Kabuki Warriors (Original Xbox) by Crave Entertainment

Kabuki Warriors (Xbox) by Crave Entertainment Box Art

Xbox 360 backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: November 19, 2001.

Region(s) Released: North America, Japan

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
3.60 / 10

Simply the worst Xbox game. This belongs on the all time stinker list, right up there with Superman for the Nintendo 64, and ET for the Atari 2600. I'm trying to think of one nice thing to say about the game."

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As a fight promoter for a troop of Kabuki warriors trying to travel from Edo to Kyoto, your actor/samurai must possess both strength and style. Along the way you will have to fight other Kabuki troops, garner the crowds favor to receive tips, and trade warriors with your defeated counterparts. You will need a very accomplished group of samurai when you arrive in Kyoto to defeat the city’s star troop.

  • Fight warriors in winner-take-all competitions, on stages across Japan
  • Pummel opponents and strike dramatic poses to gain the crowd’s favor
  • Max out the popularity bar to perform devastating special attacks
  • Numerous stages set across Japan
  • 24 Characters, with different weapons and unique attacks like fireballs, fire storms, lightning, and tornadoes
  • Utilization of life and popularity bars which affect attack abilities
  • Numerous game modes including: Adventure, Time Attack, Tournament, and Versus
  • Graphic effects like bump mapping, particle effects and vertex shading produce lifelike warriors and spectacular action
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    Friday, December 17, 2004
    Wednesday, May 15, 2002

    Cheat Codes

          New Outfits:
    While selecting a fighter press Left trigger

    User Reviews

    Score: 36
    Overall User Average: 3.66 / 10 (36.0%)
    Gameplay User Average: 3.59 / 10
    Graphics User Average: 3.48 / 10
    Sound User Average: 3.62 / 10
    Date reviewed: November 15, 2003.

    Overall: Let me start out by saying that I am sick of all the people who go around telling people that this is the worst game ever. I've seen dozens of comments on the board for Kabuki Warriors (KW) doing nothing but insulting the game. To be honest, I enjoyed the game VERY much. True, the game could have been worked on, and improved a lot more, but it's still a good game.
    Gameplay: Pretty much you only use one attack button. There are other buttons you use to block and sometimes execute special spells though. People consider this mostly to be a button masher since you just mash on one attack button. That's true in a way, but you still need evading skills to not get hit by attacks.
    Graphics: Well, they aren't the best graphics in a game ever, but they're still very good. People think that just because XBox is the most powerful system out of the three, that it's games will have the most graphically impressive visuals ever. The graphics are about PS2 quality, but that's still good. The game is actually very colorful. The backgrounds I thought were gorgeous. Even those paper backdrops. One thing that many males will be disappointed in, is there are no females in the game. Actually, there is kind of one, but due to it being Kabuki Theater, it is actually a man dressed as a woman. Yes I know, disturbing in a way, but it is tradition. Yes, there are a few graphical glitches in the flowing hair and such, but it really isn't that important. Oh and the blood isn't the best looking ever in a game.
    Sound: Not what you would expect from a game based off of Kabuki Theater. I don't really know how to explain the music, it's like a mix between rock, techno and other variously assorted genres. One MAJOR complaint I have though, is the donkey like sound that is CONSTANTLY heard. Everytime you choose something from any sort of menu, you hear that annoying donkey-like noise.
    Suggestions: PROS:
    - Nice graphics
    - Beautiful backdrops
    - Traditional Kabuki Theater
    - Easy

    - All those annoying trollers on the board
    - A little too easy sometimes
    - Gets boring quickly
    - No Secrets

    Overall: 50 %
    Gameplay: 70 %
    Graphics: 50 %
    Sound: 30 %

    Date reviewed: November 2, 2003.

    Overall: Wow. This game is one of the worst games of all time, if not the worst. The developers of this game either worked really hard to get this game this bad or so carelessly. This game tries so hard to be what other great fighting games, like DOA or Soul Caliber are. But, it mixes in all the wrong elements.
    Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is horrendous. All you do in this game is use your stupid little samurai sword. I mean, Im a fan of samurai swords, but come on, this game makes me want to puke.
    Graphics: Please don't get me started on this game's horrid graphics. They plain suck. The blood is kinda just like a poof of red coming up from out of you when you get hit. The character models are all the same, give or take, and the level design, as well as everything else, is just bland and generic, something we're all way to sick of. COME ON! This game was made for the xbox, not the dreamcast, or N64/=. It sickens me.
    Sound: Wow the games sounds are all the same. Its so bad. Its like a repetition of the same sound, over and over again. After 2 minutes it makes you want to take your controller and throw it at your xbox
    Suggestions: Yeah, stay away from game development, its obviously not your thing. Try baseball, boxing, scuba diving, or maybe even gymnastics, but leave the gaming business.

