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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: First off let me say that I really like the first MGS. I liked it so much that I imported the soundtrack. It was a great game with a gripping story. MGS2:S, in comparison was total garbage, and not worth playing ever again.

Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty much the same as the first MGS with the exception of the 1st person view... which is (sadly) a really dumb idea. You cant move around while in first person mode, just point your gun at stuff. Really lame. Other than that the game is mildy difficult, and I wont lie, I did have alot of fun PLAYING the game, but the painfully long cutscenes, and codec conversations really hurt. The script was so bad I actually beat the latter half of the game without watching any of the cutscenes or codec stuff and I refused to watch the ending. Something told me that it would make me kill my xbox...

Graphics: Wow. Some very good graphics, but not at all what I expected. According to an old Official Xbox Mag, this game was to feature 480p resolution AND bumpmapping... What we got instead was 480p resoulution and enough slowdown to make you want to vomit.... I mean c'mon... its the friggin XBOX!

Audio: The sounds in this game a amazing, and so is the music. If the game excels in any one place, its probably the sound. Everything is crystal clear, and bext of all, its in english :)

Suggestions: Dont EVER EVER EVER Let anyone with an IQ less than that of a styrofoam cup re-write an amazing story! MGS was brilliant and had brilliant memorable characters..... this one had a fat guy on roller blades.... And the story jumped around so much and made so little sense to the original story. In short, you !&%$@#* ed up BIG time!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: This is an awesome game. True gamers know exactly why I'm saying this. I'm writing this review to set ppl straight. First off, anyone who says this game sucks doesnt know how to play it. The game is not easy, and isnt for everyone, but if you want to put your gaming skills to the test, I can think of no better game than Gunvalkyrie to play.

Gameplay: OK. This game is all about the gameplay. Unfortunately, you cant change the controls, so your stuck with Smilebit original configuration. It takes alot of skill to be good at Gunvalkyrie. That is no joke. Sure, you can move around and maybe even get pretty far in the game, but unless you master the gameplay, you wont even get a ranking score at the end of each level which means you get NO money to upgrade your guns. This game is only for serious gamers. Trust me.

Graphics: Excellent graphics, but nothing new. Ther is some slowdown occasionally, and the enemies are cool at first but get repetative. The characters and animations are amazing and the level designs are just as amazing. A seriously beautiful work. There are little things you'll notice such as heat coming from the gearskin as you boost and light plays with almost every texture.

Audio: Simply put, the sound isnt that great. There is no sound more annoying than a heatblaster being fired hundreds of times per level. I didnt notice any surround sound (though I could be wrong). The soundtrack however is very moodsetting and upbeat. It is inspired and definately helps keep you amped as you play. Custom soundtracks would have bben nice though.

Suggestions: We need to be able to create our own button layout and put some time into making the sound effects less irritating.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: If you liked the wipeout series then you'll absolutely LOVE this game. Beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay and the custom soundtrack feature. The easiest and most accurate way of describing it would be to say its like a perfect blend of F-Zero and Wipeout. The single player is very fun and VERY tough, but what will make you keep this game is racing your buddies... too bad the framerate goes to hell in multiplayer.

Gameplay: The gameplay is terrific. Finally racing games have evolved. Not only are vehicles rated by turning, acceleration, and power, but they are also rated by aerodynamics, track speed and offroad speed, all of which must be taken into mind when racing on the multi terrain tracks. The speeds are insane, but playable and you can be !&%$@#* sure that if u screw up in the game, its never the games fault. The gameplay is THAT good.

Graphics: Graphically its beautiful. Lighting effects, bump mapping, anti-aliasing, and even little droplets of water that collect on the screen. The gam is very detailed and runs at a flawless 60 fps (with the exception of multiplayer). Even the menus are visually impressive. At no point did I find myself thinking any of the game was ugly.

Audio: Surround is great in this game, but most of the engine sounds are quite muted. Explosions crackle the speakers and the voice acting is terrible. The weapon sounds are weak, but overall, the surround sound is what carries the audio. The soundtrack is fierce and professionally done techno by Junkie XL. If you're not a fan of techno, the custom soundtrack option is available which makes this game that much more badass.

Suggestions: The game would have been better WITHOUT a script... its THAT bad.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kabuki Warriors

Overall: WOW. This game is awesome! The single most entertaining fighting game ever created!! Perfect graphics, amazing music, and the longest taunts ever! All this while being cheered for by an audience in a language you cant understand! A MUST buy... you have no idea how long I was laughing for... no idea...

Gameplay: didnt play it. Saw it in action. It looked perfect. It has ONE attack button, a block button, a dance button (!?), and a roll button. Instant classic.

Graphics: The most hilarious characters in a game EVER. They have the worst possible place to fight (on a small stage with different backdrops). It has graphics that rivals those of a poormans digital watch. This game is an instant classic.

Audio: I've never heard so much Japanese banter going on at one time. All cheering for you for doing some plain body girations. And you can hear every coin that they violently pelt at you. But seriously the sound is perfect for this game. I give it a 5 as well.

Suggestions: I know this game wasnt intended as a comedy, but please screw up some more video games beyond all that is worthless. It is really good entertainment.

Oh and great job on making the cover art so powerful. It tells us that you were really serious when you made this game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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