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Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: This has got to be one of the most amazing soccer games that I have ever played! You get the feel of being in the stadium at all times and the thrill of getting a goal. All the teams that made it to the World Cup are featured in this game, all uniforms are officially licensed so what they wear in the game are actually what they wear in the real world cup. I'm very happy that they brought this game to the Xbox because I really felt like the Xbox needed a good soccer game, especially made by EA. The camera angles are fantastic and there's even behind the scenes to the World Cup and the making of FIFA 2002. This is a MUST for allllll soccer fans out there, you can play it by yourself or have some of your soccer buddies over for a game, being able to play up to four players allows you this option. This is only one of the many many other options you have and one that also catches the eye is being able to pick from all the official World Cup stadiums they have built in Korea for the series.

Gameplay: Of course its soccer so you know how to play the game, it speaks for itself. It did take me a while to get the feeling for it but after that it was second nature. The buttons are very well placed, and the players are very very responsive to your commadnd. I strongly suggest that you get the Controller S. Not that you'd be disappointed playing it with the regular controller but it will be a different experience that is sure to please.

Graphics: The graphis for FIFA 2002 are "top notch" They speak of nothing but the best and are very well presented, leaving you with a last impression, something you want every game to do. Again we have another port from the PS2 but I can't complain about anything, including the entrance by the team and the players who are very nicely detailed and the spirit of the fans can be seen on the stands amongst the roaring crowds. It is visually amazing, aided by the colors being strong and bright. Alot of effort has been put into it and is shown here through every aspect of the game.

Audio: The sound of this game makes you feel more than anything that you are there, either watching the game or participating in it yourself. The crowd is very interactive about whats taking place on the field and I guess that's what makes it feel so real. I'm not sure that putting your own tracks on this game would have added more to the game because when you actually watch a real game of soccer the only sound that is being made is by the fans and the songs they chant, all around very very good and the ambience of the game is incredible!

Suggestions: It's too bad i have to wait 4 years until i see another WORLD CUP SOCCER game to be on my XBOX !!!! Maybe Microsoft could make one ????

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: If your willing to beat exceptional enemies, and have beautiful women at your feet while having a good time playing the Xbox, then THIS is a good game to buy. It isn't a difficult game to know how to play the main character James Bond in this game. The story line is good and it seems like a new movie (which in fact the game is not based upon it's a story that EA fabricated). The game is a bit too easy but it has it's fair challenges and as always your mission is helpful when you know where to go and what to do while not wasting time exploring the territory cause you once again have to save the world, against a new arch enemy. A good point about this game is the fact that you can play multiplayer with four of your friends and the Xbox version gets new options like having to play with BOTS that the computer controls so if your alone in the multiplayer mode, the computer can be your enemy. I've noticed that when you have driving missions the car is very easy to control, its like controlling a new game on it's own, they did an excellent job in that department and having the option to choose exotic cars that he actually drove in his movies makes it even the more exciting. There is alot of weapons to choose from and of what James Bond game couldn't include the famous GOLDEN GUN with the famously known GOLD BULLETS? The answer is none! It's all compounded into this game.

Gameplay: All in all this game is very easy to learn and pick up. If you already know how to play Halo then you will be in common territory here. All the buttons are well placed and you can choose between different controls in the options mode. Speaking of controls they are different though when you play the first person mode and the driving missions, but again are very easy to learn.

Graphics: With these amazing visuals you wouldn't think that you would be in the world of James Bond. You feel at all times that you are a secret agent ready to take on the world and the problems it throws directly at you and in return, getting the chick. There is no slow down when there is alot of action on the screen. Yes its true we have another port from the PS2, but the graphics are much much better and well polished. I would have liked it if the game was being built only for the Xbox but I'll take what I can receive. Throughout everything good job but it could have been sooo much better if they took the advantage of the Xbox power.

Audio: The James Bond theme is good enough BUT again here there is no possibility of putting your own music. I would have loved to put my own but what can I say? The sound effects and the environment sounds are also very good.