    Overall: 30 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: If this would not have been a garage sell el cheapo beepo item. I would have fought and demanded a full refund. When playing a very stink and sour title such as this. You really begin to understand what happens to peoples minds when they consume expired rubbing alcohol, hit the crack pip, and hang up side down in a big barrel of vulcan mite tar. Starting to ge the idea? What kind of sick joke has been played on american consumers. I suppose if anything this title will develop into some kind of cult classic on the xbox. Where everyone wants the title to show off how horrible it is. This website should have a zero (0) for the rating on this game only. Again, do not be fooled. Never buy this game unless. You want to buy it as a gag gift for someone, or if you want to own the sorriest game known.
    Gameplay: If you bought this game and are now looking at it. Ease on back to the bathroom and grab some tissue. You will need something to soak up your tears. Horrible nothingless, no count, worthless no existent gameplay. Drag queens, sorry Japanese music. What I find funny is try to find this game on the website of the developers...ha ha !! i think they took it off !! cant say I blame them...go have a look..scroll back up to the top of the page and click crave...ha ha !! crave we know who you are ..
    Graphics: Well lets see there is combat for atari 2600, think about a few stink titles on the NES... ouch maybe duckhunt was better looking?
    Sound: Hmm ! invest in some good ear plugs, a nose plug, and some dark blind folds. This title will stink you out of your room. Who farted? I dont know some kabuki warrior...
    Suggestions: Change your name ! Think about plastic surgery ! If anyone finds out who made this game they will chase them down the street yelling out" REFUND MY MONEY u SKUNKS!!!"
    Game is horrible but you may have created a cult classic. We all know you created a great gag gift for anyone with an xbox ...

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: This is definately the game for you....if you like atarri graphics, dancing around in japan, being peltered with stupid coins, and being yelled at in Japanese.

    In short, I would rather drink Oprah Winfrey's sh1t through a swirley straw than ever play this game again.
    Gameplay: One freakin attack button, a block button, somethin else, oh, and cant forget the dance button. i love stabbing someone in the neck, and seeing my sword next to the guy's head, with a little spray thingy of blood, nowhere near the wound.
    Graphics: i should play X-Box instead of NES, oh wait, I am. I know that the Japanese make dumb games, but I could never have imagined this. the graphics were so bad......im gonna be sick
    Sound: i'd rather be locked in a coffinn with a ritchard hatch with vaseline on my !&%$@#* than listen to the sound of this game again.
    Suggestions: if u make another game like this i will kill u all, and crap on ur faces

