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Overall: Ok this game is awesome, Yes there are a few cons to the game but they are few and far between. If you like gta type games only with better graphic get this NOW!!! It truly is a great game. There are a few glitches here and there such as the screen lagging when there is alot of commotion but it is raree

Gameplay: alright the shooting isn't that great but honestly you can invert the view speed up the reticle etc and it really isn't that bad. could it be improved? for sure.

Another complaint was the motorcycle. ARE YOU NUTS? the motorcycle is awesome it just takes some skill. Some things I agree with like the lamposts being indestructible.

Graphics: unreal, graphics are awesome

Audio: great soundtrack

Suggestions: fix the freezing and the gun control

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: I agree with jonwes, this paladin fool should not be allowed to write any more reviews for xbox addict. Its morons like him that ruin it for all the gamers to truly enjoy a great game. Everyone has their opinions but common be realistic, now on with my review. This game is sweet, it is a welcome change to alot of the games on xbox, with awesome graphics ( if you have progressive scan you will cream your jeans) and a nice layout with the controller this game will definatley worth trying.

Gameplay: it will take you a while to master the controls and you will have to in order to get far. you have the ability to rotate 360 degrees on your dragon and shoot in all directions. There are 3 different dragons you can toggle between during gameplay which rocks. the action is pretty much non stop, the only breaks yu get are during the cinematics and unless your chinese or japanese or whatever language it is you'll have to read subtitles DOH!! The game is pretty hard so don't be surprised if you die alot.

Graphics: oh yeah!!! very nice. alot of time was dedicated to this portion f the game. you'll love it, and if you don't your a freak.

Audio: hmmmm the music is nice, pretty exciting, but the subtitles suck. However it is a minor flaw and not really an issue if you ask me.

Suggestions: speaka english. more levels. other than that nice game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Overall: This is an awesome game. If you liked the tomb raider series for the PS you'll love this. The graphics are mint and the fighting scenes are brilliant. The game follows along nicely with the indiana jones dialogue, he travels to ancient ruins, has run ins with nazi's and kicks alot of ass. definatley worth the rental if not purchase. I am only on the fifth level and am very impressed, you won't be disapointed

Gameplay: like any game it will take u a few minutes to work out the controller settings, they arent bad and you'll soon master them. hanging weapons is kind of a PITA but a flaw that can be overlooked, so far the puzzles have been way to easy and i do hope they get more challenging, the fighting scenarios are well down, u can throw guys of buildings smoke them in the face with bottles etc. the first person shooting mode if kind of a drag cause its slow and clumsy so i rarely use it.

Graphics: beautiful, the scenary was really well done. when you are standing on a castle in prague you will know what i mean. Indy sometimes has the habit of walking like he has a pickle up his anus, but you'll laugh and then forget about it until someone else mentions it.

Audio: my sound system isnt good by any standards but i found the sound good, i agree that the guns could make more noise but i will survive. other than that they are really tight.

Suggestions: hmmmmmm make the puzzles harder, gear it towards us older players as well. make first person mode faster and smoother and fix the inverted aim problem. let us change weapon faster. and quickly equip the last weapon we had. other than that awesome game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: Just an absolutely AWESOME game. I have had it since Christmas and have played it on a daily basis. EA has been pissing me off with some of the crap they have put out for the xbox but this is a big exception. You don't have to be a golf fanatic to appreciate this game but it definatley helps. No your driver will not turn into a shotgun so u can blow Tiger's head off. It is a well designed game with a minimal amount of flaws which can be easily overlooked. If you are a retard (no offense)like GELONGTERMCARE then you just won't get it.

Gameplay: Amazing, the controls are really easy and at first unless you are an unco-ordinated tool you'll be hitting some nice shots. What GELONGTERMCARE failed to understand when he was playing with his grandmother is that there are different game modes and skill levels. Such as an EA mode where they select your club and line up your shots and showu the line to the hole, this is good for grandmothers and beginners and yes you will get a few holes in one. But try the black tees and hard pin placement and i gaurantee you'll have a good challenge and a heck of alot of fun.
Leave grandma at home and play with 3 of your friends, it is a !&%$@#* in blast and i mean it. play stoke or match play it really is fun.

Graphics: Beautiful, they really spent alot of time perfecting the faces and bodies of the character. Tiger looks amazing its pretty scary. whats up with brad faxon? he looks like he was burnt severly in a fire. The crowds look really cheesy which is a pisser as well as the fact only 6 people show up at the british open. They made a neat zoom in of the golfers face when he hits a nice shot but it easily becomes annoying when you progress in the game and need to use your spin capabilities since you cant see where the ball is going.

Audio: sound is pretty good, the soundtrack is amazing. the anouncers are alright but grow tiresome after a while. birds and all tha crap are good.