Suggestions: Make the next one EXCLUSIVE for the XBOX. This way you will take full advantage of the XBOX's power. Other than that good job !!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: The name Rally Sport says it all, its a great racing game. You go through the stages just like a real rally and try to be the number on driver. The racing tracks are very long which makes the game much more better. You do have the option of the normal really game, or you can play the up and hill race. Or you can play my favourite, which is the ice racing. You have lots and lots of cars to choose from an exclusive Xbox car and all the banned rally cars that are much too powerful for the regular rally cars, by far this is an excellent game and any lover of racing will adore this one.

Gameplay: The over-gall is very very easy to pick up, but with a steap learning curve. The trick to master in Ralli Sport is the turn, if you know exactly how to turn then you will know how to play the its best. Other than that you hae your brakes, your gas, horn and your right and left. If you know how to drive, why not try it!? The controller feels very responsive to your every command. This is a game that will frustrate you when you always loose (which quite often happens) and will make you smile when you win cause you can unlock new cars and tracks!

Graphics: The graphics are superb! Incredible! Awesome! There is no words to describe. You cannot ask for more than what you see on the screen. In one party of the ice racing track there is SO much glare on the ice reflecting to your driving vision that you wish you had a sunvisor or a pair of shades so you could actually see where you are going. They are very nicely done, with no complaints in my department. Everything is nicely detailed....eye candy!

Audio: What can I say? The tracks that they have put into this! But whats better than that is that you play your own music when you play this game. The game supports DOLBY DIGITAL! Soooooooo for all you guys and gals that have top of the notch sound systems well this game will be using it quite well. The sound affects are really cool and the engine sound is very accurate....its perfect!

Suggestions: I have no suggestions. You have made a perfect racing game. Thank you.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: If anyone out there is tired of the same old racing car game and a fan of the movie Ben Hur they should definetly consider Circus Maximus for your Xbox collection. This is a well composed chariot racing game that is very very very original and its good for a change. You can choose your chariot, your driver, your fighter and of course your horse to race threw different race tracks around Rome and the Coloseus to compete against other chariot drivers and win the respect of Cesar. Everything that you choose has an impact on your game, with extremely long tracks (which is good). You can play against the computer or against a friend or a co-operative with a friend against the computer (while one controls the chariot and the other controls the fighter). This is a must have and is very recommended.

Gameplay: I have to admit the controls for Circus Maximus is difficult to pick up because you have to use the two analog joysticks but after you get the hang of it you will master the game and be sure to receive the respect of Cesar. There is a training area for your benefit where you are asked to do tasks to learn and understand the game. I, personally would strongly suggest that you do that before you start playing the game, if you have the new Controller S for the for Xbox you might find it a bit better to play with, but there wasn't too much difficulties with the original controller.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good but could of been a bit more better along with better texture. Even though the tracks are very long and well detailed the Xbox is capable of more than that. The drivers, horses and chariots were well designed. It's good that the developers got the real feeling of the old roman times in this game, you feel part of the whole thing, the gladiator chariot war games that were held during that time.

Audio: The sound is very very good. They did catch the music of that time but it would have been the nice also to have the option of playing your own music during the game. The sound effects were right on, and the comments from the fighters when you drive are pretty far fetch but they make you laugh...always good. All in all its a pretty good.

Suggestions: It would be nice to listen to your own music and probebly have the option of creating your own fighter and driver for the game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: Well it's that time of year again, when the playoffs begin and the rival for the Cup begins. Your team not on a winning streak!? Try them out here and have fun while doing it. This is an all around pure hockey game. Its an arcade game and not a simulation, which I think makes it more appealing to more people than hardcore hockey fans. It is by far the best hockey game I have ever played because of all the features and surprises along the way. Like in the NHL all the teams are featured on this game, so you can pick your favourite your worst enemy. The only thing is when picking your team you can only pick three characters on the rink for your players but you can choose for who you want for center and defence. The crowd at the arenas have a 3D look to them, making them look like they are a real crowd in a packed rink. It has special features like answering questions at the end of every match and if answered right you get points, with these points you can take a visit to the local hockey store and buy different uniforms for your team and get a chance to play on different fantasy rinks such as a disco rink. This is an excellent game to play with your friends, and for all you Canadian die hard hockey fans......GO BUY IT!