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: Overall appeal :) That's funny-...the only appeal of this piece of dog excrement is that if I am in desperate need of a laugh- I just pop this sucker in and off I go on a laughing frenzy ...I honestly think this game was created for the SOLE purpose of reading all the funny reviews and how bad people thought the game would be...it gives game magazines more sales because people really enjoy reading the insults :)... First off- Hours Played so far needs to have a much lower option than 2 to 5 hours because I don't think many people played this thing for anything over than MAYBE 1 hour....ow about a .01 That's a little more like it...and third, well the only reason I played this was to laugh and I actually bought it from some kid for one dollar...he wanted to get rid of it that bad...
    Gameplay: Fun fun fun! What can I say!? You choose from a limited selection of dorky kabuki "warriors" and fight with virtually a no good fighting engine at all advancing in the rank of kabuki warrior wooooooey!!...Now we're having fun! After you win each mind numbingly dull and retarted fight sequence you can dance like a parapalegic on crack and win the crowds support and listen to a bunch of fake japanese chanting so you can get an even bigger headache and feel the need to regurgitate in unison with the stream of blood shooting out of your opponent...the whole concept is so stupid it could have only been invented by a team of morons who spent every waking minute making this game guzzling down buckets of their own crap and judging by how bad this game is,...they must've enjoyed that if they think that we'd enjoy this :)
    Graphics: Hahahahahahhahaha- I suppose this game would look good if you were on tons of acid and really drunk and high..maybe then the images would turn 3d and look a little better than this...nah..even that couldn't do crap for this game...it's horse manure.
    Sound: Na na ee ee sip dip doo doo - I am not prejudice at all of japanese sound effects and music in games at all..I happen to actually LOVE Mystical Ninja starring goemon in the N64's music and sound effects....but THIS...oh ho ho ho...this is a wonderfully masterpieced torture tool -..can you imagine a soundtrack of THIS?!?...Let me put it this way, the sound in this game is so annoying and crappy that if you played the "soundtrack" in a solitary confinement chamber to torture the victim into submission it would take less than 5 minutes before they would bang on the doors SCREAMING to be let out, but by that time they would have probably already lost all touch with reality and gone even more insane...hehe yeah...this game just sucks..:) Play it for a huge laugh..if you're drunk..and maybe high.
    Suggestions: My suggestion would be to get a new job- because you certainly have a zero chance of putting out any decent game with the leet skills you have here...hehe.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: ok... wow i played this game at wal-mart or something and i left that store laughing.. it was the worst thing i had ever seen in my life.. i seriously think people on the forums here could make models better then that hahaha what a joke... i feel sorry for anyone that had to buy this.
    Gameplay: gameplay??? what gameply? oh u mean the button smashing... hoping u pull a retarded lame move??? ya i forgot all about that while laughing at how stupid the game looked.
    Graphics: ummm visuals... if u wanna call it that... ok... i wonder if the maker was drunk out of his mind or if he was just putting some crap out to see how many retards would buy it.
    Sound: i remember pong and pacman... they sounded just like this... no different really i mean this sound is just.... OLD AND CRAPPY!
    Suggestions: .you

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 30 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: Just by looking at this game, i wanted to sue all the creators of this game. Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.
    Gameplay: Just by looking at this game, i dont wanna play it. Makes me puke almost.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.
    Graphics: Just by looking at this game, i wanna get the disc and crack it in half.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.
    Sound: Just by looking at this game, i wanna sue all the creators for making such a piece of crap on the beloved Xbox console.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.
    Suggestions: You developers go fishing or sumthin cuz makin games aint your thing.Dont ever make anything like this AGAIN.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Brooklyn Balla
    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: the game looked good grafix wise but after playinbg the first few levels i noticed the game had no purpose it was complegtely horrible
    Gameplay: the gameplay was horrible the game just went nowhere fast you fight and fight getting new people which had the same damage essects and moves. it just sucks
    Graphics: even though the game was the worst game i ever played (and ive played some bad games) the visual effects and surroundings were great the blood effects needed a lot of work but the backgrounds and characters were rather detailed.
    Sound: the sound needed work it sounded like they put on a 1930 vinyl of some chinese songs. wasnt the best but i guess the horrible quality kept up with the gameplay .
    Suggestions: never make a game again sell your company for a carton of cheap jail house cigarettes thats the only way ull make money again.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: OMG worst game ever played i took the stupid no point game out of my xbox as soon as i could.......My xbox hasnt been the same since but i have him on halo every day and hes getting better
    Gameplay: Lets just say if you could pick 0 I would. Horrible everything and you only use like 2 buttons. If this was an Atari or regular nintendo game it'd still suck.
    Graphics: Horrible. Stupid bad graphics. Worst ever. Looks like i took a game boy and hooked it up to my tv. worst ever.
    Sound: dude you think they would make more than like 2 things to say horrible horrible bad everything i turned down the volume i hated it so much.
    Suggestions: Have you considered another profession. I heard that Subway is now hiring.

    Overall: 30 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: Lovely!~!!!!!!!!!! You must say thissssss game just owns any game, halo and splintercell combined. No other game compare to this game. I mean look at the atari type graphics how can you not love this game. Its a good think blockbuster let me borrow this game. I got this game to check out this game and boy this is atari like
    Gameplay: The best, no game can come close just you front and back and the two other buttons. My little 4 year old sister is a pro at it.!! Bravo!
    Graphics: Amazing graphics for the 80;s. I want to give a trophy to the guy who made this game. Just simply amazing.
    Sound: Bling Blong Blung - Chung chang ching - Bling blang bloo - what amazing sound just wants me to play it over and over and over!
    Suggestions: Next time plz put a label -Worst game of the year - Pretty sure would help a lot of people from buying this worthless trash.