Suggestions: lose the zoom in on every good shot or enable it to be turned off. why cant we use our putters from some parts of the fringe? duhhh. keep it coming and brush up some stuff.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: Sorry kids, but if you are one of these counter strike/quake kiddies your not going to like this game. sorry to say but this game takes patience and skill and isn't a hold 'down the trigger button and jump up in the air tossing frag, yes i killed you i am so talented game'. So if you like a truly tactical game you'll definatley like this one.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very realistic. controls are very good and easy to get used to. you can run, crouch etc, all done once again in a realistic environment. you have the ability to plot waypoints and your compass will point u in the direction you need to go, this helps because it is real easy to get disorientated in alot of the maps. when you start recieving enemy fire it is hard to pinpoint where it is coming from and before you know it your !&%$@#* is capped. I liked this though since it is pretty yep u guessed realistic.

Graphics: one or two of the reviewers have dissed the graphics. well i have to disagree. I personally thought they were very well done. of course they can brush up some elements but it isn't enough to justify a bad review. There is no 3rd person view which is kinda a let down, but i'll live.

Audio: very very kool. you can hear your character breathing heavy when he's nervous and if he is a new recruit it almost sounds like he wants to cry when in a hostile situatuion, i personally would have shat my pants but the sound effect is neat especially if u have surround. bullets grenades etc all sound great.

Suggestions: AI intellegence can get anoying, when i say recon mission i dont want my guy shooting the !&%$@#* outta the enemy before they see us. (this only happens a little) also have them keep up to you when your leading, a few time i had to go back and get them. I highly doubt the developers read these comments anyway so 'll just shut up. good game though.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: I was really impressed with this title. A few of my friends and i rented it, bought a couple of 2-4's and played this one on a 53" surround sound environment. It was a wicked experience believe me.

Gameplay: gameplay is near exact to halo, which was nice cause i didnt feel like learning new controls on a saturday night. the sniper rifle is awesome and the guns i uses all had a nice feel to them. the creaters did a real good job making you feel like you are in the midstof this battle

Graphics: a little rough on the edges but still fairly nice, look at the screenshots you'll get the idea. still doent take away from the game in much at all.

Audio: this has to be the best sound i have heard on any game ever. if you have surround sound this game is worth getting for that reason alone. The bullets wizz by your head, wow you can hear it all. excellent excellent sound

Suggestions: i wanna drive stuff. spruce up those graphics guys. and put some save points in the levels, that is soo painfully stupid, some level are huge and if u dioe you gotta restart? comon

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kabuki Warriors

Overall: WOW!!!! that all i have to say. The Endles hours these top of the line programmers must have put into this exciting, non stop, edge of your seat masterpiece is no less than mind bogling.

Gameplay: The allustrius moves you can make your character do are a technological feat in the world of console entertainment. The shear perfection of having your character move in such a robust, robot like, 4 bit, inadeuqate way bring artifical intelligence to the next level.

Graphics: This is the part that made me itch for a sequal. Can you say "TOTALLY AWESOME" multiple times. Visually this game rival's Halo, the beautiful magical way your character and their opponents move is similar in each game, thus ensuring that programmers of equal levels and calibers must have developed the same games.

Audio: Hopefully you have dolby surround 6.1 available to you when you first play this game. WOW prepare for lifelike sounds which will put you in the heat of the action. Non stop scores of music will keep you wanting more and more. Unreal

Suggestions: BRAVO!!!! i can tell you guru's put soooo much time and effort into this revolutionary game, thus enhancing your reputation in the gaming community. Thank you for giving us endless hours of heart wrenching excitment. I am positive a group of developers like you will not hesitate to release a sequal to this one and we will embrace it with open arms and remeber the day when we spent all of our hard earned money on Kabuki Warriors

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: VERY cool game, i had alot of fun on the frist one for playstation and this continued the saga with better graphics sound and gameplay. DEFINATLEY worth buying or renting if you enjoy a scary game with tight graphics.

Gameplay: the controls take a little bit of getting use to but not much, a real gamer wil have no problems. Once again it isn't posible to aim your gun at a zombies head, it auto aims itself. unless i was to drunk to remember the aiming thing. excellent game to drink a bottle of johnny with, deep long sips are recommended.

Graphics: very crisp nice graphics, i really can't complain about them. we plaed on a crapy tv and it still looked tight. The fog looks realistic.