Gameplay: The game is played very straight forward, if you know the concept and the idea on how to play hockey just put that knowledge to the joystick. It's very easy to pick up and play with no learning curve, most will probably not have to read instructions to understand what each button does. The players respond well to your every command, and the fight sequences of the game are incredible. Just like the NHL you are in a for a treat.

Graphics: Visually the game is incredible. I am satisfied with what I see, with the different contrast of contrast and the whole layout. There is no slow down at all, due to lots of action, it just keeps going. All the images are nicely done and detailed to every distinction. The crowds are fantastic and personally I think all sports games should feature a nice 3D rendered crowd like that.

Audio: The sound over-all is very good. From the cheering fans, to the goals you recieve to the way the announcer tells whats happening on the rink is awesome. You do have the option of playing your own songs but you will only hear them during the select option screen and NOT during the game. All around though..its great!

Suggestions: Evrything is perfect except the option of playing your own songs when you play the game. Yes it might be a bit much but it would be nice to have that option.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: First of all, Wreckless is an awesome game! I would suggest this to anyone and even more to those who may be or have been fans of Chase HQ at an arcade or the Super Nintendo, because they will adore this game. The story is ok and there is two different sides of the game, you can either be the cops and try to arrest the mafia or you can either be the spies and try to arrest the mobsters. Either way you play you are sure to be provided with great entertainment. In general, the game is all about you have to drive and destroy your enemies until his energy is run down. There is alot of missions, so it makes it challenging but only to a limit, cause they aren't too hard to finish. To accomplish this you have a range of different vehicles such as, a 4x4, a ferrari look alike, small police cars that look like beegles and you can get the car from the famous movie, Back to the Future. The only reason that it's so good is that it shows what the Xbox can do, there is no slow down and there is so much action(because you can "literally" drive anywhere) with every object getting in your way, you quickly fix that problem.

Gameplay: The gameplay of Wreckless is very very easy to pick up and anyone can learn quickly. You have your basic gas, brakes, and right and left directions. For the gas and brakes you can either use the triggers or the buttons. Although every car reacts differently you have to make sure you pick the right car to succeed flawlessly in your mission.

Graphics: You want to impress your friends? Look no further, as soon as you'll pop in this game the only word that comes to mind is..WOW!! The colors are vibrant and every small detail such as trees, buildings, cars, people, everything is perfection made. In the day you are blinded by the sun and at night amazed by the traffic and neon lights in Hong Kong. One thing thats even more amazing is seeing the replays, when you view them its another fantastix thing to look at after you've finished playing the level. Like I said, its an all around amazing game to view and play, there is no other words to say more.

Audio: The crashing of cars, your squealing tires, your brakes..what more could you ask for in this game? The sound effects of all of these and more are awesome. The music itself is good, I like it personally because it's a bit on the side of techno and I like that. The only complaint that I would have to make is that there should have been the option of playing your own music. I think there should be a requirement that every game should have this option, because while playing your own music, you seem to get a little bit more out of the whole aspect of the Xbox, and because not everyone does have the same taste of course. The voices of the characters that have a brief moment of speaking before the missions, isn't that great and could have been more than likely done a bit better, but it is not a major flaw compared to the rest of the game.

Suggestions: Please make it multiplayer next time. Also add the possibility to play your own music !!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nightcaster: Defeat The Darkness

Overall: This is a type of Action/Adventure, a new kind of game out called RPA (Role Playing Action) When you play Night Caster, it feels like you are playing a better version of Gauntlet Legends. During the process of the game you get older and the more you get older the wiser you get with more and better powers to use in defeation. The game is very long, and emursive, you really get into the role of the wizard. The story itself is ok, could have been a bit better but still pretty good. But like I mentioned if you are a big fan of Guntlet Legends, and you like adventure games that will last you a long time, this is a good choice to meet that requirement.