    Overall: 100 %
    Gameplay: 100 %
    Graphics: 50 %
    Sound: 50 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: It can be summed up in 1 word: !&%$@#* . The story goes no where. Everyone has some sort of thing for old school.... BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Old school means made in the past, how can this be made in the present? All these guys had going was the name. I bet they did more work on the name then anything else in the game!
    Gameplay: Just stick your hands on the 2 lucky buttons. What is this? I would let it go if this style was made for the original nintendo... But for X Box? This is a stain of embarrassment in the X in X Box. Theres different characters but their stats are identical. Even their moves are the same!
    Graphics: The gfx skills from the Atari are coming back! Everything looks so fake its not even funny. The cover illustrations was better then anything else i the game!
    Sound: Smacking a bat on the trash can will leave the same effect. Its just the repeating of the sounds ping pong all over again. Uncawourdanated... Did they actually did work on it? Or leave it in the studio with a dog in there with them. ALSO I WAS FORCED TO GIVE THIS A 1.5!
    Suggestions: Dint make a part 2. Start all over and make a new game. Basically dint use any technology you used for this game and do everything from the start again. Other words do everything you didn't do in this game on your new series.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 30 %

    Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

    Overall: Ok, I am proud to say that i have played and beaten Kabuki Warriors. I do NOT recommend this to anyone.
    Gameplay: Terrible, just terrible. I dont even know if the game developers heard of a combo system. The fighters are extremly lame.
    Graphics: Bland, bland, bland. You remeber when you first saw the fantastic 4 on ps1. Well think worse, much much worse
    Sound: Best part of the game becasue you can mute it. No seriously, they forgot to put in real sound affects and voices.
    Suggestions: Stop making games

    Overall: 30 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: September 24, 2002.

    Overall: WOW!!!! that all i have to say. The Endles hours these top of the line programmers must have put into this exciting, non stop, edge of your seat masterpiece is no less than mind bogling.
    Gameplay: The allustrius moves you can make your character do are a technological feat in the world of console entertainment. The shear perfection of having your character move in such a robust, robot like, 4 bit, inadeuqate way bring artifical intelligence to the next level.
    Graphics: This is the part that made me itch for a sequal. Can you say "TOTALLY AWESOME" multiple times. Visually this game rival's Halo, the beautiful magical way your character and their opponents move is similar in each game, thus ensuring that programmers of equal levels and calibers must have developed the same games.
    Sound: Hopefully you have dolby surround 6.1 available to you when you first play this game. WOW prepare for lifelike sounds which will put you in the heat of the action. Non stop scores of music will keep you wanting more and more. Unreal
    Suggestions: BRAVO!!!! i can tell you guru's put soooo much time and effort into this revolutionary game, thus enhancing your reputation in the gaming community. Thank you for giving us endless hours of heart wrenching excitment. I am positive a group of developers like you will not hesitate to release a sequal to this one and we will embrace it with open arms and remeber the day when we spent all of our hard earned money on Kabuki Warriors

    Overall: 100 %
    Gameplay: 100 %
    Graphics: 100 %
    Sound: 100 %

    Date reviewed: August 21, 2002.

    Overall: WOW. This game is awesome! The single most entertaining fighting game ever created!! Perfect graphics, amazing music, and the longest taunts ever! All this while being cheered for by an audience in a language you cant understand! A MUST buy... you have no idea how long I was laughing for... no idea...
    Gameplay: didnt play it. Saw it in action. It looked perfect. It has ONE attack button, a block button, a dance button (!?), and a roll button. Instant classic.
    Graphics: The most hilarious characters in a game EVER. They have the worst possible place to fight (on a small stage with different backdrops). It has graphics that rivals those of a poormans digital watch. This game is an instant classic.
    Sound: I've never heard so much Japanese banter going on at one time. All cheering for you for doing some plain body girations. And you can hear every coin that they violently pelt at you. But seriously the sound is perfect for this game. I give it a 5 as well.
    Suggestions: I know this game wasnt intended as a comedy, but please screw up some more video games beyond all that is worthless. It is really good entertainment.

    Oh and great job on making the cover art so powerful. It tells us that you were really serious when you made this game.

