves in his arsenal. There are also many, many gadgets to add to those moves. The story is very well thought out and makes this game better. The ability to download extra levels through Xbox LIVE is also an included bonus. Nearly everything in this game that relates to the gameplay is good. The only problem I can point out is its linear, which i have no problem of dealing with since you can finish a mission many ways depending on the way you play it. Excellent gameplay, this game has.

Graphics: Here's where the game really, truly shines. The graphics of Splinter Cell is better than ANY other game out there. It beats our any PlayStation 2 game, any other Xbox game (with the exception of only the water of Morrowind), and any Gamecube game. The shadows, lighting, models, and environment all fit together to produce the best graphics ever in a video game.

Audio: The sound is also good. The voice acting is great and the sounds occur accordingly. Say you're walking on wood, every step will make a wood sound. If you're crouched and walking, steps would make a more quieter wood sound. The music is good too. Very engaging and plays according to the action thats happening in the game.

Suggestions: Make a movie.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: This game is excellent and very fun. The creators did an excellent job blending in sports and fighting into one new kind of genre. I havent played through all the arenas but I hope they have/had a larger arena with multiple rooms other than just one room. But, this game is very fun and shouldnt be missed by any Xbox owner. Also,no Xbox LIVE compatible...

Gameplay: THe gameplay is very fun and addictive. I love just beating down all my opponents team even though it might be kinda hard sometimes.

Graphics: The graphics are great. The lighting is cool and the character models are good. These graphics can compare to those of Halo and Morrowind.

Audio: The sound is excellent and there's a lotta cursing in this game. The ability to put your own songs in the game is good too.

Suggestions: Make a sequel or online version and make like a franchise mode where you can draft after and all the other off season things.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: This is an excellent basketball sim and the franchise mode is the best I've ever seen yet. The graphics are totally amazing in this game but the sound is a little too similar to 2K2. But other than the sound, this is probably the best basketball game out right now.

Gameplay: The dunks and many modes make this category good but the franchise mode makes this excellent. The franchise is real deep and has almost everything you would wanna do. However, the passing in this game really, really sucks, too many lobs and too many tips. But, overall, the gameplay is great.

Graphics: The visuals or graphics are truly amazing. I knew it was gonna be good but I didnt know it was gonna be this good. The players get shiny after time because of sweat and the replay feature looks sweet. The fans though looks the same again like always.

Audio: The sound is very similar to NBA 2K2. The new things are that they actually say the player's name more unlike its predecessor.

Suggestions: Improve the passing system. Also, include the NBA legends in the NBA draft (fantasy), input a 1-on-1 feature, a slam dunk contest, shootout contest, dont make the fantasy draft's in-between drafts so boring, have an ultimate celebration after winning the championship, and especially improve the gameplay and speed and everthing to nearly like real basketball games.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: An excellent game overall. I got this game along with my Xbox and 2 other games on November 15th, 2001 and i finished it within the next 3 days. This game got me really addicted but really disappointed me after the 6th level. The last 4 level basically repeats what the first ones had. Another problem was that in levels, it gets repetitive and you end up doing the same thing six times before moving on. But other than some flaws, this is one hell of a First Person Shooter as well as a game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome in this game. To just shooting everything in sight, or sniping aliens from afar, to driving a Warthog Jeep, or flying a Covenant Banshee, there are many many things to do in this game and the vehicles makes it better. The single player is deeply engaging and gets a 5/5 itself. That being said, the multiplayer makes it ever better. The only dissappointing thing i see in the multiplayer is that there are no bots, no Banshee's, and no custumizable weapon selection. Other than that, the system link play, the co-op play, and the online play is excellent. The controls are also like perfect. Gameplay for this game is just excellent.

Graphics: The graphics are excellent. One of the best ever. Ingame CG's are excellent, makes it no need to have cinematics.

Audio: The sound is also outstanding and the main theme is excellent. Too bad thats the only good about the music, the other music isnt too good. The sound is good though.