Gameplay: How you play the game is all about spells. There is 45 in all to collect and the more spells you get, the more damage you can make. There is four different categories of spells which are Fire, Water, Light and Dark. You can also collect what is called mana, you can add this to waht powers you have already and it can make it even more powerful. The point of the whole game is that you have to destroy the enemies not with the same colore they look like but for example when a yellow enemy appears, then a dark spell kills it. If a dark enemy approaches you, you kill it with a light spell. You can cycle through your spells with the trigger button and its very easy to reach and the default controls are excellent. It took a while to get use to it, but you eventually catch on. Also the presentation of the menus inside the game are really good, and caught my attention.

Graphics: The graphics of Night Caster are incredible. Everytime you want to cast a spell the light that comes from it, is amazing. The shading, brightness, all are great and not all casting of spells have the same effect. Each are unique and magical in their own special ways which is really interesting. The ambiance and the surroundings reminds me alot of The Lord of the Rings, its very mystical, beautiful with trees, caves, dungeons and lots more to add to the wonder of it all. Everything is well detailed and well done. The creatures themselves are also very imaginative and helps to aid in your interest of the game.

Audio: The sound and the music has a mystical feel to it and is pretty good. Although it is somewhat "sleepy", its not boring but on the edge and pretty close to it. Its only intense music when your in an area where there is alot of enemies that you have to destroy. The effects of the spells sound really good, and the voices of the characters and the narrator are good, could have been a bit better but are satisfying enough.

Suggestions: Make the story a bit more appealing and more emersive. MORE SPELLS ...... love them !!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 F1 2001

Overall: This formual one racing game is good and a sure treat for any fan. It is everything you ask in a F1 game and more. With this game of all eleven teams and 22 drivers that participated in the season of 2001 you are able to race every individual race track around the world to practice, or you have the choice of playing the whole circuit with one car and one driver. You also have the choice of playing with the rules or switch it off, this is good so you won't be penalized for any faults that you make in the game. All that you see and experience are just the same as they happen in real life..the accidents, tire ware, and the engine problems just to name a few are all factors in actually participating in a F1 race. The only thing I noticed was that the loading time (30-35 seconds) seems to take very long. I don't know why it needs to load that much but to me I consider that to be too long for the Xbox. I know it's not that long and it's a well deserved wait but hopefully in future F1 games this will not be a factor.

Gameplay: During an F1 game it is important to know the rules and be able to top it off with an excellent race..right? Well in the beginning of this game there is an option you can go through, which is similar to a driver's license that you have to accomplish that race in so much time and it shows you how to do certain things with the car. If you don't go through this, you may find it a bit tough..but then again, you may not. It is a bit hard in the beginning though, and this will be sure to help you. I would suggest it because it gives you an idea of what your doing wrong and how you can improve on it. All the buttons responds well to the game, but be careful of when you press the gas (right trigger), that pressure you push is that amount of how fast your car will go, you can start fast and will gradually go faster and faster, it's exactly like driving a racing car.

Graphics: The visuals you see are amazing! The cars physique are truly the same and look very real, and you can distinguis all objects you are viewing..such as the different cars from different companies, etc. I, myself have been to a few F1 races and everything looks the same as I remembered it..the track, the cars..all nice and vibrant colors. For a racing game of the genre it's amazing that they accurately did everything this well.

Audio: The only thing you hear are the effects, crowd, wheels screaching, the pit crew talking to you by radio, and the roaring noise of your engine. You don't hear that much music but in the main menu there is some good tunes. It would have been nice to have the option of playing your own musix but not really necessary when playing this incredible game!

Suggestions: Please make sure there's no more LOADING periode ...... it's unexpectable to have that on the XBOX !!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Overall: You do the trick's and you get the pro's respect. This is the game's main feature when you choose one out of 14 top riders to put your wheel direction to the limit around the city, water parks and bike parks. In this game you have an awesome option of designing your own BMX park, which is excellent if you dont like the ones that are already created for you. So if there is no way you like the ones created you can make your own. But you first and foremost you should check out that parks already made. They are really big and there is plenty to view and some of them can take up to 2-3 hours each just to try out the jumps and ramps. It is a similar version to Tony Hawk except it is using BMX, so I would suggest to those who are getting a bit tired of Tony Hawk's usual to try this game's capabilities.