    Overall: 100 %
    Gameplay: 100 %
    Graphics: 100 %
    Sound: 100 %

    Date reviewed: June 14, 2002.

    Overall: I give this a 1 for gay action and stupid sounds this game is one of those games that should have been on a nes the point is to dance and make the crowd happy but its a fighting game Stupid!
    Gameplay: GamePlay sucks becouse of first you just dance ya dont really fight!

    a tiny squirt of blood comes up when you win and the first time i laughed the second time i just said this sucks forgot this game
    Graphics: The visual is as good as nes even tho some people like that not us older people only our dad or moms
    now they should have 3d but this doesent no its just crappy
    Sound: its ok i guess if you like japs overall this is the only good thing
    but then if you think about it this even sucks
    Suggestions: it sucks get rid of it and put it on the nes not that ya could Dont buy this game if ya wanna id just rent it

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 30 %

    Date reviewed: May 30, 2002.

    Overall: some might say this game is marginally playable. I's marginally playable, if having hot forks shoved in your eyes is "marginally enjoyable"
    Some may also say Xbox has a low selection of fighting games, all of which are bad. This is partially true. The only good fighting game out by May 2002 is DOA3, and some would argue that this is the best fighting game ever made. It's that good. Kabuki warriors is that other fighting game.
    Gameplay: The basic idea of this is that it's a japanese winner take all game. You advance through the game and get money for winning. You can then do your 'kabuki dance' to impress the crowd, which will maybe help you win. This might sound fun, but it's not really. Do yourself a favor and buy DOA3.
    Graphics: This game could have been put out on Super Nintendo and been an average looking game. It is not at all up to Xbox standards. When you or the opponent loses, there is a big squirt of blood, and it's so unconvincing, so unrealistic, I actually laughed the first time I saw it. The second time I also laughed. The third time I punched through my T.V., ripped out the game, and fed it to my dog. The graphics were that bad. (By the way, it's 2d, not 3d).
    Sound: The sound isn't really as sad as everything else in the game, but then again, the sound can't be that bad, unless you purposely make it bad. There is pretty much japanese oriental music the whole time, and the whips and slashes are somewhat bearable.
    Suggestions: If you make a Kabuki warriors 2, then try and make it 3d, more realistic, better graphics, and more addicive fighting style. Basically change the game alltogether.

    Overall: 30 %
    Gameplay: 40 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 70 %

    Date reviewed: May 27, 2002.

    Overall: I only bought the game because if you bought two x-box games you got $10 off the whole purchase, and the game was only $8.99 , so it knocked an extra $1 off the other game.
    Gameplay: the game was fun for about 5 minutes then it got really boring, the game isn't making anywhere near the possibilities the x-box has
    Graphics: it's ok but gets old faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Sound: the stuiped ay-yah every time you pick an option will drive you nuts really fast it almost sounds like something from the NES
    Suggestions: yuck!

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: May 26, 2002.

    Overall: sorry i exagturated i hadnt played it for 2- 5 hours i played it for 2- 5 minutes. I;m giving this a 2 because i think this couldve been so much more then weerd graphics swinging weerd stuff at eachother and things like that. Thois game is soooo bring and dumb im dissapoijnted at the makers for doing this too the xbox ps2 fans will laugh at us haha. Oh well
    Gameplay: Modes stink alot and i dont really no much more to say about the game. Oh the button placemnet is horrible i think with the dumb game comes dumb feeatures.
    Graphics: limbs seperated from the bodies, funny looking face paint skinny and fat guys. These are all things that arnt supposed to happen!! i mean you cant give a decent punch wothout this limb looking like a ghosts and the face panit looks like ly little sisters idea of giving a barbie lipstick. Also skinny and fat guys look like a twinkie and hoe hoe....weerd.
    Sound: I dont know wut to say about the sound other then very very very stupid dumb boring sorry i just have no idea wut to say about this but it stinks.
    Suggestions: take a hint from doa3 and see how its done.

    Overall: 40 %
    Gameplay: 40 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 30 %

    Date reviewed: May 25, 2002.