Suggestions: Halo 2. More weapons, vehicles, grenades, races (like 5), different types of marines and aliens, more gadgets, and more levels. Also add bots and more multiplayer levels.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K2

Overall: To be completely honest, this game isnt very good and the computer AI even on the All Star level can be easily beaten. The graphics arent too good and the gameplay is unrealistic. Like, all those crazy crossovers while spinning isnt too likely to appear in an ordinary NBA game. BUT, despite all those flaws, i play this game a lot and never seem to get tired of it. Why? Because of its many modes of gameplay.

Gameplay: Like i said before, the gameplay is unrealistic but there are many modes of gameplay. My personal favorite is the franchise. The stat tracking isnt perfect but the franchise mode IS addictive. Even though my fantasy team wins all the time, its still fun, especially the offseason in franchise. Ive managed to get Kobe, Shaq, Nowitzki, and Garnett on my team. Other than the franchise modes and the street modes, the gameplay would get a lower score.

Graphics: The graphics suck. After the game, when the players walk out the arena, their butts would be sticking out. And the character models arent detailed enough. The crowd is also kind of flat and the coaches look horrible.

Audio: The sound is also not too good. The announcer gets way to annoying after like the 3rd game u play. The music is ok.

Suggestions: Improve everything especially the gameplay and graphics. Also make the stat tracking way better and put brackets when in playoffs.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This game is a solid game overall. The graphics are excellent and the water is the best ive seen. The gameplay is great when it comes to character creation and buying and selling and stealing, but the battling is terrible. I mean, u wont know if u hit for 1 dmg, or 50 dmg. And its not as good as it could of been. I personally like real-time battling better than turn-based(FF series) but this game's battling system really is dissppointing. Other than that, its a good game overall with hundreds of quests and dozens of guilds to join.

Gameplay: The only thing that keeps this gameplay of getting a 5 is the battling system. Like i said before, its horrible. Its kinda boring also. It could of been so much better. The character system, however, is excellent. You can create any class with any abilities as a major or minor. There are over a thousand possible different characters thanks to the creating your own character feature. There are many guilds to join and many things to steal and/or buy. You can also kill anyone and atack anyone in this game any time which makes it more fun.

Graphics: The graphics are truly amazing in this game. The environments are good and the water is outstanding. The character models are a little off but still good.

Audio: The music is excellent also. Really fits to its theme which is fantasy. However, the soundtrack is way too short and always repeats the asme music over and over.

Suggestions: Improve the fighting system.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Prisoner of War

Overall: A really unique game with a good sneaking feeling. A good game to have for the people that are tired of all the shooting and violence and the same action games. I personally love those games but this game was nice to play. A real challenge in this game. Makes you think and feel like you're really a Prisoner of War. If players want a real challenge, or if you simply love stealth/sneaking games, then this game's for you. I rented this game to see how it was and it turned out to be pretty good. The graphics arent too good though, doesnt take advantage of the Xbox's hardware but the challenge and voice acting could make up for some of it. A recommended game to gamers that love challenges.

Gameplay: The gameplay may be kind of boring to most gamers and it was boring for me too. No guns, no weapons, no attack maneuvers.. that sounds boring. But what makes this game NOT boring is the fact that you have to use your wits and brainpower to get through it. This game is a challenge and the gameplay is just perfect for this genre. Even though there are some flaws, there are flaws in every game, even the best games have flaws. The enemy AI can be dumb sometimes but not enough to !&%$@#* you off. The only major problem I have for this gameplay is that there is no side-step or strafing.

Graphics: The graphics are kind of cheesy. Seems kind of like a PS2 game but they are a little sharper than the PS2's version. Framerate doesnt drop and the character models look nice. One problem that caught my eye was when characters talk, only their mouth moves and they look like a statue but with a moving mouth. Looks kinda funny. But, overall, the character models are pretty good. The environments are ok too. But a 3.5 i gave it because it didnt take advantage of the Xbox's power.

Audio: The sound is actually pretty good in this game. The voice acting is good in this game and a real relief because you dont have to read everything like in Morrowind. It does let you read it, but they also say it which makes it better. The music fits in with the gameplay also. So, ill give this a 4.5.

Suggestions: Make the graphics better and add a side-step feature. Also, make it more realistic and better enemy AI. Still have no guns, but make it like u could punch out a guard and take his stuff, that'll make this game much better and more realistic. A non-linear feel to it. Other than that, a pretty solid game although not the best game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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