Gameplay: A good game comes a good gameplay and this is what Dave Mirra has to offer you. All the controls respond quickly, the only hard feature is pulling off some of the tricks, about 20% of them are hard, but once you get them you should remember them. After you advance more into the game the tricks do get harder but its to give the player a challenge. If you just want to pick up the game and just free ride, you can pull of tricks and improvise and find out what the basics of the game is. It also certainly helps when the buttons are positioned nicely and of course..they are!

Graphics: These graphics are brilliant! The texture of the objects surrounding you are amazing. The city, buildings, ramps, jumps, graffitti on walls, even the rider you choose is really nicely made and all have a 3D look and feel to them.

Audio: The sound effects are really good, you hear the simple small sounds from bird to the crashing of yourself and the bike against the hard concrete that the riders face has seen so much of. The music is good but the best of it is, is that you can play your own SO you can make your own park, with your own ramps, with your own music to create your very own style! wow eh?

Suggestions: Nothing .......... great game !!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: An action/adventure game with lots of action is what you can call Blood Wake set in the busy waters of Asia. The story is really good and keeps you interested while you try your best to destroy the evil people that surrounds the Dragon Seas around the Island. Although the story is presented like cartoon drawings they are nicely made and very satisfying. Every aspect is done very well and the water is amazing to look at, it's very real and one of the only games where you'll see that water effects as rare as these.

Gameplay: The way you play this game is very similar to other games and the controls are easy to use once you have the hang of it. Everything is placed well in simple areas for you to conduct your boat. Even though the buttons are placed where they are it would have been a nice option to be able to place them where I want. When deciding which way to turn your boat with your analog joystick you have to make sure that when you turn, its really that direction and not leaning the least little bit toward another because if you do, the boat will go in that desired direction. This is only because the joystick is so negative but you are still able to use it fine.

Graphics: These graphics are very pleasant to observe. The surroundings, your main subject (the boat) and enemie's boats are all clearly visible. You are able to tell from a far distance of oncoming enemie's. The effects of the explosions and the water are done properly and look amazing. Especially the water..I've never seen any like that on any other console, the waves, ripple effects..all are incredible.

Audio: The sound and the effects are also done very well. The explosions, the talking, the waves lapping your boat, are all accurate. The music is very oriental and suits the climate. The only complaint I have, is for some reason I have to turn up my TV a bit more than usual to actually hear the sound and I've had that problem before, so I dont know if its my xbox, game or the TV. Other than that it is perfect.

Suggestions: It would be nice to be able to customize your boat when you go to battle against a friend or when your on a mission.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: Portrayed as an extremely creepy and mysterious game, Silent Hill gives you all of this for a fun filled horror/action adventure. The story line is somewhat weird and mind boggling as it puzzles you as to what is really happening "in" Silent Hill and the creepy characters you interact with throughout the game. But to some this may make it unique and fun to play. It is a very large game which moves quickly with alot of destinations and puzzles to solve along the way. Silent Hill is somewhat challenging as it keeps you wandering around looking for certain objects to accomplish what needs to be conquered. So if you are looking for a long gameplay then look no further because this game will give it to you.

Gameplay: Silent Hill is hard but fun and at times can get frustrating. It keeps you continually searching and using the maps and guidelines as to where you have been , where to encounter next and what lies ahead. The controls are placed in well areas,easy for you to figure out and to make your moves smoothly and effortlessly. When you move James using analog it is very sensitive, so you have to be careful and make the right adjustments. At times I find the camera angles are wrong because it's hard to see where James is looking but other than that it's an excellent game and will most likely be enjoyed by most who purchase it.