Audio: i love the sound in these games. scares the crap out of ya. its like a western guitar being strummed, anyhow i can't explain it, its just freaky, again use the scotch

Suggestions: ability to aim better. longer. drive cars etc. better fighting sequences. oterwise i look forward to the next one.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: When i first rented this game i was very impressed. I have always been a fan of FPS games, and this HAD good potential. I capitalize HAD...
Considering EA made it i only anticipated it was to be a classic. The senematic scenes look really decent but as you will tell throughout the game they are just polished up PS2 graphics, nowhere near the potential (like so many other games) of the Xbox. The voices are great and add a nice touch to the game although they get annoying after a while when they continuously tell you the obvious or where you need to go, eliminating any real brainstorming and challenge, unlike tombraider for example. Everything is way to straight forward in this game. Another thing i dislike is if you die 7/8 of your way through a level you have to do the whole thing all over again, no checkpoints here, which really gets frustrating. However the most frustrating thing is the auto aim. It is sooooo aggrevating and you have no option to turn it off, what is up with that? If you charge into a room with enemies your gun will automatically aim at their chest and if they have armor on it takes forever to kill them. Sure they have a manual button you can bring up the reticle with in order to aim more precisely but it is sooo slow and akward by the time you aim for a head shot your eating lead, very uncool. However i would recommend you rent this game, it is worth it and you will have some fun wih it.

Gameplay: The game really suffers here. you can set the controller to have both joysticks operate like Halo but trust me it doesn't come close to it. You have to change weapons with the directional pad which sucks because its also used for you gadgets and the changes are soooo slow that by the time you find the gun you need you are nearly shot to death. Very annoying. Overall the aiming is slow and annoying, changing weapons is terrible and the mapping of the keys in awkward.

Graphics: Its a port and looks alot like the graphics for ps2.I mean they are fairly good and they don't stink or anything but they dont live up to ea or xbox standards. I am really getting tired (like the other reviewer said) of ps2 hand downs. the girls look hot, Bond and R look real kool. One of the worst aspects of this game are the bullets i have never seen bullets travel that slow in any other game, put it this way after you fire your ak47 at an ememy 30 meters away he has time to launch a grenade, reload his gun light a smoke and take a crap before the bullets hit him.

Audio: voices are cool, music is real good so this gives an enjoyble playing atmosphere. possible this is the highlight of the game.

Suggestions: please stop giving xbox buyers previously played ps2 games. we the faithful buyers are willing to buy your product the least you can do is make it worth our while. look at the wicked controls in halo and mimic them, yours suck. have an option for auto aim, this really is bad. Have people test your game before realeasing it, no not a 10 year old kid, get an 20 - 30 year old who has had experience with all types of games, been there through 100 systems and isn't marvelled by the simpliest of graphics and won't say anything for a hour of free play. i know you guys can do better than this, please in the future prove me right. We like puzzles, brainteasers things that make us use strategy and our minds, not a straight through "you can't make a wrong turn game". get checkpoints. speed up bullets, fix control. Redeem yourselfs EA.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: if your reading this you have come to far, run away!! your interest in the game is already more than its worth. This game is the absolute biggest piece of cr*p i have ever had the ill fortune of playing. Sure when i first turned it on i said "this may be alright" but how foolish i was. This game takes deja' vu to the next level. Its sick to think microsoft let this game be realeased on their system. If i was 5 years old again i would like it, for about a day or so. They made the freaking levels sooooo long that you have to play the same thing over and over and over and over again. please stay away

Gameplay: the best part of the game is the car. they are alright, kinda fun. thats all that is appealing. the catch phrases get tiresom after u hear them for the 500,000,000,000 time.

Graphics: crappy crappy crappy, background is yes....crappy. looks like my atari 2600 could have fueled the polygons in this one.

Audio: horrible, anyone who enjoys the same one liners over and over again, is a pretty sad being. it lacks EVERYTHING

Suggestions: yes just one. with all the money you made creating a release game for the xbox by ripping off millions of faithful buyers, please please choke on it and die.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: This game will appeal to anyone who enjoys a great racing game. This is by far the most exciting car game i have ever played on any system ever. The graphics and physics will amaze you. Playing with friends in a multiplayer scenario or just taking turns is awesome. The feel you have for the car rocks and the scenary is just great. the levels are challenging and the cars are exceptionally cool. Definatley worth the money to buy i would say but as always rent it first, but i'm sure you'll like it!!!

Gameplay: the feel for the car is amazing, never will yor bddy saw bull*&(^ when he roars of the road. You have complete control over all your actions, whether your ice racing or in the mud its all good. a neat feature is your co-pilot instructing you where to go in advance, which you can turn of if you like.

Graphics: unreal, blew my mind completely, i have not witnessed graphics so smooth and sweet on any driving game before. Just a taste of how powerful the xbox is.

Audio: totally awesome soundtrack. the rave type music is just perfect for this type of game. the engine scenary are all viable to be turned off so you have alot of options

Suggestions: hmmmmm. online play for sure (don't know if it coming or not) maybe have an option to turn off auto placement on the track when you bail. more diversity in the tracks.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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