    Overall: I just wanted to warn everyone how aweful this game was. I'm glad I rented it before buying it, but I wish I paid less to rent it.
    Gameplay: Weak gameplay. Totally boring and just not fun at all. Need I say more?
    Unfortunaly, yes, to cover minimum # of characters. ;)
    Graphics: Well, it looks better than, well, pacman for the Atari 2600. Totally unimpressed considering what the xbox is capable of.
    Sound: Dreadful. I ended up listening to a CD while trying to give the game a little more time to possibly draw in my interest.
    Suggestions: Dont release another POS like this again. Take a look at what else is out there and try to mimic them a little or something.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: May 15, 2002.

    Overall: Ther was no overall appeal to a game that has no appeal to me or hopefully to anyone else in that matter.
    Gameplay: My original nintendo games gave me a better experience than this title. Hell ATARI was more fun than this junk.
    Graphics: I have to write in this box to post this so I will type in that HALO RULES ALL OF XBOX and putting Kabuki Warrios onto my xbox has raped my xbox of its dignity. Well until I put Halo back in.
    Sound: Sounds like garbage to me.
    Sounds like garbage to me.
    Sounds like garbage to me.
    Sounds like garbage to me.
    Sounds like garbage to me.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: May 7, 2002.

    Overall: ugh... what more can I say except... don't waste money on this piece of junk. Run away, run as far as you can!
    Gameplay: Absolutely not valuable gameplay whatsoever. I don't know how anyone could actually have fun playing this.
    Graphics: These graphics absolutely bite the big one. Sure he has a big sword but next time maybe it could look like he's holding it...
    Sound: dum de dum dum dum... doodledeeday wicky wacky wooky lauw hooky pooky dooky mauw. foobledoobledoo!!!
    Suggestions: Learn to program. Learn to design graphics. Learn to make games.

    Overall: 20 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 20 %
    Sound: 20 %

    Date reviewed: December 26, 2001.

    Overall: I really wanted to find out if this game is as bad as many were saying. So when I found that my friend actually rented this game from a nearby Hollywood video I became quite interested as to how the game actually played. I gave it a 1.5 because the idea is somewhat original, and it could have turned into at least something fairly decent.
    Gameplay: Oh my, Oh my, where do I begin? I honestly dont think this game has very much of any Gameplay appeal whatsoever. I really hate to knock a game so hard when i know a team of programmers spent a good chunk of their time creating a title to release to the public. But I really dont see how this made it past MS quality control. The controls of the game feel extremely awkward. The bulk of the gameplay is pretty much mashing down one or two buttons, wash, rinse, and repeat. Its just generally not a very fun game at all with its short length and extremely simplistic gameplay.
    Graphics: Visually, this game looks as though it should be on the PSOne. Well maybe not THAT bad. But it is no 'next gen' title. Mistakes in character models are painfully easy to point out and notice. It could have been so much better if it was actually finished and polished up.
    Sound: Not much here, I guess you shouldnt expect much from a non-polished fighting title other than the grunts, and the occasional cheers from the audience.
    Suggestions: Should really have kept it much longer and polished it up. It had potential.

    Overall: 30 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 50 %

    Date reviewed: December 2, 2001.

    Overall: I played Kengo: Masters of Bushido on the PS2 (Yeah, I have a PS2, sue me.) And I loved it! So I was really hoping this game would be good...

    It isn't...

    I hope Crave does a better job on the true sequal to Kengo. (Kengo: Legacy of the Blade)

    Overall, the game has its (incredible) number of faults. If you really need a fighting game, get DOA 3, and if you really must get a fighting game with swords, wait until Kengo: Legacy of the Blade comes out and buy that instead.

    Believe me, you won't miss this game. (I miss the money I spent on it already)
    Gameplay: Pathetic.

    It has the control of a SNES fighting game...

    Well, not quite that bad, maybe Saturn/PSX...
    Graphics: Once again, pathetic.

    The game has a "Rushed a 1 year project into a one month span" feel to it.


    sad when your hand can't stay on your arm when you attack...

    The backgrounds are decent, yet there really isn't much to interact with.
    Sound: The sound is decent for a fighting game (I suppose).

    But fighting games aren't exactly known for their incredible music (Although DOA3 had nice music)
    Suggestions: Spend more time polishing the games. Seriously, seeing your hand seprate from your body when you're attacking (blocking, etc.) just isn't right!

    Kengo on the PS2 wasn't a bad game, so I KNOW you can make good games.

    Overall: 30 %
    Gameplay: 20 %
    Graphics: 30 %
    Sound: 50 %

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