Graphics: The texture and realness of these "gothic" graphics add and provides a little bit more to this game to make it a bit better. Everything looks very real;the fog, the blood stains on the bottom of James shoes after a killed enemy..everything! All of the graphics are very smooth and easily to see because they are so well detailed in all four corners of this game. Even the little things such as after James kills a creepy creature and then walks on him, his shoes are stained with blood and you are able to see this on his footprints. When he walks in puddles of water there is a ripple effect and it looks as though he actually is. They are truly amazing and the producers put alot of effort into making this what it is. And the creatures, their actions..well..they are just wierd! To me it seems that if you want a more improved image you have to take off the noise filter. If you don't there's a grainy effect. It is suppose to be played like that but I don't like it because it seems like a regular PS2 game which I, myself do not want..because Im playing the xbox..nothing else. But seeing as you can make adjustments to change this I dont have a problem with anything.

Audio: The sound and the effects are very creepy and leave you hanging for more. The dolby digital sound can provide you by telling you where the creatures are coming from. The voices and dialog of each character is very well done. You can hear James's footprints, you can hear the splish splashing of water, the eerie sounds of lurking can hear everything that you are suppose to and this makes it a fantastic game. The music is very intense which helps to set the mood of the setting of each new approach to a new death!

Suggestions: Loved the game. Don't change a thing if you plan to do a sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Max Payne is an overall superb game. It involves you into the game and you really feel like the Payne himself. Leading you to realize that you are the person gunning down all unpredicted deaths of victims. It is like reading through a hard boiled detective novel, with tons of mystery, suspense and surprises. It is based in down town slumps of New York City and is very real life as to what New York City is. There is no slow down, it is always consistent with no pop ups. The aspect of (bullet time) is excellent with the details of the bullets and of course all the graphics are well done. The John Woo and Matrix style is a good mix to make this game the best that it can be.

Gameplay: The game is very understandable and with the help of the tutorials to guide you help you make better decisions as to how to make the right moves of the character. In my opinion it is much easier to play on a console than a pc because of the way you have to move your hands against the controls. As always it's sure to make you intense throughout the whole situation.

Graphics: These graphics are brilliant! Everything is well organized..the details of each and every object are very very well detailed to every room, every character..everything! Even though sometimes some rooms of houses may be repeated it is excellent! Also the bullets are different of every gun and you can tell this when they are shot. They are very accurate and with simple things like that it makes Max Payne the success that it will be, or already is. Outdoors show lots of detail and portray the image as a real real city with the vapour of sewers and it is like you can actually smell the crisp midnight air. The texture of all are very smooth and very real. You can distinguish similar things because the graphics are so perfect. The developers did an awesome job with the mysterious outlook on the whole game.

Audio: There is not alot of music involved in the game but when there is, its very intense and sets the mood as to what it should be. The sound effects are the most noises that you hear and are done amazingly well. I have one problem with it and that is that I seem to have to turn up my TV more than usual when playing this game. I dont know if that is just my TV or the same for others, but other than that..all is well!!!!

Suggestions: Multiplayer would be a nice addition to the sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Ready to hit the slopes? Well if you are, this surreal game will sure get you ready for it. This game is an absolute for people who like snowboarding because of its real effects and growing slopes. The harder it gets as the slopes increase in size, so does your determination. Throughout the game you can choose the your own clothing that will sure to make you stand out and be able to create your own "style." Leaving you with the impression that you've just gotten off the slopes, once your done playing you'll be out of breath, but not for long..cause you want to move farther.

Gameplay: Like every game out there, it takes a while to get use to how the game is played and what you can do to make the best of it. But as you play, you quickly become immuned to the controls and the actions of your character. It helps of course when your controls are very well placed and that is what you recieve when you play this game, and with the choice of using the analog joystick its really good because it is very smooth and definetly helps you in the long run, not only getting use to the joystick in this game but will help you prepare for others. The environment your in gives you very good feedback and makes it feel very very real.

Graphics: These graphics are great for the eyes and makes you truly realize how well each game and the xbox itself was made. The texture of the mountains, trees, people, cabins..etc is very well done and makes the environment somewhat surreal. The affects of the jumps you perform are well done and gives you a large view of the area you are encountering along with a nice trail that you leave behind as your snowboard zooms towards the end. The idea of changing your suits gives the character a different image when you want which makes it a good aspect of the game.

Audio: Can we say amazing? This game delivers you the best in quality sound with every swoosh that your board makes. The sound of poweder and the snow is very accurate and the voices of other snowboarders approaching you is different from most other snowboaring games. Of course the option of playing your own music adds more points, because you can race your way through the finish line with your own beats.

Suggestions: It would be really nice to edit your own tracks on the mountains. Other than that excellent work don't change a thing.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: HALO is a none stop action packed videogame made for the owner of the contoller. This original story-line puts in control as if in the next sold out movie. In order to make this attraction the graphics are incredible and unique in every way, the frame rate is consistant. Aiding in the fonction of this one of a kind game is the fire power used to destory your enemies. It prepares you for the best in figthting action with the option of playing with your friends. This is exceptional and is a great apportunity to experience the madness with others. this is for sure one game in which the controller is held tightly, waiting and lurking for its nest victim.

Gameplay: The game is a challenge in itself and the controls take awhile to catch on but once you've accomplish this it is sure to proove that you will succeed as one of the best marines. The idea of placing the buttons where they are was an excellent choice and are at your every command when they should be put into action. The speed and movements is fast and when you demand to move your character you are not let down.

Graphics: You can truly see the power of the XBOX when you are indulding in this game. It offers all you can ask for in graphics with vibrant colors and distinguished details. This makes it very easy to know which enemies you are about to approach and destroy. Halo shows that its creators took their time to make the accurate decision of the special effected environment. No matter where you are situated in the game it truly is a joy for your eyes.

Audio: If you have a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround system this game will surely make good use of it. All sounds are very accurate and the climax music is very intense to keep you going for more. The thoughts, words and ideas coming from the aliens also adds a sense of humor to the game.

Suggestions: I only have two suggestions : put more weapons and start making HALO 2 please :P

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: AMAZING is the word that best describes the high performance packed action game Project Gotham Racing. From the time you turn it on it makes you want more as you race threw every stage. The aspect of challenging yourself and the game to receive a large amount of cars is racing at its best. It has everything from well done graphics and quality sound sure to get your adrenaline pumping. For all those that are racing fanatics this a must have product of the XBOX in its sure to make you a satisfied customer.

Gameplay: The techniques proposed to you during each race and car makes the driver aware for the rush they are about to experience. Making it difficult for the biginner the beholder becomes aware of the right moves to get the right car. Strategy on how to receive each car and earn points is very original idea which makes this a racing revolution that should be tried by all.

Graphics: New and improved racing game is the definition that best describes the effects in impact on the user. The main subject of every stage is the car portraying life-like images during both day and night. All this while putting strong emphasis on contrast, tone and united backgrounds. The replays of each race leave you with a lasting impression on how fast your eye moves. Even though you are competing at a fast pace they are NO interuption of pop-ups, making your view on objects different from most other games.

Audio: Sounds is important and necessary in every game. In this you are experiencing a one of a kind sound like no other. Being the most appealing to your ear, the sounds are very accurate. This making the driver feel as if they are actualy particpating in a race. Along with all of this you have the option of listening to your own music while playing. This ables the driver to be more relaxed as they are learning and absorbing new techniques resulting in you being the conquerer of the streets.

Suggestions: The only suggestion i have is : START MAKING PGR 2 right now...... i need more Kudos :P ....... and probebly a Lamborghini Diablo would be nice to drive

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: This is the game you have to get if you are a football fan. WOW it's like watching a football game on TV. It's a little bit of an arcade still game but because of that it adds more to the game.

Gameplay: The controls are very easy to use. They respond to your every command. The characters are very fluid and they move when you decide to move them. Excellent work in that category.

Graphics: The graphix are beautiful. I have never played a football game where the players actully look at what they throw ( you can actually see the eyes of the players look at where they are going or when the ball is the air ). The stadiums are beautiful and the growd and the camera men are fully 3D. No more flat people in the stands cheering you to make a touchdown.

Audio: WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME is only one of the musics your gonna here on this game. The sound effect are excellent. I feel in a REAL football game.

Suggestions: My only suggestion is : ADD MORE FANTASY TEAMS ON NEXT YEARS FOOTBALL....... i just love those.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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